Best tablet android/iOs of the year updated!

Best tablet for You: One of the most comfortable ways to navigate or do relatively complex tasks is to buy a wonderful tablet, because its large screen allows us to work with much more comfort, with any type of programs or applications that we can imagine, one of the biggest problems we have when We use an application to work on our phones, it is really uncomfortable to use your finger in some sections or options of the application that we are using at that moment and it is very common that we end up sometimes pressing in the wrong place on the screen because all the options Of that application they simply do not fit on the screen of a mobile, something similar happens when we use applications to write text, edit multimedia files and sometimes we must press several times on the screen so that the application recognizes our fingers or screen press, I think that this is the best thing that allows us to solve a tablet, but In general, also the tablets designed by the most famous manufacturers on the market have enough internal memory, therefore we should not worry about space to work or buy external SD memories, at first the applications had some certain problems to be compatible with the tablets due to their screen size but this problem was also solved for our luck, honestly there are very few reasons not to buy a tablet, I bought one personally because I love surfing the internet with a large screen when I am at home, it is simply a feeling of incredible freedom , but if you need it to work I assure you that it will also be an excellent purchase depending on the model you need, there are many companies in the market that have opted to create new and better tablets that relieve us from work or help us relax at home a lot better, especially if you like casual games, it will help you relax for a while, the The feeling of playing with a screen much larger than the screen of our phone is incredibly fun, and as I said before we can install applications or games much easier than a phone, because many people have noticed that they cannot install too many applications on their phone because It gets slow, but a tablet is generally designed specifically to install many applications than a mobile phone, therefore it is much more difficult for our tablet to have a decrease in performance with a good space in the internal memory, but if the RAM is high is much better experience, And it could not be any other way, of course in this list prepared for you, you can choose your tablet regardless of the interests you have, for demanding users, with a lot of money, with little money and any other detail that you are interested in knowing before buying your new tablet, practically buying a tablet is the same as buying a new phone, perhaps the only big difference is that they are designed for us to work at home, or to enjoy a leisure time, watching videos on the internet, news or playing a video game, now like , hey friend Before continuing I must clarify that this article is not perfect, but it was made with the best intention of helping you and saving minutes and hours of searching on the internet.

Table of content

1)IPAD PRO 2023:

This is the jewel in the crown, It certainly caught my attention, it has a large number of apps installed and it’s the most powerful and high-performance model that we can see on the market, obviously designed for the wealthiest and most demanding users. The m2 chip that includes the ipad 2023 is undoubtedly a giant leap in the revolution of the simultaneous process execution capabilities that an electronic device such as a tablet can have, specifically the ipad 2023, it is estimated that it could be able to execute and save in memory up to 8 applications simultaneously, which is amazing for a portable device, and increases performance speeds between 35% and 50% especially when it comes to graphics and 3d tasks.

IPad pro 2023 features:
apps installed: various utilities apps, various work apps, various stores apps, calendar, video recorder, audio recorder, app store, podcast app, facebook, youtube, google maps, google drive, app games, and much more,
Operating system: iPadOS 16
Screen size: 11 and 13 (2 versions)”
Cameras: 12mp rear, 10mp front.
Ram: 8gb approximately.
Processor: apple m2 octa core.
Internal storage: 128 GB approx.
Battery: 7500 mah approx.
Extra functions: Face recognition,barometer, Siri natural language commands and dictation. USB4 / Face ID, accelerometer.
Type Connectivity: (5G optional), Bluetooth, wifi. GPRS.
Online stores prices: between $1500 and $2000.

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an impressive tablet with a very huge memory capacity of 1tb, enough space to store up to 8600 HD movies. the camera is not the best but it is good.

Samsung tab Features:
Apps installed: samsung apps, all google apps, youtube app, youtube music, netflix, microsoft apps, camera app, gallery app, galaxy store and more.
Operating system: Android 10.0
Screen: 10.4 “.
Capacity microSd: 32gb.
Cameras: 8mp rear, 5mp front.
Ram: 3gb.
Processor: quadcore 2.0 GHZ, Snapdragon 662.
Internal storage: 32GB approx.
Weight: 476 g.
Battery: 7000 mAh.
Extra functions: facial recognition.
Built-in speakers: 4.
Type Connectivity: Bluetooth, wifi. Usb type c.
Online stores prices: between $250 and $350 approx.

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A great option with reasonable price with great new features, with excellent memory capacity. A great buy for fans of Huawei products.

Lenovo tab features:
Apps installed: google apps, netflix, play store, camera app and more.
Operating system: Android 9.0
Screen: 10.3 “.
Capacity microSd: 32GB.
Camera: 13mp rear and 8mp front camera.
Processor: Helio P22T.
Internal storage: 16GB.
Ram: 4gb.
Weight: 480 g.
Battery: 7000 mAh.
Type Connectivity: Bluetooth, wifi.
Online stores prices: between $200 and $300 approx.

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4) 📱FIRE HD 8:

An excellent option if you are looking for a tablet only to install and use apps, because it does not have network connectivity to make calls, but maybe you are like me and only use your tablet to navigate and

Fire hd 8 features:
Apps installed: netflix, facebook, twitter, Disney plus, amazon music, spotify, HBO, game apps and more.
Operating system: Android 5.0
Screen: 8 “.
Card slot: microsdXC.
Cameras: 2mp.
Ram: 2 gb. Approximately.
Internal storage: 16gb approx.
Type Connectivity: Bluetooth, wifi.
Prices in Online stores: between $60 and $120 approximately.

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5)📱FIRE HD 10, 2022:

its functions are practically the same as the fire HD 8, but is an alternative option if you want a tablet to install and use applications and navigate more comfortably with its 10″ screen.

Fire hd 10 features:
Apps installed: Espn sports, Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, amazon prime video, instagram, spotify, Disneyplus, amazon kids, sling TV and more.
Operating system: fire os
Screen: 10.1 “.
capacity microSd: 128 gb approx.
Cameras: 2mp front / crear 5mp.
Ram: 3GB Ram approximately.
Internal storage: 32gb approximately.
Weight: 468g approx.
Type Connectivity: Bluetooth, wifi. MicroUsb type c.
Online stores prices: between $200 and $250 approx.

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a powerful tablet to install very good applications always with the guarantee of a brand among the most preferred today by many users.

Huawei mediapad features:
Operating system: Android 10.0
Screen: 10.1 “.
capacity microSd: 128gb approximately.
Cameras: 2mp rear and 5mp front.
Ram: 2GB approx.
Internal storage: 16gb approx.
Weight: 460g
Battery: 5100 mAh.
Type Connectivity: Bluetooth, wifi. MicroUsb 2.0, GSM, HSPA, LTE.
Online stores prices: between $170 and $220 approx.

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Another wonder created by Huawei that stands out for having greater memory capacity and a very elegant interface. If you want a little more power with the Huawei guarantee, this is a very good decision.

Media pad t3 10 features:
Operating system: Android 7.0
Screen: 9.6 “.
microSd: yes.
Cameras: 5mp.
Ram: 3gb. Approximately.
Internal storage: 16gb approximately.
Weight: 460 g.
Battery: 4800 mAh.
Type Connectivity: Bluetooth, wifi. Micro Usb.
Online stores prices: between $180 and $230 approx.

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If you are a lover of Microsoft and its Windows operating system, or you simply need a tablet that has this operating system installed, this tablet is perhaps your best option.

Samsung book features:
Operating system: Windows 10.0
Screen: 12 inch.
MicroSd Capacity: 256GB approx.
Cameras: 13mp and 5mp fixed camera.
Ram: 4gb. Approximately.
Weight: 754 g. Approx.
Battery: 7000 mAh.
Processor: core i5 3.1 GHZ.
Type Connectivity: Bluetooth, wifi. MicroUsb 3.0 type C.
Online stores prices: between $700 and $1000 approximately.

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9)📱 IPAD AIR 4:

another very good option for pockets with a moderate budget, and with the same quality as your apple brand.

iPad air 4 features:
apps installed: calendar, video recorder, audio recorder, app store, podcast app, geo maps, facebook, youtube, twitter and more.
Operating system: iPadOS 14.
Screen: 10.9 “.
microSd: no.
Cameras: 12mp rear camera, 7mp front camera.
Ram: 4gb. Approximately.
Internal storage: 256gb approx.
Weight: 458 g.
Battery: 7000 mAh.
Type Connectivity: Bluetooth, wifi, GPS, microUsb type c.
Online stores prices: between $500 and $700 approx.


Finally, we have the best option for buyers who like to save intelligently, this tablet is especially for small pockets and has all the basic functions you need to install a few apps, although it already has the apps you need most installed such as YouTube, Netflix, facebook, twitter, amazon prime, spotify and more.

Amazon fire 7 features:
Operating system: android 5.0
Screen: 7 “.
micro SD:
Camera: 2mp.
Ram: 1gb. Approximately.
Internal storage: 16gb approx.
Weight: 286 g.
Battery: 7 work hours approx.
Type Connectivity: Bluetooth, wifi. Micro Usb.
Online stores prices: between $50 and $100 approx.

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What are the advantages of buying a new tablet?

1) more comfort:The comfort is guaranteed to use any type of application regardless of the type of application we are using, you can be text, image and video editors, write or advance any work report, or check mail, and applications for entertainment, all of them It will be very difficult for our fingers to feel the discomfort that is sometimes felt with the small screen of a mobile to do these activities.

2) more applications:Tablets have a very good amount of internal memory where we can install a large number of applications, depending on the size of each application, if you want a tablet specifically just to test or use specific apps, buying a tablet is perhaps one of the best decisions to make. you can do, there are also tablets for children if you are interested in keeping your children busy while you rest, there are tablets for all tastes.

3) long-lasting battery: The battery of the tablets are as good as the batteries of the mobiles, this is one of the concerns of many users, but the batteries have between 3000 and 5000 mah, which is a quite good capacity to use your applications without stopping for a long time .

4) double sim: The tablets have the possibility of inserting a sim card, if you want to give it all the functions that you can have with these beautiful devices, the largest 10 inches have the capacity almost always of 2 sims, honestly I was never interested in this feature, but Maybe you are interested and it can be very useful.

feedback: another fun article that thanks to my dear readers have motivated me to do, it is hilarious to know the amount of things that tablets allow us to do, but undoubtedly what users appreciate the most is that feeling of freedom of using our fingers in a Screen so comfortable and large, obviously it is a device that has its strong point in the uses that we can give it within our home, personally using the tablet is a feeling of relief and excellent comfort, after investigating the different models we can conclude that the benefits are totally satisfactory if we compare them with the price of each one of them, I am glad that the tablets have standard functions and ports, in this way we can easily use spare cables that we have at home, a tip that I always want to give you is that lower the brightness intensity of the tablet, so that the battery lasts much longer and also this detail prevents our Other eyes have too much contact with the screen and the brightness fatigue our eyes, especially at night, I particularly at this moment that I write I have 3 tablets, and I must say in general terms I am happy with all 3, you do not need to ask me which ones I buy , because any of the tablets that we recommend in this article can give you many joys, comfort, satisfaction and savings in your pocket.

Question & answer section

what is the best tablet today?
Perhaps the most sold at the moment for its elegance and comfort and excellent performance is the tablet of the apple company, this model is called Samsung iPad pro 2022, I know very well that you like to have all the information without searching too much on the internet, so I will save you the trouble of searching and I will give you the details you need to buy this tablet. first of all I must say that this tablet is all a beast, if you are a user who needs a tablet to work with maximum performance and the best functions that you can find, this model meets all the expectations that any worker in a demanding company may need, its price is a bit high, but yes The price is not important to you, and you want to have perhaps the most acclaimed tablet of 2021, this device will be a real success to buy, one of the things that you will like the most is its incredible 12-inch screen, enough to do all the heavier jobs that the rudest user needs without worrying about the performance of the device, the best thing is that it has the largest operating system or the most updated that we have. On this day, the famous iPad pro, with these brutal characteristics, I think it is difficult not to have fun or work a lot with this tablet, each of its functions are standard and you will not need too many complications to connect with other devices, its dimensions are 20x7x29 and weighs only 754 grams, therefore its portability and comfort is also excellent, it is a friend that you can carry in your backpack without any problem. Something that will surely make you feel even more comfortable is that it has a digital pencil so that you can write or use it at any time on the screen, it has a comfortable screen that I think is very good for drawing and writing, the processor that has this tablet is excellent processor of this great company, another point that I found interesting is that it has a backlit keyboard so that we can work very good, I love those little details, because sometimes we can be without electricity at home, so we can work even without light, well it is not something that our eyes recommend. but in my opinion this tablet is excellent for the toughest jobs.

what is the best tablet with reasonable price?
According to all the information and reviews that I have seen so far, the best tablet on the market is Huawei MediaPad T5, it has all the characteristics to proclaim itself as the best tablet on the market in relation to quality and price, the screen has 10 inches, it is what the most I like it in a tablet, I have seen a tablet with a reasonable price but with a smaller screen, I think that you are more interested in a 10-inch tablet than one that only has 8 inches like the Amazon Fire HD, if you are interested in a tablet with a screen Great, I definitely recommend the huwaei T5, Huawei prices are always very accessible for middle-class users, this tablet has an attractive value in the most popular internet stores, if you need a purchase link you can enter here . If you are an amazon lover, maybe you like the 8-inch fire HD, maybe its screen is not the best in size but obviously its quality is guaranteed, the huawei company has always It has also been synonymous with great quality in recent years, before it was not very well known but today it is one of the best brands you can find, I doubt that someone does not know about Huawei at the moment, if someone tells you that they do not know it, it is sure lying, in short you will surely be very satisfied if you buy the huawei t5 tablet.

what is the best tablet with a very cheap price?
I do not hesitate to recommend amazon tablets if you need an economical option to acquire a new tablet, generally its price is up to 3 times less than a last generation tablet, obviously the capacity is less, but the performance is totally sufficient for a common person , which only needs a tablet for simple tasks or to entertain yourself by installing or testing multimedia applications, and games of all kinds, if you are looking for a tablet with a screen that is not very large you can buy the 8-inch HD fire from amazon, I give you a purchase link if you need it at this time here on the other hand if you need a large screen to test applications or to write some notes or do some work that is not undemanding, you will undoubtedly love the fire HD 10, it is a recent creation from amazon that has features and performance than the Fire HD 8, but obviously the big difference is the size of the screen, because it has 10 inches Yes, all the other features are practically identical but something I liked is that its price is also almost identical, if it were me I would buy the Fire HD 10, but this detail depends on your needs, if you need a smaller screen you may end up buying the one Fire HD, in summary I can say that one is more comfortable, but the other is a little more optimal for some multimedia applications. If you need a purchase link for the fire HD 8 you can buy here but if you like the fire HD 10 more you can use this purchase link, it is always good that you buy with these links, because I always try to find the best prices For you, if possible I also try to get a discount that you will surely love.

what size should i choose?
This question is very important, sometimes we buy something that we do not like or it is not as comfortable as we wanted, so we must clarify what needs you have to buy your new tablet, I will try to help you to know which tablet suits your personality and needs by taking Take into account very important aspects that sometimes the buyer does not take into account, let’s see this small mini buying guide:

a)entertainment: If the use that you will give to your new tablet, I think that the best option is undoubtedly the fire HD 10 from our beloved company Amazon, because it allows you to see more clearly the videos and applications that are installed by default, and if we install new applications as well We will benefit from the size of its screen, perhaps for some applications such as music it is not important but all other applications that need a lot of space to use them will be happy with you to have a large screen of 10 inches, another advantage of having a large screen is that you can navigate more comfortably, even some websites cannot show all their content if our device does not have a screen large enough to show all the options that this site contains, in any case, even if we could see all that content it can be a bit uncomfortable with a small screen, although the vast majority of websites can be used without problems on an 8-inch tablet Size like the fire HD 8, but I still think that the 10-inch fire version is a better option, perhaps the only exception in this sense is that the tablet is for your young child, in this case the size of the screen is not important.

b) performance: If the most important thing is the performance without a doubt, you should buy the most optimal and most popular tablet on the market, I suppose that the price is not something too important for you, therefore without hesitation you can buy the wonderful tablet samsung sm-w720, the performance The tablet is exaggeratedly good, it also comes comfortably equipped with windows 10 so that you don’t have any problem working with your office work, it can support several applications without problem and work continuously.

c) portability: If portability is so important, you can easily buy the 8-inch fire HD from amazon, because it fits easily in your backpack or purse, maybe it does not have the same portability of a phone, but it comes a little closer, there are different styles, because there are 7-inch tablet but they are not very recognized brands, therefore my best recommendation must be the fire HD 8, without a doubt it will take up little space in your backpack because it is very thin. Another aspect is the calls, logically the smaller the screen is the better to receive or make calls at any time. But if we have bad news because the amazon tablets do not allow you to insert sims, therefore they will not serve you to make calls, be very careful with this detail, I do not want you to get mad at me later for not having read this detail before, in this case we can buy the samsung sm-w270, which is the most expensive tablet, but the economic options are the lenovo m10 and we can also use our sim card in the huawei mediapad T5 model, and also the huawei T3 model, honestly I do not understand what is the reason why Amazon does not allow the use of sim in its tablet models, maybe it was a market strategy, but anyway, now you know which models you should buy if you want to use your sim card, something I like is that tablets generally allow you to use double sim , but they are not all models, these models usually only bring 1 sim card, but in my opinion it is more than enough to keep you in contact with your loved ones, another detail is that The technology they use is the nano sim, I suppose that this technical specification has become a standard in recent years, anyway I doubt that there is any country where nano sim does not exist, if you do not know what a nano sim is, it is Simple, it is the same sim card that the telephone operators in your country offer you, it is only a different presentation but it is already included when you buy your sim card, nothing fancy, I really don’t know why people want a tablet to make calls I think it is better to use your phone, but if you like to use it at home to receive calls, you are fully entitled.

d)price: If you want more options, you can read more carefully my 10 recommendations at the beginning of this article, but for their price I think that the brands that I will mention have practically little competition because their price is very cheap compared to their functions and performance, you can easily choose tablets such as huawei media pad t3, LNMBBS tablet, also this other very good brand like the lenovo tab M10 and of course you cannot miss the samsung Tab A7, if and I had to choose between all of them for its quality and brand I would choose the samsung A7, but you can choose the one that you like the most.

e) battery charge: If you care a lot about how long the battery lasts, I think the best for you is the huawei t5, now if you have enough money the best option is again the samsung book sm-w720, because it has the longest battery life, both They are very good options, the price between the two divides the high-class buyer and the middle-class buyer, the important thing is that the battery in both cases has an excellent duration. The duration of the battery can be between 10 and 11 hours between each model, something that you should clarify is that this time is an estimate, it depends on the use you give to this device, if you use it aggressively the duration of the battery can be much less, but if you use it in a peaceful way it can last a long time as I said before, both tablets the huawei t5 and samsung w720 can last almost 10 and 11 hours, many users due to ignorance misunderstand this detail, always remember these estimates depend on the use of each User, also remember that the huawei mediapad t5 tablet is for users with little money, and the samsung book sm-w720 is for high class people.

f) calls: Calls are important, although tablets have never seemed ideal for this purpose, but if you like to use the tablet for this function, I think the Amazon Fire 8 are not convenients, Because their models do not allow making calls, for this function you can use huawei T5 or lenovo m10. but I think that the smaller a tablet is, the more comfort we have for make our activities, in this case the best option is always the greatest comfort we can have with a smaller device, that is why there is a saying that sometimes less is more. The call function works exactly the same as a telephone, the signal intensity is also the same, although we must always consider the place where you live, these factors can always affect the signal of your device, a detail that you must take into account is that Tablets use much more energy due to the size of their screen, this detail is important if you want to save the maximum battery in your calls, if you are a person who loves to talk non-stop, a good advice is to turn off the lighting of the tablet while You call to speak for a longer time.

do I have to buy additional applications?
All manufacturers include all the applications necessary for any task for all needs at any minute, among the applications we can say that we have the most popular such as video players, music player, image viewer and all the same applications that you can find On a mobile phone, including our beloved social media applications like Facebook, WhatsApp, and YouTube, when you buy your tablet for the first time, it may always be necessary to update some applications considering the time that the device was stored in a warehouse or on a shelf. of any physical store, but the updates are exactly the same as your phone, and they all use the same operating system, well in fact the vast majority work with the same android operating system, the more sophisticated and recent our tablet is, the more updated will be the applications when we buy ours.

Should I buy an accessory for a tablet?
not necessarily, perhaps the unique indispensable can be a case for tablet to protect our investment, other devices interesting can be a good headphones to hear some music, if you want to feel more comfortable you can buy also keyboard and mouse and other accessories very useful if you want to convert your tablet in a kind of laptop to write and make other activities interesting if you like them video games you can buy a good GamePad, joystick, gun or guitar for games with this topic, and even a Timon with pedals gaming car, if you are interested in these accessories you can see my list accessories tablet here there are many people who do not support see screen your device mobile with scratches and worst screen broken is the worst experience we can have, when you buy a tablet you enchant see a screen so large, compared to screens telephones current, but I can’t say that there are no phone with screens some great, but the experience we have to see videos and navigate in my opinion with a screen tablet is feeling single of freedom, so I recommend a protective case to have clear resolution of our tablet, if you need to buy a case for tablet you can see my review to find out where to buy a good case in the link below is amazing how much accessories you can buy for your tablet, there are different models for almost any function that need to expand our device, including a support for tablet, maybe this accessory may seem unnecessary but I think actually is very useful, if we like to use the tablet without delay, because sometimes can be very useful to have the tablet attached because it is a bit awkward be looking for objects that are to reach only to put the tablet in a pocision vertical to use it as if it were a kind of monitor portable, in this case a support for tablet can be very useful even without being an accessory as popular as other there on the market at this time.

Android I can install any application?
you can install any application you want because the rules to install applications are the same usual, any application interesting find you online or Google play the you can install without any problem, the same situation happens for iOS, all applications they will stay in your store, before all we must take into consideration the version of Android having our tablet, if we buy tablet more sophisticated market surely we will not have problems with this detail, the version of Android or iOS determines the ability of the operating system running applications on your device, if we don’t have the latest version will be impossible to install applications most popular of the year, but as I said before if you purchased tablet more fine upper class you can be quiet, not you must worry, because if you purchase tablet cheap also you can install thousands and thousands of applications available on website and in Google play, in my experience are few applications in need of the operating system Android or iOS more updated, because they are applications designed to tablets high-end, when you log in Google play for example always tendras information detailed requirements of the application interests you and you want to install, only you must know which is the version of Android or iOS you have your Dear tablet, don’t worry in the following question of this guide answer like to know your version for Android and iOS this installed on your tablet. know your version installed, then this information in hand you can know before if the application can be installed on your device, if you are a Millennial I must say that you have luck, before tablets had a serious problem with the support the screen, was very frustante because very many applications had the same problem and we had to find an application that out exactly compatible with the screen size of our tablet, into otherwise simply the application not worked and you you were standing with want to install this and many applications.

which is the version of Android or iOS installed in my tablet?
you can see it in settings menú.

have a tablet a spell check?
if you like much write texts or chat with your friends on social networks surely you can have a question about this function, but is available in all models I have known, I doubt much there is a model tablet that do not include this feature, because the truth this is a function basic at any device that allows the text entry at present, for many people this function can be very useful errors writing, because there is always a word that we can write incorrectly especially accents and other minor details, if you are interested in this feature you can configure it as you like, but I understand that many rather have turned off this option, if you’re like me and not like the spell check you can turn it off at any time, the truth the spell can help often, but sometimes can generate dislikes, because delays the ability to write quickly with keyboard screen, even sometimes you can create false corrections or also corrections wrong, so it is important to set correctly this function, because it can be very useful when we write something repeatedly several times, a clear example are forms registration on a website, sometimes we ask many data maybe a little unnecessary but by obligation we must fill in this regard can be useful to avoid repeat content using and wearing no reason our valuable fingers, another advantage can be when we enter a password undoubtedly can be very useful, I am sure that all we are tired of type the username and password repeatedly in all websites we use a daily basis, here I is good to have this feature on our tablet.

the tablet has a good camera?
if you want to buy a tablet thinking that has a good camera, you should know that model tablet, if cheap sorry to tell you that the resolution is not good, if you want to havue a tablet with a camera high quality the only way is buying a tablet with a high price, well also don’t have to be rich to buy, if you want absolutely the best among the best guess you don’t mind the price of that luxury, up in the beginning of this article I did a detailed description of the best tablet you can buy including the quality of your camera, all models bring a camera but I am sorry to say that models cheaper just have a camera paperweight, in other words if you love to have a camera to take photos on your devices mobiles high quality, then you must be willing to buy it more sophisticated you find on the market, is better understand how it works a camera to take intelligent decision when you buy a phone or tablet new image quality of a Photo is determined by the quality of the camera, and the quality of the camera depends on the quality of the materials and quality of resolution or megapixel that the manufacturer decided to install in that camera, obviously this also defines greatly the price of tablet, among more sophisticated and clear is camera more face will be tablet or phone, in this case in both devices component manufacture are almost identical, now you know something about the camera on your next purchase, if these confused you explain the following questions are the megapixel, we learning and becoming in buyers experts.

what are megapixels?
non confuse quickly we will say that tablets with the best camera are those with megapixel …. the best resolutions in a camera are 16x hereinafter today the most sophisticated have up to 48 megapixel a true outrage and a great pleasure buy this type of devices. buyer of a model with a resolution lower 16 megapixel not expect photographs quality, in the worst case a definition of 2 megapixel is terrible, I like to be honest to not buy something that you don’t like it. well we have finished clarify this issue, we can now know a little in consisting technology of megapixel, this technology has grown so amazing in the last years before it was impossible to think that a phone or tablet could come close to the image quality we offered and still offers US Chamber Photo fine, but now any device laptop with a camera 16 megapixel or higher can be a substitute of any camera Photo or video at present, this is a beauty all that capacity in a single device, but care neither we forget that the image quality depends on environment where we are, can’t wait miracles However sophisticated it resolution Chamber, the amount of megapixel also let you approaches on objects that there are near, this is a problem common in camera phone and tablet low-quality, among more away this object Photo may actually be horrible, but when the amount of megapixel are many and of a lot of quality, the image always will have sharpness even when not we are close to the object or image that we wish to photographed, you must be careful with imitations of some brands, many Chinese manufacturers are there on the Internet and mislead many offering products supposedly of high quality but actually are only copies cheap and very bad with a bad camera, Luckily I never you recommend items that are only imitation cheap, all devices recommend are all original no matter the price.

that Web browser have a tablet?
your browser default is Google Chrome, as long as you buy a new device portable Android or iOS always will have almost all applications most popular Google, if you love use such applications then you can enjoy comfortably all you need will be available in your best versions depending on the model buy obviously, the process to use all functions and tools and applications Google play is always the same compared to your phone mobile, simply you must login with your username and password to access to a world of fun insured, i’m sorry but I think we all like Google play, something that you should take into account is that Google for security reasons not likes multiple devices to access the same account, are reasons fully understandable, but in some time we can notify me to our email this company telling US that any possible intruder access to our account, I really don’t understand because Google does this, knowing that the IP is almost the same and can confuse users more novice, but quiet nothing happens bad, simply you should check the option default where your mention or certify that you were your who enter the same account with your new tablet. you don’t need to read nothing more of that message only accept and ready, on the other please understand that applications Google play usually spend lot memory therefore you must have patience if your tablet at any time is a bit slow, don’t forget the factor climate because if these using the tablet when the temperature is very high your device will be committed to work a little forced, all these details is important that the conoscas, after people bother with your device when generates errors or this slow, write this ready to run at high temperatures but manufacturers not recommend use it in high-temperature for a long time. also is important that conoscas the ability to your tablet because if install too many applications can fill the internal memory device and probably begin to read a message in a device that your memory this almost full, this is the right time to desintalar and delete files that not Occupy, also you can spend files music or video and Photo on your memory sd, perhaps this is the best option, except when your memory expandable sd also this full, in this case definitely we should delete some files heavy.

can I use Google play?
one of the questions more interesting when we buy a Android device, you know if we can use applications Google play when compremos our next device portable, for all is a nice news that all Google apps are installed at any model tablet you want to buy, perhaps in some models cheaper may be missing any application but surely are applications less used by users at present, these applications include Google play, Google music and other applications additional always use as Google maps, Google video, GPS, calendar, notes, among others, always these applications are updated at the time of your manufacture, but depending on the manufacturer and the year when I make this model always we update it, at this time I guess already know the process of update anyway is something too simple, also if you are interested in all tablet that recommend has the option to use social networks, which more need, in any case if not installed default you can install it easily from your Google account play.

has a tablet navigation voice?
all models recommended in my top of devices this site must have the option of Google maps and navigation voice, but if for some reason not available (something that I think difficult to happen) you can always access to your useful Google account to access to play store and install the application manually, I don’t know if it is difficult for you find an application on Google store, I understand that some people you know very little technology will cost lot learn how to make this type of work, but at any time you must learn to make such tasks because they are easy actually, sometimes some people have problems to update Google services play, but most of the time only are issues configuration, in the worst we change our phone or tablet to have installed the latest version of this wonderful number of applications called Google store, and I say this detail because sometimes some users have tried everything to update your system Android or iOS but not simply surrendered because nothing works, this happens when our device is no longer able to update your operating system in the latest version, for all applications more advanced need always the latest version of your operating system, not I say this to obligarte to buy a new device but if you want to install the latest applications market sometimes you must goodbye your phone or tablet you have at this time, but always say that the fun only just when we the decide.

is comfortable write a tablet?
It is comfortable depending on the size of the screen you like, the size of your hands or fingers, the place where you are writing, but you can also buy a bluetooth keyboard if you need more comfort.

that are the development options in android?
options that you do not need to alter, just enjoy your android device, it is better that you never do experiments that you can see on the internet because you may lose the warranty of your device.

use a tablet can damage your eyes?
If you use it with the light off or get too close with your face, your eyesight may be affected, but if you use the device normally you will not have problems.

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