Best cashback sites to save Money buying online

Searching for the best cashback site in this year: If you are an impulsive buyer, surely you will find a way to buy very often without this practice affecting your pocket, I have good news for you, there are websites that give you money back for buying, these sites are called cashback sites, they are useful for compulsive buyers or for people who like to save money. Cashback sites became fashionable a long time ago, all the participating brands saw the benefits that they could represent for them and for their clients, doing this type of promotions for the benefit of their most loyal buyers, in simple terms we can say that this type of business gives you prizes for buying, the difference in this case is that we do not receive other physical products as a reward, when we buy in a cashback site, we get virtual points, or virtual money, which can be exchanged for real physical money, think about what to buy in linea is something very fun for many people, and we can find all the brands that customers like the most such as walmart, apple store, google store, ebay among others.

Easy to learn: The difficulty of buying from a cashback site seems to me to be relative, although I think that if you decide to start using this type of website, the fun will be so good that you won’t think much about the learning process that you have to go through, there is even games that you can play for fun although these options are designed for people who like all kinds of rewards, We must recognize that it was a great idea for companies to carry out this type of initiative that allows people to have a good time, we do not know how easy it can be for novice people to learn to buy online on these sites, anyway I think already It is time for all our grandparents and parents to learn to shop online, because they have no idea of ​​the fun they are missing, in addition to many prizes that we can get with each purchase made, we must recognize that there are some purchases that I think are not easy of doing and other companies that offer a large number of points as a reward, although unfortunately to obtain those points we must spend a lot of money, but in any case the infinity of daily offers compensate for this situation, Another interesting situation is that if we are in very consumerist countries we can obtain even more better benefits and better prizes, but we will analyze this situation calmly later, because we have a lot of interesting and fun material to entertain us for a good time, with these wonderful websites called cashback sites, Among other things we will see the best sites that according to our research are the best to start learning and have fun from the first purchase. Please, before continuing, you must understand that this article was made with the intention of helping you.

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In place number 1 we have swagbucks, one of the most famous sites with a very high reputation, not only can you make money with cashback the site also has hundreds of methods. This site has a number of very good options to save money, it even has something that other cashback sites do not have, it has methods to earn money, that is, in addition to saving money on your purchases, swagbucks gives us the option to earn money by doing some Relatively simple tasks to earn money and spend it in some cashback stores, it is similar to killing two birds with one shot, obviouslyfeatures te is suitable only for people who have enough free time, because shopping does not require time on this site, but earning money If you require extra time every day, around 2 or 3 hours, depending on the availability of the assigned tasks, some people who have been lucky and patience earn up to $ 50 or $ 100 dollars in a week, but I sincerely recommend this site only if you have at least 2 or 3 free hours each day, if you are only interested in buying and saving money, You will need a little patience to use the site because of the number of options that the website has, but if you learn, it may have been a lot of fun for you, because you will have more options to save and earn money, all in the same place.

Swagbucks features:

*Price to join: is free.
*Welcome bonus: $3 sign up bonus.
*Stores Available: EBay, Amazon, Macys, Disney, Bestbuy, Home Depot and more.
*Profits: between 1% and 12% cashback of the value of the purchased item.
*Available Countries: accepted all countries.
*Age: 18 years old, or more.
*Minimum withdrawal: $25.
*payment methods: PayPal, Gift cards.

Register swagbucks click here


Now we have Befrugal, a site with nearly 5,000 stores, and very good discounts, and interesting rewards. founded in 2009, in boston massachusetts, and directed by the company capital intellect, it is a company that was born with great aspirations to consolidate itself in this online shopping and savings business market and all kinds of discount coupons, It has an extensive and huge number of online stores to buy within its site, specifically it has around 5000 stores that guarantee us to have the greatest comfort and guarantee of finding our favorite stores with good discounts, promotions and of course rewards for buying.

Befrugal features
Price to join: is free.
*Welcome bonus: $10 sign up bonus.
*Stores Available: Nike, Bestbuy, Homedepot, Macys, staples, walgreens, Sephora.
*Profits: between 1% and 40% cashback of the value of the purchased item.
*Available Countries: Usa, Canadá.
*Age: 18 years old, or more.
*Minimum Withdrawal: $25.
*payment methods: PayPal, Wire transfer, check.

Register befrugal now click here.


in position number 3, we have topcashback, It’s a very good cashback page in our ranking, it’s so famous that it has television commercials, without a doubt the earnings or points obtained for buying are the best, highly recommended. It is a site that inspires many happiness from making purchases through the internet, currently cashback has over 15 million members saving hundreds of dollars each year and they have around 4,400 online retailers. Is a site that we like a lot, because its ease of use is one of its greatest strengths, when you start using this type of services or web pages, perhaps the biggest problem for users is ease of use, there are pages that are specially designed for smart and very demanding buyers who demand many more options and shopping functions, but there are also novice buyers who get scared when they enter a site and see too many options, top cashback I think it is a site specially designed to pamper users newbies, inexperienced and even those who are simply interested only buy in the simplest way possible without wasting a lot of time learning rules and policies to use their favorite site, their site includes a search engine that allows us to more easily search for products and select the best offers , something that seemed very well designed.

Topcashback features:

*Price to join: is free.
*Welcome bonus: For registering you receive a free $10 gift card.
*Stores available : Ebay, Samsung, Amazon, Walmart, Marshalls, Bestbuy, Nike, Puma, Adidas, Rebook, AT&T, Macys, Levis, booking .com, Lebara, Gold boutique, Kasperky, admiral and more.
*Profits: between 3% and 70% cashback of the value of the purchased item.
*Available Countries: United States & Canada,
*Age: accepted 18 years old or older users.
*Minimum Withdrawal: $0.01.
*payment methods: PayPal, Wire transfer.

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In place number 4, we have this other site that has interesting offers and good discounts. This site can be a bit confusing, because its rewards system is a little different than the other sites, that is, on this site I could see that the rewards are based on the discounts that we will get on our first purchase for buying or acquiring a service, Basically it is the same, although the feeling is different, but in the end we save money which is the same function of all cashback sites. This was my first impression, but analyzing the page well I observed that if there are cashback offers where we will obtain rewards in each purchase, for that reason we should not judge a site by the first impression, this site is now definitely recommended for practically any user .

Giving features:
*Price to join: $0.
*Welcome bonus: $5 sign up bonus.
*Stores Available: Walmart, Home Depot, Ace, Yoga and more.
*Profits: between 1% and 10% cashback of the value of the purchased item.
*Available Countries: Usa, Canadá.
*Age: 18 years old, or more. .
*Minimum Withdrawal: $6.
*payment methods: PayPal, e-check.


In place number 5 we have this page that has curious offers, and also has an app that allows easier shopping. This site apparently is specialized in offering online stores that sell all kinds of groceries and snacks for your home, proof of this is that it has stores like petco, wallmart, expedia, home depot, bestbuy, and very famous stores to buy our groceries easily and conveniently.

Giving assistant features:

*Price to join: is free.
*Welcome bonus: $10 sign up bonus.
*Stores Available: Macys, Bestbuy, Home Depot, and more.
*Profits: between 1% and 12% cashback of the value of the purchased item.
*Available Countries: Usa.
*Age: 18 years old, or more. .
*Minimum Withdrawal: $20.
*payment methods: PayPal, wire transfer.


in place 6 we have this company with a good reputation and some interesting brands, it is not the best but it is still good, has one point against, no welcome bonus currently. Another interesting site that has not seemed to have some stability problems on its site, perhaps it is the lowest recommendation among these 10 sites in this article, the company has its strengths but lately it seems that it has had some weak points.

Retailmenot features:
*Welcome bonus: $0 sign up bonus.
*Stores Available: Macys, Sephora Khols, The childrens Play and more.
*Profits: between 1% and 11% cashback of the value of the purchased item.
*Available Countries: Usa, Canadá.
*Age: 18 years old, or more.
*Minimum Withdrawal: approx $5.
*payment methods: PayPal, Venmo.


It has several ways to earn money, in addition to cashback, its platform is relatively easy to use as is its mobile application. A cashback company that we found interesting from the beginning, well it didn’t seem like anything new to me, but it is a very good option if you decide to try it.

Features shopkick

*Price to join: is free.
*Welcome bonus: $2 sign up bonus.
*Stores Available: Walmart, Strideride, Groupon, JCpenney Target, TJMaxx, Marshalls, BevMo, Old Navy, Reebok, Disney Stores and more.
*Profits: between 1% and 9% cashback of the value of the purchased item.
*Available Countries: United States, only.
*Age: 18 years old, or more.
*Minimum Withdrawal: $2.
*payment methods: PayPal.


Now we have this site that also has excellent rewards, you earn less than topcashback, but it is an excellent option, some products sometimes have very good rewards. Formally this company is called rakuten, in Asian countries, it is the same company but due to language issues they decided to change the name in the American market, a decision that seems good to me, this company may have its beginnings precisely in the Japanese market, where it began To expand until reaching our beloved continent, without a doubt we are talking about a company with an outstanding reputation, and the partner companies are just as important, therefore the security of the purchases seems excellent to us.

Ebates features:
*Price to join: 100% free.
*Welcome bonus: $10 gift card.
*Stores Available: Walmart, Ebay, Phillips, iHerbal, Square herbals, epumps, skagens and more.
*Profits: between 3% and 50% cashback of the value of the purchased item.
*Available Countries: United States, Canada, China, Japan, Singapore and South Korea.
*Age: accepted, 18 years old or older.
*Minimum Withdrawal: $5.
*payment methods: PayPal, Checks.


in 9 place, we have an extremely veteran company, founded in 1986, then it has in its favor an extensive and excellent reputation. It is a site that began its journey a relatively short time ago, but we must recognize that the owners of this site are extremely serious people for this type of business, registering on this site is also relatively easy, and also the formula used to generate rewards looks quite interesting.

Features Tada:

Price to join: is free.
*Welcome bonus: $10 sign up bonus.
*Stores Available: EBay, Amazon, Macys, Bestbuy, Home Depot and more.
*Profits: between 1% and 10% cashback of the value of the purchased item.
*Available Countries: United States, Canadá.
*Age: 18 years old, or more. .
*Minimum Withdrawal: $20.
*payment methods: PayPal, gift cards, check.


In last place we have this site, which is not bad, but someone has to occupy the last place, right ?, their cashback offers are still good.
Mr rebates It is a site with immense popularity, it has some quite juicy partners, such as amazon, walmart! Redbubble and others. His reward system as Thanos said is inevitable, by the way I leave you an idea of the rewards proposed for each purchase.
10% cash back at Adam & Eve
5% cash back at Aldo
8% cash back at Bare Necessities
6% cash back at Cabela’s
12% cash back at Diamond CBD
5% cash back at Eyeglasses .com

Mr rebates Features
Price to join: is free.
*Welcome bonus: $5 sign up bonus.
*Stores Available: Home depot, Dell, Gap, Overstock, Lenovo, Macys, and more.
*Profits: between 1% and 15% cashback of the value of the purchased item.
*Available Countries: Usa, Canadá.
*Age: 18 years old, or more.
*Minimum Withdrawal: $10.
*payment methods: PayPal, checks, gift cards.

Final review:
what are the 3 best cashback sites in our opinion?
my favorite sites are swagbucks, befrugal, and giving assistant.

what is best cashback site in our opinion?
swagbuck: honestly I like the site swagbucks is my favorite site with very good deals and is a site with many colors and fun functions, a feeling of fun to buy wonderful.



let’s to see the features about this great website to get profits securely.

a)security to buy: Swagbucks was founded by the prodege group in 2008, with a capital of $53 million dollars, We are talking about a site that has at least 13 years of existence in this demanding and demanding online shopping market, it does not have too many years to think that it is the most veteran and with the best reputation, but analyzing and searching a lot on the internet I personally can say that The users of this site are very satisfied with their rewards received, it is even a site that pays its users to work doing extra tasks and has also paid all its users for more than a decade without any problem. therefore I have no hesitation in recommending this site as a secure rewarded shopping site and even getting paid for working on your site.

easy of use: This may be one of the points that we must consider to use swagbucks, we have many options to buy and save, but the problem is that it is also a place to earn money, you have double benefits, but as I said before if you are only interested in buying and saving money maybe this is not the best option, except if you are a user with a certain ability to learn or an expert internet user, you will have no problem using swagbucks as a common cashback site, but if you are a newbie and only want to buy from a cashback site it will take more time to learn how to use your site, in that case I recommend rakuten, topcashback, among others.

promotions: The rewards that I saw for making purchases in swagbucks left me some doubts, I saw some rewards a little low, but curiously they have a very pleasant incentive for buying the first time, that is, when we buy for the first time in an online store within swagbucks, They give us $10 to spend, maybe it is not the best way to reward us for buying, but receiving $10 free on our first purchase seems like a tempting offer.


a) security to buy:Considering that this company was founded in 2005, we can say that it is an excellent sign to say that it is a company with a great reputation, we are talking about 15 years working with the best companies in the sector, and all the companies that we can use to make purchases as well They are safe companies, therefore with the issue of security of purchase, topcashback has no problem to become an excellent option to start buying as a cashback site. In addition, in 2010 they expanded and created physical offices in the UK, therefore in addition to operating in the United States and Canada, they now have more presence in this place, this company has also used television commercials, to promote themselves, therefore their popularity also shows us. It gives security for being a very recognized company.

b) promotions: The promotions we have seen are perhaps not the eighth wonder of the world, but I think that the stores we have to do our shopping are the best we can find, such as amazon, wallmart and others.

c) easy of use:It seems to me that it is perhaps a strong point for topcashback, the other sites analyzed in my articles are very good, but perhaps topcashback is the easiest site to use for users who know almost nothing about shopping online, the adaptation time for learning to use the page may only be less than 2 weeks but if you are good at learning even in 1 week or less time we can learn all the functions of the platform or website.

d) advantages and disadvantages:
Advantages: Among the advantages, I would say that we have the ease of use is excellent, the promotions are good, and the participating online stores are excellent.

Disadvantages: availability is reduced to USA, Canada and India. This is one of the disadvantages that practically all cashback sites have, if you live in a different country it is possible that you will find few offers, but this does not mean that you cannot join or register for free, in fact maybe you can, but as I said before the number of offers are less, perhaps in the near future we will all be able to enjoy rewarded purchases on cashback sites.


security to buy: This company was founded in 1997, this is perhaps the most veteran company that managed to create an incredibly stable business model over the years, proof of this is that it has managed to expand to more countries including countries in America. We are talking about 24 long years where this company has proven to be a very serious company, and the all online stores that we can find are also respected and with the best prices, It has come to sponsor large companies including professional soccer teams like FC Barcelona, ​​so if you like elegance you will also like rakuten and you save money while you have fun shopping on this site. if you like to buy in a place where it has the best reputation of all, maybe this is your best option.

easy of use: I had liked topcashback for its ease of use, but I was surprised that rakuten has an ease of use that I think is even easier than topcashback, because we have direct links to our favorite brands to buy what we like, that is, everything is in in front of your eyes, but if you need something more specific, it also has a search bar to find a specific item, its ease of use really surprised me, remember that this is only my experience, it will depend on you, evaluate its ease of use. I sincerely recommend it for this detail, besides that it seems to me a pleasant place for our eyes.

promotions: I must admit that the promotions and rewards for buying in ebates(or rakuten) are very attractive, I even think they are better than many others, with very good rewards where perhaps we will not spend a lot of money, honestly I think it is a good place to acquire rewards if you are interested much save greatly on your shopping.


security to buy: the company mr. rebates was founded in 2002 with the idea of ​​making the pockets of its consumers happy, and I can say in general terms that they have succeeded, it has thousands of famous stores that allow us to have fun and save a lot of money, we are talking about a company that It has 21 years of experience behind it. therefore it is a site that deserves all our trust. It is perhaps the third best page to buy and save at the same time in our opinion.

easy of use: I found that the functions and options to buy and claim our prizes are very beautifully organized, with an interface that is also very beautiful with colors that make our visit on your site a very happy and pleasant feeling, if you are a lover of websites easy to use and pleasant for your eyes, and you are a newbie I think you will love this site.

promotions: This site has a lot of very fun offers to start shopping, some have quite high rewards, but it depends on the things we want to buy, honestly visit this site and buy here I think it is a very fun and delicious experience, again I repeat that you may love this site, I fell in love with your site visiting it less than 1 hour.


security to buy: the reputation of this site is very good, we are talking about a company that It has existed for 12 years, perhaps it is not the most veteran companies, in fact it is one of the youngest, but in these 12 years they have shown to have a very good capacity to keep all their assets and their clients satisfied, in my opinion 10 years they are enough to think that a company is reliable and has a very good reputation, and befrugal is not far behind, that is why it is one of my recommended sites for safe shopping.

easy of use: I found befrugal website relatively easy to use, perhaps it is a bit confusing to see the brands and some featured products on the same page, perhaps some novice user may be confused, but perhaps I exaggerate, if you are a buyer that you like to see on a single page, the brands of the stores that you can choose and at the same time some purchase recommendations you may like this site, I really found the site attractive.

promotions: I liked the rewards that I saw, they seemed very good, perhaps without spending a lot we can get easy rewards up to 10% on the value of our purchases, we could even get more, depending on the availability of the offers. If you are looking for a cashback site with very good rewards, this option is very good.


security to buy: is a company managed by the prodege LLC group, this corporation was founded in 2005 and also owns cashback sites such as swagbucks, and mypoints, therefore we can say that the reputation of this site is fully assured, because swagbucks and mypoints are totally pages Reliable and considering that this organization Prodege LLC is also an extremely serious organization, we can conclude that we can use TADA without any worries to make our purchases online and we will also receive the rewards for it without problems.

easy of use: Its design seems elegant to me although nothing out of the ordinary, but we can say that its use is relatively easy to learn as well.

promotions: the rewards again don’t seem like the best to me, but obviously the reason for being on my list is because of their high reputation and relative ease of use.

7)Giving Assistant:

security to buy: With its headquarters in San Francisco California, this corporation for many years has had a good initiative to help people save money and improve people’s lives, proof of it is that they have made donations to charitable associations to help people needy, therefore we can say that they are a safe company to make our purchases online. with many quality certifications on their backs.

easy of use: I think its ease of use is very good, and the mobile app it has also has a good design, relatively easy to start using.

promotions: I found the offers and rewards very good, some low and others very good, something that is striking is that we also have the option to donate money on your site, because we will see some charities or foundations to raise money to help some people needy or charity projects, if you have a huge heart you can also buy and donate some dollars at the same time for worthy causes.


security to buy: fundada en 2014 tiene aproximadamente 1,500 marcas registradas , ha pagado casi 1 billon de dolares en recompensas a sus usuarios.

easy of use: I found it easy to use and the extra functions seemed very interesting, something that draws attention is its design that looks nice.

promotions: I was struck by the fact that the site promises that we can get up to $ 20 welcome dollars for registering, but we must clarify that we will not necessarily earn this bonus easily because we must buy a little before receiving this bonus, although we remember that these promotions are not always available. therefore it would be good to take advantage of these promotions while we can.


security to buy: It is a company with a good reputation, unfortunately it has some strict policies to access its site, they really seem strange, also its site only works well apparently with the chrome browser.

easy of use: Its ease of use did not seem to me the best in the world, I have some doubts about this site, but it is always a good option for some users.

promotions: I find them interesting rewards although honestly it leaves me an incomplete feeling compared to the other sites we have analyzed.


security to buy: was founded in 2009 and has its offices in redwook city, california, and is managed by the company trax that has a huge reputation that guarantees that our purchases will be handled by expert personnel in this business.

easy of use: Maybe this is one of the sites that I liked the most because of the design of its page and its interface I found cheerful and very friendly.

promotions: The rewards are designed based on the local currency, therefore it is a bit confusing to determine the amount of rewards based on exact percentages, but I found them to be good rewards and it caught my attention that they have very famous online stores to buy.

Let’s see what advantages it offers us to buy in cashback sites:

1) you win prizes: We will be rewarded for buying, strangely enough it is not like the rewards system that other companies such as airlines do that you must spend a lot of money to claim those prizes, but the cashback sites are different, the ability to claim our prizes is fun and quickly easy Depending on the points you earn, you can claim prizes every month or maybe even better every week.

2) you save money: I love thinking about buying and saving at the same time, if you are like me and you love saving money on each purchase I think you would love to join a cashback site.

3) favorite brands: The biggest brands like Samsung, Walmart, Nike, Adidas, Puma, Amazon, Bestbuy and more are available for us to buy and spend our prizes in their online stores.

4) affordable prices: The prices are the same comfortable prices that we can find in physical stores, with the difference that some offers may only be available in their online stores, therefore this is an extra benefit for us.

5) different ways to win prizes: The number of ways to win prizes is not only to buy, you can also watch videos, take small surveys, play video games and many fun activities that you may like in addition to having fun shopping, although I think it is the best way to win prizes because in In general, the rewards are better, but depending on the time you have you can take a little more time to earn more points per day.

6) daily prizes:One of the best things that assures us that we will have fun without stopping is that the offers that we will receive daily will be new from time to time, therefore we can think that the fun and the prizes are guaranteed almost every day.

🎯Question & Answer section

# What are the cashback offers reward?
They are special and juicy offers where you can acquire or buy products at good prices and you will also receive prizes only for making those purchases, with points or real money that you can use later to continue shopping for practically free (using those points earned for your purchases). Without a doubt, buying is something that we all love, we always go crazy when we see an offer that we do not see every day, cashback offers can get a bit addictive, but if we take things slowly we can enjoy doing this type shopping so fun.

#What is required to participate in Cash Back Offers?
web users from all over the world can join these sites. To participate in this type of shopping you only have to register on any cashback page that you can see in the list above in this web article, you can choose any of them because they are all good, after registering you only have to select the offer that interests you, you buy And that’s it, and the best of all is that buying at cashback sites has no additional cost, it is totally free, I have been working on this for several years on the internet and I can tell you that using cashback sites makes your life happy, so go ahead.

# What is required to redeem Cash Back Rewards?
In order to use your bonus points earned for your purchases, you simply have to accumulate enough points to redeem a prize available to you, you must have bought for a specific amount to receive a limit amount necessary for this purpose, each prize has a different value, there are Gift cards that for example can cost $ 10 dollars, which are the smallest transactions that you can redeem, the necessary points to obtain it in general are between 5000 and 10000 points, but do not be scared this amount you can easily obtain  it by buying a month on a site cashback and in the best of cases you can get these bonus points in just 2 weeks.

# How does cashing out my Cash Back Rewards to my Shopper’s Card work?
When you obtain or redeem a gift card you simply have to use that card to buy online on the website that belongs to that card, for example if you redeemed a walmart gift card, then you must go to the official walmart online store, when If you choose the product you want to buy, you only have to pay with the gift card obtained thanks to the cashback, to claim the purchased product you will only have to observe the delivery conditions of the company where you used the gift card, in some cases you must go in person to claim your order with the invoice generated on their website, but if you are lucky they can leave it at your door.

# what forms of payment exist to redeem my cashback points?
There are different payment methods where you can redeem all the prizes obtained in your account to be able to access these excellent prizes, you only have to observe which methods are the best for you, I am going to detail each of the payment methods because there are some that are a bit unknown to some users let’s see:
a)amazon: well I guess this payment method is not unknown, but if you are a novice buyer you should know that amazon is perhaps the largest online store, its payment method is incredibly popular for that very reason, where you can buy almost anything with this gift card.

Paypal: it is possibly the best payment platform especially for novice users who do not understand much about the purchase guarantee, with this method you can buy items with a 180-day guarantee on your purchases.

facebook: it is one of the new gift cards that is currently used for things like games within its platform, I understand that there are also cards to pay for advertising but that is another story.

steam: it is a gift card used by gamers, when you have enough points you can use this card to play online a wide variety of mmo-style games (massively multiplayer games).

G2a: it is also a means of payment to obtain online games, with the difference that this method is used to recharge cards such as the steam card, possibly it will serve you. to have a lot of fun.

zalando – This is a relatively popular gift card that allows you to purchase a variety of fashion items including clothing, shoes, purses, bags, and birthday gifts.

itunes: it is a very famous gift card that allows us to buy different applications, music or books in the amazon store.

Mango card: It is a card that is used to make purchases in a general and curious way, you can use it in any online store that has its payment option.

# How does cashing out my Cash Back Rewards to my PayPal account work?
It is even easier to redeem your money directly to PayPal, when you have enough bonus points, you must choose the amount or PayPal card you need at that time, for example if you choose the 50 dollar card, you go where it is located you use the redeem option and then you must provide your email address associated with your PayPal account so that the cashback site where you are registered sends that amount of money directly to your PayPal  account, this process can take between 1 or  5 days depending on the day when you chose to do the transaction, if you made this same transaction on a Sunday, you will have to wait one more day, because holidays are not working days, something typical in online businesses, you will have to get used to it.

# Can I participate in the same offer 2 times?
Unfortunately you cannot, for very good reasons that I am going to explain to you, remember that we must be honest and we must not keep a piece of the cake 2 times in a row, companies only need you to participate once in each cashback offer, because obviously they are looking to achieve the greatest reach in their offers, looking for different people for each market study and each promotion that also serves to make themselves known, some people cheat through special programs to hide their ip, but sooner or later they will be discovered and their accounts they will be banned for life, if you are intelligent do not do something that you will regret, also in my opinion it is not fair that the cake is divided among few people, all people in the world have the right to obtain benefits, you have to Be humble and good people, in any case there are too many offers available for everyone.

# What is the best cashback site?
Actually all the cashback sites in May list are very good in my opinion, perhaps one of the most popular is swagbucks, each page has its own and has its own platform, each feeling is different, depending on your geographical location there may be better options for you, also depending on the country, so you can also have better offers that satisfy each one, in a few words you can use the one you prefer, I particularly love swagbucks and beruby but in my opinion all the cashback pages on my list are good.

# How much I will save buying in cashback sites?
You can save a lot of money without a doubt, in general terms you can save between $ 50 and $ 100 a month, but if you are lucky you can even save between $ 300 and $ 500 a month, although to reach those figures you will have to be very patient, not all Offers are available to everyone and not all pay the same, but if you have help from other friends this can be a very big help.

# What do I need to save money with cashback sites?
You need very simple things such as a personal email to receive tasks and notifications in your main tray, in addition to this we will need a PayPal account, the most popular processor that we can find and most used by people in business and online purchases Although there are other payment methods with which you do not need to create this account, but my recommendation is that you create a PayPal account for anything, we will also need a credit or debit card to make our purchases, the most common are visa and mastercard but there are also other options to pay, when you earn enough points to redeem a gift card then you can use easier-to-use cards.

# These sites that you recommend still works actually?
Until now they are pages that have not presented any problem to cancel their users, the cashback business is a too good type of business and companies and websites want the best for their users, therefore they will always worry a lot about paying you without problems .

# Is it difficult to learn to work and save money with cashback sites?
It is something relative, some sites are easier to learn to use than others, generally we only need a few days or weeks to learn how to use each site, some have greater ease of use, but against have the options to earn money They are less than the most complete or complex sites as you want to see it, if learning a lot about computing gives you a headache, you can use sites like befrugal, but if you love variety and get bored when the options are few, try swagbucks.

# How many task will I receive?
It depends on the country where you are, if you are in countries such as the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Europe, then you may receive between 5 and 10 daily tasks that you can finish quickly in less than 20 minutes, it will depend on you how much time you are going to dedicate To this fun shopping method, obviously the more you do tasks within the cashback site and the more you buy, the more profit for you.

# How do I increase my save money on these sites?
It is a matter of you having many friends who like to buy as much as you do, these friends are called referrals that can help you a lot to get many more points, referrals are an excellent tool that can bring excellent benefits you can start acquiring many referrals at any At the moment, if you have thousands of them you can even get rich, but that takes some time, but if you like the easy way, then you can do more extra tasks such as watching various funny videos that you find in all the cashback sites, you can also participate in small ads about certain products, but nothing will be more enjoyable for you than getting many referrals.

# What is a referral?
Referrals are friends who allow you to buy with more joy and for them to accompany you in your search for more cashback points, for this you only have to use a referral link, which allows you to become your friends and earn points and buy together, With each friend who buys or does chores you will earn happy points.

# It is mandatory to have referrals to start working?
Sometimes many people get confused and think that it is mandatory to have referrals to earn more points or money in cashback sites, but you should not worry because you do not need to have any referral to start working because you can join any cashback site to start earning points of fun way although if you work alone you will earn less points, but if you only need to use cashback sites to save a little money then you can have fun and earn some gems and valuable objects that can generate different benefits, but if at any time you decide to have some referrals surely they will allow you to have more fun and points for your referrals.

# For how long will the Cash Back program run?
Fun is guaranteed with cashback sites, because when you get bonus points for your purchases, they do not have an expiration date, alth ough if you are disconnected from the cashback site where you are registered, your account can be frozen, this is not a problem because generally you can unfreeze your account Without punishment, when you do, your bonus points will be intact ready to help you keep saving and having fun.

# What happens if my Cash Back Offer does not apply for me?
When an offer does not apply to you, you can only wait for another similar offer, the offers come and go, they may not be the same but there will always be new offers that are to your liking, you must remember that no offer lasts forever, because they are a kind  of promotion that companies use to make themselves known, when they acquire enough customers then they decide to end that offer, it is  normal, later they can offer something better with a better price, but if that offer does not return or the company There are always new companies that every day look for people like you to publicize their products, in any case while there are buyers there will always be offers.

# How cashback offers protect my privacy?
There are many people who never trust electronic means to make their purchases, but you must understand that online purchases are totally different from purchases with a credit card in an ordinary physical store, or any similar transaction, when you buy your online Data is in good hands, remember that serious com panies also have the same fear as you of being scammed so you can trust enough that these companies have your data very safe when you make purchases online, in fact I mentioned in another article on my page website that today it is even safer to buy online than to buy in a physical store with a credit card. so cashback sites are quite a safe place to make your purchases, save money and protect your personal data at the same time.

# What are the Terms & Conditions of the Cash Back Rewards Program?
Well the terms and conditions are always explained at the end of each web page, these are rules apart from the rules established for participating in cashback offers, it is not necessary to waste time reading them.

# Do I need to install any additional software in my pc?
To start shopping and having fun at cashback sites, you should not install anything special because you have everything in one place, cashback sites are designed so that you can make your purchases without worrying about installing any extra add-ons, we must be honest, nobody likes it Wait, when we shop online it is much more fun when we can see the item we want with specific details and well done, beautiful and funny images of the same product, make the corresponding payment and receive our products with open arms, that is how easy it is to buy In cashback sites, if you are new to using the internet relatively, you will not suffer in the attempt because you should not install anything on your pc, and if you use your mobile it is not necessary to install extra applications, it is simply easier than it seems.

# Can I buy at cashback sites from my mobile?
If you are a calm and well-off person with the facilities that using our beloved mobile phone offers us, then you will be happy to know that you can use the cashback sites to make your purchases from the comfort of your mobile device, you will find practically all the necessary options to make your purchases Perhaps they are a bit summarized for space reasons but everything you need will be there, obviously the options will be a little different but mobile applications are almost always in my opinion easier to use than the same website on a pc.

# What companies or brands can I find on a cashback site?
buyers are happy when big brands are at our disposal to buy their products, if you love to see the brand of an item before prices or other things, then you can look for brands like adidas, this is undoubtedly synonymous with excellent quality among Each consumer can find any kind of top-level sportswear and footwear, for a reason they are used by the great athletes, in some shopping sites we have brands such as zalandro prive, which allows us to choose clothes of very good quality, for those people who like it. be fashionable, for compulsive buyers we have elite stores such as amazon and eBay that will allow us to buy everything, we also have brands such as walmart, the great and famous chain of low-price items with items of all kinds and many, many brands more.

# can I buy any day of the week?
You can make cashback purchases on any day of the week, it is one of the reasons why many people prefer to buy online, because in addition to buying from the comfort of our home, we can buy any day of the week 24 hours a day, so There is no excuse not to have fun shopping on your preferred cashback site. I must say that the only reason why you cannot buy at some point is because there is no longer stock of a product, it was slightly changed or in the worst case the website has some technical problem, which in my experience is very little frequent, well in any case we cannot expect everything in this world to be perfect, but we can trust that your purchases will almost always be available.

# My credit card shows an error and I can’t finish the purchase?
One of the things that worries any buyer is that we cannot know with certainty how much money we have on our card, especially when we buy several items, but the problem is that we do not take into account all the expenses and commissions made previously, I actually believe This is more a matter of personal laziness, although let’s be honest, nobody likes to be doing accounts every time they spend something in their daily life because it is quite boring for almost everyone, but if your purchase is not successful, it is almost always because you some extra dollars are missing to finish your purchase, it happens to me very often, another different matter is that unfortunately banks have no way of giving you real-time information about your bank account, because it is monthly data and not daily data, another problem What is not common is that you are using an outdated browser, if this is the case then you must update your browser or simply change to a more modern one, the n Obsolete browsers have errors or security problems that everyone should avoid, for your safety it is better that you update as soon as possible, remember that your card details are sensitive information that can be compromised if you use any old browser.

# How long does my payment by bank transfer take?
When you pay for an item with your bank account, it is very common for this transaction to take up to 5 business days, you must bear in mind that banks are very different institutions from credit cards, it is not something instantaneous, although the truth is I have never used one bank account to buy online because I always found it somewhat uncomfortable to do so, and it is said that it is a not so secure means of payment, so it may be better to use a credit card, but if you have money in your bank account you can use it with purchase.

# Why when I try to pay by credit card or PayPal I get an extra charge?
It is somewhat uncomfortable at first when you see an extra charge before completing the payment process for an item, it is somewhat uncomfortable at the beginning but do not worry it is normal, your credit card or PayPal will charge you a small commission for buying and using their services, as you must imagine, each company needs to make a profit for offering their services, generally they will charge you less than 5% of the value of your purchase, it may seem unfair to pay more money but I already said, they need to earn something, it is also a very small considering that they will also give you an extra guarantee on your purchase.

# What types of credit cards do cashback sites accept?
In the cashback sites, different types of cards are accepted, among which we have the best known such as visa and mastercard, we can also use other credit cards such as maestro, dinner club, american express and if you have a balance you can use your usual payment processors such as, paypal, and amazon, these forms of payment are trivial and common, if for any reason you have another means of payment or a different credit card, you can make a little effort to get any of the cards mentioned above.

# Can I get credit to continue shopping?
You can obtain some credit through an internet site, there are sites specialized in this that can lend you interesting sums of money, but if I am honest I have never looked favorably on loans of any kind, but if you consider that you are a responsible buyer you can try it, some popular sites are creditkarma and nerdwallet.

# How long will my shipment take to arrive?
When you use cashback sites you can buy items in a physical store such as eBay or Amazon that have different delivery times, the time it will take to receive your order will depend on several factors, if the shipment is an express shipping method then it will take maybe 2 weeks to arrive In the event that the shipping is free, it may take the same time but sometimes it may be delayed for a few more days, there is never an estimated or exact date to say in how many days your package can arrive, if you live in the United States or Canada. you are lucky because in these countries shipments always have a high delivery priority, we must say that we cannot count non-working days such as Sundays or holidays such as Independence Day, otherwise you should always have a bit of patience, you never know what things can delay your package.

# How can I get free shipping?
Well, we all like to save and look for free shipping, if you are buying on eBay or amazon or any store that has this succulent and exquisite option to get your order for free, you just have to know how to use the platform and do search filters, search filters They allow you to make a difference between orders with paid shipping and free shipping, you just have to be a little observant and use this useful tool.

# do online purchases have a guarantee?
You would like to know that online purchases do have a 100% guara ntee in almost any store, in the case of ebay or amazon, we have a guarantee of our purchases that cover the price of the product, the shipping and its perfect condition, if at some point you receive a different order which you did not expect, you can also request an exchange or a refund of your money, in the best of cases if the seller is a committed and responsible person you may be lucky enough to give the product in poor condition as a gift and I will send you a new one at no additional cost, if you decide to return the product (in case the seller requests the defective package) you have to return the item in perfect condition.

# Can I return a purchase?
If you can return it is one of the advantages of buying online, you can return the merchandise whenever you want, I love this because you don’t have to argue with anyone and you don’t have to give explanations to return an item, when you buy in a physical store you must speak in person with the people of a store and this is something that I never like, I am a person who does not like to argue when I want to retu rn something, that’s why I love to buy online because you should not discuss with anyone physically and you can ask anything you want with service to the customer through chat, being a virtual communication you feel confident to say and ask anything, but as I said before you must be honest and responsible as well and deliver the merchandise in perfect condition or in the same condition that you received the package, there is buyers who are dishonest and damage an item and without remorse request a change of the product thanks to the guarantee, something that seems wrong to me, but that’s another matter, everyone does things their own way and I suppose they have that right.

# Can you pay for an item in several payments?
some stores have interesting forms of easy credit when you make a purchase, in fact, I have seen that almost all offer an interesting payment plan when you regularly buy a significant amount of product, I am not going to lie to you I have never tried these interesting plans but without a doubt they should To be very helpful, I am going to detail the ways in which you can make small credits when you buy a low amount of an item, you can even use these tricks when you only buy a single item, so let’s see these little tricks:

a)bid a lower price: When you want to buy an item and you do not have the exact amount of money to cancel that order or item, then a little trick is to haggle the price with a seller, there are always sellers who have had a product for too long in their warehouse or store and want get rid of it, that is when you go into action and you can bid for a price lower than the real price of the product, you should not get excited and offer too little, be honest and offer something reasonable, no seller will give you an item for too much price Low, when the seller accepts our offer then we have all won, we got the item we wanted at a lower price and the seller has sold something that they no longer  wanted in their store.

b)commit to pay for an item:A very interesting trick that can help you get a quick credit is to commit to paying for an item, this is not receiving credit nor does it consist of saving money like the previous example, in reality this little trick works when there is a product that interests you and You know that this item has a limited number of units or you simply think that it is an offer that you cannot miss, what you should do is commit to pay for the item with the seller, in this way you will have that item insured in your hand, and you know that the seller cannot sell that item even when another buyer wants to offer more for the product, now the advantage is that you have several days to get the money you lack anyway, when you have the money you need then you recharge your purchase card and you can make the payment of your item without problems. It is something like an informal credit between the seller and you.

c)normal credits: Several payment systems have their own credit system, especially the big brands such as eBay or Amazon have special credit plans for customers who need to order large volumes more frequently, there are many things to take into consideration when making large ordering on the internet, and it is good to obtain a guarantee when we have a lot of money at stake, large entrepreneurs always use credit at some point in their life to grow their business, well every entrepreneur has cunning to get money to make investments, with the times that maritime and air shipments run today are increasingly sophisticated but in addition to growing in the number of orders, the size of their means of transport has also grown in the cost of logistics, shipping and storage, if we add that the sellers or suppliers want an increasing profit margin, then it is absolutely necessary to use a loan to grow your business, for Hence we must handle this situation with great responsibility.

d)Get a secondary credit card:A fun way to obtain extra credit is to obtain a secondary credit card from the main stores that we use to buy regularly, it is not something new that each store wants to have its own line of credit to satisfy the demand of all its customers and online stores not an exception, practically all have their own credit card to make purchases within their website, the most popular are eBay, Amazon, Walmart and other recognized brands of clothing and footwear. Although for now unfortunately the PayPal credit card that we use on eBay seems to be only available in the United States, if you live in this great country then good for you, you will have no problem requesting this fun card to make your purcha ses in a faster, if you like to buy in other stores you will have no problem in acquiring a card from amazon, walmart or other brands.

Final comments:
after having a good time writing this interesting article we can say that there are many reasons to start using these special sites for smart buyers who like to spend and save at the same time, one of the things that most encourage people To start in this fun world of cashback sites is that you can also get a welcome bonus just for registering, these are things that are appreciated and that can help us reach the minimum amount to withdraw our delicious prizes, who does not like to claim A prize after buying, it is something very delicious and fun, in my country there was no walmart, but now it does exist and we can claim gift cards from this site, they are things that I love, another thing that I liked after analyzing these sites cashback is the amount of extremely famous brands that decided to participate in this type of awards for their customers and buyers, it is something very em It is interesting to be able to claim prizes with brands such as samsung, amazon, marshall, wallmart, nike, adidas, among others, something that also seems curious to me and perhaps at first it may take a little time to understand are the levels of prizes, which each new task has What we can do in a certain rewards site for purchases, the most novices at first can be confused with this, but it is nothing that we cannot get used to, something that seems a bit strange to me is that the amount of offers that we can receive to buy or earn points, they depend a lot on the country where we live, but anyway the good news is that everyone can join for free in practically any of these rewarded shopping pages, and age is not a problem to participate this is good for anyone who You need to win prizes, some ask to be over 18 years old although it is up to each person to take these rules seriously.

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