50 Great Websites(currently paying)to make money online Updated beginners guide.

Learn and earn Today: Welcome dear friend collector of extra money online, if you are looking for a web page where you find all the real ways that exist to earn money online from the comfort of your home, you are in the right place, you can use the option to save this web page as favorites in your browser that you are using at the moment, because on my website I am going to show you the best pages to earn extra money each month in the simplest way possible. First of all I want to motivate you so that you have patience to learn and educate yourself and understand how to start generating income online,

Secure methods to get money: at some point you will see out there some miraculous method to get rich quickly, please do not waste time with these sites or misleading methods to earn money very fast and easy, because you will end up wasting your time and your money, no matter how attractive it looks, you will end up losing money sooner or later, I give you this advice because I started with this incorrect behavior, thinking that I could get rich quickly, for That is why I want you not to suffer the losses that I had when I was a novice in this world of online earnings, then you will wonder what I will teach on this page, here I will only teach you safe methods to start making money from today, you will not get rich tomorrow But I offer you a safe method so that you do not invest or lose money or your time, in this article all the best methods are summarized. Ears and pages in order, let’s not waste any more time and start learning from scratch.

Introduction to strategies to earn much more: We must clarify that the potential earnings of each page are based on referrals(friends that we can invite to join to any website) and other tasks that we can do on each site individually. therefore the information on earnings is approximate, please take it into consideration, because it is possible that you earn even less than $1 a day if you work very little(pennies) , You can work on any page without inviting friends, but the earnings will be much lower. but if you invite friends to join a website you can earn huge amounts if you invite hundreds of friends join thanks to you. If you work very hard and are patient, brave and optimistic you can generate between $50 and $100 a day or maybe much more and the best thing is that when you generate that amount of weekly money you will practically be receiving those profits without doing almost anything or with very little effort. although This is not important at this point if you are just starting earn money online, you should start reading and learning with this tutorial.

Always updated:I also want to clarify that we will update the information in this web article, as frequently as possible so that you do not waste time with scam sites(websites that does not pay its users or stopped paying). therefore each time we update this content the list of 50 sites may change (less or more than 50). If a site does not have any updates, it means that it is paying its users without problems. also all this information in this article , It may not be perfect, is totally reliable. and it was investigated with great seriousness and care so that you work with confidence.

I will also give you recommendations on the difficulty of work that a certain website has(work difficulty) so that you know if you are suitable to start working on that specific site, the purpose of this recommendation is to prevent you from wasting your time looking for the right site to earn money for you.

Press with your finger or click with your mouse on the topic that interests you in the list below, but you can also read all this content if you want.

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Easy way to begin :A fascinating way to earn money online when you have free time is to participate in paid surveys. Companies want to know your opinion about the way you consume their products. You will earn money for giving your opinion is very easy and fast! The task is to answer several questions for about 5-10 minutes and you will get a reward of $ 1 up to $ The best sites to answer paid surveys that you can find are sites such as swagbucks, neobux and more.

Easy task for you: Surely you are one of those people who likes to consume many products of different brands, to test the quality of each product, and judge for yourself if the product meets your expectations, because what do you think if you become an expert product critic?
all these websites are free and you can participate in them easily, I will save you a lot of time looking for the best websites with paid surveys, if you want you can register in all of them, you are free of it, although this will depend on your free time.

where do i enter? What website do I register on to start? What is the best page to do online surveys? calm I will answer these questions at this time you should not look for anything else on the internet. This interesting and curious method to start earning your first dollar through the internet is very exciting.

Before starting: Before you decide which website you want to sign up for first, I’ll give you some tips to increase your online earnings (none of these tips are mandatory but they are highly recommended if you want to earn a lot of money online) The tips for you are:

  • use multiple websites to earn money at the same time.
  • invite friends to work online.
  • do daily tasks during your free time between 1 or 3 hours, depending on your goals.
  • Do not use any web page to earn money, many are scams(they promise false things) be very careful, on my website we will make an effort to always recommend only reliable pages.
  • in some sites ,for example the ptc sites, you can work without investing a single penny, but the earnings will only be to earn a few cents a day, but if you pay a membership and you get thousands and thousands of referrals, your earnings will multiply by hundreds of dollars each month.
  • If you have not read before, about the requirements to start earning money online, I repeat that it is not mandatory to invest or obtain referrals to start earning money online.

Let’s look at the recommended sites for taking paid surveys right now:


According to my experience, is the best and most famous page to make money online doing paid surveys is without a doubt Swagbucks, this site is the most recommended everywhere .Founded in 2008 by the company prodege LLC, by Josef Gorowitz and Scott based in los angeles california, the best company with online paid surveys and with a total number of 20 million active users, too had other ways to earn money such as watch vídeos, shopping, read emails, play games and much more. For people who love to buy in Walmart brand stores, this page will be a delight in every way, because by redeeming our SB points, we can obtain walmart cards, which we can use to make our purchases at walmart, thanks to our  work at swagbucks.

Swagbucks features:

  • cost to join: 100% free, zero investment required.
  • approximate profits: between $1 and $100 per day.
  • accepted countries: all countries can join to swagbucks.
  • Age: at least 13 years old to join.
  • Minimum Withdrawal: $25.
  • Payment methods: Gift cards, PayPal, amazon, walmart card, Visa.
  • Rating: 10/10.

join swagbucks click here

1.2) 🌅YSENSE:

It is the second best option after swagbucks, if you want many more opportunities to earn money together with swagbucks ysense will surely be your second preferred page, it has surveys for everyone in different ways and many opportunities to receive many rewards in various ways. Founded in 2007 by Steven Girsky, it is a veteran that begins as a ptc site, but now it is dedicated to offering paid surveys with very good profits, perhaps its greatest strength is its high reputation, its platform is very friendly and secure. Ysense also has a juicy selection of ways to increase the profit for your portfolio, in my opinion this page can become the successor of swagbucks, but only time will tell. We will also earn Ys coins with the Watch videos section and if you like to receive free items at your home Ysense has the Test products section, there is no excuse, Ysense is in my opinion the second best page to earn money online, especially because Ysense has an extremely high reputation.

Ysense Features:

  • Price to join: is free.
  • approximate earnings: between $1 and $50 per day. (with thousand referrals and more approx.)
  • Countries: accepted any country, yes.
  • Age: no age requirements, it’s no problem.
  • Minimum Withdrawal: $10.
  • payment methods: Payoneer, PayPal, Skrill.
  • Rating: 10/10

Join Ysense touch here

1.3) 🌄NEOBUX:

The third page in this fun and great list is neobux, founded in 2008, one of the oldest sites, and paying without problems, I love this company, in my opinion this page one of the 5 best pages to earn money on the web has a very high reputation, and has several ways of obtaining income, surveys, crowdsourcing, and its administrators are very responsible. This site is one of the first sites that I used when I was young, what a time! I recommend this site for people starting with online businesses, for its immense ease of use.

Neobux Features:

  • Price to join: is free.
  • approximate Profits: $10 per day. (with 10,000 referrals and ultimate account).
  • Countries: accepted any country.
  • Age: There are no age requirements.
  • Minimum Withdrawal: $2.
  • payment methods: Neteller, PayPal, Airtm or Payza.
  • Rating: 9/10

join now to neobux here


Another of the oldest and most reputable ptc sites, paying without problems for 10 years.
I love the design of your website, your premise or vision is a child who works with a computer, this idea tells us that anyone can work with paid surveys. The platform is really very verterana, perhaps it is not the best for the number of options to generate income but if we are sure of something it is that this website came to stay with us for a long time and that is vital to give us confidence and earn a little money safe.

Gpt planet features:

  • Price to join: Totally free
  • Approx. Profits: You can earn  between $1 and  $5 per day. (with membership + thousands of referrals).
  • Accepted countries: any country.
  • Age restriction: not.
  • Minimum Withdrawal: You can withdraw with $1.
  • payment methods: Payoneer, Airtm, Skrill, Perfect Money, Payeer, Neteller.
  • Rating: 9/10.

Join Gpt Planet now


They are the same owners of gptplanet, which means that the page is totally secure and highly reputable. This page has a strange design, but here the important thing is to earn extra dollars every month, this site has a fun stability and is paying without problems. the dynamics or strategy to generate profits is similar with its younger or older sister and the options to generate some dollars is good.

Scarletclicks Features

  • Price to join: free
  • Approx. Profits: between $1 and $3 per day. (with thousands of referrals)
  • Accepted countries: any country.
  • Age: any age.
  • Minimum Withdrawal: $2.
  • payment methods: Skrill, Neteller, AirTM, Payeer, SolidtrustPay.
  • Rating: 9/10

join now scarletclick here


Perhaps the most fun and easy way to earn money online is through mobile applications, you can earn money by doing paid surveys, watching videos, and playing video games, the trick to earn a lot of money I also show you here. sure that you always use your cell phone at all times, the good thing about the cell phone is that you take it everywhere, so it is the best way to earn money because you use it all day, although, nothing in life is easy, you must be patient and you can generate a lot of money if you know how to do it.


A fun mobile app, is to do surveys and watching videos, and then you will be rewarded with free gift cards with good prizes. we will earn rewards with each task performed, we will receive points called “karma points” when we have enough points we can exchange it for real money. I must say that the application gives us many fun alerts to know when we receive a new task to perform and earn more karma points, surely you will be very distracted with this application and it is paying without problems.

Appkarma Features:

  • Cost to join: $0 dollars.
  • Approx. Profits: You can earn between $1 and $5 per day. (with some referrals).
  • Accepted countries: all countries can join on karma
  • Age: any can join on app karma.
  • Minimum Withdrawal:  $10.
  • payment methods: Amazon, PayPal, Walmart, Target, Google Play, iTunes, Xbox Live, Playstation, Starbucks and more.

Instructions to install to your phone:

Welcome bonus for you:
how to get 300 karma points free?
a) press link below, after only press  “install” button up on your screen.
b) open the appkarma and before press option  “enter referrer code”
b)enter this code= frankar21

Download appkarma now press here.

2.2)🎱BIG TIME:

It’s the best app to earn money playing games, to have fun playing very addictive videogames and with excellent graphic quality, if you like games like racing, easy and difficult puzzles, outer space games and astronauts, tik tok style games, where you must complete easy missions in a very short time, this app is a excellent option, when you play a game you will get tickets, which you can use to participate and win delicious prizes, the prizes are varied between $ 500 and $ 2500, but if you want you can also exchange your tickets for real money. I assure you that this is perhaps one of the best mobile app that you have ever downloaded, I am serious, its games are extremely fun, both for novice players and expert players and as always nothing better than making money while having a lot of fun.

Bigtime Features:

  • Register bigtime cost: is $0.
  • Profits: You can earn between $1 and $5 per day (playing games+ invite friends).
  • Countries: any country is accepted in Bigtime.
  • Age: no problem.
  • Minimum Payout: $10.
  • payment methods PayPal and bank account.

Welcome bonus for you:
how to get 2,500 bigtime tickets free?
a)Download Big time app.
b)start or open app in your mobile, then you see a button with person white figure, press these figure button and before press button “Enter invite code”
b)enter this code= UC6ZH

Donwload bigtime app (touch here)


You are a genious? If you like games that test your memory, this application is just for you, it consists of several games where you will solve different challenges on math, and several puzzles that will test your imagination and memory, but if this is not enough, Do you want to compete against others players or friends players around the world to show that you are the best? every time you finish a challenge, you can raise or improve your position in the general classification. That’s right, you can compete against your friends or other people, when you are playing with this exciting mobile game app, you will win tickets, which you can use for two things, the first is to use them in raffles where you can win juicy prizes, you can win up to $3,500 if you win the raffle, the second option is save the tickets won in the virtual bank that has the same game, when you have enough tickets you can change your tickets for real money.

Brain battle Features:

  • Cost to join: is free on Brain Battle.
  • Profits: between $1 and $4 per day (playing Games + invite a lot of friends to join).
  • Accepted countries: any country is accepted in Brain Battle.
  • Age restriction: here any can join.
  • Minimum Withdrawal:$10.
  • Payment methods: PayPal and bank account.

Welcome bonus for you:
how to get 2,500 brain battle tickets free?
a)Download Brain battle app.
b)start or open Brain battle app in your mobile, then on your screen down, you see a person white figure button, press these figure and before press button “Enter invite code”
b)enter this code= J9XRW

Download Brain battle press here.


another fun app to earn money playing video games, without a doubt this app called Gamee prizes is another excellent way to earn some extra dollars, I was struck by the enormous number of games that this app has, they are perhaps up to 70 different games that you can choose, each game has different rewards, also the application has a draw every 4 hours where you can win $100, although humbly my advice is that you just play quietly without wasting your points earned in each game, because the odds of winning in a draw of $100 They are low but it is my advice but the important thing is that the fun is very blue and excellent for all ages.

Gamee prizes features:

  • Cost to join: is free on gameprizes.
  • Profits: between $1 and $10 daily (playing Games + invite various hundred of friends to join).
  • Accepted countries: any country is accepted in Gamee prizes.
  • Age restriction: here any can join gamee.
  • Minimum Withdrawal: $10.
  • Payment methods: PayPal.

when you download the app and register with your email, you will get free tickets and money too(although sometimes these welcome rewards can change) but you will get $1 free just by downloading the app and registering with link below.

Download gamee prizes app (press here)

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If you like to do serious job and tasks, which you can do in a very short time, you will surely like this opportunity, these sites called crowdsourcing allow someone else to pay you, for example to do a school task, translate texts, create mobile apps, or any professional job (for University professionals) or maybe you find a simple task such as download a file, etc. You can earn maybe between $1 and $20 dollars daily or even much more depending of the reputation you get by doing your first jobs. Now see below the full list of crowdsourcing sites now:


This job can be done even by a child, if you are looking for the easiest and best paid job of all this site is your best option. Founded in 2007, it is managed by a cheerful Russian entrepreneur, on this page you can work solving captchas (very simple work) translating texts and more.

Kolotibablo Features:

  • Cost to join: zero investment required.
  • Profits: You can earn between $1 to $50 every day(working daily + various hundred of referrals).
  • Accepted countries: all countries can register on Kolotibablo.
  • Minimum Withdrawal: $1.
  • Payment methods: credit / debit card, Bitcoin, Ethereum, AdvCash.

Instructions to register in Kolotybablo:
1) Enter Site with Link Below.
2) Press “Sign In” Button above your screen.
3) Press Figure person (with a sign +)
4) In the Login field writes username you want and remember it, and in the email field Write your personal email.
5) Solve the captcha If it is necessary
6) for the latest when the registration is successful, you must open the email that you entered before, and check a new message where you will receive a password to enter your new KolotioBablo account.
7) now you can enter with your new user and password.

Make money with kolotybablo press here


It’s another site that allows us to work by filling captchas like the previous page maybe the pay doing this work is a bit hard but some people supposedly earn good extra money every month with this site, the amount of payment is similar to kolotiblabo, in my opinion both sites are excellent for beginners who know very little about working online, we should always start somewhere and in my opinion it is a good alternative, I remember that it is the first serious job I did when I started working online, its interface is friendly and has different forms of payment.

2captcha Features:

  • Join 2captcha: $0 cost, yes friend.
  • Potential Profit: between $0.50 to $50 daily. (working daily+ various hundreds of referrals)
  • Accepted countries: any country can register on 2captcha.
  • Minimum get paid: $0.5.
  • Payment methods: PayPal & payza, webmoney, bitcoin, uphold.

join 2captcha touch link here

3.3)💶 Fiverr

It’s called the website all in one per $5. if you are a university professional, engineer, artist, music composer, math teacher etc. or you are an expert in anything, you can find a serious job on this site. You can even receive jobs for painting a portrait, translating a text into another language, or playing video games with another person, practically here you can find any serious job, and also any simple job that you can think of. It’s perhaps the best platform to work seriously on the internet after kolotibablo is the best option if you are a newbie, but if you are an expert and want to start earning a lot of money as a professional without a doubt fiverr will possibly be one of the best choices of your life but I recommend This site only if you consider that it is very aggressive and you do not give up easily because it can cost you a lot to achieve it, that is, it is for people who want to learn for a few months first to work and then earn a lot of money, but if you are new and want little fast money I recommend kolotibablo the best option or website for get easy and quickly money for beginners.

Fiverr Features:

  • Cost to join: $0, yes friend.
  • Approximate Profits: between $4 to $100 per day. (working hard +invite buyers referrals )
  • Accepted countries: any country can register on Fiverr.
  • Minimum get paid: $5.
  • Payment methods: PayPal & payoneer.

Join Fiverr now


A page very fun, that has many prizes, and many ways to earn money, where you can win excellent prizes, I must say that this page is one of my favorites, it has some fantastic prizes for being a crowdsourcing page, for something it is called king of prizes, you can earn money by watching videos, doing web searches, and playing video games, it’s crazy.

King of prizes Features:

  • Cost to join: nothing.
  • Approx. Profits: You can earn between $1 to $10 per day (through tasks+ a lot of referrals friends).
  • Accepted countries: any country can register King of Prizes.
  • Minimum Withdrawal: $10.
  • Payment methods: PayPal, Airtm, Giftcards.

join now kingofprizes touch here

3.5)💲 GETPAID:

  A page that is very old in this world of making money online, has more of 14 years paying without problems.

Getpaid Features:

  • Cost to join: $0, yes.
  • Profits: You can earn between $1 to $25 monthly. (Task+ referrals)
  • Accepted countries: any country can register on Getpaid.
  • Minimum get paid: $1.
  • Payment methods: PayPal, Perfect Money, WebMoney, Bitcoin.

join now to Getpaid


Another fun site, highly reputable company called Innovative Hall has a very fun platform, various tasks to work from home, and cash draws for its workers every month.The platform has pleasant surprises for us, perhaps almost every day, therefore it is possible that you will not get bored of earning extra money with this site.

Gifthunter club Features:

  • Cost to join: zero cost.
  • Possible earnings: You can earn between $1 and $25 per week. (task + referrals)
  • Accepted countries: any country can register on Gift Hunter.
  • Minimum Withdrawal: $5.
  • Payment methods: PayPal.

join now to gifthunterclub click here


This page is one of the most fun and you can earn money with easy tasks and some very fun tasks. This page pays for many things, in addition to easy jobs, you can have very fun jobs such as post on facebook, view slideshow, play games, install apps, answer surveys, etc. Also this site has an interesting system to reward the most active users within its platform, with extra bonuses for fulfilling your daily tasks, before this page paid for taking selfies, now I see that some things have changed but it is still a very fun to earn some extra coins, and if you manage to invite friends to your page you can have many joys.

Timebucks Features:

  • Cost to join: free sing up.
  • Profits: You can earn between $1 to $10 daily.(doing task+ invite hundreds of friends)
  • Accepted countries: any country can register on Timebucks.
  • Minimum Withdrawal: $10.
  • Payment methods: PayPal, Payeer y Bitcoin.

Get money with Timebucks here now


If you like to do simple tasks to earn extra money every month, because there are websites, with which you can earn extra money, working only 10 minutes a day, these sites are called ptc (paid to click), you can earn money just by watching ads for 10-15 minutes a day, on these sites if you invest a little money (it is not mandatory) you can earn between 1 or 20 dollars a day.

if you came to this page it is because you like to earn quick and easy money, let’s be honest, we all like easy money, that’s fine, as long as we do not have any false illusions, this does not mean that you cannot win thousands of dollars, but First I encourage you to start with understand how ptc sites work, then you can start investing time and money to earn thousands of dollars.


The best ptc site to earn with ptc ads and bitcoins, a Ptc site to earn in a very exciting way because we can receive bitcoin for watching ads, without a doubt the best way to invest in the long term on the internet is with bitcoin and this site will help us fulfill that dream. This website is very interesting for those who want to generate bitcoins without too much effort.

Btccliks features:

  • Price to join: Totally free.
  • Profits: You can earn between $1 and $15 per week. (doing ptc ads+ hundreds of referrals).
  • Accepted countries: any country.
  • Age: no restriction to join.
  • Minimum Withdrawal: 0.1 mbtc.
  • Payment methods: bitcoin.

register btcclick now (touch here).


founded in 2014, a page with a very fun reward system, every time you do a task you receive points called “baps” that you can then exchange for money. This page is also my veteran and has a system to earn points quite fun, if we try hard enough, this website can generate more income and joy.

Paidverts Features:

  • Price to join: free.
  • Profits: You can earn between $1 and $60 per month. (doing ptc ads, tasks and thousands referrals).
  • Countries: any country.
  • Age: any age.
  • Minimum Withdrawal: You can withdraw with $2.
  • Payment methods: Payoneer, Skrill, Neteller, AirTM, Payeer.

join paidverts here


founded in 2012 is an interesting ptc site with a very low minimum withdrawal. It is an interesting page with good rewards, it is not the best for the amount of options it does not offer but remember that a reliable page is better and it pays us without major problems to our virtual wallet.

Cashtravel Features:

  • Price to join: is free.
  • Profits: You can earn between $1 and $4 per week. (doing ptc ads, surveys and tasks and more).
  • Accepted country: any country.
  • Age restriction: not.
  • Minimum Withdrawal: $0.10.
  • Payment methods: Perfect Money, PayPal.

join cashtravel here


update: currently optimabux is no longer a page worthy of our trust, well really and unfortunately the site became a scam site, according to the administrator the payza crisis of 2018 was too much for the site and it affected optimabux too much to recover and It ended operations in August 2023, one more page that closes its doors but this 2023 we also have new pages to continue enjoying benefits.

Another page that belongs to the same owners of gptplanet and scarletclicks, reputations assured.The administration is also very similar with their older or younger sisters, they have different tasks that anyone can do at any time, their payment is a little low but their reputation is very good for our interests.

Optimalbux Features:

  • Price to join: $0.
  • Profits: You can earn between $1 and $8.5 per week. (doing ptc ads, surveys, tasks and invite thousands friends).
  • Accepted countries: any country, ok.
  • Age: no years old restriction.
  • Minimum Withdrawal: $5.
  • Payment methods: Payoneer, Skrill, Neteller, AirTM, Payeer, Bitcoin.

join optimalbux (press here)


founded in 2014, sister page of paidverts, with the same reward system, if you like paidverts, you will also like this one. and it has quite curious options to earn extra that can help us to save more coins in our imaginary but real piggy bank through the internet.

Ptc share Features:

  • Price to join: Totally free.
  • Profits: You can earn between $1 and $10 per week. (doing ptc ads, surveys, tasks and more).
  • Accepted countries: all countries.
  • Age: 10 years old or older.
  • Minimum Withdrawal:  $2.
  • Payment methods: Payeer, PerfectMoney, Bitcoin, Solidtrustpay.

register ptc share here now


we have a site that brings back good memories in my memory because it was one of the first sites that I used when I was young and I earned some dollars on this website, as I remember, but talking about this ptc page we must say that it is very reliable and pays without problems that’s why it deserves to be among the first places in this section of ptc pages, if we get referrals we can good sums of money depending on our enthusiasm, it has different methods to earn money such as ptc, offers, watch videos, quiz, and adsgrid.

Adzseven Features:

  • Price to join adzseven: $0.
  • approx. Profits: between $1 and $9 each 7 days. (doing ptc ads, surveys, tasks and more).
  • Accepted countries: any country accepted to adzseven.
  • Age: everyone can join adzseven.
  • Minimum Withdrawal: $2.
  • Payment methods: Payeer, Bitcoin, SolidTrustPay, Neteller, Skrill, AirTM y LiteCoin

join adzseven now (press here)


another site that has interesting rules that allow you to observe a site with the possibility of using your mouse to see some ads and earn money, has other interesting points, such as surf ads and offers to fill out some perhaps colorful surveys

Heedyou Features:

  • Price to join: Totally free heedyou.
  • Profits: You can earn between $1 and $8 per week. (doing ptc ads, tasks and invite friends to join).
  • Accepted countries: all countries, on heedyou.
  • Age: practically its ok, for everyone.
  • Minimum Withdrawal: $1.
  • Payment methods: Paypal, Payeer, skrill.

register ptc heedyou here now


another interesting site where we can do some accounts and get some extra money by watching some ads that are perhaps jovial in a bizarre sense

Clixtoyou Features:

  • Price to join clixtoyou: Totally free.
  • Profits: You can earn between $1 and $3 daily. (doing ptc ads, tasks and more).
  • Accepted countries: in general, all countries.
  • Age: practically, any age.
  • Minimum Withdrawal:  $2.
  • Payment methods: Perfect Money, Payeer, Skrill, AirTM, Neteller, BitCoin. 

register ptc clixtoyou here now


Update: unfortunately this site has already become a scam, it was found that in their forum they showed false payment proofs for their users, a totally unacceptable practice, but no matter what the reasons, there is always some greedy person who buys a site that already generates money just to ruin it, but it doesn’t matter, there are always new and maybe much better places.

A page that transports us for a moment to space with its beautiful interface that is very pleasing to the eyes and that undoubtedly leaves us motivated to earn some extra money with its ads.

Grandclick Features:

  • Price to join: is free.
  • Profits: You can earn between $1 and $7 per week. (doing ptc ads, tasks and a lot of referrals).
  • Accepted countries: practically all countries.
  • Age: practically any person.
  • Minimum Withdrawal: $2.
  • Payment methods: Payza, STP , PM , Payeer , Egopay.

register ptc grandclick here now


A site with a somewhat simple interface but obviously we are interested in making money and this site continues to pay its users promptly and we can have it in our portfolio of useful sites to obtain extra income.

Goldenclix Features:

  • Price to join: 0.
  • Profits: Maybe $1 or $12 each 14 days. (doing ptc ads, tasks and referrals).
  • Accepted countries: any countries.
  • Age: no problem.
  • Minimum Withdrawal $5.
  • Payment methods: PayPal, Payza and EgoPay

register goldenclix here now


another interesting site that can certainly give us some joy with a few extra cents for all of us who want some extra income, we always think that all sites have some strength and this site pays without problems for a long time.

Silverclix Features:

  • Price to join: Totally free, yes.
  • Profits: maybe $1 and $28 each month. (doing ptc ads, tasks and referrals).
  • Accepted countries: yes, in general all countries.
  • Age: any can join.
  • Minimum Withdrawal: $3.
  • Payment methods: PayPal, Payza, EgoPay and PerfectMoney

register silverclix here now


another site that can give us several joys simply by seeing some ads that seems quite friendly to me, the first 4 ads in general will always be the most valued and we will be paid more for them, that’s why it is important not to miss these 4 daily ads.

Zigma Features:

  • Price to join: Totally free.
  • Profits: approx. $1 and $25 per month. (doing ptc ads, tasks and referrals).
  • Accepted countries: ok, all countries.
  • Age: any person.
  • Minimum Withdrawal:  $1.
  • Payment methods: Payeer, GCash, PerfectMoney, Coins.ph, AirTM, Bitcoin, and LiteCoin.

register zigma here now


another interesting site that allows us a few cents to see some ads, its interface is purple and somewhat outdated but the important thing is always to earn money and that the site we are using always pays its users and croclix meets these objectives without problem.

Croclix Features:

  • Price to join: Totally free, ok.
  • Profits: between $1 and 22 each 30 days. (doing ptc ads, tasks and more).
  • Accepted countries: ok, all countries.
  • Age: without problem.
  • Minimum Withdrawal:  $5.
  • Payment methods: Perfect Money, Payeer, AirTm, FaucetPay

register croclix here now


Perhaps it was one of the first pages that, as I remember, I used to earn a few extra cents when I started earning money online. They are memories that you will surely take with you when a few years go by. The site has a nice presentation and you earn interestingly and pay from serious way.

Grandptc Features:

  • Price to join: Totally free, ok.
  • Profits: $1 or $27 each 30 days. (doing ptc ads, tasks and referrals).
  • Accepted countries: yep, all countries.
  • Age: welcome for everyone.
  • Minimum Withdrawal:  $1.
  • Payment methods: Perfect Money, Payeer, Airtm and Neteller

register grandptc here now


If you like sites that have a beautiful interface that makes your eyes happy, perhaps this site will not disappoint you because it has a nice interface and has many ways to earn money, a fun way is the offersgrid among others that we can use to earn more money daily without a doubt a site that we can consider to earn something more for our personal piggy bank.

offersbux Features:

  • Price to join: Totally free, ok.
  • Profits: You can earn $1 and $22 each month. (doing ptc ads, tasks and referrals).
  • Accepted countries: practically, all countries.
  • Age: no problem with offersbux.
  • Minimum Withdrawal:  no minimum(but we may collect 1000 points, relatively easy).
  • Payment methods: Paypal, AdvCash, Skrill, Perfect Money, Papara, Payeer, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Coinbase, Litecoin, AirTM, Turkish bank transfer.

registrate en offersbux


Another site that offers excellent opportunities to earn money with ads and surveys according to them you can earn up to $ 30 dollars with a survey although I highly doubt this is true, normally you can only earn up to $3 dollars per survey in my experience however it is a site that is reliable when we want to collect our earned money, at the moment it is a reliable site.

Eldibux Features:

  • Price to join: Totally free.
  • Ptc share Profits: between $1 and $23 per month. (doing ptc ads, surveys, tasks and referrals).
  • Accepted countries: all countries.
  • Age: no problem.
  • Minimum Withdrawal:  $1.5.
  • Payment methods: Payza, Perfect Money, Bitcoin.

register eldibux here now


A SITE that promises to take us through a blue world full of opportunities where we can play and entertain ourselves by watching ads every second we are on its page, it has some interesting offerwalls in my opinion.

Bux surveys Features:

  • Price join: Totally free.
  • Profits: Approx. between $1 and $20 per month . (doing ptc ads, surveys, tasks and more).
  • Accepted countries: all countries.
  • Age: it is ok.
  • Minimum Withdrawal $0.25.
  • Payment methods: PM, Payeer, Coin2Send, Skrill, Airtm, BTC, LTC

register buxsurveys here now


a beautiful site that has fun options to work and earn some extra money, something that caught my attention with this site is that it allows you to earn money with many cryptocurrency options compared to the other ptc sites that we analyzed.

Coinpayu Features:

  • Price join coinpayu: Totally free.
  • Profits: between $1 or $25 per month. (doing ptc ads, surveys, tasks and referrals).
  • Accepted countries: all countries.
  • Age: everyone welcome.
  • Minimum Withdrawal: Approx. 0,0001.
  • Payment methods: Bitcoin, ethereum, Dogecoin, litecoin, Bitcoincash, cardano, tether, tron, dash.

register coinpayu here now


Hi dear videogamer, ready to play and make money playing videogames? surely yes, so enjoy this ranking with the best pages to make money in the most fun way, in this guide I will not show you applications or games that don’t comply what they promise, only games that pay honestly and without problems.

If you like playing video games this is your opportunity to have fun while earning extra money for it, there are different online sites, where you can play video games online and receive money for it, the profit depends on your time spent playing, and if you are willing to earn good money you can invest a little money to greatly increase your earnings, nothing better than having fun and making money with it right?

In other websites are ways to earn a lot of money playing video games, maybe you will find other more lucrative ways to make money playing, but all these consist of online gambling, that’s right, I do not recommend these sites where you bet your money, for obvious reasons, you could win thousands of dollars, but a lot of people lose their money gambling too, in this post I will show you games where you should not invest absolutely anything to earn extra money, let’s go to see them now. See full list of websites to earn money playing video games here:


Updates: this site It seems that now it is a scam, and it does not pay its users. We do not recommend it anymore.

If you want to earn money just by playing, without doing other tasks Marketglory is the best page to make money to play,  is a fun simulation game for all tastes, it consists of creating buildings, obtaining food, and for the most aggressive gamers there is a battle arena mode, where you fight against other players online, every time you perform a specific action you receive virtual gold that you can invest in the game to get more profit, but you can also exchange that gold for real money!

Marketglory Features:

  • Join: free join.
  • Profits: You can earn between $1 and $35 per week (playing daily+invest+thousand of referrals). You can invest the same money that you earn within the game to advance level and earn more money.
  • Accepted countries: any country.
  • Age: 13 years or older accepted.
  • Minimum Withdrawal: €20.
  • Payment methods: Bank account, Neteller.


A game similar to marketglory, where you must start campaigns, create buildings, start wars, and many fun things, you will be rewarded for your daily activity, if you play enough, more money you can win, especially if you invest your profits in the same game.

Myprofitland Features:

  • Free join.
  • Approximate Profits: You can earn between $1 and $100 each day.
  • Countries: all countries can join.
  • Age: 13 years or older can join.
  • Minimum Withdrawal: 20 euros.
  • Payment methods: PayPal, Skrill, QIWI y Neteller.

join now profitland press this link


this game is a delight for all those who are looking for virtual gold, obviously i am talking about gold that you can use as real money, i am talking about bitcoins, if you want to work and earn large amounts of money in bitcoin you will surely love this site, it is a game where we must choose between several miners with different skills and depending on the level of our mining hero, we can earn up to $13 a day, working very little, in reality we must invest an amount of money to obtain these earnings, my recommendation in this case is that you do not invest if you are not willing to invest a lot of money, to earn a lot of money but it is your decision.

Bitgames Features:

  • Price to join: free.
  • Profits: between $1 and $50 per week. (doing ptc ads, tasks and referrals).
  • Accepted countries: yes, all countries.
  • Age: its ok for everyone.
  • Minimum Withdrawal: $0.001 bitcoin.
  • Payment methods: Bitcoin, Dogegoin, Litecoin, Ether, Dash, Monero, Bitcoin, Cash, Zcash, Ripple.

register bitgames here now


updates: Goaltycoon It seems that now it is a scam, and it does not pay its users. I do not recommend it anymore.

is a game for lovers of the king sport, the soccer, the game is to create a soccer team, manage line-ups, players, stadium, as if you were the owner of the team, for every improvement the team gets you will earn real money.

Goaltycoon Features:

  • Profits: You can earn between $1 and $21 week  (playing daily+invest+invite your friends)
  • Countries: accepted all countries .
  • Age: 13 years or older can register.
  • Minimum Withdrawal: €20 it’s ok.
  • Payments methods: Skrill, Neteller, Bitcoin, Ethereum and bank transfer.


updates: this site now is scam.

Do you like basketball? Then you are lucky, this page is for basketball lovers, build your team, manage your players, buy new players, play and every time your team improves their level you will receive real cash

Slam Dunk T. Features:

  • Pay to join: is free, it’s ok.
  • Profits: between $1 and $11 per week (playing daily + invest + referrals friends)
  • Countries: accepted all countries in SD tycoon.
  • Age: no restriction.
  • Minimum get cash: €20.
  • Payment methods: Bitcoin, Ethereum, bank transfer, Skrill and Neteller. 


This is a website that has extremely fun games, for all tastes, the main difference with the other previous options is that we can choose between different games, not only one, there are different types of games between strategy, role and multiplayer all a perfect madness for the hardest vídeogamers.

Gamehag features:

  • Approx. Profits: You can earn between $1 and $40 per week (playing daily+invest+invite hundreds of friends).
  • Countries: all countries can join.
  • Age: everyone can join
  • Minimum Withdrawal: $0.05 approx.
  • Payment methods: PayPal, Skrill, QIWI y Neteller.

how to get free gems on gamehag?
a)register on gamehag
b)in the upper left corner on the screen, push menú option(a figure with 4 equal rows).
c)press “more” option.
d)to down page and search option “code entry”
e)enter this code: GH8564783.

join gamehag click here.


here we have a game that you will have a lot of fun in my opinion, it is a game with a lot of action compared to other games to earn money, if you are an obsessive player or gamer you may have a lot of fun every day, and do not waste your time totally because you can win.

Tibia Features:

  • Price to join: Totally free.
  • Profits: maybe between $1 and $5 daily. (depending your player level and more).
  • Accepted countries: all countries.
  • Age: no problem for you.
  • Minimum Withdrawal: maybe $10 or more
  • Payment methods: Paypal, credit card, check, ideal, official resellers.

join tibia (press here now)


another very good game for the most enthusiastic players who like role-playing games and massive multiplayer games against players from all over the world, there are a lot of missions to complete, therefore in my opinion the fun is guaranteed perhaps almost permanently depending on how much you like this type of games, and the earnings are much better than other simpler games, it is not an easy game to learn but you can win very interesting sums of money discovering maps, exploring, getting items, all this with beautiful graphics. and the most experienced players of higher level and who play between 8 and 12 daily according to our research earn between $600 and $750 per month.

Warcraft Features:

  • Price to join: Totally free.
  • Approximate Earnings: between $1 and $20 daily. (depending your player level, it’s not easy).
  • Accepted countries: all countries.
  • Age: ok.
  • Payment methods: Paypal, neteller, google wallet, payza, and more


A good way to earn money, online, if you have thousands of followers on your social networks and you are smart, you can generate a good income without doing almost anything.
this is one of the interesting methods to earn money online, you only have to share files with many friends, it can be online movies, pc game, programs, apps, and it can be any file that your friends or followers need, the job is to share a any file or program, through a link, the link shorteners simply make our url of our file shorter, inserting ads into it, every time our friends or followers click on our link we will earn money. the amount of visits you need is 1000 up for each file that you share.

This is also one of the oldest businesses on the internet, but obviously what attracts most about this business is that you can offer files that have been uploaded by someone else, a clear example of this is the YouTube platform where you will see people who share video games. , music, images through links that are full of advertising.


It is a shortener that has a market with very high profits, if you are looking to generate a lot of money, this is a good option to get it. It is one of the pages that best pay money to generate shortened links, we must say that a good strategy is to use 2 or 3 shorteners for a file that all other users will download, although it is not recommended to use 3 because each link generates publicity and can be Annoying for others but you decide if you want to earn more.

Website Features:

  • Accepted countries: shrinkme accept any country worldwide.
  • Profits: between $1 and $220 per month (thousands of followers+referrals) .
  • Referrals program: 20% Commission for life.
  • Minimum Withdrawal:  $1.
  • Payment methods: PayPal, Bitcoin, Payeer, Skrill.

join shrink.me , touch here.

6.2)🐝 ADFLY:

A shortener who has been paying for more than 7 years, the payment not be the highest, but yours profits are assured by his great reputation. If you like pages with a great reputation on their back, you will surely like this site, it is extremely veteran and we can be confident that your site will be online helping us to generate more coins for our virtual piggy bank.

Website Features:

  • Accepted countries: adfly accept any country worldwide.
  • Profits: between $1 and $300 per month, approximately (with thousands of followers+referrals).
  • Referrals program: 20% Commission for life, every friend.
  • Minimum Withdrawal $5.
  • Payment methods: Paypal, Payoneer.

join adfly press link here

6.3)🐼 CLK.SH:

Another shortener that has a very high pay, one of the best without a doubt, if you are ambitious, you will surely love this page, also the commissions are very good.

CLK.SH Features:

  • Accepted countries: clk.sh accept any country worldwide.
  • Profits: between $1 and $200 monthly (thousands of followers+referrals) .
  • Referrals program: 25% Commission for life, for every friend that you invite.
  • Minimum Withdrawal $5.
  • Payment methods: Paypal.

register clk.sh now here


It is a shortener that has a specialized market, it is the German market, if you have an audience from Germany, you will love this shortener.

Linkvertise Features:

  • Accepted countries: linkvertise accept any country worldwide.
  • Profits: between $1 and $110 each month (thousands of followers+referrals) .
  • Referrals program: 20% Commission for life, for every friend.
  • Minimum Withdrawal:  $10.
  • Payment methods:  PayPal, Paysafecard, Payoneer, Bank transfer or Amazon voucher.

join linkvertise touch here


is one of the shorteners that pays very good today, and has a good referral system, It has ads that generate very good income for them and also for you.

EXE.IO Features:

  • Accepted countries: exe.io accept any country worldwide.
  • Profits: between $1 and $80 each 30 days (thousands of followers+referrals) .
  • Referrals program: 20% Commission for life, each friend that you invite.
  • Minimum Withdrawal:  $5.
  • Payment methods: Paypal, Payza, bitcoins.

Join Exe.lo here

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A pretty interesting way to earn money is to read emails, surely you spend a lot of time checking your email, it’s time to take advantage of that hobby you have, don’t you think?, these sites are known as PTR sites (Paid to read). If you love to open your email, and be in contact with your friends, news and more, then you can earn money just by opening an email, many advertisers want to send you advertising through your email, it is easy as opening an email from advertiser, watch an ad for a few seconds and voila! and you will get a reward for it. See the complete list of websites to make money with your email here:


the best site in this ranking to earn with emails, A site that also has many years working with this type of marketing for companies, has a very good characteristic, it allows you to become a partner with them, buying shares.

Myfreeshares Features:

  • Cost to join: MF Shares is free for everyone.
  • Profits: You can earn between $1 and $10 per week. (read emails +task+ invite a lot of friends).
  • Accepted countries: worldwide.
  • Age: everybody can register in MyFreeShares.
  • Minimum Cashout: $1.
  • Payments methods: Payza, PayPal, Egopay.

Register freeshare account press here


From the same owners of DonkeyMails, MyFreeShares, GetPaidMail, Jill’s Click Corner and YouRoMail. No-Minimum has been paying its members since 2004. 

N.minimum Features:

  • Cost to join: free for everyone.
  • Profits: You can earn between $1 and $9 per week. (read emails +task+ invite a lot of friends).
  • Accepted countries: all.
  • Age: 13 years or older can register con the website.
  • Minimum : $1.
  • Payment methods: OKPay, SolidTrustPay, Payeer, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency Wallet, PerfectMoney

Register freeshare account press here

7.3)📬 Fusioncash:

is a very interesting company to earn money reading emails, is fusioncash, you will receive in your emails different ways to monetize your time every time you open your email, they say that time is money, well it is better to use your time earning extra money each mes with sites like fusioncash, it is a slightly less well known company, but so far it has kept paying.

Fusioncash Features:

  • Cost to register: $0.
  • Profits: approx. $1 and $25 per month (reading email+doing task+referrals).
  • Accepted countries: Usa and Canada only.
  • Accepted Age: 13 years old or older.
  • Minimum Withdrawal:  $25.
  • Ways to pay : PayPal and gift cards.

register freeshares press here


A page with many ways to earn money using your email, easy to register and with a very good reputation.

Cathouse Features:

  • Cost to join: free for everyone.
  • Profits: between $1 and $12 each fourteen days. (read emails +task+ invite a lot of friends to join).
  • Accepted countries: any country, its ok.
  • Age: everybody can register.
  • Money Withdrawal: $1.
  • Payments methods: Serve, gift cards and Payza

join myfreeshares now here


Update: this site isn’t recommended, stop paying its users

founded in 2002, GetPaidMail belongs the same group who owns DonkeyMails, No-Minimum, MyFreeShares and Jill’s Click Corner, Reputation guarenteed.

Getpaidmail Features:

  • Cost to join: $0, for everyone.
  • Profits: You can earn between $1 and $9 per week. (read emails +task+ invite many friends).
  • Countries: any country .
  • Age: all people.
  • Minimum Withdrawal: $1.
  • Payments methods: Solid Trust Pay, Payeer, Cryptocurrency Wallet, PerfectMoney.

register myfreeshares now here


If you are very popular on social networks you can earn money, through advertising, you only need to have thousands of followers on your social networks and you can promote companies by placing ads on your facebook page, twitter, instagram or pinterest. it’s simple, just copy and paste a ad of a company in your social profile page and ready. You can earn between $5 or $10 daily approximately.

how much will I earn as influencer?
1000 followers= between $1 and $5  per each ad publication.
5000 followers= between $4 and $8 per each ad publication.
10,000 followers= between $15 and $30 per each  ad publication.
100,000 followers= between $100 and $300 per each ad publication.
1000,000 followers= between $300 and $500 per each ad publication.
note: these data are approximate.

Now See full list sites for promote companies and earn money with your social profiles:


the best site to earn as influencer for us, company created in 2014 by Pablo Armenta in spain a successful entrepreneur, without a doubt publisuites is a platform that has earned a very good reputation.

Publisuites Features:

  • register cost: $0.
  • Accepted Social networks: Twitter, Instagram, facebook.
  • Accepted countries: any country can join on publisuites.
  • Age: Publisuites is available for everyone.
  • Minimum payout: $5.
  • payment methods: PayPal and bank transfer.

Earn money with publisuite press here


fanslave allows you to gain followers, if you do not have enough followers on your social networks, every time you do a certain task you will be able to obtain points that you can exchange for real followers on your social networks.

Fanslave Features:

  • register cost: zero.
  • Accepted Social networks: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube.
  • Accepted countries: any country can join on fanslave.
  • Age: fanslave is available for everyone.
  • Minimum payout: $16.
  • Payment methods: PayPal, Bitcoin, AdvCash, Payeer, Giftcards, Bank transfer.

join now to fanslave touch here


you can earn for each publication on your social networks, celebrities can certainly enjoy social networks, thanks to them they receive large amounts of money, socialpubli is a pioneer in this regard.
SocialPubli Features:

  • register cost: none.
  • Accepted Social networks: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube.
  • Accepted countries: any country can join on socialpubli.
  • Age: socialpubli is available for everyone.
  • Minimum payout: $50.
  • payment methods: PayPal and bank transfer.

join now socialpubli here

8.4)🚡 TWYNC:

One of the most recognized and most popular companies, has a wide variety of advertisers who want your help to do advertising campaigns.
Twync Features:

  • register cost: $0.
  • Accepted Social networks: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.
  • Accepted countries: any country can join on Twync.
  • Age: Twync is available for everyone.
  • Minimum payout: $50.
  • Payment methods: PayPal and bank transfer.

Get money as influencer press here


a company that allows a good profit if you have a huge number of followers. It is very veteran like all the other pages we have seen previously so you can choose it as an extra option in your list of favorite sites to earn money online.

Redinfluencer Features:

  • Register cost: $0.
  • Accepted Social networks: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.
  • Accepted countries: any country can join on redinfluencer.
  • Age: redinfluencer is available for everyone.
  • Minimum payout: approx $50.
  • Payment methods: bank transfer.

join publisuites now here


UPDATE: Currently the pages that allow you to earn money listening to music have stability problems, the alternative methods (the 8 previous methods)on my website are better. please do not register on this sites below.

If you like listening to music, you can earn extra money listening to songs, many artists and musicians want to get your opinion about a song that is not yet available in the market, this is where you should listen to a song and then give your opinion about it, In these sites you can earn between $1 or $2 dollars a day very easily if you know work daily and invite a lot of friends.


earnings here are less, but work is much more fun and comfortable, because you do all the work with your mobile. It has different modes and tasks that can entertain us while we listen to music to relax or run and of course earn some money or money.

current us Features:

  • Cost to join: zero investment required.
  • Profits: You can earn between $1 and $5 per hour.
  • Accepted countries: currentUS accept any country worldwide.
  • Minimum Withdrawal: approx. $10.
  • Payment methods: PayPal and gift cards.


A page that has many ways to earn extra money every month, including listening to the radio, and a very juicy prize system. It has a pretty nice interface that we like, and also I think calls are also a good option to earn some extra money, although if it were me I would think twice about giving personal numbers, but this is optional.

Earnbly Features:

  • Cost to join: Earnably is free.
  • Profits: You can earn between $1 and $15 daily(task+invite friends).
  • Accepted countries: Earnably accept any country worldwide.
  • Minimum Withdrawal: $2.
  • Payment methods: PayPal, Bitcoin and Amazon Gift Cards .


a curious company, we will earn money for listening to the radio and making phone calls to different countries.

cash4minutes Features:

  • Cost to join: 0 dollars.
  • Profits: You can earn between $1 and $10 per hour. (Tasks+ referrals)
  • Accepted countries: al countries
  • Minimum Withdrawal: $4.
  • Payment methods: paypal, amazon, bitcoin, litecoin.


Update: this site is offline, It had a logo that seemed very good to me, I think it was one of the most reliable as long as I kept paying of course, but unfortunately it has ceased to exist, forever slicethepie, but maybe in the future it will exist again, we’ll see.

Founded in 2006 in the UK, it has many albums that are not yet on the market, and it pays little but secure.

Slicethepie Features:

  • Cost to join: $0, is free.
  • Profits: You can earn between $1 and $6.5 per day( listening músic+ invite friends).
  • Accepted countries: SlicethePie accept any country worldwide.
  • Minimum Withdrawal: You can withdraw with $10.
  • Payment methods: PayPal.


Here are artists and radio stations, who want to know your opinion on certain musical themes, too has music surveys, the pay is good.

Research Features:

  • Cost to join: zero, is free.
  • Profits daily: You can earn between $1 and $15 per day( listening músic+ referrals friends).
  • Accepted countries: ResearchFm accept any country worldwide.
  • Minimum Withdrawal: approx. $10.
  • Payment methods: Amazon and Gift cards.

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If you are a person who has many difficulties registering on a website, with this guide we can easily teach you how you can register on a website, specifically we will show you the steps to register in swagbucks, possibly the best website to earn money online especially For novice users with little knowledge of the internet, if you put a little effort you can surely start making money from today so relax and enjoy this guide made specifically for newbies who want to have fun and earn extra money every month. Let’s not waste time, let’s start with the first step which is to register in swagbucks:

swagbucks guide:

1register new account:
first of all I have great news, at this moment I have a promotion for you for a certain time, where you get $ 10 dollars for registering in the following link touch here

well When you enter the site you will see a screen where you must put your email that can be gmail, outlook, ymail and any other email you have and then below you write a password (whatever you want),

then you simply have to re-enter the same password as you just wrote.

1.1) Activate your account:
Immediately after you have registered, you must open your email, for example gmail and look in the inbox for an email where you will find swagbucks information, you must open that new email and you will find a link that you must open, where you can confirm your email , All this is only for the purpose of confirming that you are the true owner of your email, this will help you withdraw your earnings within the site, safely and nobody can steal your money, it is a benefit for swagbucks and also for you.
After opening the link you found in your email, you have successfully completed your registration, now let me congratulate you because you are already a member of the largest community of users who like to earn extra money in a simple way, you are already a member of swagbucks!

1.2) First time in Dashboard account:
Well, now you will be directed to the main swagbucks page, when you are there, surely you will see many things and you will be scared a little, but calm there are many options but I promise you that with this guide you can start working on swagbucks in just 1 or 2 weeks you can use all the options that see beautiful eyes without problems.

2) how to use swagbucks website:

Let’s start from the right section of your screen, here you can see many offers to earn SB coins, This guide is based on the desktop or pc version, if you are using the mobile version maybe you will see some things in a different order but in general this guide will also be useful for you.this guide is separated by theme, which we will explain below:

Earning SB credits:

2.1)swagbucks search bar:
One of the first things that you will see in the wonderful world of swagbucks, is the search bar that allows you to do some specific searches on a task, some tasks are more rewarding than others and sometimes we lose sight of them, in those cases this is useful small tool, when you are an expert using swagbucks you will no longer need them, but at this moment it is necessary to learn anything that is useful to you.

2.2)Daily Goal: In this menu option, we have an interesting tool that will allow us to keep track of each day we work within swagbucks, we can basically establish a daily work goal, although the amount of daily work depends on your user level, when you are new As is your case, swagbucks will set a daily work goal, quite easy, for example, when I register on the page, I think my first daily goal was 30SB, something that you can achieve very quickly, it is not, the daily goal is not Mandatory, but if you get it daily, you will receive extra rewards.

2.3)Refer and Earn:This is undoubtedly the most excellent option on the page.
A referral is any person that you invite to join the swagbucks site, with your affiliate link, you will get this link by entering this option.
it is thanks to this option that we can earn large sums of money, 100, 200, 300, 400 dollars a month, but we must be humble, to get to earn those amounts, we must work very hard, because you must invite thousands of friends to join swagbucks, and the second difficult thing is that all the people you invite must be very active, but I said with humility and a lot of hard work is possible, and you will be wondering if you can live on it, and the answer is yes! but I insist this will take a long time, unless you are a celebrity.

2.4) answer surf and earn: here you can earn SB coin by participating in paid surveys of all kinds, when you finish a survey you can unlock more surveys, which can have better rewards for you, you will also observe the amount of SB coins that you will earn with each survey and you will see an approximate time that it will take you to do each survey, some will take 5 min, 10 min etc.

2.5) trending now: below you will see this section, as its name indicates, here are the tasks where most swagbucks users have participated in these last days, generally this is because perhaps they are very well paid tasks, because they are very fun or because they are easy tasks to do.

2.6) Shop and earn:
In the next section below, you will see the section called “shop an earn”.
Here you can buy in different online stores and get juicy rewards for your swagbucks account, as you can imagine here you must buy something to receive a reward, if you have read my full article you will know that these are the cashback sites, or sites where you earn money by spending money, at this moment you must be thinking, why spend money, I want to make money on this page, but think about it, when you have enough money in your swagbucks account after doing various tasks, the first thing you want to do is spend it correctly ? Well then, then you can use this section to spend your account balance, you get your product and you will also get a new reward in SB credits for it, don’t you think that’s something fantastic? Well, we call that killing two birds with one shot.
And another wonderful thing is that you have your favorite stores to buy like amazon, ebay, walmart, bestbuy and more.

2.7) features ways to earn:
In the next line below we have the section called “features ways to earn”
This is a list of sites that stand out for their relative ease with which you can earn swagbucks credits coins, generally this section is automated and ordered by swagbucks, so that you do not have to look for the best sites with rewards on your site, this section may vary on certain occasions but you will always find the best sites to get quick and easy rewards.

2.8) Discover special offers and earn:
In this section we will see different advertising offers that we can take advantage of to obtain interesting credits for our swagbcuks portfolio, it is nothing new, they are simply companies that want to advertise a new product, your mission is to test it (generally free) although obviously our intention is to obtain the reward for each offer that we see in this new section. the rewards are almost always very good, perhaps the only drawback is that each offer can take some time. but with a little patience you can get all the rewards you see there, remember every dollar counts.

2.9) Everyday essentials:
further down in the next line we have the section called “everyday essentials”.As its name implies, here we will find companies that offer us services for daily use, such as food, drinks, desserts, gifts, medicines and much more, in reality we can say that this is a second section of cashback sites, but this time they are sites for daily consumption as we said before, when you have a lot of balance to spend you can take a look at this section and get some extra rewards for your meals or medicines among things.

2.10) In store deals:
In this other line we have different online stores, where we can buy some products that may be needed in our house, but the difference with these stores is that when you buy you do not receive money directly, you receive your reward in the form of SB credits, perhaps in the end it is The method that a cashback site but you must convert your credit to real money later, in my opinion this is always good, in the end we will get a reward and that is the important thing.

2.11) play videogames and earn:
In this section you will get all the fun you need, here you will find many fun games that will allow you to have a fun time clearly, some tasks consist of testing or installing a game, sometimes they will ask you to make a cashback purchase, but there are others Much more fun tasks where you will have to play a game for a certain time, and reach a specific level to get your reward.
If you don’t like difficult video games, there is also an opportunity for you, there are different casino or lottery video games, the classics that you like, and you can finally take advantage of that little hobby that you had before or maybe you still have.

2.12) Inbox: Within this option, we will see all the recent tasks that have come to us every day, this helps us to have a better control of them, it seems to me a kind of mailbox, so this is something very fun, the tasks that You will have in your task tray it does not have a specific order, but it will keep you busy with an interesting amount of new tasks, with different rewards.

2.13) SB counter: It is an automatic counter that you can see on your right at the top of your screen. Surely one of the things that makes us look more happy is knowing the credits that we have accumulated in a certain time, at first we must always work calmly, but it is always good to see from time to time how many SB credits we have reaped so far, well I say this to know if the work we have done was worth it, although in the case of swagbucks I assure you that it would have been worth it, especially if you live or reside in the USA where you generally receive better rewards.

menu general (left side your screen)

3.1) redeem your giftcards:
This option allows you to exchange the credit earned in swagbucks for constant and hard money, for example to obtain a paypal card of $ 10 you need 1000 swagbucks. This is surely the end of the first battle that we are all waiting for, after many days of having fought against lack of time, lack of interest, and many other problems that can prevent us from working in swagbucks every day, but finally the time has come to change our swagbucks credit for real money, well enjoy the moment and use this option to select the reward you want, you can enjoy many options to change your SB wallet, select the one you want and enjoy life with your first payment of money online.

3.2)Buy gift cards:
If you are one of the people who are not interested in working a lot in swagbucks, you can still get benefits by working here, if you already know the cashback system, you can buy gift cards for different online stores, imagine that you want to buy an item in your beloved walmart store Well, you can buy a walmart card and buy that item you need at home, then you buy like you always do and earn money, it is a good way to stay connected with swagbucks with little work but it is always good to make an effort to work on the page I think but nobody is forced to do tasks they do not like, you know how much you want to earn.

3.3)Buy SB coins:
An interesting way for ads to advertise a product is to buy SB credits, generally this option I think is more useful for advertisers, in my opinion its use is too similar to buying gift cards, well in the end you decide if you want to buy credits to advertise something As I said before, I do not see an interesting function, but in some way it can be useful, don’t you think?

Member recognition:
In this option there is not much to say, here we can see minor data of our account, such as the age of it, or the date we registered our account, we will also see unimportant data in my opinion, however later many things may change In swagbucks, in any case if something changes, I hope to be able to change everything necessary to keep this guide at the forefront until the year 2030 if necessary, perhaps by then humanity will have already conquered Mars, don’t you think?

4.1)swago: It is an interesting game that allows us to earn some swagbucks credits, it consists of a fun puzzle that we must solve, in a certain time and that has some levels of difficulty, although nothing from the other world that we cannot solve, for me it is something fun because In addition to earning some SB coins, you also exercise your mind for a while, but it’s funny because many do not want to exercise their mind after so much work in daily life, but it seems to me that it is more fun than it seems, it is something similar to Grid game, but something different, we must say that this option to earn SB coins is totally new, so I want to congratulate you because you have a method to earn more money than other older users in swagbuks.

4.2)swagstakes: If you are a fan of gambling or you think you are a lucky person for the raffles, because with this option you will have the opportunity to win prizes by participating in prize raffles, where you can win many gift cards that you can acquire automatically when you win The raffle, well in my opinion, it may be a good opportunity to earn money much faster, but we must be aware that there will be other users who will also be participating in each raffle, so the more SB you bet, the more opportunities you will have to win, Do not worry you can participate with very low sums, from only 75 SB, obviously the less we bet the lower the chances of winning, I personally prefer not to use this option too much, but we never know, maybe you will be the next winner in the next raffle.

4.3)swag codes: This is one of the best ways to get extra SB coins, it consists of being a follower of swagbucks in your social networks such as instagram, facebook, twitter, pinterest and youtube, well actually it is a more fun task because every so often you will see a surprise code, This code is a code composed of specific letters that you simply must write down and then use within the same swagbucks page using this same option, I can’t tell you how often you will look at this code on the swagbucks social networks but without a doubt that it is a great fun to discover these little hidden gifts that will allow you to win many extra SB coins, maybe for some people this can be a bit tiring, but if you love to visit social networks you will certainly have a lot of fun.


5.1)Daily poll:
This is the way in which you will stay more informed about the most important survey of the day, it will not necessarily be the best of the day, but I could tell you that it is the most relevant on a certain day, it is similar when you visit a restaurant and ask for the menu of the day, we know that there are more dishes in that restaurant but the dish of the day is the dish in greatest demand at that time, well that’s what the survey of the day consists.

5.2)Add Shoply deal:
In the same way that the survey of the day works, this is how the cashback sites of the day work, swagbucks makes a report of the most relevant sites during each day, in the case of the cashback sites it allows you to know if any site can help you Or you simply want to make a purchase for an interesting item, in general they are helpful to know which cashback sites have the highest reward during a certain day.

5.3)Daily actvity:
This tool is very useful, it consists of a progress report of the daily activities that you are doing in swagbucks, there are always important notes that you want to write down when you have worked for a certain time within the platform, this option also allows you to install a button that will help you even more, to have your tasks lined up waiting to be completed by you, and as if this were not enough, you will also be rewarded just by installing this tool within your browser.

5.4)Deal of the day:
It consists of offering you a very important offer, well that depends on you, there are different offers in the swagbucks market, but there will always be one that will stand out among all of them, the offers are actually any offer you can have to join a program or buy a subscription to an exercise program for example, although perhaps you can have an offer in which you should not invest anything, except your time of course.

5.5)Daily watch:
At this moment we will analyze this option that allows us to have an order of the videos that we can see daily, there are many videos that can help us to earn more SB credits on the page, so we can set a daily goal, to earn what we do We believe it is enough for a day, personally I am a person who loves video technology, I love to watch videos, in different media, especially YouTube, so I love to earn money with methods like this, as we always repeat, the daily goal It is not mandatory, but if you comply with it, you will receive a beautiful incentive for it as it should be.

5.6)Daily discover: It basically consists of new offers that you can discover daily, and that allow you to know with more anthology which offers can become the predominant ones within swagbucks, there can always be some new offer that can give you something to talk about so do not miss the opportunity to take a look from time to time to this section.

5.7)Attemp a gold survey:
One of the things that makes swagbucks users crazy are the gold surveys, these are surveys that are undoubtedly a delight for anyone because they have rewards that can be quite good, at this time if you are a newbie and your user level is level 1, you will have level 1 surveys, in other words you should wait a bit to advance to higher levels as a user, well as long as you do the surveys well you can unlock better and better surveys that of course will have better rewards, when you have successfully approved enough surveys you will be enabled To opt for gold surveys, you will surely enjoy them a lot.

5.8)Complete a gold survey:
When you have been working in swagbucks for some time, you will be able to access the famous gold surveys, well here you will be able to access those delicious special surveys, basically it can be a special option to see specifically the unlocked gold surveys on your dashboard, for a newbie these surveys can be difficult to do, but I understand that if you manage to unlock this important option, it is because you already have some experience working with surveys in our beloved swagbucks.


6.1)My account:
It is a special part where you can change the different settings that you have in your account, when you registered you wrote different data to start working and be a new user, well if you need to change any important data you can do it right now, if you consider you don’t need to change anything you can leave it as is

6.2)set interest:
Here we can do something very interesting, we can put in order all the things and topics that are not most interesting, always within the website each user has something that they like more than other things, if you love surveys, for example swagbucks will put first place those things that interest you the most, always referring to the surveys that have most caught your attention, if on the contrary you love online shopping, in this option you can have on the front page all those pages that you like the most to make purchases online .

As its name indicates, it simply serves something a little useful such as changing the language in which the website is located, in general the universal language is always our beloved English, if you know basic English it is more than enough to start, although always you can use your old partner, google translator, but if you are from another country you can choose your native language.

Community forum:
It is a space where you can talk with your friends and other swagbucks users, obviously when you start with something new you will have a million doubts, if you want to ask something specific or simply want to chat and share your experiences with others, this place is indicated for have a good time too, although you should know that the forums are generally handled in English, but nothing that our friend google translator cannot solve.

If you know something about web pages you will know that a blog is a space where many recent publications of a site are placed, if you are a newbie I will only say that in this section you will find various updated information about swagbucks, such as upcoming raffles, upcoming tasks that are to come , new changes within the page and many other interesting things that keep you updated about your personal and group activity.

7.2)social network: facebook: facebook publications of swagbucks.
instagram: information and codes in instagram official page.
twitter: official account of swagbucks on twitter.
pinterest: some lucky information from swagbcuks.
youtube: someone videos that show how to work swagbucks and more.

8.1)How it works: very short guide.
8.2)take the tour: a little tour.
8.3)swagbutton: special button to work easily.
8.4)mobile apps: special apps with someone rewards.

9)account Right Menu(right side

9.1) ACTIVITY: an interesting place where it will show you information about the current status of swagbucks.

9.2) REDEEM SB: When you are ready for that fun moment of exchanging your swagbucks credits for real money, then it is time to stop by, and collect your money and give a little joy to your full wallet.

9.3) COLLECTOR BILLS: This is a rather strange option, it consists of meeting some daily goals, and getting some special cards with faces that simulate different facial gestures, I would say that it is like a puzzle based on daily rewards

In this part of the site you will find the activity done by your friends or guests at swagbucks, you can see the number of referrals, the date they registered and maybe some more. You can also see how many tasks each of them have completed, in this way you will know who are the hardest workers and who are the most lazy. 9.5) LOGOUT: Have you finished your daily tasks at swagbucks? Well you can sign out your session for security so that nobody uses your account, although if only you use your computer or your mobile, you don’t need to do this, I don’t like to be opening and closing the session every time when I use a website, but it’s more out of laziness than anything else you understand me friend.


# Which is the best site to make money online?
Without a doubt the best page to earn money online, as I mentioned earlier, is swagbucks, you will love this page, there you can earn money in many ways, and the best thing is that it pays better than any other.

If you read my entire article, you may have noticed that I mention this site called swagbucks a lot on several occasions, this is because it has a section for everything, allows you to earn money with any category of online tasks, now do you understand why it appears in almost all the sections in my article?

join swagbucks below
register swagbucks now touch here

# How much will I earn for working online?
If you want to know how much you can earn with all these sites, I can tell you that you will not be a millionaire, but you will get between $ 10 and $ 400 a month, depending on the way you use to work, if you wonder which job gives you more money, these are the paid surveys, yes You ask me what is the funniest way, is by playing video games, you can have fun playing on your computer or on your mobile, playing video games you can earn between $ 10 and $ 300 a month.

# What do I need to earn money with paid surveys sites?
Short answer: Only 3 things.
A)Email account
B)PayPal account
C) Verify your paypal account
If you don’t know how to do these 3 things, here is a guide to do these 3 steps.

1) Email: email is something that we all need to create for anything in our daily life, earning money online is not the exception, I recommend creating a gmail account, but if you have another email account such as outlook, yahoo etc, also works for you, in fact any other will work for you.

2) Paypal: is a virtual payment method, which allows you to receive money through the internet, it’s like having a visa or mastercard credit card in your hand, but you don’t need a physical card to use paypal, you just register on their site and that’s everything.

3) Verify Paypal: In previous years, this step was not necessary, but now it is almost mandatory to do it to collect your earnings online, but it is something very fast to do, do not worry, it is something that only takes 10 minutes, you only need a credit card / debit card, but if you are a teenager and you don’t have bank cards, don’t worry, here I show you how to verify PayPal without having a credit / debit card.

  • # What sites do I choose to work online?
  • If you are overwhelmed with so much information, no problem dear friend, I will tell you my 12 recommended pages to make money online, which is a summary of this entire website.
  • 1-swagbucks:
  • 2-Neobux.
  • 3-Kolotiblabo.
  • 4-Gameprizee.
  • 5-ysense.
  • 6-Bitgames.
  • 7-Big time (mobile).
  • 8-brain battle (mobile).
  • 9-Fiverr.
  • 10-King of prizes.
  • 11-Timebucks.
  • 12-MyprofitLand

NOTE: touch or press with your finger or mouse on the links below to register on each website.

# Do these sites that you recommend still pay in 2022?
All the companies that I mention in this list (At the top of this page) are totally reliable, I will not tell you that they are 100% secure, but remember that nothing is 100% secure on the internet, but if I assure you that all the pages that I recommend have a good reputation, that is more than enough to trust them.

I try to ensure that all the sites shown meet the minimum requirements to be taken into account my website.
When a site stops paying, I will notify you when that happens and I will stop recommending that site, in the comments you can also make your contribution and tell us about your experience using a site.

# Is my country available to work online?
The vast majority of sites displayed on the page allow your uncle, grandmother, niece, father, mother and even your dog to benefit from earning money online, anywhere on the planet.

# Is it difficult to learn to work and earn money online?
Not at all, those times when only a genius could use a computer are in the past, now even a child can use a computer and earn money online, it seems a lie, but it is true, usually in less than a week you can learn to use any site you need.
I understand that many people do not know how to use the internet, but I promise you that you do not need anything special to work.

# Any browser works with these sites?
Any of the modern browsers works, such as chrome, firefox, opera, microsoft edge, safari, chromium and any browser that is modern, when you do the surveys you will see that they are just simple questions that can be seen in any of the modern browsers

when you work anywhere, everything is thought so that you can start from yesterday, you don’t need to install any program, download or anything like that, in some occasions, some people may have problems when registering, but in most of the times the problem is not a problem with your browser, it can be a problem with your computer, your antivirus among other things.

# Can I use my personal email?
If you already have a personal email, good for you, you can use it to register at any site on our list, although it is better if you create a new email account, (it is not mandatory) in this way you will work more comfortably, in your email you will receive messages, that you need to receive from any site where you register to start earning money, many times you will need to have a more organized way of working, so as I said before, it is better to create a different email to avoid confusing many messages within the email, but If you don’t want to waste time, then use your personal email, don’t worry.

# How long does it take me every day?
Short answer: Minimum 1 hour.
Actually this depends on you, if you want to earn just a little extra money you can work only one hour, but if you are a teenager or have a lot of free time, you can work 3 or 4 hours a day, If you work longer, more money you can earn monthly.
For example, doing an online survey will take you between 10 and 15 minutes, other sites may require more time, but in general, working online will not change your lifestyle.

# How do I reactivate my account?
One of the most important things you must understand is that you must be as active as possible to earn money on a regularly, but sometimes our life is perhaps too busy, and it may happen that you do not use a site for 30 or more days, when this It happens you can run the risk that your account is deleted, but calm you can reactivate it simply by logging into your account, but be careful some sites can leave your account in zero if you are inactive for 3 months or more.

# I tried to join but my email address is ‘invalid’, why?
When signing up, please make sure: 

– your personal email address is in the correct format (example@gmail.com) 
– you haven’t previously registered with this email address on a site.
– you have the incorrect IP address for your region or country.

# How many task will I receive?
It depends on the website where you are working, usually you will have enough tasks to work between 10 minutes and 1 hour. for example if you you are working with paid surveys, in each site that you register, you will receive between 5 and 10 surveys per week, This depends on each company, in  some weeks you could receive more surveys. As you can see it is a simple job and does not take much time to finish a survey.
Generally anywhere you register you will receive less than 20 tasks a day.

# can I register multiple times on the same site?
Absolutely not, in your house you can only have a single account each site where you register, that is, if you are already registered in swagbucks, no one else in your house can create another account.

# What data should I put in those sites?
Try to be honest, for example, when you are answering questions in paid surveys sites, it will depend on you receiving more surveys.
In the surveys, they will ask you your eating habits, what you like to eat and drink and simple questions such as how long you watch television, how long you use the internet, and things like that, companies want how much and how you consume their products, to make more and better products For a specific public, in a country, at no time will they ask you for bank details or something similar, don’t worry.
You will only need to provide more personal data when you want to collect the money earned on any website.

# How do I increase income on these sites?
The first way to earn more money is to register in several sites at the same time, registering in more sites means more money, you can choose different sites so as not to get bored, because some people need to work in several sites so as not to get discouraged or bored, you can for example work with paid surveys and rewarded video games, that’s what I do.
but without a doubt the best way is to get referrals.

# Is it mandatory to have referrals to start working?
I must clarify that it is not mandatory to get referrals to start working with paid surveys
If you don’t want to complicate your life, and you are happy with earning extra money every month, then forget about the issue of referrals, just sign up and start working.

# What are referrals?
It is anyone person that you invite to register on a website, if he/she decide to join and work online, you will give them a link to register, called an affiliate link, which you get when you register on a site of our list, At the top of this page.

# What is an affiliate link?
It is an invitation for another person to register with a link that you will get when you register on a site with paid surveys, don’t worry about that now, in the guide below I show you all this

# How do I get referrals?
It’s simple, just tell your friends on facebook, twitter and other social networks about online paid surveys, and then they must register with your affiliate link.

# Can I use vpn program to work Online?
Vpn is a program that allow earn more money in a dishonest way, (If you live in the USA, Canada, UK,  you don’t need to use any vpn program, forget about it) I understand that many people use VPN to lie pretending that they live in countries such as the USA, Canada or UK and receive more surveys,  it is tempting to receive more work and earn more money by cheating, let’s be honest, all people like fast money, but Anyway, imagine that you work hard for a month and If you are caught cheating, then you can’t get paid for cheating using vpn program, you’re free to do it, but I don’t recommend it.

# I found a website, where they asks me to invest money to start working, or to withdraw my money.
Never invest a single penny in any website that asks you to invest money to earn money, or cash out your money, do not be a cool trick, beware with scam sites, I made that mistake and paid dearly, please if you are a newbie do not fall into the temptation of investing money, some sites will They say that you will get rich from one day to the next if you invest money in their website, run away from there, the money does not fall from the sky you have to work a lot for it, now, I must clarify something, I am not saying that there are no reliable sites in which you can invest money, but my advice is to take it easy and do not invest money in any site you see per there, on my website I will always try to recommend sites where you can work for free, you can invest in them but that can wait, first learn to work online.

# What is a scam site?
A scam site is any site that tries to steal your money or your time, they promise to make you rich without doing anything, if this is the situation or is what you read on a web page, without a doubt it is a scam web page, do not Worry when you gain experience you can easily know which pages are scam and which are not, but my advice is that you only register on the pages that I recommend, so you should not worry about being deceived.

# what payments methods can i use for withdraw my profits?
We will generally use PayPal as a means of payment in the different web pages that we recommend on my website, but there are different methods to claim our money as amazon that allows us to claim prizes in specific stores that use this payment method, there are also other ways such as airtm, a versatile payment processor used for various things, also payeer which is another somewhat famous payment processor, also some sites will allow us to receive money through cryptocurrencies something that I like a lot because cryptocurrencies increase in value every day, you can also receive prizes of any type of merchandise, and also another means of payment used is Skrill quite famous and that is used a lot by these pages to earn money.Finally we have the option to receive checks and bank transfers when they are large sums of money in this way you will get your money directly almost in your hands.

# Any website has payoneer As a payment method?
In fact, almost all the pages use only traditional payment methods such as paypal, amazon, bank account, and others offer merchandise that is sent to the door of your house, but if you need to receive your money to your payoneer account you can link a physical payoneer card with your paypal account.

# what is the pin code?
Some websites use a very useful verification system so that you can get a payment, in this way it is practically impossible for another unauthorized person after you can claim the money you have accumulated until that moment, are extremely simple verification methods for example, it can be a small code of 4 numbers or perhaps more, but while you have your well-saved data somewhere you will not have problems for these verification steps, remember that more protection has your best is your own is for you.

# can I be my own referral on my other computer?
You should never do this, because if you use another computer or portable device to create a second account and become your own referral, you will be violating one of the most prohibited rules of any site to earn money, if you think about it, no one needs 2 opinions of same person, in this way it is not possible to be your own referral yourself, in addition, any cheating method will be punished by any website and you will be permanently banned and you will not receive any payment if you had something in your account at that time.

# is there an easy way to get referrals?
an easy and instant way to get referrals is a system created by ptc sites called referral income where you buy for a certain time from a group of referrals who are real people and if they work every day just like you you will get profits after the time is up When you hired those referrals, personally I think it is a quick and easy strategy, although you must invest money for this purpose, therefore the more you invest the more you can earn depending on the success of your strategy.

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