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Starting your Bussiness: One of the most interesting ways to attract new clients for any new company is to use services that allow us to expand our business in a way that we can have a delicious list of contacts and potential clients, who can take our business to the next level, maybe take The decision to hire a company that provides these services is not very easy, because we need to know a little about each company to also understand what an email marketing company offers us and taking into account if the benefits are the benefits that our company really needs. Because the results of a campaign can be very good but perhaps they are not the most optimal for our company to grow as a prosperous business, there are many things and forms that have changed with the advertising that was used by companies in previous decades , which were undoubtedly the most traditional and very expensive because only the people who interacted with it The media at that time could become potential clients, today these advertising media still exist but perhaps the results are not the same because now people use most of their free time to surf the Internet, or watch television by cable, but I think that almost everyone knows the internet today and it is not impossible to think that a company that intends to update and grow does not use technological and digital means to promote itself, email marketing is a very interesting advertising medium that can give us results Also quite interesting, but the eternal question is which company is the best,

Best options for you: I am not the person who can assure you that you will find the perfect company, my intention on my website is always to serve as a guide so that you do not have to search and search on the internet information on each email marketing company separately, my reviews are also very well researched and you don’t have to worry about This detail because I always try to investigate the advantages and disadvantages that each possible option has, what functions it has, its price, the scope among other things, we must understand that the main reason for email marketing is to create positive ties with our company is to create loyalty of our consumers, of course it is a factor that will determine which clients are willing to establish excellent business relationships over time regardless of the obligatory policies changed from time to time, it is important that our clients know that our policies are never malicious, for On the contrary, they are thought of our clients, another important matter for doing email marketing is to create a brand that is recognized everywhere, we all know that young people today do not know the brands that are most popular yesterday, therefore it is an excellent means to maintain a brand known in every generation, something that every new company should do. before continuing I must say you this article is not perfect, but it was made with the best intention of helping you and saving minutes and hours of searching on the web.


Possibly you are a contractor or in charge of the marketing area of some important company that needs to start a marketing campaign and you know how to handle it, but if you are new to this world, you will surely be happy to know that you can entrust this work to another real person or remote worker through from the internet, due to lack of time, to save money, or you simply do not want headaches of any kind, there are many reasons to hire a freelancer/remote worker and entrust them with this delicate task, fiverr is a platform with very good professionals who Possibly in the future we will hire again.

If you know useful tools like klaviyo or sendiblue and you don’t know how to use them, there are also professionals who can help you and work for you with this tool. On fiverr you will even find professionals who can help you with things that you may also need in your marketing campaign, there is always small details that can allow something to go well or go wrong, then you can indulge yourself by choosing the tasks that you need to be done for you, but perhaps the best of all in fiverr are the prices, because in my opinion they are much cheaper than the services traditional email marketing, but now let’s see some features that you can find in fiverr:

Fiverr features:

services: klaviyo and shopify integration, mailer lite setup, email marketing flows in klaviyo, autoresponder setup, mailchimp setup, activecampaign setup, hubspot email marketing setup, etc.
cost service: between $10 and $200 approximately each service.
benefits: very cheap freelance services and various profesionals to create email campaigns.
payment methods: Credits cards.
refunds: allowed.
social media compatibiliy: totally yes.
ecommerce compatibility: of course.

hire a freelancer to create a email campaign (touch here)


a site that has excellent service options for administrations to manage our social media therefore it is advisable to grow our business using these media.

Campaigner features:
services: Improve campaign performance, email engagement, and ROI deliverability, with Campaigner’s list verification tool, Reputation Defender, all in one.
cost service: between $60 and $250 monthly approximately.(various plans).
benefits: free plan but with very limited benefits, technical support.
payment methods: Credits cards.
refunds: allowed.
social media compatibiliy: totally yes.
ecommerce compatibility: of course.

visit Campaigner site here.


In my opinion, it is perhaps one the of best platform for all this type of work, because its popularity is quite strong, and it is a site that I highly recommend for its reputation.

hubspot features:
cost service: start at free, and it has premium monthly plans that are $35, $​​600 and $3600 approximately each one.
benefits: email automation, very good tools.
social media compatibility: yes, hubspot have it.
ecommerce compatibility: yes integrated benefit.
refunds: yes. have refund.

visit hubspot site here.
link pide url


It is a multifunctional company that offers a fairly wide number of services, you should not feel surprised to see it offering other services on its site, therefore it is a good option for all those who like everything in one.

squarespace features:
services: good email tools, mobile templates, extra tools.
cost service: between $12 and $70 per month.
payment methods: enables embedded media like Credit Card, PayPal, stripe.
refunds: yes, allowed.
social media compatibility: yes, has compatibility.
ecommerce compatibility: yes, squarespace offer it.

visit squarespace site here.
link: pide url.


an interesting platform for new users, which will serve to start with a certain degree of ease due to its simple to understand tools

constant contact features:
services: email builder, mobile templates, extra tools.
cost service: start at $20 per month.
benefits: Real-time tracking for emails and ads, easy of use, 60 days free trial.
payment methods: Credit Card, PayPal, Amazon Pay, eCheck, and Paper Checks.
refunds: yes, 30 days money back guarantee.
social media compatibility: yes, has it.
ecommerce compatibility: yes.

visit constant contact site here.


This site is perhaps a good recommendation for users who only need basic options for their email campaign, obviously it is also an economical option for all budgets.

mailerlite features:
services: grow your email lists, automated workflow. and more.
cost service: start at $10 per month.
benefits: basic features, free plan monthly with limited benefits.
payment methods: Credit Card.
refunds: yes, allowed.
social media compatibility: yes, mailerlite have it.
ecommerce compatibility: yes, it’s correct.

visit mailerlite site here.


This site has excellent tools for all those companies that need to increase their sales with their ecommerce site, because it has quite strong and good tools to achieve this goal.

moosend features:
services: sales funnels, interactive tools.
cost service: start at $15 per month and 30 days free trial.
refunds: yes, without problem.
social media compatibility: yes, has it for you.
ecommerce compatibility: yes, allow integrate it.

visit moosend site here.


A site that I think is perhaps the best option to get leads regardless of the size of the scope of the project, for us it is probably the best in this regard.

getresponse features:
services: email interest tools, extra tools. and more.
cost service: start at $15 per month for you.
payment methods: credits cards(Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Maestro, JCB, and American Express).
refunds: yes, allow it.
social media compatibility: yes, has it.
ecommerce compatibility: yes.

visit getresponse site here.


It is a very good site to count small objectives of a campaign without too many complications, therefore it is good to consider this inexpensive option.

aweber features:
services: very good for few subscribers, mobile templates, extra tools.
cost service: start at $25 per month approx..
payment methods: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover credit cards, debit cards
social media compatibility: yes, has it.
ecommerce compatibility: yes.

visit aweber site here.


Another site that has special tools to optimize our ecommerce site, its compatibility will possibly allow us more easily to integrate the options we need for our ecommerce site if you are a newbie and want to make the process relatively easier.

converkit features:
services: beatiful templates, extra tools.
cost service: start at $30 per month, yes.
refunds: yes,
social media compatibility: yes, has it.
ecommerce compatibility: yes.

visit convertkit site here.

11) DRIP:

After hubspot and squarespace it is our third option that most attracts our attention, because it has a complete platform with all-in-one services. Although the prices are not the cheapest but it is a good service and it may be a good option.

drip features:
services: automatic revenue, crm for ecommerce.
cost service: start at $50 per month for begin.
refunds: not allowed.
social media compatibility: yes, has it.
ecommerce compatibility: yes.

visit drip site here.

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Question & Answer section.

which is the best email marketing company?
They are all very good options alike, but I can tell you that my favorite choice is hubspot, because it has a very good opinion from many users and the tools that every company needs are available, and the best of all is that everything that sendiblue offers has a very low cost, perhaps it has one of the best prices in the market, this does not mean that the other options are not good, they are also good, basically sendiblue is designed for companies with a limited budget, if you like to do everything very quickly and that functions that you should use are very easy to learn you can also use hubspot, those are my personal choices, but now it’s up to you to choose, don’t worry all the possible choices are good in my list of recommended sites.
my second best option is squarespace.

what are the advantages of using email marketing?
a) direct communication with customers: One of the best advantages is that we can maintain direct contact with customers, websites and social networks are excellent means to disseminate information, but email marketing allows us to send more personalized and direct information to our customers and suppliers, because we can all visit a web page, but it is not something that people or companies do frequently, it is more common for customers or suppliers to maintain active contact through their email, perhaps the personal means of communication at this time is mobile devices, and later the personal means to keep us informed is our beloved email, that is why having the personal email of our customers and suppliers can have a great impact on the way we communicate or offer our products, if you think about it, when a person uses a website or a social network, you can get distracted by a lot of things, but when people read their e-mail read messages and offers more slowly, because you are entering their comfort space, in their personal space in other words.

b) mass mailing of advertising: Companies protect and take care of many things, one of them is time, with email marketing we can save a lot of time by sending an immense amount of emails to our dear customers, suppliers, and even employees, all this detail allows us to save valuable time that We can invest in other more important or critical tasks, within our beloved company, the amount of emails that may be needed to maintain our select clientele is impressive, there always comes a point where our company needs the help of other companies to take care of jobs. repetitive that is less important for the same company, therefore hiring an email marketing company can be an excellent option to reduce the workload of the company because writing thousands of emails regularly can be a very simple but extremely long job if you do not use the proper method as an email marketing company and also we can better organize the advertising that we need to implement for each particular client.

c) very cheap advertising: One of the greatest tasks of any company is to reduce operating costs to the maximum, even the largest companies worldwide have to reduce costs at some point, depending on the situation we are in, there are always reasons for this, and one of The biggest reasons to reduce costs is advertising, obviously it is up to each company to define their real needs to create effective advertising campaigns, but if the priority of our company is to reduce advertising costs without a doubt, email marketing is perhaps an excellent option for this purpose, because the costs are really low compared to other advertising media, such as TV and web ads.

d) personalized advertising: A very important advantage is that we can distinguish the needs of each particular client, and we can offer each client only what they need, hopefully all clients will think the same, but each client has very different ideas about what they need, how they need it, And when you need it, in fact all companies always have to solve this type of problem, and email marketing is not the exception, therefore we can decorate and know our clients deeply, because this is the only way to offer services for a client, we all want our clients to be happy and satisfied with our work and email marketing can help us a lot with this.

d) audience segmentation: Another very ingenious advantage is that we can segment our target audience, because we can know first-hand, the detailed information of each client and future and potential clients, when our clients are being served by our client support on our website, they hardly have trust enough to give us their personal data, but through email marketing we can establish a strong relationship of trust between them and us, and we can obtain very interesting data about them, and perhaps we can even obtain addresses, personal telephones, although It is not something usual but even this personal data can be provided by the same client.

e) databases: One of the frequently asked questions is about the ability to create databases with the email marketing service, and the good news is that external databases can be created that allow us to create a gigantic report on the most important data of our clients. Therefore, it is possible to create databases depending on the needs we have and the types of clients we have and also the type of product that we are promoting, creating records with information such as company or client name, contact information, address, age etc.

What products can I promote with email marketing?
normally the service and sending of advertising e-mails is used to advertise products or services that are almost always directed to the following clients:

A. Common company: they can be financial, computer or real estate services for any interested company.

B. Company of any sector: they are computer companies and they use email marketing permission and in this way they can communicate with the entire network of tourism retailers.

C. Professionals: through the incessant sending of advertising emails, information about products or services can be created for professionals. Let’s see, if for example we want to promote a course on banking topics, we can use permission email marketing for professionals with email that of the financial sector.

D. Individuals: The advanced e-mail marketing service is ideal to quickly reach people in any specific area, and with specific interests. Let’s see if we want to promote an offer for a phone, for example, we will carry out an email marketing campaign to a database of permission email marketing for any individual and of course also using the following criteria to segment the information obtained:

– Age: 18 and 25
– Area: the whole country.
– Interest: New technologies and smartphones.
– Sex: Men and women respectively.

Can I combine email marketing with our direct marketing strategy?
Without a doubt you can couple this system to your direct marketing system, some companies can combine fax, telephone and email at the same time, each company can put together its own advertising puzzle and play with it, obviously the success of each campaign does not only depend on the system or email marketing service that we hire, will depend largely on the use that we give to our direct marketing system, hopefully the results could only be given with the investment in advertising that would be a dream come true, but we must focus on the most important points that we want and we must focus to achieve the desired results.

is email marketing totally legal?
As long as we have something called permission marketing we can do whatever we want, the only problems we can really have is using dishonest or unethical tactics to attract customers through email marketing, well we won’t say that other companies don’t do it, but everyone We know that the laws are different in each country, there is no standard to define what is legal or illegal, or to define morally correct or incorrect practices, but in any case, as long as you respect the laws and norms of free trade and free competition, you can use email marketing without any problem.

can I create a database with email marketing?
You can create almost any database you need, some email marketing companies work with external databases that can change different ways of organizing information in many aspects and qualities, I believe that there is no company in the entire globe that does not need A database, however small it may be, the advantage with all this is that, as we said before, you can organize the databases in a totally personalized way, and email marketing companies are totally open with this type of service, and they can manage the most common databases without any problem, but in any case you can ask them for the information and the service that your beloved company really needs.

how much does an email marketing service cost?
Perhaps we can say that the current prices that any small or medium company can spend, can be between a range of $ 10 and $ 1000 per month for using email marketing services, obviously these are only approximations, each company can reduce or increase the necessary scope of your advertising campaign to reach more interested audiences or potential clients, other factors are the extra services that we may need and of course the increase in costs that the email marketing provider may give us, because some companies offer other related services to please the most demanding clients, but these costs, I imagine you can see that they are totally accessible costs, the only problem is that the marketing manager made the serious mistake of increasing the reach of the advertising campaign unnecessarily, this can bring considerable extra costs in our campaign of email marketing, but we trust that you are an expert in your job position and you know how to segment in a very professional and almost exact way the audience that your company needs to attract.

I am already using an email marketing service, how do I change my actual supplier without losing information?
is one of the frequent questions and concerns of companies that have found a better email marketing service, or simply want to change to another email marketing company for simple comfort and service, but you do not have this doubt, you should not worry, all companies that They offer us this valuable service they offer us a control panel in our own account where you can export your contacts to a mailing list that is in our personal panel of the new mass email service that we want to hire, practically all this is a matter of copy and paste, it sounds very simple and it actually is, except when you do not have your contact list well organized but obviously that is your job dear friend, everything else is relatively simple, I doubt that there are email marketing companies that do not facilitate this work, in general terms any company that provides us with this service can remove that headache To or worry, you can freely choose any of the ones that I recommend in the list at the beginning of this post marketing article.

What is the difference between campaigns and shipments?
They may seem the same, but in reality they are not, campaigns and mailings have different definitions that can easily be confused, well I wonder if you should blame the concept creators for not making a better difference but the important thing is that At this moment we are going to clarify this small doubt, first of all the campaigns are specifically the amount of effective messages that you have planned to use in your marketing plan, we can also make a difference by the type of campaign only by having a greater or lesser amount of messages depending on the scope of our campaign or our specific objective. Although mail sending is a term commonly used by novice users, it can have more than one definition, when we talk about marketing the term sending an email we are talking about the number of contacts we have in that specific list of possible recipients of our Campaign, campaigns have a limit of shipments that you should know, because it is one of the limits that you can have when you decide that potential customers may be interested in your product, knowing that you have a limit of monthly mailing with email marketing companies, now I suppose you understand why it is important to differentiate between the terms campaigns and mailings, each amount of mailing has a specific cost, the difference may not be very great when we talk about this type of marketing strategies because remember that we are talking about an economical advertising medium , but your boss will love to know that your work is on budget. Or and even better if you spent less than expected, I suppose that not all workers have this goal, well except when they force you to do so, I say this smiling.

Can I use email campaigns with a page that is only temporary?
You do not need to have an active website to start a campaign but you can also use the campaigns if a subscription on a web page has expired, this type of company will not try to put obstacles of any kind for you to start a campaign.

can my collaborators of my site use email marketing?
As long as the permissions have been established in advance by the administrator, the collaborators can access some options including the campaigns, it is good to ask these kinds of things, because we do not want these details in the future when we start our campaign they give us headaches, because surely we will use collaborators to help us in our campaigns when they are too large, it is best to establish the limits and the functions of each collaborator to avoid confusion or surprises, as marketing professionals, we know that we should not assume things, we must have a Perfect balance between each phase of our campaign and the functions that each collaborator should really perform, we must be open to ideas is the right thing to do, but we define the route we must follow.

What results will I get using email marketing?
The companies in charge of offering this valuable service will help us a lot to achieve our objectives, and can give us advice to create better campaigns, but something that we all must understand is that we have a responsibility so that the results are what we expect, if a campaign marketing fails, we cannot blame our email marketing service, well except when they did not offer the services they promised us, but if our supplier gave us all the tools to achieve our objectives in the campaign, we have to be clear that some At the moment something can go wrong, it cannot necessarily be our fault either, there can always be external or political factors in any way that can spoil our campaign, that is why we must know every detail and take them into account, at first I thought that you could always do things fine as long as the forgotten details were few, sometimes we create a project cto without being totally convinced that we take into account all the details, this can happen if we have limited time periods or we have too demanding bosses, it is a complicated situation, it is something that happens to all companies, in my opinion I think the best is to determine what details are important in our campaign, and the details that are not important, we can do a kind of quick drill, to see which of them could generate headaches, it may not affect the campaign but we do not want distractions or headaches to Some team member. It is easy to tell someone, solve it, but he can fail if we are too demanding and give him too little time.

can i use emojis with email marketing?
Yes you can it. At first it may seem like a crazy idea, but although it is incredible, today the simplest communication can be an opportunity to create excellent bonds of friendship with our clients, we will always have clients who do not support rigid, repetitive and harsh communication, there are clients who want a more natural communication, and less boring, and they want you to be a happy person and a little fun, I know this does not sound professional, but it is the truth, some clients want you to say some funny phrases to feel confident with you, as long as you know each client, you may know Which customer wants you to be very friendly and which customers want you to be very serious, emojis can turn any boring conversation into a happy conversion, this advice may seem inappropriate, but believe me, I have seen very large companies that use these tactics and They work very well, especially when we deal with many clients, a photo can sometimes make a difference, so that our client has confidence in asking us anything, I must confess that I am one of them, when I see a profile photo of a seller with a very serious face, I’m just afraid to ask simple questions, that’s why you must have the ability to make friends with clients, if alone Mind you do your job and do not create friendships with clients, your attitude can be very cold and closed, but if that works for you, then it is fine, the important thing is that your clients feel very comfortable talking with you, this is one of the keys to success for our email campaigns to be very successful.

how to avoid creating spam for my clients?
This is a very critical factor and too important for our strategy to be successful, one of the biggest fears of all marketers is that our advertising ends up being garbage for our clients and ends up specifically in the spam tray, but how should we avoid committing these serious mistakes? We are going to try to take some steps to prevent these problems from occurring. We must know that our marketing campaign has a serious enemy, this is called the anti-spam filter, over time viruses and junk links have multiplied in an exaggerated way, there are many people who want to annoy our customers with offers misleading and false, that is why today anti-spam filters have a tough rule to prevent users from having this problem, one of them is to block all those words that the client has marked as spam, this can be very bad for us, because Our ability to create attractive content is drastically reduced, but now let’s see what tips we can give you to avoid this problem.

a) too many images: Avoid using too many images, because in addition to being harmful they can generate problems for the potential client to open your emails, the more images they have, the longer it may take for our email to open, we understand that internet speeds have improved a lot, but if you know Some computer science, surely you know the limitations that the ram memory of a computer can have, imagine that our client is a guy who opens many tasks or programs at the same time, something that strangely is more common in the business world and also open your mail, it can cause your computer to freeze if you have too many images and worse if the images are too heavy, the client will make a tough decision, to avoid that his computer does not freeze, and possibly choose to close your mail, another factor that Mention before is the content of value that we must transmit in our messages, no client is interested in seeing the same offers, the same images genes, we must give him something different so that he is interested in our services.

b) too many links: Many times we can be a bit lazy to edit the links to make them look beautiful and attractive, but if we only dedicate ourselves to copy and paste links in an uncontrolled way we can be victims of our enemy the anti-spam filter, when we talk about editing links we are talking about avoiding links that are too long, it is still impressive that many companies do not take this detail into account, and continue to send links to their clients extremely long and impossible to understand by the user, if the user is very capricious and distrustful, he may think that That link is a virus or someone who tries to impersonate a company, when I register in some online sites of recognized companies I am surprised that they also send mail with very badly edited links, they generate mistrust, we understand that the work sometimes It can be overwhelming, but that does not interest the client is the sad reality, I guess this is another one of those details that depends capacity and time available to marketers. We must also avoid using too many links, please do not want customers to be easily confused.

c) do not buy databases: Buying databases is perhaps a great idea to quickly grow your contact list, we all like to take giant steps in the right direction, best of all, they are contacts who have a possible interest in the product we offer, no Let’s fool ourselves, we all like these types of succulent offers that promise to grow our business uncontrollably quickly, but many think that it is not a good idea, because we are communicating with people or clients that we do not know, this seems logical and correct, Well, I think the main problem is that we can easily generate distrust in unknown clients, today people are extremely distrustful, we cannot earn their trust easily, but if you consider that you are a guru to generate trust in people I suppose that anyway you are going to try, I wish you luck, we have always been the victim of annoying advertisers or marketers who try to make us renew a paid service, it is not something new, I worked in something similar and the truth is very annoying for some people, but maybe you have more luck.

d) unsubscribe button: sadly today, monthly subscriptions can be used by many companies to treat their clients like prisoners in a jail, luckily some companies have understood this and have put a button to unsubscribe when the client wishes, this generates enormous confidence in our clients, and allow them to think of us as a friend who is helping them achieve their goals and we are not a company like the others that is only interested in their money, obviously many will think that this strategy is silly, because you would lose your clients easily, well it’s just an idea, you can use it only if you understand my point of view. When a company becomes obsessed with obtaining clients at any price, they can force their clients so that they cannot easily unsubscribe, it can be a good thing if you try to attract clients in an uncontrolled way regardless of the consequences, or simply do it because the competition is doing so. does, it is true the competition can play dirty, but that does not mean that we must copy everything that the competition does in the market, if we want to have loyal customers, we must treat them as they deserve, in my opinion it is not a good long-term strategy to treat to customers as simple buyers who have no intelligence, current buyers are more demanding every day and perhaps it is not the best idea, generating mistrust and making them think that we are a company that only follows the current of the market, the best company is the one that does things differently for the benefit of customers, if you act desperately you can end up with a lot of dissatisfied customers who They only want to leave when they can finish their contract, I have been a victim of this and it is very frustrating to be a subscriber or client of a company that only thinks of its benefit. Please let customers recommend you by giving a quality service, you cannot force them, it is not ethical.

e) spacing in your emails:One of the worst mistakes you can make is harassing our potential client, I understand that some companies welcome this practice, but harassing someone is never a good idea, unless you are not interested in establishing long-term relationships with a certain client, but if you want to have a select clientele with high quality, you must determine what is the appropriate period to share your emails with a client, sometimes perhaps the best thing is to wait a week or fifteen days, depending on the client we are dealing with, the important thing It is not to bombard someone daily with an offer or advertising, no matter how good they may be, the only exception is when we have a certain trust with the potential client or perhaps it is a person that we knew some time ago, but in any case, it is better to ask permission and request the approval of that future client.

What is the double opt-in option?
It is a very interesting and beautiful tool that allows us to confirm the subscription of a new contact in our client list, the new candidate to enter our contact list only has to confirm their subscription with this tool and we can start a business relationship with that new potential contact, basically or specifically is a system by which our potential new customer can register and confirm their contact, with an option to unsubscribe at any time.

My contact list is not growing, what should I do?
The best thing would be to consider some details that perhaps we are not taking into account, or we are simply executing some crucial step wrong to support our email-marketing campaign, let’s see some examples:
a)web site: The best way is to implement better advertising campaigns so that people know you, for example your website needs to have many visits to reach a goal of new contacts, this is a process that takes a certain time to work properly, not We are going to go into detail for this but obviously we need a lot of work with SEO optimization, better and more content, increase the value proposition among other things, even when we have the number of desired visits that can be millions, this does not guarantee the success of a campaign, what guarantees success is the quality of visits to our website, it is not the same to have millions of visits from users who are not interested in our product, than thousands of visits from users who are interested in our value proposition.
Should I create a landing page to gain subscribers?

social networks: it is good to periodically review our social networks, in some cases they are not growing as they should, if we are not popular in social networks it is difficult for us to obtain contacts who are interested in knowing us, think about it, how many times a person pays attention to a Careless social profile, if there is no type of interaction between us and clients in social networks, it will be a point against us, it takes away a lot of presentation, users today are extremely critical, they even like to judge things that they should not, if they see A company with a poor image on social networks, you will not earn their trust easily, I understand that it is not easy to say things because implementing them is more difficult but you must find a way to increase your presence on social networks if you want to improve your marketing campaigns Even the best ad can fail if it doesn’t have the right interaction.

popularity: in my opinion the best way to obtain new clients is when the same people recommend our services, but it is also the most difficult to achieve in a short time, they are advertising methods that take a long time to give results, but the worst is What can happen is that our popularity has dropped without us realizing it, many things can happen in the market and that can cause many consequences for our company, the only problem is that this is an external factor and that it does not belong to the team of marketing, but when the company’s product has been mismanaged, the quality of the product can decrease, in short this generates a bottle effect, where we are fighting against a current opposite to our objective, our job is to grow our contact list, but bad popularity may be creating an energy opposite to our work, but as I said before it is something that we cannot control, this out of our hands, then you will have to fight against these types of currents opposed to your campaign.

what is the difference between open rate and click-through rate?
The opening rate is related to the number of users who open an email sent by us, our message must have a great value content so that our possible recipients have an interest in reading it, if it does not generate any type of interest in the worst of In cases our message can end up in the hands of our worst enemy, the junk mail or the recycling bin, when this happens it is likely that that recipient will never receive one of our emails again, that is why this detail is so important, it is the The first obstacle that we must overcome, perhaps it is the most feared obstacle but when we overcome it, the next obstacle is perhaps much easier, the click-through rate, our method should not be perfect but if we overcome the second stage we will be on the right track so that our marketing campaign has excellent results, in general when a client opens an email it is much easier to attract their attention to click on a link, well The only exception is that we are very bad at doing our job when we want to increase our click-through rate, I am not saying that this step is easy, but it is much easier than the open rate.

How do I know what message to send to each particular client?
studying the region, customs, climate, most consumed products and anything that gives us clues about the consumption habits of each client.

What are the best marketing strategies updated?
these are some options:
-Hyper-Personalization strategy.
-Text-Only Emails strategy.
-Omnichannel Marketing for Lead Nurturing.
-Privacy strategy.
-Interactive Emails.
-Bright Colors.
-Increased Investment in Email Marketing.

How do I know which of my email marketing strategies is working?
-analyze reaching your target audience.
-Monitor achievement of your objectives.
-you can have a engagement of more than 1.5% approx.
-analyze if you strategy are generating interest and utility.
-study level of web traffic.
-study Compliance with KPI’s.

Conclusion: After finding out all these interesting data about email marketing companies, we can say that the services provided by these companies are clearly very useful to free companies from hiring dedicated personnel for this task, and we can differentiate between the types of emails that we can carry. out to create a specific objective, for example we can differentiate between transactional emails and direct emails, transactional emails are those that are related to the activity that the company and the client have with each other, this type of email is really very interesting because its purpose is to get a specific contract with a client, facilitating negotiations, for this project, instead direct emails are those that allow you to send a single email to deliver a type of promotional message, it is clear that we must know a little of these things for the email marketing company to perform or achieve the objectives that we want, it is also important to say that the companies that offer this service have different prices based on the amount of emails we need to send or the scope of the campaign on each occasion, something that also caught my attention is how it has evolved the way in which marketing companies communicate with customers, it is impressive how we can send advertising so easily to our potential customers, I imagine how difficult advertising must have been before, because there were no digital media to promote products, at the time or previous decades, companies should even spend a lot of money to know the opinion of the people about a future product that plans to launch a company on the market soon, for this it was actually necessary to visit houses, schools and different areas where people met, I think which was kind of fun because you could test products for free and determine if that product would be released to me. advertising flyers it was only a possibility in the past, I am not saying that these days this form of advertising is not done but by companies for some reason it is already considered a way to promote an outdated product, but I imagine that almost all of them are considering the enormous costs that it requires. this type of campaign because thousands and thousands of flyers must be printed that obviously require a certain time to be prepared because their content must be a different content for each target audience, depending on the product that we promote, a lot of money must also be spent to print them, and in addition, a lot of money must be spent to send or distribute them in each place where people are located. Another interesting issue is the amount of efficiency or the money that companies earn just by using email marketing, an international market study, determined that companies receive a 245% return on their investment after investing in these campaigns, something That seems really fantastic to me and that is undoubtedly data that can encourage each company to invest a good amount of money in these digital marketing strategies.

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