What is the best online Shopping store? Look the Answer here.

Enjoy shopping: If you have a business or just want to have fun shopping online, here you will find the best Chinese online stores where you can buy everything at incredibly low prices, then relax and enjoy this detailed list that saves you many hours of searching on the web.

Best secure shopping: Surely you are thinking that it is unsafe to buy online, I also thought so at first, but buying online is very safe, you should only use trusted sites, and protect yourself before buying, there are methods of buying where it is practically impossible to lose your money , I will try to help you to enjoy your shopping, with some practically infallible tips at the end of this article. All the information in this article was thanks to a detailed investigation, with the best intentions that you enjoy your shopping online and I hope that you enjoy too reading this valuable information for valued buyers like you.

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1) Aliexpress:

Is undoubtedly one of the best page in our ranking, comparing all the online stores that I have used or bought Aliexpress has the lowest prices on internet for personal purchases, and I think that it is also the best option for small businesses and companies, because they have such extremely low prices that you can resell their products in your physical store, and if this wasn’t enough, in November each year there are special discounts where you can buy products with discounts that will probably make you very happy and earn much more when you resell in your store. Aliexpress is the a amazing place and maybe the best online store, in fact i think that is my favorite online shop today, I love this site. With millions of buyers that confirm it. It has a faint red interface, very pleasing to the eye, it was founded in 2010, it is owned by the alibaba group, perhaps the largest company in internet purchases, It is for me the best platform to buy articles online, on this site we analyze several aspects that may interest you, do not expect complete information because the options, functions and details that we can analyze are only the most important, in addition, Besides, according to my experience, aliexpress monitors the exact place where your package is, in other words, aliexpress can know if your package is in the country of origin (where the product is manufactured or transported), city, or even shows us by tracking if our package is in customs of our country, so as not to confuse you, I will only say that you will always know where your package is. I will not bore you with too much data. we can find products with a value between approximately $1 and $5000, therefore there is a delicious variety to start shopping right now.

Aliexpress Features:

  • Products on sale: clothes, technology, fashion, toolkits, home products, medicines, jewerly, security products, pet products, childrens toys, sport products, bricolage, and more.
  • Personal Accesories: handbag, shoes, glasses, hats, necklaces, rings, sandals, slippers, headband, cosmestic and beauty products and more.
  • Payment methods: Paypal (available only for the United States, Spain, United Kingdom, Germany and Italy), Debit and credit cards(visa, mastercard, american express, maestro), yandex money, webmoney, bank transfer, payU, Western Unión.
  • Shipping cost: free shipping on many items. Others items cost between $1 and $200 approximately (depending of the product you buy).
  • Refunds and returns: Aliexpress accept it, without with problems.

Aliexpress full review

a)safe site: Founded in 2010 by the alibaba group, which belongs to jack ma, it is one of the companies with the greatest reputation together with ebay and amazon, in addition its buyer protection policy is excellent, therefore it is a safe place to buy, we must clarify that you always have to be smart buyer to get what you want an sure you can enjoy your shopping time. AliExpress achieved sales of 74,000 million dollars, its largest Commerce is in Asia, but it is present in practically the whole world, in my opinion finding products is relatively easy, but the best thing is their prices, without a doubt they are very low prices for all types of consumers, it has special seasons where we can take advantage of prices even lower, if you are a newbie it may become your favorite page.

* it has many products with ridículous and very low prices in addition, the month of November of each year AliExpress offers special discounts of up to approximately 80% on a large number of products that include free express shipping.
* It has Free shipping on many products in different categories.
* 60 days buyer protection. if you do not receive the product in that time you can receive your money back, Depending on the country we can have even more than 60 days buyer protection up to 75 days.
* Purchase Transactions have very high security encryption.
* other buyers will help us with their product reviews. *some sellers have some excellent free services, maybe this depends on the country where you reside, but one of them is the feature called “12 days delivery” or “7 days delivery”, actually there are few sellers that offer this feature but if you are looking sellers with this plus feature you can receive your order in 7 or 12 days.

* We can not use PayPal for all countries (Paypal method is only available for United States, Spain, United Kingdom, Italy and Germany) buy don’t worry its protection to the buyer is excellent. Although your country is not on the list of countries allowed to use PayPal, I certify that I have never had purchase protection problems, I have always received my money back when I request it within the established consumer protection time.

d)easy of use: For me it is an easy to use website, if you have basic computer knowledge I think you will have no problem using it, if you are scared by sites with many options, It is an excellent option, perhaps it is not the easiest site on the Internet, but work a little to learn how to buy on AliExpress and your reward will be to be able to buy in the best store to buy online according to my opinion and experience buying on the Internet. also in my experience the best prices are on this site, if you like to search a lot for the lower prices this site you will love it like me.

d)prices: We will find products for individual consumers between $1 until $1,500 approximately. There are also products for big companies that can cost up to $5000.

e) our score: 9.7/10.

Start shopping on aliexpress (touch here)

2) Amazon:

It is the second page in our ranking, its prices are also low, and it has a very wide variety, the use of its platform is not easy to understand at first but it is no problem you learn it in few days. The platform created by Jeff Bezos, is a rich paradise for lovers of good living, basically you will find only the best brands of your favorite products, if you are a person who does not mind spending a little more money and obtaining high quality products, Amazon will be a delight for you, here you will not find imitations of any kind, well at least that is what they promise us in Amazon, the shipments are excellent because they are sent by the same owners of Amazon, and it has its own payment system, everything perfectly organized. the purchases made by my brother have had no problems, so this site is highly recommended. Amazon is perhaps one of the heaviest sites to analyze, it is a site that takes a little longer to load your page than its competitors, and it also has a huge amount of options that we must learn, I still think that AliExpress is maybe easier to use than amazon and ebay, but amazon has some interesting advantages that may interest us, let’s see below here its main advantages and disadvantages in other data.

Amazon features:

  • Products on sale: technology, home products, jewerly, toys and more.
  • Personal Accesories: handbag, shoes, glasses, headband, beauty products.
  • Payment methods: debit and credit cards(Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Diners Club, and JCB).
  • Shipping cost: free shipping if you spend $25 or more, you also can use amazon prime to get free shipping with more benefits such as very fast shipping.
  • Refunds and returns: Amazon accept it.

Amazon Full review:

a)safe site: Founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos, it is a site that in the opinion of most of us experts in online shopping, it is one of the 3 largest and most popular online stores where we can find something under the stones, the opinions about Amazon in In general, they are very good, something that gives us a lot of security to recommend this site is that it also has a strong policy to protect the buyer including its payment method and it also takes a lot of extra hassle like managing the shipping costs of our products, without a doubt one of the best options to buy safely.

d)easy of use: I do not think it is a difficult site to use but I think the options are not in the most suitable order for the most novice users, but this does not mean that it is difficult to use, but you should have patience to understand how this site works, something that you can help a lot are your featured products to know what we can find.

b)advantages: great articles for everyone and good prices.

c)disadvantages: don’t have PayPal to pay.

d)prices: their prices are relatively cheap, someone items are expensive but the great advantage is that amazon have original products, if you like brands such as sony, samsung, nike, ádidas and brands with high reputatión then amazon is a perfect site to buy, if you receive a bad product or don’t receive it you can get a refund of money without problems. there are items between $2 until $200,000 (expensive precious stones or necklaces).

e) our score: 9.3/10

visit amazon store (click here)

3) Ebay:

in third place we have the giant ebay, undoubtedly the prices on this site are very low, the lowest after aliexpress, It is a really very good platform, to begin with it has quite good payment systems among them the best of all in my opinion, such as PayPal, apart from that we have a large number of opportunities to satisfy our consumer needs, at any time, at I quite like the design of the website, in my opinion it is relatively easy to use, but you always have to look for trusted sellers to finish our purchases with a good smile, this is my second favorite online shopping site, after alibaba , I personally have bought many articles for years so I recommend it without any doubt.

Ebay Another site not easy to analyze because it has a large number of options and things to analyze, there are different articles, prices and extra services that are very interesting one of them is the auctions, we can say that this site is the king of the auction products You can even get new products in an auction, although other people will auction for that same item, so it will be your luck if you get the item with a price much lower than its normal price.

Ebay features:

  • Products on sale: clothes, technology(smartphones and more), fashion, toolkits, home products, medicines, jewerly, childrens toys, sport products, antiques and more.
  • Personal Accesories: handbag, shoes, glasses, hats, necklaces, rings,  cosmestic and beauty products, laser pointer, school supplies.
  • Payment methods: PayPal, debit and crédit card(Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American express).
  • Shipping cost: between $10 and $200 approximately. (There is also free shipping on some items)
  • Refunds and returns: Ebay accept it.

Ebay Full Review

a)safe site:  it was founded in 1995 in the United States, and it is perhaps the best store to buy second-hand products, we also find new products, The opinions on eBay that we find are diverse but if you are a smart buyer you will not have problems, anyway the advantage of eBay is that we have the option to pay with PayPal this gives us a 180 day protection, enough time to make a claim and recover our money, without any problem, therefore we can say that it is a place where we can buy with great peace of mind, because PayPal is a company that will always be in your favor as a buyer when you claim your money.

b)advantages: low prices and gigantic ítem options, and have used articles with good prices, and has PayPal to pay.

c)disadvantages: various scam sellers, but if you select gold sellers you haven’t problems

d)easy of use: Its ease of use is quite relative, I cannot say that you will learn to use the platform quickly, because the number of options that we need to learn to use are quite a few, this is the price of being one of the 3 largest online stores on the internet, at At first I thought that this site was easier to use than others sites, but I changed my mind, for me it is easier to use aliexpress compared to ebay.

d)prices: The prices on ebay are between $1 for the cheapest items and up to $10,000 (Stars Wars: Episode IV poster) for the most expensive items approximately, we will not find products of enormous size so that is the highest prices that we will find especially technology products such as cell phones and latest generation computers.

e) our score: 8.9/10.

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Now, we have Bangood, a company that is less known, but has a very good reputation and very low prices. the problem is that the quantity of products is very limited comparing with aliexpress or eBay. I must admit that something I like about this site is that its interface is very similar to aliexpress, it is practically a very good copy of the Chinese giant, but definitely that aliexpress has best low prices, because banggood has slightly higher prices, but they are still It has very good prices, if you don’t mind this matter, I understand that there are people who like to experiment with less famous sites because this is an advantage, and there is less waiting line to buy your products. When I enter the site, I can’t help but think that it is a bit cheeky copy of AliExpress thinking about the interface, but obviously everything works in business, it seems to me that the details that we can analyze on this site are quite easy due to the organization of the Outstanding options and offers that we can see on your site, it also caught my attention that you have a good way of organizing low-price offers for buyers who like to save a lot with shopping discounts.

Bangood features:

  • Products on sale: gadgets, toys, cell phones, vr headset, tv box, garden supplies & apparel.
  • Accesories: handbag, shoes, glasses and more.
  • Payment methods: Paypal, Credit/debit Cards(visa, mastercard, maestro), Pagamento,  Transfer, Webmoney, OXXO, Parcelamento, UPI, Sofort, Giropay, Netbanking, QIWI, Dotpa, BGpay.
  • Shipping cost: between $10 and $150 approximately.
  • Refunds and returns: Bangood accept it.

Bangood Full review

a)safe site:Founded in 2006 by Aaron Chen, it is a site that I would classify as a medium-weight store, it has very good prices but I definitely recommend this site for people who like to try different sites from the majority, if it has millions of loyal buyers that every day They find good reasons to continue enjoying their products and good prices. The opinions of the buyers are also very good, and they use very powerful antivirus security tools to protect their clients’ data, such as macfee antivirus and it is certified by truswave.

b)advantages: good shipping cost for any country in the world.

c)disadvantages: someone items have prices are relatively expensive.

d)easy of use: As I said before, the ease of use seems perfect for novice users who do not understand large websites much, nor will I lie it is not the best store for novice users because I always think that the best store for novice users are those specialized in a single product , but in another article I will do this job for you. Among other options I think that we can make our first purchase as a novice in maybe less than 2 hours. I say this because I imagine that on your first purchase you will need a lot of time to search and analyze the first product that interests you and you want to buy.

d)prices: The prices that we can find on this site are between $2 for the cheapest products and $1500 for the most expensive products. The prices may seem very cheap but looking carefully we can see that this detail is because most of the products that I found on this site are products that are not so popular, that is, I looked for products like the latest iPhone or the latest Samsung but I only found accessories for these models of cell phones, therefore I recommend this site if you only need good-priced products and accessories.

e) our score: 8.2 /10.


In fifth place we have this online store that has a relationship with the giant Xiaomi, so it has a lot of reputation and very good prices.
If you are a person who hates seeing too many options to learn how to use a website, and you want to start shopping online from yesterday, you can try this site, it has very few options and is extremely easy to use in my opinion, and it has good offers every certain hour. I found several interesting things to analyze on this site, although the design of your page did not make a great impression on me, it has a boring interface without many colors, but the advantage is that we can navigate and see the products faster because according to my experience their site has excellent speed, if you don’t like sites that take a long time to load that site you may like it.

Gearbest features:

  • Products on sale: clothes, technology, fashion, toolkits, sport products, bricolage and more.
  • Accesories: handbag, shoes, glasses and more.
  • payment methods: paypal, debit cards(Mastercard,
  • VISA, American Express, Discover), bank transfer.
  • Shipping cost: between $10 and $150 approximately.
  • Refunds and returns: Gearbest accept it.

Gearbest Full review

a)safe site: was founded in 2014 and has grown a lot in recent years, there have been many reasons why buyers have delighted using your site. the opinions are somewhat relative but in general terms it is a site where we can buy with confidence. proof of this are its payment methods, including PayPal, which is undoubtedly the best payment option, these factors seem enough to recommend this site, but I always remind you that no site is perfect.


  • very low prices
  • products that you cannot find in your country
  • payments with Paypal


  • counterfeits or products with wrong information
  • waiting time may not be short depending on the season.

d)easy of useits platform is relatively easy to use, although there were some details that bothered me a bit, sometimes the ads in front of the screen can be annoying, but in general it is a good site for everyone.

d)prices: Their prices are also between $10 for the cheapest items and between $300 and $1000 for the most expensive products.

e) our score: 8.1/10


It is the sixth place in our is a store that has a fun platform with many offers and discounts every hour. It is a safe page to buy but I honestly do not recommend this site for novice buyers, because only expert buyers can buy without problems of any kind.

Dhgate features:

  • Products on sale: wedding and sport clothes, technology, fashion and jewerly, sport products, bricolage and more.
  • Accesories: handbag, shoes, glasses, hats, headband and more.
  • Payment methods: PayPal, Western Unión, crédit cards(Visa, MasterCard, American express).
  • Shipping cost: between $10 and $150 approximately.
  • Refunds and returns: DHgate accept it.

Dhgate Full review

a)safe siteThis interesting and colorful website called DHgate.com was founded in 2004 by Diane Wang, this gentleman is actually the CEO of this company. This company is curiously little known outside the Chinese country, in the Chinese media and advertising channels it is also known today as one of “Beautiful Woman CEOs” Dhgate is a website that without problems allows ordinary users around the world to publish, Search and wholesale any kind of products and precious articles from Chinese vendors and manufacturers from different areas of this wonderful technological country that gives us many joys every day.


  • someone items have Prices very low
  • if you purchase in mass you have excellent prices to buy and resell.
  • There are coupons for greater prices and excellent and fun discount.
  • this curious online shop have approximately 11 million items recorded by dynamic and funny venders.
  • Suppliers have various shipping methods for the whole planet.


  • someone items have relatively long delivery times in Usa, Canada and Europa.
  • dhgate in my opinion does not have the best purchase protection system for its users talking about their refund system but also have a good reputation Please remember that no web site on the internet or anything in this life is 100% safe.

d)easy of use: This website has interesting and precious options, when I visit your site it caught my attention because I saw a quick option called “earn coins” a reward system where we can obtain coins for buying and other activities that are easy to do for anyone, the truth is a graphical interface pleasing to the eyes that allows us to have fun and enjoy shopping a lot, it has some quick options on its home page such as clothes, apparel, sport products, shoes among others, so if we look for an article related to these categories we will find it relatively fast according to our experience as buyers. In my opinion it is easy and recommended for experts and novices.

d)prices: I could see interesting and good prices under $20 buy the best prices are for orders greater than 10 or 20 items.

e) our score: 8.6/10.

Start shopping on DHgate( touch here)

7) LightInTheBox:

It specializes a little more in cheap accesories, also its site is fun, it has many discounts every hour and top items in sales, But the problem is that the quantity of products is also very limited compared to aliexpress or eBay. and there are no advanced technological products I only found common accessories. But it’s relatively easy find that you are searching, has a long time working with delivery around the world. It is another site where you will not find modern articles of the last generation such as the last iphone and the last Samsung, therefore we will only find articles from brands that are not too popular, but the very low prices justify this detail. A site that I liked for its graphic quality, before it had a design that I did not like at all, but now they have changed their design for a more modern one and without a doubt they have made a good change for users, now it was a pleasure to enter this site and research some interesting facts about this company.

LighthInthebox features:

  • Products on sale: clothes, normal technology, fashion, toolkits, sport products and more.
  • Accesories: handbag, shoes, glasses, headband.
  • Payment methods: PayPal, Credit/Debit Cards(visa, mastercard, visa electron, American Express, JCB, Dinersclub, Discover, CarteBancaier, Bancontact, Delta, Visa Dankort, Elo, Hippercard).
  • Shipping cost: FREE shipping on orders between $60 and $100 approx.
  • Refunds and returns: Lightinthebox accept it.

lightinthebox Full review

a)safe site: In June 2007 this site was founded based in Shanghai China and has consumers in approximately 200 countries, they are the same owners of the minionthebox online store, therefore we can say that they are an extremely stable company and the opinions that I found on sites like Truspilot also They are very good for the most part. In 2013 it made interesting movements that give it a great reputation as a company, recently in 2018 it also acquired another company called ezbuy, with these data we can ensure that the mininthebox and lightinthebox stores will not go anywhere.


  • Very wide selection of products to choose with pleasure.
  • Cheap prices on all items for every pocket.
  • Good quality of products with manufacturing guarantee generally.
    It offers secure payment methods for our confidence.
  • The website is available in multiple languages ​​so that we do not have any problems with purchases.

c)disadvantages: shipping costs can be expensive.

d)easy of use: It is a site that you can use as a novice and an expert buyer according to my analysis.

d)prices: I could see quite low prices, the most expensive I saw are between $200 and $300.

e) our score: 8.8/10.


A fun site with offers that change a lot, it has an extremely high reputation, its prices maybe not the lowest, but also excellent prices. this site is perhaps the best with shipping prices, and it has modern technology products such as tablets, computers and mobiles, but it still has a limited quantity of products compared to aliexpress and eBay or  amazon. a site with an interface a bit strange and a bit cluttered in my opinion, I did not like your website very much, but in general terms the site may not be so confusing the first time you visit this site.

Dealxtreme features:

  • Products on sale: clothes, technology, fashion, sport products, and more.
  • Accesories: handbag, shoes, glasses, hats, necklaces, rings, headband, cosmestic and beauty products.
  • Payment methods: Paypal, credit cards(Visa, Discover, American Express, MasterCard), personal checks, company checks, DX Engineering Super Card, Summit Racing/DX Engineering Gift.
  • Shipping cost: between $10 and $100 approximately.
  • Refunds and returns: Dx accept it.

Dealxtreme Full review

a)safe site: a site that is also very famous among online shoppers has a very good reputation considering the opinions of users we can say that it is a site with an excellent reputation and very good reviews from most of the very good users, it was founded in 2005 is one of the best sites at the moment.


  • Very cheap prices to start shopping
  • Good advice from technical support staff (English chat)
  • They have a very good policy for product exchanges or returns when we have a problem with our purchase.
  • many items have free shipping


  • some articles may take time to arrive
  • it is possible that the support is only in English.

d)easy of use:

  • I was a little confused when entering but nothing special, it is easy to use in my opinion.

d)prices: there are products that only cost $10 and other products such as cell phones have prices up to $400 approximately.

e) our score: 8.8/10


In position 9 we have this store that has attractive prices and a fairly wide catalog, and funny variety of gadgets. This service has free shipping on purchases between $30 and $100 but unfortunately its free shipping is through postal mail, something that I do not recommend, due to its slowness. Before, its interface was difficult to understand and it took a long time to load, although I must confess that the speed of my connection was not very high, but now it has an interface that is much easier to understand, the prices are good, and it has well-known brands. For some reason the opinions of users have been changing so I only recommend this site for expert buyers who know the tricks of pirate sellers, especially sellers without reputations.

Miniionthebox features:

  • Products on sale: clothes, technology, fashion, sport products, home products and more.
  • Accesories: handbag, shoes, glasses, hats, headband.
  • Payment methods: PayPal, debit and crédit cards(Visa, MasterCard, American express, JBC, Maestro).
  • Shipping cost: free shipping  on orders between $30 and $100 approximately.
  • Refunds and returns: Miinionthebox accept it.

Miniinthebox Full review

a)safe site: This site was founded in 2007, their opinions are a bit confusing therefore it is perhaps the least recommended page of the 10 sites in my top, I say this because lately the opinions of the users have not been the best but in my opinion I recommend this site only for expert buyers, because only if you are experts do you know how to avoid deception or scams.


  • They have Free Shipping on many interesting articles.
  • variety of gadgets to choose from
  • Cheap prices on almost all items.
  • Quite comfortable payment methods
  • The website is available in several languages ​​to better understand its content.

c)disadvantages: relatively long delivery times.

d)easy of use: if there is something that I liked it was the ease of use.

d)prices: I could see very cheap prices with prices under $100 but most of them are just accessories.

e) our score: 8.7/10.


a bit strange site because it has limited shipments to a few countries and has a limited amount of products, but shipping prices are very cheap depending on the country and the product you buy. The site has a rather strange interface but it is a bit fun, so we had a relatively pleasant time to analyze this site.

Geekbuying features:

  • Products on sale: technology, security products,sport products, gadgets, home products.
  • Accesories: handbag, shoes, glasses.
  • Payment methods: PayPal, Credit and Debit cards(Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB), oxxo, konbini(japan), boleto(Brazil), Wire transfer.
  • Shipping cost: between $1 and $100 approximately.
  • Refunds and returns: Geekbuying accept it.

Geekbuying Full review

a)safe site: This site called geekbuying was founded in 2012, and has very good reviews from its users, in addition, geekbuying has quite safe payment methods like PayPal, therefore it is totally safe to buy on their platforms.

has technical support for LiveChat
It also has free shipping on its products.
comfortable forms of payment for everyone
has shipping by DHL to have your order extremely fast.
1 year warranty on many products
Warehouses in the USA and also England for faster delivery.

c)Disadvantages: The customer pays shipping costs if you request a return of a product for being damaged.

d)easy of use: it has a fairly relative ease of use if you are a newbie.

d)prices: I found several products, although I must be honest, their prices did not seem very comfortable, but the advantage is that with DHL the shipments are very fast. there are items priced between $50 and $1000.

e) our score: 8.0/10.

Final review:
our favorite online stores sites:
1-aliexpress is our favorite site to buy online
2-amazon second best site.
3-ebay third best site.
4-Deal xtreme fourth best site.

starting your shopping: At this moment we are going to show you all the necessary steps to register in the online store called aliexpress, which in my opinion is the best online store for expert users and also for novice users, I think you don’t need too much time to learn how to buy on aliexpress, If the amount of options you have bothers you a bit, I advise you to be patient because your reward can be wonderful if you learn to buy on this site because, according to my experience, the prices are the lowest in the whole internet the jewel in the crown, but Let’s not talk too much let’s start with the guide right now:


1- Register now :If you want to start buying on this excellent page, first we must register in his website, register here: aliexpress.com and then we must look for the section where we will see an icon that represents a person, we must click on this icon and then we can start the registration process.

2- Fill data: When we are inside the registration page, we will have to fill in all the information that they ask us, you should not have any problem in this step, because they are simple data such as your name, surname, email, and your password. Maybe 10 minutes will be enough for you to register, if you enter for the first time, please do not be scared, it will not take long to register, when you click the registration button the whole process will be over, it is extremely fast to register on aliexpress, if you are a Newbie AliExpress can be an excellent option for you, do not hesitate. After you have registered, you just have to start your search process for any item, through its search bar.

3- Easy to learn: To learn to buy you only need to know things, such as the product, the quality of the product, trusted sellers, buy button and of course select the place where we receive our orders.

let’s see in detail some aspects mentioned above:
a) product quality: this is a fairly relative step, the seller will always present images of the product to you, and will always try to convince you that their product is the best, but the truth is that the quality of a product can only be verified when the product It is in your hands, in any case, if the product is not to your liking you can ask for a refund normally.

b) trusted sellers: this is too important a point when shopping online, because if the seller is a very serious person or company, then they will worry about selling you a quality product, to know this you must look at the age of the seller that should Be at least 2 years, and see if it is a gold supplier, and besides all this you can see how many positive reviews it has.

c) buy button: be very careful about pressing the buy button if you are not ready to buy something, because if you do, you are going to commit to paying something unintentionally, but calm in any case you can cancel the order, although you should avoid canceling orders continuously because then the sellers will think that you are not a serious buyer.

d) plug type: it is a small characteristic of some electrical devices, if you are a lover of technology you only need to know that this characteristic helps you to know if the device you want to buy is suitable for America, Asia or Europe.

e) follow seller: a tool that can be very useful if you like the products and the quality of the products of a certain seller, you can see this option almost always among the first options of an item you want to buy, it should not take long In finding this nice button, when you follow a seller you can also know if they have new products to offer you.

f) similar sponsored items: when you see this, you will see items very similar to the item you are trying to buy, this is simply a paid space where other sellers are advertising so that you see more options especially in price and decide which seller offers you the best price and quality.

g) product condition: very important not to be confused with this, if you see that this option says condition: refurbished, it means that the product is not new, you should always observe the condition of the product, but you can filter your search and save yourself that hassle.
i) feedback: it is very important to also see the reviews that a seller has, if the seller has many negative reviews and very few positive ones, it is not a trusted seller, but if you see that the reviews are many and very good it is a sign of trust .

h) specifications: you should always use common sense, when you see that a seller offers you too cheap and the quality of the product is very high, it is a bad sign, it is not always like that, when it comes to Chinese sellers cheap can be excellent quality but some lie, they don’t try to scam you or steal your money, but sometimes they try to sell their product at any price and in any way, in my experience when they lie to you, they always send the product to you, but sometimes it can be lower quality than the expected.

I)Paymet methods: If you ask me if you can use your credit cards to pay, the answer is yes, because aliexpress is a totally secure company, your data will not be shared with anyone, a person with many years of experience buying online tells you, if you want to feel More secure you can use a payment method called PayPal but it is available only on some sites like eBay, you must first register with eBay here eBay.com

🎯Question & Answer section

Beginners guide: buy your first ítem online.

# how to buy online?
Basically, You only need 3 things:
a) a credit card
b) register in an online store
c) buy a product and receive it at home.

# how to buy online in usa?
use amazon site, read more about amazon in this link visit amazon store (click here)

# how to buy online with a credit card?
When you register or in an online store you will use the code that has your card on the front and the other code on the back as well. Do not worry when you pay for an item you will receive more detailed instructions.

# how to buy an article online
in a few steps well we can make a small summary so that you can buy an article quickly we can summarize it in this way

1)Search item: first we must search for our article through the different filters offered by aliexpress, amazon, ebay or any other Another site, if you already know how to use the filters it will not be complicated, but if you are new you can also learn, we must choose by price, characteristics, location of the product, physical state of the same, shipping cost etc.

2)Choose seller: The next step will be to find a trusted seller, for this we can find some confidence indicators, which allow us to buy only from certified sellers, when you are looking for an item you can filter the search results by a filter called “top rated seller” this feature indicates that a seller has a very high reputation within the site where we are bought, another way to know if the seller has a lot of reputation, is to see the statistics of the same, in most of the purchase pages we will see a number of stars that determines its quality of service, we can also see the date of registration, more seniority working on the page means greater reputation and better for us.

3)Shopping cart: When you have selected your product, you should use the “buy” option and then you will be directed to the shopping cart, where you can choose the shipping address of your package, this address can be anywhere you want, but logically your preferred place will be your residence house,

4)payment options: Among other things we will choose the payment method.
The payment method should be chosen according to your convenience, for novice users the best option will always be PayPal, but if it is not available, you can use your credit card, or any other method, some sites such as Amazon and AliExpress have their own payment method are also a good option.

5)Purchase invoice: When we have decided the payment method, we only have to use the option to finalize the purchase, with this you will have completed your purchase process, when you finish you will receive an email with a commercial invoice that will allow you to have a guarantee of your purchase, this will serve you for any claim in the future, it will detail the product, the price among other things, if you want you can save it but it is not necessary.

# How to search an article in online store?
you must first look for the article you are looking for obviously, then you must choose the product according to your personal interests, these can be several and also depends on the page you are using, in the pages that I recommend in the list above practically They all have the same function to use search filters that allow you to find your product more precisely or exactly.

●most relevant articles:
in the first place we have “most relevant” filter, which allows us to see which articles are the most searched in the last days, or more popular.

●Price filter:
we have another filter that is by price well, the word says it all, this means that you can look for the cheapest items first, in this way you save a lot of time if you are a person who likes cheap things.

●hot sales/ trends:
we have another filter that is a trend or hot sales, this filter is one of my favorites because it looks for items that are selling a lot, in Most of the cases it may be due to the price, with this you will find the cheapest item among all,

●filter menu:
these are just some of the filters that you can apply, if you access the filters menu you can apply many more filters, such as product characteristics, color , country of manufacture, select the type of shipment, the cost of the same, select the type of seller, select offers and used items. But finally I do not want to confuse you, it is better that you try it yourself, at the beginning we always see many options we get scared but in a matter of 1 or 2 weeks you can learn to use any place to make purchases, according to your ability to learn.

# Where should I claim my order?
Do not worry, when you are buying online, anywhere, you can set the place where you want to receive your package, when you are in the shopping cart you will have the option to choose the destination of your package, but we must be Very precise when we put our address, very careful with this, imagine that a friend asks you for the address of your house, so that your friend does not get lost, you give him the address of your house, with great detail, the neighborhood, the passage, and characteristics of your home, you can do the same with an online order, write your home address as exact as you can, for some reason your package may have delays, in these cases you can go to the company in charge of sending your package, If you used, for example, DHL, you can go personally to ask for your package. although being a company like this the shipments are very fast.

# How do I track my purchase when you make an online purchase
you will always have the option to track your package to know where it is, unless you have used free shipping, but all other shipments have a code that It will provide you with the seller with which you can enter the official site of the company in charge of sending your article, you write the code received and you will be able to know in real time where your package is currently, by the way there are free shipping but they are only if you do not have much money to pay an express shipping, well I don’t really recommend free shipping they are only for people who have a lot of patience waiting even up to several months for an order, although there is free shipping that is very fast when you buy items of $10, $20 or more, It depends on the product and the seller.

# What do I do if I have not received my order
in this case, the main thing is not to lose my temper, there are many reasons that prevent a package from arriving on time, but if for any reason you consider that your package no longer arrived and too much time of Wait, you can easily make a claim to the site where you bought the item, or you can also make a claim with the company you used to purchase your item, which can be PayPal, Amazon among others.

# where I find my purchase receipt or invoice
you will find your purchase receipt in your email box,(gmail, outlook etc)right after having made your purchase, well in general you will always receive it in your email the same day, you can review all the necessary data To verify that you actually made the purchase, if you have not received other emails previously, you will surely find your invoices among the most recent in your inbox of your favorite mail server, by the way I recommend that it be gmail. If for any reason you do not receive your purchase invoice in your email it is possible that you are using the wrong email, make sure that you are using the same email that you used to register on the page where you made the purchase.

# Is it safe to buy online
is probably the most important question of all, nobody wants to lose their money, nor does they want to be scammed, but the sites that I recommend in this list are totally safe sites, they are regulated and duly protected, but in any case, yes You are a newbie and you are very afraid of online shopping, there is also an option for the more cautious and newbies, this option is called PayPal, it is a means of payments that you can use just by registering on eBay or aliexpress, I use aliexpress I still use it . The reason why I recommend aliexpress if you are a beginner and because paying with paypal through ebay, the chances of losing your money are almost zero.
# recently viewed items
a very useful option in any online sales site, is the option “recently viewed” here we can see all the articles that we have been seeing in the last days, the more you enter a site, the more results you will have in this section, If you have not learned to use the option “my favorites” this option will definitely be very useful, because it will work as an alternative to my favorites, it is like an option of my favorites in real time, all Chinese stores have this useful tool, well almost all the ones I have used have it or should have it

# Daily deal
one of the things that buyers like the most are the offers, there are these everywhere, some better than others, in this section we can see the best offers that many sellers want to share with you, but you always have to be careful Sometimes these offers are difficult to understand if you do not read well, but without a doubt if you are a good buyer in real life you will surely understand what we are talking about, in this case I quite like the offers from sites like ebay, dealxtreme, dhgate , among others.

# Amazon returns
You can return any Amazon items or accessory purchased from an Amazon Pop-Up store for a full refund within 30 days of purchase as long as it is new and the return is in accordance with our return policies. To return an Amazon item or accessory purchased from an Amazon Pop-Up store, take it to an Amazon Pop-Up store or call 1-888-280-4389.
With this number you can get interesting information about problems with the return of your product, amazon generally has excellent customer service.

# what are the steps to return an item(amazon example).

Basically in the case of amazon they define the process of returning a package as follows.

Prepare device for shipment: Place your device in the original packaging, including accompanying accessories. You can return the item even if you opened the box today. It’s not necessary to include the manual. If you are returning a Kindle e-reader or Fire tablet, please disable the wireless connection in the device and place the item in the original packaging.

Print a mailing label: Visit the Online Returns Center at Amazon.com or Customer Service. customer for help with your device return. You will need to return the item to Amazon via some shipping method.

for Deliver the package to be returned to the carrier: Wrap the package securely,
attach the return label you set to the package, and take the return package. to a delivery point check of the carrier indicated on the label. If Amazon.com receives your item within 30 days of the end of the applicable return, amazon reserve the right to charge fee it’s a return fee equal to 20% of the item’s price. You will not be eligible for refund if Amazon receives the item more than thirty days after the end of the applicable return window on the our site, please be careful.

# What things can I buy online?
you can buy almost anything, you can buy clothes, electronics, technology, light things and even very heavy things like cars, in reality the things that you cannot buy online are almost non-existent, I think you are thinking about forbidden things for sale to the general public, well you are right, there are things that are totally prohibited in world trade, such as chemical substances, drugs and that kind of thing, but after that, you can even look for things that maybe you did not even know that They existed, believe it or not I have bought things that I did not even know existed, basically I have bought many things about technology and it is amazing the things you can find.

If I had to define the things that you can buy online, I would classify it like this

a) Clothing and accessories: they are any type of clothing you can imagine, it can be clothing for men, women and children, it can also be clothing used for a specific season , such as spring, autumn, summer and among the accessories that we can buy we will get almost anything that you use along with your clothing such as shoes, jewelry, beauty products, lotion, bags etc.

education: one of the things that perhaps people buy less are educational things, but there is practically nothing that you cannot buy, you can buy any type of article and accessory for your children’s learning, notebooks, pencils, and anything simple that You can imagine, but you can also buy expensive things for your children’s learning, you can even pay and take classes online.

products to resell: if you are an enterprising person who likes to work for yourself, you dream of forming your own company, or you simply want to resell products, without a doubt that the internet is a world of possibilities for you, I would say that negotiating online is like look for a job or form your own business in the same way as you would in real life, but you have the great advantage that you can do everything online, among these products we have physical products of any kind, virtual products that you can resell, through internet, and you can also resell products called refurbished and second-hand products.

Entertainment products: in this category we find any type of products that allow us to spend some leisure time, especially video games and toys for adults and children, such as mobile phones, smart tv, android/iOs tablet, gadgets etc. Of course there are many toys for the largest in the home, such as electronic toys and others. Items that can be very expensive, but if you only need toys for your little ones, there are fantastic games that you will not find anywhere such as drones with a camera, among others.

Food: one of the best things that the internet allows us is to buy our favorite food and drink, without having to move from home, some will think that this is not new because you can order food by phone at home, but think about it, it is better to order your food when you see images of your order because in addition to knowing the menu, you can know exactly what you are ordering, you also have promotions that you will not have if you order by phone. Not only can you order everything from restaurant food, it is also possible to order canned, frozen, pet food and much more.

furniture: if you like to have your house well ordered and with all the comforts you can buy any type of furniture for the home, for your kitchen, your garden, your living room, even for your dark basement, no matter how heavy it is, and for you can usually find all the brands you like.

physical exercise and sports: if you like to exercise or you just like to buy products related to sports, without a doubt the internet will be a delight for you, you can buy anything from your favorite equipment or buy expensive exercise machines at home, there are An infinity of products that may interest you without any doubt, if you like extreme sports or you like to go camping, there is also fun for you with your online purchases.

special events: we can buy all kinds of products for our special events such as parties, birthdays, weddings and any sporting event that we need, we can even rent land or premises for our events, all in one.

pets: for many people their pets are like their second family, and for many they are part of their family or perhaps their only family, well on the internet we can find all kinds of products for your pet, canned food, bagged, toys of all class, exercise machines for pets, water fountains, medicine for any disease and even pet carts.

Medicine: If you are a person with a health problem and you need to buy special medicines for your disease, you can buy your medicines online without any problem, in general I think that you will not have a major problem with the medical prescription, but you should always consult your doctor to avoid major problems.

# How to know which is the right article for me:
basically the only way you will know if a product is what you are looking for, you have to see all the images that the seller will put about the product, but you have doubts about a product it does not matter yet So you have two options, the first is to ask the seller more details about the product, or you can look for reviews about the product on sites like YouTube or websites that tell you about the characteristics of the product, now I’ll be honest the only way 100% effective To know if a product is suitable for you is to buy it, you will have to buy it first, there are even things that when you buy them you should try them at home to examine if the product fulfills the function you need, in my opinion only when you have experience buying online you can buy intelligently as you would in real life.

# I have to pay extra charges if I buy multiple identical items
Well this is one of those questions that I cannot answer in its entirety, in general when you buy only one item the shipping price is unique, but if you buy 2 or more items some sellers may charge you a little more for the second item, but others Sellers can charge you nothing for an extra item, but in my opinion it is normal that they charge you extra fees for each additional item, this will depend on each seller, some people prefer to look for a trusted seller and do not care how much they charge for an item or for the shipping cost, this is personal taste I think.

# how customs work:
customs are the way in which a government has control over the things that are bought on the internet, perhaps it is an excuse to collect taxes, but each package you buy online must go through a prior inspection, if For some reason you have bad luck, they will charge you a tax that depends on each country, personally I have never liked paying taxes for my online purchases, sometimes it is something that cannot be avoided but if you are lucky you will not pay a single penny for your order.

# I have to pay taxes for buying online
not necessarily, sometimes you should not pay anything for your packages if customs determines that your package is not applicable to collect taxes, especially if what you bought is a common and current item, or is an item of very little value, In any case, there are methods to safely skip customs costs, such as free shipping. But as I said before when you have more experience buying online, you can buy more intelligently to avoid paying taxes.

# What does a padlock that appears on a website at the top mean:
it is a sign of security and trust, to tell you that the website you are visiting is safe, if you see that this padlock is open it is a bad sign and the site It can be unsafe, when you buy online you will see this padlock closed so this is a good sign that you are buying from the right place, this is just one way that websites allow users to save their data from evil people, in my opinion buying online is extremely safe, as long as you use trusted sites like the ones I mentioned above in this article.

# When I make an online purchase with a credit card, does the page keep my data?
definitely not, as long as we follow the security recommendations of financial institutions and if using official sites, the pages do not keep our personal data in any way, because all this information is encrypted, this means that algorithms are used to ensure that the data are intelligible only for the user and the bank’s server when we carry out the transaction. When it ends, the data disappears. However, there is also the possibility that sites such as facebook, twitter or instagram frequently have access to our data in an agile way, but if we NEVER share our data on these sites, in my opinion you will never have any problem with your data. Think about it even if you don’t want it, companies will always need your data to be able to offer you a certain service, it is something that we cannot avoid.

# I can make purchases online, if I am on a public Wi-Fi network:
many people think that they can use any public Internet network to make their purchases online, I understand that it is very convenient to enter your favorite store, order a delicious coffee and eggs for him breakfast, and then connect to the free internet service that that store offers you to buy online, but this is a very serious error, because when you are connected to a free network, your data is insecure and you can be a victim of data theft, so Please NEVER make purchases online when you are in a public network or a free internet, purchases should always be at your home, or at the home of a relative where the connection is available for residents of that house, in this way your data they will be safe against hackers and any cyber criminals.

# How much do express shipping cost:
well that depends on the service you choose, the weight of the product, and the destination of the package (your country of residence), generally the cheapest packages with express shipping cost less than $ 100 dollars, but if you live In the United States, many of the express shipments are totally free and you will receive them within a maximum period of 2 or 3 weeks, but you must take into account that sometimes the cost of shipping will also depend on the seller and the season, there are seasons where the shipments They can be very expensive, at the time I wrote this article the world was submerged in crisis by the coronavirus pandemic, and shipments increased in cost, some items have a shipping cost such as ups, I have never used this shipping method, It may be very good, but I really like more shipping services like DHL, fedex, ems among others.

# which is the best shipping method to receive my packages purchased on the internet
We will define the best shipping method by making differences between an online buyer who likes to spend a lot of money, and buyers who like to save money like me.

1) if you like to spend a lot of money and receive your package very quickly 5 or 10 days approximately:
Actually all shipping methods are good, but the best ones are undoubtedly express shipping, several companies have shipments that are highly fast but if you ask me what is the best way to send your packages in my opinion is DHL, their deliveries are Very fast, and its tracking system is excellent, perhaps its prices are not very cheap, but if you have the money and want your online purchases to arrive at your home in less than 2 weeks and with total security I think it is better to pay for a service high quality, I understand that you can also buy insurance to protect your packages but that is already an extra expense.

2) If you like to save money and receive your package between 15 and 60 days approximately:
the best shipping options are the shipping methods called aliexpress premium shipping, and another called aliexpress standard shipping, but these two methods are only available in the aliexpress online store, you will spend very little and you will receive your package relatively fast. To use this shipping method, you must register an aliexpress account and buy in that same online Chinese store.

# What are auctions:
auctions are a very useful means of information for us because they allow us to know when we can buy an item, at a very low cost, it is similar to an auction of an item in real life, some sellers may be Desperate to sell an item and want to receive an offer from several buyers and do business more quickly, as you may be imagining, you have to offer as much money as possible to win an auction, because many buyers can go ahead and win an item, but not worry every day there are different auctions, you do not need to struggle with a single auction and you can bid on several on the same day, if you love items at very cheap prices you will surely have a lot of fun with online auctions.

# how does the bank transfer work?
Bank transfer is one of the most popular ways to make your purchases online, although it is supposed to be a rather insecure means of payment, I have never used it, but I think this is about how you use this form of payment, Anyway we know that at some point perhaps we will need to use it, it is always convenient to know a little more about this, well, the bank transfer needs several of your data to be able to be used among them, your account number, type of account, Although these days it is much easier to buy with your bank account, if you ask me I prefer to buy by safer methods such as PayPal, Amazon, among others. You should not worry about its difficulty of use, but if the risk of losing your money, I am not saying that it is not safe either, but this payment method must be handled with great care.

# what is the postal code?
The postal code is a number that identifies the country and the city where you live, they are unique numbers for each city around the world, with this code or sequence of numbers, you can identify very quickly the area where you live specifically, it’s like the name of your neighborhood, or something similar, but in the form of numbers, to know the postal code of your area of ​​residence, you just have to google and find the postal code of your city.

# How do I communicate with a seller in an online store?
To contact a specific seller, you just have to look for the exact page where you bought your item, then in the options below that page, you will see an avatar or nickname, in some sites you may find the seller’s nickname on the top right of your screen When you find it you will be able to see the characteristics of the seller and the stars and opinions given by users, you must look for an option called “contact this seller” there you will see different options but you must choose an option where it allows you to write in the messages section, and write any questions or queries about your product, generally sellers answer in less than 3 or 5 business days.

# What is a product in stock?
When a product is in stock it means that a certain amount of the same item in question is available for purchase. When you see that the item you want to buy is not available, you will see that that item is “sold out”, so don’t bother In trying to buy the product, because there will not be for you, not all sellers have the same amount of items, when these are finished some will never sell that product again, but others may have more units a few weeks later, although perhaps some will go up from price when they have more inventory of some products.

# Why the page where I bought my product disappeared (page not found).
When you buy a product, generally the exact page where you bought your item, it can disappear, this is something more normal than you think, do not worry, well when you are new shopping on the internet, this may be something worrying for you, but it does not happen Nothing, many sellers for any reason will not sell more product on a specific item, therefore it is normal that the item that you bought previously disappears, I must confess that sometimes I worried about this too, but the truth is that I did not even have major problems with this situation, so please do not worry, the safest thing is that your package will reach your hands.

# I just bought a product, but the shipping cost made me spend more than I thought (scam shipping).
When you buy an item at any price, you should look for the shipping price to be the best, but some people forget this little detail, and buy the first item they find at a low price, be very careful on your first purchase, check the shipping cost, because some sellers try to sell their product with deceptive practices, and you end up buying an item with a higher price with shipping. But don’t worry, if you don’t like the final price after purchasing your product, you can cancel the purchase.

# how can i cancel a purchase?
To cancel a product you only have to enter the page where the product you bought appears, this can be done from the user menu, first enter this menu and then select the option called “my purchases” although you can also find it with the name of “purchase history”, some pages have a person icon, it should not take long to find your user menu, when you do, look for the item you bought and you will see the information of your purchase and you can see an option to cancel your order.

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