Best tempered glass to buy for samsung, iPhone, Xiaomi, Huawei and more: Updated!

Enjoy and buy your Screen protector : When you decide to buy a new phone, one of the best decisions we can make is to protect our beloved smartphone with a screen protector that allows us to feel more secure when we carry out any activity with it, there are many reasons that we can list that allow us to recognize the importance of have a screen protector for our smartphone, there are so many models and styles to choose from and of course thousands of doubts arise, before buying it is good to know some tips and functions that allow us to choose the best option for us, there is nothing better than buying and Be smart buyers, in recent years there are many innovations that have been built by the manufacturers of screen protectors, but we can see in this article all the things you need to know, such as the types of tempered glass, in the market there are also a multitude of brands that can be more useful than others, it is obviously that many people They do not choose to protect their beloved screen but they can be decisions that shorten the life of the screen of our phone, it is also interesting to be able to protect the screen from the strongest summers and the coldest winters, among other things that we can see in the care that We must have to help our screen to have a better useful life, but no matter how simple it may seem at times, choosing the best screen protector can be a somewhat confusing task, because many times we buy by intuition and with little intelligence, in this guide we intend to become an expert buyer of screen protectors, we will see many analyzes and details that will help us to recognize the true important aspects when we decide which glass protector suits our needs. We can say that the number of online stores where we can comfortably buy any of the models that we will present and you can choose in different colors according to your convenience, the forms of payment will also be defined in each platform so that you can use them and cancel with your beloved online shopping card, another factor to take into account is the size of the screen protector, because the edges must always be covered to protect the entire surface of the screen. this article is not perfect, but it was made with the best intention of helping you and saving minutes and hours of searching, enjoy it.

in this content or web page you find best tempered glass for the following phones:

  • Iphone 13
  • IPhone 12
  • Galaxy s21
  • Galaxy s22
  • Iphone XR
  • IPhone 12 pro max
  • IPhone 11
  • Xiaomi Redmi 9, 9a , 9c.
  • Samsung Galaxy A12
  • Huawei p30 pro.
  • Google pixel 3
  • MOTO G POWER 2021
  • Google pixel 4a
  • GALAXY M31
  • OPPO A31

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It is perhaps one of the most sought-after protectors by high-end users. If you have bought the iPhone 13, you have surely thought about protecting your investment with a screen protector to feel more secure. In general, the purchase is worth it, in our opinion.

compatible phones: iphone 13.
material: tempered glass.
price: between $20 and $30 approximately.

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if you still have the iphone 12 and you need to protect the screen there are different options to achieve it you can take a look at amazon in the link below.

compatible phones: iphone 12.
material: tempered glass.
price: between $15 and $30 approximately.

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At this time we will present you with an effective protector to protect your phone s22 from strong impacts with good effectiveness. Without a doubt, a broken screen is unfortunate, especially if we are talking about a latest model Samsung.

the features:
compatible phone: Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
Material: Tpu
price: between $25 and $35 approximately.

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one of the latest samsung models like the s21 undoubtedly needs to have a protector with excellent characteristics, the protector that we have analyzed has a very good fineness and transparency that you will probably like a lot.
the features:
compatible phone: Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
Material: Tempered glass
Screen Size: 6.8 Inch
price: between $25 and $35 approximately.

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protector features:
Compatible Devices: IPhone XR
Material: Tempered glass
Item screen dimensions: 5.8 inches
Screen Size: 6.1 Inch
price: between $10 and $20 approximately.

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if you got the 12 pro version of the iphone surely you may have some doubts about the compatibility for the pro version of your iphone compared to the normal version, but the good news is that you will not have problems in this regard because we show you where to get a compatible protector for the iphone 12 pro max model, you can see more information on amazon in the link below.

compatible phones: iphone 12 pro max.
material: tempered glass.
clarity: 99% approx.
price: between $10 and $45 approximately.

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compatible phones: iphone 11.
material: tempered glass.
clarity: 99% approx.
price: between $10 and $30 approximately.

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6)πŸ“² Redmi 9, 9a, 9c Screen Protector (For 3 Models)

protector features:
compatible phones: Cellphone compatible devices
compatible phone: Redmi 9 / Redmi 9A / Redmi 9C.
Material: Tempered glass
price: between $10 and $30 approximately.

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compatible phone: For Samsung Galaxy A12
Material: TP
Item Hardness: 4H
price: between $12 and $20 approximately.

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compatible phones: huawei p30 pro.
material: Good.
clarity: 99% approx.
price: between $10 and $40 approximately.

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compatible phone: Google Pixel 3
Material: Tg.
Clarity: 99.99 approx.
Hardness: 9H
price: between $10 and $40 approximately.

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compatible phone Moto G Power 2021
Material:Tempered glass.
Clarity: Good.
Item Hardness: Good.
price: between $10 and $35 approximately.

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protector features:
Compatible phone: Google Pixel 4a 4G
Material: Good.
Clarity: 95 approx.
Item Hardness: 9H
price: between $10 and $30 approx.

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more details:
compatible phone: Huawei P40 Lite E
Material: Very good.
Item hardness: very good
price: between $10 and $30 approx.

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Features m31 protector:
compatible phone Galaxy M31
Material: Good.
clarity: 99% approx.
price: between $12 and $30 approx.

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protector features:
material: very good.
clarity: 98% approx.
price: between $ 11 and $ 30 approximately.

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protector features:
compatible phones: bit x3.
clarity: 98% approx.
price: between $10 and $45 approximately.

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protector features:
compatible phones: xiaomi redmi note 10 pro max.
material: tp
clarity: 98%.
price: between $ 10 and $ 20 approximately.

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protector features:
compatible phones: galaxy A31
clarity: 98% approx.
price: between $15 and $30 approximately.

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protector features:
compatible phones: galaxy.
clarity: 99% approx.
price: between $ 10 and $ 30 approximately.

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protector features:
compatible phones: oppo a31
material: hydrogel film.
clarity: 98% approx.
price: between $10 and $35 approximately.

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protector features:
compatible phones: tekno spark pro
clarity: 99% approx.
price: between $10 and $20 approximately.

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let’s see below the best advantages of buying a screen protector for your cellphone:

1) protect from the sun and water: A screen protector provides protection against the sun because it blocks the sun’s rays and reduces the temperature of the screen, and also avoids direct contact with water, all of which lengthens the life of our mobile.

2) you can choose the model you like: There is a great collection to delight your eyes and choose only what you like, without any annoying salesperson asking you which one you want, when you buy online you have all the time in the world to choose from.

3) the prices are very low: The prices in many online stores can be very cheap depending on the model you choose.

4) you can access offers: You can access various offers that you can find in various online stores.

5) you will become an expert buyer of screen protectors: You will know the best details to become a difficult buyer to deceive, and that is why we will give all the necessary advice to achieve it.

Question & answer section

What is the best tempered glass for cell phones?
According to research done by some experts, 10D tempered glass is perhaps the best tempered glass that can exist, because it has different advantages that make it possibly the best option, for the common user, one of its main advantages is that this type of protector It covers all the edges of our beloved phone, protecting it from 100% scratches and bumps that our laptop may suffer, as long as the manufacturing materials and its design are adequate, it will protect the screen from bumps and ugly scratches, it is also a type of protector available for any type of pocket, because you can buy them even with less than $ 20 dollars, and we can find very good brands that manufacture this fine and elegant type of protector such as, 10D grass, 10D ytea, Pm selk film that you will like almost without doubt it. You can buy it easily in the best online stores on the internet, some offer good discounts so you can take advantage and buy several if necessary, you can buy here

What should I consider to buy the best tempered glass?

a)resistance to shocks, drops and scratches: to measure the level of shock tolerance, in the market we use different measures to establish the level of protection offered by a certain material, there is a measure called Mohs that is used to perform these tests, according to Studies on this scale, diamond is the material that has the most considerable advantage, we must clarify that the diamond used to make these tempered glasses are not real diamonds, they are just a kind of rare compounds used to make this fictitious or false diamond. It is not necessary that you learn chemistry at this time but it is good to know small details that can make you perhaps one of the best buyers of tempered glass in the world, these types of experiments really continue to be done with some expensive procedures to have better versions of each type of material.

b)Glass thickness: it is a quite important detail to determine which tempered glass suits us, if we buy a tempered glass without considering the thickness we can take a painful experience when we use our phone, also aesthetically it will not be something pretty, the standard measures for a tempered glass they are between 0.2 millimeters and 0.45 millimeters. Something that can confuse us is the level of protection that a very thick glass gives us, not necessarily the thickness of the glass means greater protection, the greater protection is defined by the manufacturing materials used in its assembly process, I was also a little confused with this aspect but it is always good to do some research to become buyers of high technical knowledge.

c)level of transparency: another determining aspect when we want to buy a protector for our laptop friend, is the level of transparency, surely you will think that they are all the same in this detail, but each manufacturer determines the level of tolerance to have when a user uses their phone, There are some multilayer protectors that have a huge benefit to protect our screen, due to their multilayer protection technology, but this generates a small inconvenience, because the level of transparency is affected by this strong level of extra protection, usually a level of transparency 95% is enough to use our phone without reflection or light problem, possibly most manufacturers meet this important purchase requirement.

d)multi-touch screen: we can say that all screens respond very well when we use a single finger on the screen, this is a detail that all manufacturers have managed to handle with each update of their different tempered glass models, but things can be different if you are a fairly demanding user with the performance of your cell phone, applications that require use of the multi-touch screen such as multitasking applications, multimedia, video games, etc. This aspect is also important when we like to open many applications without stopping at the same time, something too common in almost all users, therefore it is good to consider the multitouch capacity that our next screen protector has, we do not want headaches when we need this feature so important when we open our favorite application.

e)privacy filters: if privacy is too important for us, we can buy a tempered glass that has privacy protection against peepers, I remember some relatives when they began to use smartphones, when they realized the potential that these devices have, one of their main concerns was privacy, not necessarily privacy is related to immoral issues, the privacy we need has more to do with our contacts and pending work that do not need to be known all over the world, also these customs are good because we prevent someone strange from extracting information confidential of our bank account or similar details. Another advantage of this type of protector is that they can avoid the annoying reflections caused by the sun, when we take out our cell phone in the daytime, in this way we receive many advantages that perhaps we thought we did not need.

What types of screen protectors are there?

PET: scientifically it has a specific name called TPE, but it is the common material that common people generally call plastic, in urban language, it is exactly the same plastic that we see in our plastic bottles that we use every day, its main advantage is protection against scratches with our beloved nails, keys or coins that can have contact at any time with the screen, another advantage is that TPE is a very light material, and it will not bother us at all when we use our phone on special occasions when we do exercise for example. plastic protectors are generally very inexpensive. One of the disadvantages is that a rigid material, this can be a problem when we have a mobile that has curved edges in its casing, therefore not all plastic protectors will be compatible with our model, there is a brand for this type of material called Tech armor, a name that I quite like, they are a good option if you are interested in the advantages that I mentioned before, but we must not forget that when we buy this type of protector over time they will lose sharpness, but it is normal due to constant use. fingers and sunlight.

TPU: it is a curious material that allows protection against scratches in good shape, its composition is perfect to absorb shocks and maintains its original shape without problem, there is not much to say about this material because it is a material with little information, but it does The important thing is that it is a material that different brands have always used to protect millions of phones daily. Perhaps the only small disadvantage is that it is a little more expensive than plastic protectors, some interesting brands that can sell you this protector are spigen and zagg

glass or tempered glass: they are the classics of a lifetime, perhaps the most used for their exaggerated resistance to shocks and scratches, their resistance is greater than the TPU material, the manufacture of tempered glass is a bit strange, it consists of several layers very thin one on another, each layer gives an extra protection capacity, for each phone, it will not necessarily protect 100% of the phone, because it depends on the edge of the case, some important brands with this type of technology are Nilkin Pro, J&D , InvisibleShield, Armorz, Stillersafe among others.

How do you install a screen protector on a phone?
When we buy our first screen protector, the first question always arises to install the protector on our phone, it is impressive to think how such a small detail can generate a great headache, but luckily installing it is too easy and we can do it in very few minutes, but before doing something we must be careful of the type of installation that our protector requires, there are two types of installation that we can use to place our first protector, let’s see what they consist of:

a)dry screen: for this type of installation static electricity is used, it is a process that we do not see with our eyes, we only have to have our touch screen very beautiful and free of dust, when you buy your protector it should always include two wipes in its packaging In order to properly clean your mobile screen, we do not want to install our protector on a dirty screen, it is certainly not a good idea. First of all we must clean our screen with the 2 wipes, first the wet one and then we use the dry one, finally we must put the protector very carefully so that it sticks in the corners correctly, sometimes we can have a small frame that we can also use to install the protector more easily. If you failed putting the protector correctly, do not worry, this type of protector allows you to remove it safely. The only downside to this feature is that the dust particles stick a bit easily, but in general this is normal.

wet installation: this type of installation is a bit painful for many, because if you place the protector incorrectly there is no possibility of safely removing the protector, because before installing the protector we have to use an annoying glue to adhere the protector on top of the screen. First of all, of course, we must clean the screen to be free of dust, and we use the glue to fix it, the great advantage of this installation method is that we will avoid the existence of bubbles in the middle and we will also avoid dust filters between both layers, the screen and the screen. protector, causing our screen to have a better useful life.

Does the screen protector also cover the front camera?
Of course not, because we would need the protector to cover our beloved front camera, because the intention is for the protector to protect the screen and give us a good positive and at no time do we want a negative point, without a doubt it would be a rude mistake by any manufacturer that The tempered glass will cover the front camera, at this point you do not have to worry about this interesting detail, the only problem would be that we chose the wrong screen protector model for our phone, so you must correctly follow this guide in this article to avoid these small errors, another important aspect is that the phone cases also have this detail, it is important to take care of the correct dimensions, I remember when I had to use covers that were not indicated, I had to remove the case if I wanted to take a photo, therefore it is better be careful.

How strong is tempered glass?
As incredible as it may seem, tempered glass is extremely resistant, because its manufacture is made with filtering and heating at high temperature to process it and make it up to 5 times more resistant than normal glass, obviously the tempered glass created for construction is a very material. more resistant due to its extreme thickness, but we suppose that the process must be similar in some way, according to experts the tempered glass created for construction is capable of withstanding up to 240 centigrade, a very high temperature used by industrial kitchen ovens, too It is used in windows and various buildings according to what the client needs, in reality we can see that there are different uses that we can give to this wonderful material, in cars some special tempered glasses are created that prevent them from becoming dangerous pieces of glass, because when it breaks, it breaks into very small particles harmless to the human being. It is good to know that such advanced technology is in our hands with the screen protectors on our phones.

what are the best advantages of tempered glass?
Tempered glass has many advantages but without a doubt it is good to highlight some other advantages to know why you should buy a beautiful screen protector that uses tempered glass technology then we will see some special advantages to make one of our best purchases

a) It does not absorb the heat or temperature of the sun: a very good advantage is that it does not absorb the heat of the sun, nor the temperatures that are exposed, this gives it a good useful life and prolongs it for our benefit, with this detail we do not want say that you should expose your dear friend phone in very hot or enclosed places, such as in the car with the windows closed because this will always damage your phone in the long term, it will not ruin your phone at that time but it will reduce its useful life, much Be careful with that detail, we users must also help the manufacturer to prolong the life of our laptop friend.

b)different colors: it has an advantage that allows us to create different colors to create pleasant smiles in our eyes, the processes are also not difficult, therefore creating different tempered glasses with different colors is very economical for the manufacturer and obviously reduces costs for the user. Very much, in all Chinese online stores we can find different models that will fit any model without problem.

It does not absorb the sun’s rays: this is an excellent benefit especially because the truth is that you and I must recognize that we are not very disciplined to take care of our phone, we can generally leave it inside the car enduring unnecessary heat, we drop it on numerous occasions and we must recognize that there are countries that have a very high temperature, these things are not good for any portable device, well it is not something that we can avoid, the important thing is that we can help our phone with this type of protector.

Extra layers of protection: the technology that this type of tempered glass has is excellent because we should settle for a single layer of protection, the technology used in tempered glass panels were designed with the best intentions so that users do not have to worry about updated, the layers are created one by one, gluing them one on top of the other, and the best thing is that each layer was filtered with special techniques that companies have known for some time, these layers support different thermal and sound levels that subtract different characteristics specials that are a bit strangely compounded in these manufacturing processes.

What should I avoid to break or damage my screen?
There are many things that we must avoid to help manufacturers protect our beloved phone, there are undoubtedly many reasons for us to be careful with the use we give our phone, perhaps you think you know all these details, but I assure you that perhaps some of These details will serve you a lot in the future, so let’s analyze the different cares that will help us have a better future with our android:

a) direct sun exposure: One of the best ways to take care of your beloved phone is to avoid being directly exposed to the strong rays of the sun, even in the car, it is not good to leave the mobile with the doors closed because it absorbs a lot of heat while it is inside, although at least In general, people always carry the mobile in their pocket, but at some point we can leave it inside, the screen of our mobile will suffer a lot with exposure to high temperatures including cold. The sun is one of the worst enemies at every moment of the day, it is strange to talk about problems with the sun because we all need at some point to use the phone to make our calls regardless of the time of day where we are because it is part of our life Every day, we may think that our phones are prepared for high temperatures but perhaps there are countries where the sun beats too hard so it is better to take the necessary precautions to avoid that your mobile suffers with the weather when it is really stronger, if you have the opportunity avoiding this detail can increase the useful life of your phone.

b) water exposure: The sun can be a real problem for our phone but water is undoubtedly perhaps the worst enemy of your phone, well we can say that water can destroy any electronic device, and we can say that almost any liquid is the enemy of your android phone Therefore it is good not to trust and avoid that our device falls in an unexpected place, another advice is not to trust and use the phone on a shore where it can fall on a floor below, in any building, if it falls into a pool it will not receive blows but ironically he would die drowned, it is also important not to use it when it is raining, except if we have an umbrella or something to protect ourselves from the rain.

c) scratch it with the keys in the pocket: A frequent problem for the screen of our appreciable phone is that its screen can be abused with the keys that we have in our pocket, I in many occasions am perhaps not the greatest example in this case, but whenever we can do it it is better to avoid carrying the keys. keys in the same pocket, as our phone, because the screen may not be damaged at first but over time we may get a strange surprise and we will continually see some scratches on the screen and we will end up wondering how our beloved mobile screen ended up hurt, So the best thing is to bring the keys out of our pocket hanging in maybe carry them in the other bag of the pants, obviously this advice is the same with any item that can scratch the screen of our phone when we transport it in any hand luggage or in any other means to carry our objects for example on a flight or picnic trip.

d) do not turn the screen upside down: Putting the mobile screen upside down can be a real problem if we act improperly, although the real problem is the surface where we place our practical phone, if it is a flat surface it is a very good thing for our friend, well as long as it does not have no type of rough surface that can damage the screen, sometimes even the smallest particle of dust or any other piece of trash brought by the common air can come into contact with the screen, perhaps the best way to avoid these small details is to always place our phone face up and avoid that the screen has direct contact with the surface, on the other hand there are experts who assure that to extend the life of the mobile it is better to place it face down, it is somewhat confusing but not really, because this advice is to take care the overheating of the screen when the temperature is very high throughout the day, in this way according to this expert advice we can also take care of the camera and its useful life, I suppose that if we take into account these 2 tips we should place the mobile face down and avoid rough surfaces, it is easy to say it but putting it into practice is more difficult due to our fast lifestyle, but at least it is good understand a little about these cares to our portable friends.

e) scratches with fingernails and rings: Another important tip is to be careful with our nails and rings that we use on our body, I suppose that newly married people can wear rings on their finger very often, it is normal, in this case the rings can be a problem for the screen of any Device, depending on the type of ring, can be even sharp or abrasive, which can seriously scratch the screen, perhaps the touchpad will continue to work without problems because the screen itself is a protection for the phone, but surely no one wants the screen to be full of scratches because of our ring, I do not know if I can advise not to use rings, because this is a totally personal decision, especially if you made a married couple with that ring, but you can try a ring coating or remove the ring while wearing the mobile, I doubt that it is a great inconvenience although it is normal that we are a bit lazy to have so much extra care, I am another I can not deny As long as our mobile works we simply use it as if it were never going to be ruined, in the case of nails it is a more sensitive issue, because some women and also men do not have adequate maintenance of their fingernails, and that they can damage Seriously the phone screen, well in reality they will not damage the screen, but surely we will be giving some severe scratches on the surface of it, we can not advise you how often you should cut your nails because it is also your private life, but if you want Keeping your phone scratch-free is better to avoid having too long nails.

f) clean the screen with glass cleaner: A bad idea is to try to clean our phone with any glass cleaner that we find out there, in the market there are many substances to clean our beloved and comfortable home, but our phone does not have a common glass so that we can use any glass cleaner that we want, although you can use some on the market but you should never use cleaning substances that contain alcohol, because it is a too abrasive and strong liquid. There are cans with special cleaner for mobiles, although it is extremely rare for people who take the trouble to clean the phone screen as if it were a window, it is evident that the surface of our portable friend gets dirty every day, and when We go out on the street it is even worse because the accumulated dust is immense, luckily the screen of current mobile phones have a kind of protection against dust, although it is more likely when we use it often obviously, perhaps the most practical thing is to always have it at hand a small special tissue to avoid scratching the screen and clean the dust when you need it.

Can I buy a protector if the size is very similar to the original?
This is one of the interesting questions we can have when we want to buy a tempered glass, as long as the dimensions and size of a tempered glass are identical in general there is no problem to buy one that is not the original, perhaps the only drawback is that the edges They can be a little badly covered but it is nothing to write home about, the edges may suffer some damage but I suppose that the most important thing is the screen, because it is the most seen by other people, it is as if the screens of the phones had some strange curved lines from the small difference in size, but without a doubt

How many tempered glasses should I buy?
Surely only one is enough because they last too long to worry too much about the duration of the protection of your screen, luckily they are materials too resistant for any type of person and any type of use, now I think you can have an extra phone, it is normal that today users have more than 1 cell phone in their pocket to use them at certain times or places, so you can buy about 2 to protect your 2 cell phones, if you only have 1 cell phone, maybe you should think about buying a backup phone, I think that having a second mobile is like having a plan b, and all the B breads are good for anyone, another reason to buy about 2 protectors is for people who do not take good care of their phones so you can give it to your child or someone else who will I need above all considering that these items are extremely cheap, perhaps it is the cheapest accessory that any phone has, it has always given me a bit of c omezon to spend on shipping costs and not take advantage of buying several items depending on your pocket and your needs, I think that buying some several for family or friends is a good one depending on you, although perhaps some relatives do not need it but they will always like a Extra gift, another interesting issue is the colors and models of each protector, surely you may be interested in buying 2 or 3 different models to decide which one you prefer, well actually I say this because strangely enough you can only decide which color or style you want. like it when you see them directly with your own eyes, it is evident that there are few items that allow you this small luxury, in the end if you decide to buy several, you just have to give another one to a family member, this is only an idea, but if you don’t like it several options to choose you can maybe choose the protector you like based on the color you like, I personally choose items and also buy several s articles based on color, I love being able to choose between several colors, although sometimes we can not have this pleasure but I think that if you like several colors you can buy 2 or 3 different ones, but as I said before this depends on your pocket and your tastes .

what is the useful life of a tempered glass?
Depending on the use, your new screen protector can last several years and years without any problem, because the materials are materials that are extremely resistant during each step of the year and all the activities that you can do, we are talking about an article that protects your screen from heat to a certain extent, from the water, and different factors that can damage the protector and the screen itself, perhaps one of the few accidents that can easily ruin your protector are scratches or blows with sharp articles, but they are accidents that luckily do not happen Often, maybe if you are a chef or you like to cook and use your phone to see some recipes you should take some extra precautions to avoid any deadly scratches for your screen protector, because both can be dramatically damaged, I sometimes like to use some useful recipes that I find on the internet and I find it very fun to cook while I watch some video to cook more quietly, and sometimes it is very true that the cell phone can fall and hit a rough article, but the screen protector is well prepared for these continuous blows.

Can I continue to use a protector if it has any damage or cuts?
I very much doubt that it is a good idea because our beloved cell phone would be a little unprotected, especially if the mobile has contact with some dangerous substance for the screen, also something that we must understand that when there are spaces between the screen protector and the normal screen of the There is always the possibility that it will accumulate dust, something that can also cause scratches on our screen, much faster than we can think, therefore it is better to buy a new one, if you want to avoid possible sadness when you decide to change your next screen protector screen. Another interesting issue is that when we use a damaged or torn protector we can expose the mobile to receive scratches if we carry the mobile in the pocket or in the purse in the case of women, because if we carry articles of daily use such as keys we can have the unlucky to get scratches in the exact same spot or cut found on the screen protector.

a screen protector protects from the sun, and from water?
Of course it protects but you must be careful to expose your dear portable friend to extreme temperatures, sometimes users can be a bit trusting and think that they should not take care of their mobile, I think that any valuable object that you have, I will always be grateful With you, it is not good to experiment with what substances your protector can withstand because those experiments I think that we should leave them to the manufacturers because all manufacturers today carry out all the necessary tests for an article to fulfill its normal functions, also the tempered glass material can deteriorate If we expose it too much to strange environments or strong chemical contaminations, at this moment I suppose that it is clear that we are talking about the scientists and chemists who use this type of substances a lot, although we suppose that there are not many scientists or chemists who have the need to use your cell phone while doing a relatively dangerous experiment SW. Undoubtedly, many of us are curious to know what happens when we expose a mobile phone in strange experiments, there are many experiments on the internet, but the important thing is that all screen protectors on the market are designed to withstand all kinds of curious or dangerous tests.

Final analysis: apparently a simple purchase can become a lifestyle and something extremely fun for many buyers, because the options and models of screen protectors that we can find are very diverse in different aspects and will undoubtedly lead us to a state of happiness knowing that with this guide we can learn more about the manufacturers and how they manufacture these useful items, with interesting methods that allow us to make and perfect the different items for mobile phones that they manufacture, I think it is more important than it seems to protect the screen of our mobile, because we are very busy people and it is very easy to have accidents with our laptop friend, therefore I suppose it is better to give him the protection he deserves, especially if we live in countries with adverse or very extreme weather conditions such as too hot places where there is a lot of pollution and cold places where it is very cold. In addition, we take very little into account details as important as protecting the screen from closed places and exposure to direct sunlight, although I suppose that they are small details that everyone will choose to correct according to their lifestyle, although of course those that have more economic ease, do not They place too much importance on this detail that is good for them, but those of us who do not have these facilities can say that there are small techniques and tricks that can help us complement the protection that a screen protector can give our phone. As strange as it may seem, sometimes there are small details that as buyers, we do not take into account, especially if we buy items that are not the original ones belonging to our phone, because it may contain some important details that can make us a bad experience when we buy an item. One of these details as we mentioned in this article is that some screen protectors with the same size can cover the front camera a bit, therefore they are details that must be taken into account, To avoid surprises of this type, at any time, I know what it feels like to have an item that we must be removing every so often or we must cut it to adapt it ourselves to our phone, something that I do not recommend because if we start to make holes we can reduce the useful life of the material.

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