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One of the best portable friends that we can always have on hand, or ready to help us at any time where we are away from home are the so-called smart watches, those special friends created many years before to make life easier, before watches They helped us to have a certain level of security because it allowed us to be sure when we needed to be on time for our daily commitments, before it was very common to see everyone with a watch on their wrist, no matter how cheap it was, but today Watches have shown us that they have much more to give us to our advanced society, the more our society advances we need smarter watches, and now smartwatches have almost the functions that we can expect from a phone, but perhaps one of the best things that we Like technology watches today is the ability to synchronize with our phone, they also have some functions a Little curious that can serve any athlete, there are even so-called hybrids, but that is a topic for another occasion, in this article we will give you the pleasure of choosing among the best smartwatches on the market today and of course this luxury is not only for the biggest pockets, or people with a lot of money, there are also very good options for the most savvy users or with little money, it is impressive the things you can know when you research about electronic devices that you apparently knew perfectly, when I did this nice analysis one of the best smartwatch to buy online, I thought I knew everything, but I was surprised by the amount of new functions that a smartphone can have, we can even write a document, with a voice keyboard, and many other things, something that surprised me a lot is that we can use multimedia applications and watch youtube videos, it is impressive the number of new uses that manufacturers chinese they have been able to achieve with such a small device with such a small screen. Impressively some functions that may seem uncomfortable are absolutely easy to do thanks also to the technology of synchronization between the clock and the phone, and good about the batteries that use these beautiful devices I think there is not much to say because the duration in its optimal state It is incredibly long, because they can last up to 11 hours in standby state, but we must clarify that the duration of the battery always depends on the use of the smartwatch for some reason some users are always confused with this topic, calm in my article we will try to teach you All these details as always, I try to make my dear readers become smart buyers who are not fooled by anything you see on the web, hey my friend before continuing I must clarify, this article is not perfect, but it was made with the best intention of helping you and saving minutes and hours of searching.

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It is for me the best option to buy, and the most modern.

Operating system: watchOS 7
Compatibility: iOS devices.
Available storage: 32GB memory
Battery duration: 17 hours approx.
Battery Charging : Wireless
Resistant: Water-resistant to 50m
Connectivity methods: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, LTE
Processor incorporated: Apple S5.
Band sizes: Various for you leisure.
Online store Prices: between $200 and $400 approximately.

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perhaps the second best option to wear something very modern.

Operating System: have Tizen OS.
Compatibility SO: Android and iOS systems.
Display: 1.1″ or 1.3″ 359 x 359 Super AMOLED approx.
CPU: Dual-core.
Band sizes type: you choose 22mm or 20mm.
Internal storage: 8GB
Battery duration : 72 hours approximately.
Battery Charging methods: Wireless method.
Wireless Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LTE.
Online store Prices: between $250 and $500 approx.

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another very luxurious option and its memory capacities are excellent.

Operating system installed: watchOS 7
Type Compatibility: iOS devices, yes.
Amount storage: 32GB memory capacity
Battery work duration: 17 hours approx.
Type Charging : Wireless
Connectivity methods: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, LTE
Processor incorporated: Apple S6 incorporated.
Online store prices: between $200 and $400 approximately.

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a watch recommended for athletes. He has a military certification, something unique according to my research, quite a bad boy for rude guys.

▪︎Size of Body: 45.7 x 46.7 x 13.4 mm, 57g approx.
▪︎water resistance: this watch supports swimming.
▪︎Resolution 359 x 359 pixels, also support AOD watchface.
▪︎Operating System: support Android, iOS.
▪︎Battery duration: 20 hours continuous approximately.
▪︎Conectivity method: Bluetooth, BLEGPS, GLONASS.
▪︎Misc: tracking optical sensor, have 3-axis acceleration sensor, have geomagnetic sensor, have Ambient light sensor.
Online store prices: between $150 and $300 approximately.

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a modern option for users who like modern devices with reasonable prices.

Operating system: fitbitOS integrated.
Kind of compatibility: iOS and android devices.
Internal storage: 4GB memory
Battery duration: 6 days depending use.
Battery Charging :  Magnetic connecting pin.
Resistant sports: Water-resistant.
Connectivity methods: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC.
Prices online stores: between $200 and $300 approx.

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If you are a lover of Samsung products and you like reasonable prices, it is an excellent option for you.

Operating system: tizenOS integrated.
Compatibility model: iOS, android devices allowed.
Available storage watch: 4GB memory
Battery time duration: 48 hours approximately.
Charging type: Wireless allowed.
Resistant to sports: Water resistant until 50m approx.
Connectivity accepted: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth interface.
Cpu incorporated: Dual core 1.5ghz.
Online stores prices: between $150 and $250 approx.

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a very good option if we do not need to install applications, has the basic functions that you need, but of course, it has many integrated functions.

Operating system: fitbitOS.
Compatibility device: android, iOS devices.
Storage: 4GB memory capacity allowed.
Battery duration: 48 hours approx. For enjoy.
Battery Charging : Magnetic connecting pin.
Resistant: Water-resistant, yes.
Connectivity methods allowed: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth.
Online stores prices: between $200 and $320 approx.

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a very good watch with its own smart charger to have something unique.

Operating system: wearOS.
Compatibility accepted: android, iOS devices.
Battery duration: 24 hours approx. Continuosly.
Battery Charging : Charging good.
Connectivity available: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS.
Kind of processor: good.
Online stores prices: between $120 and $250 approx.

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an interesting option with very good functions for users with basic needs.

Operating system: liteOS.
Kind of Compatibility: android, iOS devices.
Available storage: 4GB memory for use.
Battery duration: 7 days working approx.
Battery Charging : Magnetic connecting pin.
Resistant: Water resistant, it’s correct.
Kind of Connectivity : Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC.
Online stores prices: between $170 and $310 approx.

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If you like different and modern brands, this watch belongs to a very sophisticated brand but with popularity in the market.

Operating system: wearOS integrated.
Compatibility: android, iOS devices allowed.
Available storage: 8GB memory expansion
Battery duration: 72 hours approx. Of working.
Battery Charging : Wireless allowed interface.
Resistant: Water-resistant to 50m
Type Connectivity : Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC.
Processor incorporate: Apple S5.
Band sizes: Various for you leisure.
processor capacity: Snapdragon Wear 4100.
Online stores prices: between $200 and $400 approx.

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A watch with very good functions and is another very good option to avoid spending too much.

Operating system: proreitari OS integrated.
Compatibility: android, iOS devices allowed.
Battery duration: 25 days approx. Of working.
Battery Charging : magnetic charging cable.
Resistant: Water-resistant, yes.
Type Connectivity : Bluetooth, GPS.
Online stores prices: between $180 and $250 approx.

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12)⌚Q12 Smartwatch:

It was Designed for children, This watch is a dream for parents concerned or worried about the safety of their children, buy this watch for your child and you can keep in contact with him permanently.

Compatibility: good.
Battery: 400mah.
Type Connectivity : good.
Online stores prices: between $20 and $50 approx.

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now then let’s see the reasons you can consider to buy a smartwatch:

1) the best portable device: I think it is the best portable device that we can have in our hands or rather on our wrist, the only problem that the mobile has is that we cannot be taking it out of the pocket at all times, because it is somewhat uncomfortable for many, especially for the athletes or people who like to run for fun or habit, you can see the clock instantly if you stop regardless of whether you are walking in the street or running in a park.

2) sim card: of course we can answer calls without having to take out our cell phone, we can even answer whatsapp calls, this is crazy friends, without a doubt good news for whatsapp lovers.

3) personal elegance: I imagine that we all like to draw attention at some point, this type of portable friends allow us to look like modern and intelligent people, for something the device is called a smart watch for intelligent people, I find this feeling very funny.

4) perfect for exercising: No matter how long the road is, your dear friend smartwatch will accompany us wherever we decide to go, even in my list I will tell you about a smartwatch with military certification for athletes and harsher environments.

5) synchronization with the mobile: This technological marvel allows us to connect quickly and easily with our phone, in this way we can expand the functions that our technological clock has.

6) multimedia applications: If you love the popular site called YouTube, you will love to know that you can watch videos, listen to music, and even take photos with your smartwatch, even to me the amount of multimedia functions incorporated in smart watches seems incredible.

7) expandable memory: We can insert an SD memory to install more multimedia files or applications to get the most out of our smart watches.

Answer & questions section

what is the best smartwatch?
If you are an impulsive buyer and you always want the best of the best, surely you are wanting to have the apple watch SE, simply talking about apple is talking about elegance, a fine design and designed specifically for people of high society and with a lot of money, although If you are from the middle class, surely you have saved a little money, to buy the best smartwatch on the market, I think there is no one who can argue about the very high quality that all Apple products have for that, without a doubt my recommendation is not It may be another, although there are others that may have high performance similar to an apple watch, which I will show you as well, but whose popularity is lower than the apple watch SE, this smartwatch has all the uses that any demanding person may need, if you want to show off The last thing you can buy this smartwatch without hesitation, every penny will be well invested, and surely you will feel unique with this excellent product, without a doubt it is one of the pro best-selling ducts by apple, if you want to have the complete package you can also buy an iphone to combine your new device. If you want a link to purchase it, you can buy it here

What is the best smartwatch with economic price?

a)Mid-range: if you are looking for a mid-range you can buy the fitbit sense, it is the deluxe version of this prestigious brand that has created many smiles and very good comments from buyers and its benefits are very good compared to its reasonable price, and its characteristics are very good for you. They meet without problems the demands of a person who likes the best without spending too much and works for most people in most of the activities that we can do, It is thought or designed especially for slightly demanding activities such as sports, if you are an athlete and do not want to spend a lot, perhaps it is the right smartwatch for your adventure personality and without limits.

b)Low range: Whiting Steel HR E3 is in our opinion the best smartwatch you can find with a economical price, and with good enough features to satisfy the basic needs of a common person who does not need too many functions that are difficult to understand or program, surely this smartwatch will be something great for you to carry out your daily activities without worrying too much about its operation, too you can buy the fitvit versa lite, maybe its quality are similar but fitvit versa lite is a little more expensive than ticwatch E2, but I think they are actually at the similar level, but first of all my recommendation is still the ticwatch E2 for its price cheaper.

What kind of smartwatch should I buy?
The best way to know which is the best type of smartwatch for you is by knowing the type of activity that you do continuously in your daily life, we will see that the different types of smartwatch for each activity and you must choose the one that best suits your Lifestyle:

a) rough use: if you like to be the bad boy, and be where the action is and have adventures in unsafe places, you need another tough guy to accompany you in the most difficult climates and terrain my recommendation would be the amazfit T-Rex smartwatch A true bad boy who can boast of having a military certification, becoming a true all-terrain capable of withstanding the toughest trips, we must also add his excellent autonomy of work of 20 hours without interruption.

b) sports: sports smartwatches are designed for all people who like to exercise and are in constant movement every day, the most sophisticated of this genre can support your underwater activities without problems, not all models include this feature but I would recommend the apple watch or fósil sport both are excellent options if you want to swim, if you are not interested in swimming you can buy fitvit versa this will accompany you in your land sports activities without major inconvenience.

c) universal: they are the best smart watches for those most demanding people who want to have all the possible functions on their wrist, they are those that have a video player, camera, internet connection and everything else, my favorites is, Apple watch.

d) hybrid: if you are from the old school or you just need something elegant to look at the office or some refined place, maybe a normal smartwatch is not for you, what you need is a hybrid that combines both designs, elegance and intelligence in a single package or rather in a single watch, the best option is hybrid watches stand out for their finesse and elegance ideal for any refined, we must clarify that hybrids have very few functions compared to a smartwatch their greatest advantage is the classic style and the elegance. you can buy the withing steel HR sport without a doubt it is the best option in my opinion, the choice and its functions are perhaps the best on the market.

e) children: if you are worried because your child is very adventurous and likes to go out every moment, it will be a great relief for you to buy a smartwatch for your naughty little one, because if you buy a model with GPS, wifi and gms, you can know in each When exactly is your son, you can even check if he attended school today, you can also check his location when he is in a summer camp or some special party, without a doubt for your son it will also be a good birthday gift, I would recommend The model I am momo H20, in addition to being possibly the best it also has a nice name that will surely generate confidence in your young son, you should not necessarily buy a model with GPS, if you think that this can generate mistrust you can buy a cheaper model like the one fibit ace 2.

what are the functions of a smartwatch?
Our beloved smart watch as its name suggests is a smart watch that has various functions that can help us to carry out our normal activities and also our more complex activities and of course it is also designed for all types of athletes, we are going to list the main functions that all good smartwatch must have:

a)basic functions: within the basic functions we have the functions that obviously any smartphone should have, even the cheapest smartwatches, of course the cheapest devices have these functions with some limitations, the most important functions are:

*alarm and clock: lifelong functions that allow us to be attentive to the schedule and our classic alarm clock in the mornings

  • calls: perhaps the most important reason to buy a smartwatch, you can answer calls without using your phone, you can also synchronize your phone to not miss any important calls, you can even insert your own sim card for your smartwatch independent of your phone.
  • calculator: the classic calculator, some smartwatches have better versions than others

*cronometer: the classic stopwatch that helps us to establish a new personal record or improve our own record.

  • messages and notes: this function may seem strange, because the screen of the smartwatch is too small to write, but if you are patient you can write on its screen like a normal phone, obviously The experience can be somewhat uncomfortable, but I have good news you do not need to write on such a small screen to answer messages or write notes, because you can write with the voice application that a smartwatch has, if you are very interested in this detail, maybe you should buy a smartwatch mid-range or high-range.

b)advanced functions: within the advanced functions we have excellent functions that make a smartwatch an indispensable tool for many people, let’s see the coolest advanced functions:

  • GPS function: it is perhaps one of the best functions that a smartwatch can have, with a built-in gps you can easily run or walk or drive and see the location where you are without having to take your mobile out of your pocket every moment, a little look and you can continue moving without problems, it also serves to know the location of another person who also has a smartwatch with geolocator, that is, you can know in real time where your child is, when he is in a summer camp or any other place, this is certainly a relief for the most protective mothers.
  • step counter: if you need someone to help you fulfill your daily exercise routines, you can have your beloved smartwatch as one of your best friends to fulfill your daily exercises, the best thing is that you do not need to stop and take out your mobile to get This useful function, you can walk or run without stopping and see your progress in real time while walking or running at the same time. I think this function is unique in a smartwatch.
  • Heart rate monitoring: if you have heart problems or want to know what your heart rate is at all times without carrying a heavy smartphone, a smartwatch can undoubtedly be the best option for you, you can have all the necessary information about your beautiful heart , and you do not need any special adapter or cable, because smartwatches have special internal sensors and when they come into contact with your skin they are able to measure your pressure without problems.
  • Music player: if you want to have your own lightweight music player, a smartwatch is a smart idea, it plays all your songs without problem while you do your daily activities, I always say that it is more comfortable than any other player because it is a smartwatch, it is a device that you can wear on your wrist and listen to your favorite music whenever you want, you can even connect bluetooth headphones if you feel more comfortable.
  • Video camera: the best smartwatches have the ability to record video at any time, the sharpness will depend on the model of smartwatch you want to buy, I am a bit disorganized person and sometimes I forget my cell phone when it is charging its battery, a smartwatch it can even help when we need this useful function.
  • video player: if it seems incredible that a smartwatch can have so many functions but if you have any video that you need to play continuously, you can also enjoy this function with your beloved smartwatch
  • youtube player: if you love youtube videos you can be happy, you can perform some outdoor task or go for a walk while watching your favorite youtube videos.
  • microSD storage: a smartwatch has almost everything, but there is nothing wrong with having many more things, if you need space to store many songs or videos you can insert an SD card to store all the information you need.
  • Wi-Fi and bluetooth connection: if the functions that we talked about were not enough, we must say that a smartwatch also has wireless functions, and you can connect different devices to combine with your smartwatch, such as your mobile, headphones, keyboard, and many others, you can also connect to a Wi-Fi network to be always connected, in any public Wi-Fi network you find.

What operating system does a smartwatch use?
Current smartwatches use a smaller version of android called android wear, but essentially it is the same version of android of your phone, of course there is also an operating system compatible with your iphone using a minimalist version of iOs, if you are worried that your phone is compatible with your smartwatch or you simply want to connect other wireless devices such as speaker or headphones you should not be afraid, the operating system is fully compatible with any device that uses android or iOs, you should not be confused, most of the smartwatch models work with android, Only the apple watch is compatible only with your iphone, you should also know that if you want to install applications you cannot use the same applications as your mobile, you have to download applications specially designed for the operating system that your technological clock has, remember that the operating system is called android wear, well it’s not really you need to remember, because you can find many such apps in your favorite app stores like google play and apple store.

What functions does the operating system have?
The operating system of watches with android wear, are basically the same as a traditional android operating system, indeed the number of functions is a little more limited, but we understand that there are functions that people do not need in a watch of this type, when Carry your smart device on your wrist, you will only be interested in the functions that help you in outdoor activities generally, but it allows you to install new apps, make some configurations, configure Wi-Fi access, bluetooth, and of course it allows you to manage and answer calls.

What capacity or performance should my smartphone have?
If you are not a demanding user and you will use your smartwatch for everyday things you only need a technological watch with 512mb of ram, in my opinion it is enough for the most common tasks in a smartwatch, but if you are a demanding user and want to install apps and store music and videos on your beloved futuristic watch, you should buy an apple watch that has 2gb ram, you can also buy samsung galaxy watch latest model.

  1. is it advisable to buy a child a smartwatch?
    If your son grew up with technology I doubt very much that a technological watch will hurt him, remember that today’s children have more access to superior technology, it is difficult for some extra device like a watch to hurt him, but in my opinion the best The reason to buy a smartwatch for a child is to know their location at all times, they will take the watch as a simple gift, but for you it can be a very useful tool to know where it is in real time, I suppose that this situation is a pain of head less, especially when our children are away from home, thanks to the GPS technology incorporated in the best models of technological watches for children you can make this dream come true.

how long does the battery of a smartwatch last?
battery a clock technological generally can take up to 24 hours permanently, but it also depends on the use, if we use with several applications, reproduce videos or do various activities with our clock wise, battery can last for maybe between 10 to 15 o’clock, also some models incorporate batteries more resistant and greater capacity, but are models more sophisticated and more price. one of the best advantages of these gadgets is that can be used Chargers wireless for your convenience.

what is the difference between a smartwatch and a sportwatch?
They are basically the same, perhaps the most important difference is that the applications are focused on sports, it can be any type of sport, it doesn’t really matter, but due to its functionality and performance there is no difference, in my opinion it is only a way to differentiate one type of watch from another, based solely on the type of functions performed by their factory installed applications, it is curious because they surely created this term so as not to confuse people, but I think they ended up doing the opposite effect, now people do not know If you should buy a smartwatch or a sportwatch, perhaps this is not your case, but many people who know very little about technology and are easily confused when there are 2 very similar terms, the important thing is that if you are an athlete, the sportwatches are the same smart watches that you can buy but with applications specially designed for any kind of athletes.

is it worth buying a cheap smartwatch?
It would only be a bad investment if you are a demanding buyer, for some very strange reason there are buyers who like to buy very cheap items or products and think that they can be very demanding when they buy an item with a very low value, when you buy an inexpensive item you can expect something good, but you can’t ask for it to be the same as a modern and expensive product either. As I said before, if you only need a smart watch for the most basic functions, you don’t need to install many applications, of any kind, and you want to use only the applications that you have installed, you can buy any cheap smart watch you want, you should also know that technological watches They have low definition camera and most of the functions are good but they only have the basic functions for a common user and some advanced options.

What kind of smartwatch is ideal for water sports?
The so-called sportwatch are ideal for athletes, all the installed applications are designed to help you in any discipline you need, even if you need to swim, the sportwatch can also enter the water with you, not all technological watches have this ability to resist water , Only sportwatch watches, if you are going to buy a high quality sportwatch you can buy without thinking about it the apple watch or the latest samsung galaxy watch 3 but if you need a cheaper model you can buy the huawei watch, it has the same functions but its ability to memory is much lower, well when you buy your next watch you already know the kind of friend you need on your wrist next time.

What material are smartwatches made of?

a) Plastic: it is one of the most used materials in our beloved planet, there are 2 types of plastics that can be used to make a digital clock, the first type of natural origin that is created naturally in our environment and the other is of artificial origin, both types are perhaps special and good to build our wrist friends, their biggest advantages is that the weight of our digital watch is much lighter than another made of metal, if you exercise I think nothing is better than feeling free of any weight, but if you use something anywhere on your body you can be grateful that its extremely light weight to do your exercises with excessive comfort, another advantage is that its production cost is considerably low compared to smartwatches made of metal , this means that its selling cost is also lower than the other type of material, another advantage is that the plastic material of our digital clock can It serves as an insulator of electricity and can save us from any electrical shock because it creates a neutral point to avoid any discharge and finally the plastic has the advantage of withstanding corrosive substances very well, this means that if you have an accident with a chemical substance corrosive our beloved watch with android wear can withstand an oversight like this, obviously it is not necessary to put it to the test just to check it, I smile perhaps the only disadvantage is that the plastic pollutes the environment, it is best not to throw it into the sea or a inappropriate place your smartwatch when it is ruined, deposit it in a public garbage container, do it for the environment.

b) Aluminum: aluminum is a very good material for our digital watches, its main advantages are its easy treatment and production, therefore it is easy to find aluminum products in the market, depending on the type of aluminum of the manufacturer they can resist very well the corrosion when wet with water or some corrosive substances, another excellent advantage is that aluminum is a cheaper metal to build articles, more than any other metal, this means that in addition to being very resistant it is very economical for the manufacturer and for us. users, and perhaps the best advantage is that it has an extremely light weight compared to other metals, but even better is the care with the environment, because it does not generate waste because it is 100% recyclable.

c) fake metal: they are those watches that are made with artificial metal, it is used only to give an elegant and fine image to our android watch. The great advantage is that we can acquire a technological watch with an elegant artificial metal design at a very affordable price.

How to charge an android watch?
All models have their own usb charger so you can connect it to any 110 or 220 volt outlet depending on the connection that is handled in your country, the most common chargers use the usb standard so that you do not have any problem replacing your cable if you lose it or it deteriorates for some reason, there are wireless chargers for the most sophisticated models, for greater comfort.

How to connect my phone with my technological watch?
It is very easy, do not be afraid, you simply have to use its high bluetooth technology to link your device with your phone, when your wrist gadget starts looking for your phone it will create a link to be able to synchronize with your touch watch, when it finishes synchronizing you can start to use your favorite applications.

I can’t connect my advanced watch with my phone, what do I do?
Some models may need you to use an alternate application to connect both devices, this application must be installed by default on your android wear watch, then you only have to search for it and establish the connection with this application, if this does not work you must check all the permissions of application of your phone, if the permissions are blocked for any particular application or function can generate the link lock, phone you must enter settings and remove that lock, we must also make sure that the watch model has its version of android wear updated, and We can also verify it on our phone, sometimes the outdated versions of the operating system can perhaps generate these types of errors.

I don’t receive notifications on my tech watch, what do I do?
Surely the notifications are disabled on your mobile, remember that when both devices are synchronized your smartwatch will only receive the notifications that you receive on your phone, another detail that you should consider is that android must have the application overlay activated to allow the linking application between both devices works in the background.

Why are the calorie, step and rhythm measurements not the same with my cell phone data?
This can happen when you do not synchronize both devices frequently, it is advisable to synchronize the 2 devices at least once every day, in this mode the data of your wrist gadget will always have the data updated along with your phone, it may seem strange, but Remember that both devices keep an activity log and if they are not synchronized continuously then the data at some point may be different, your watch is very smart but sometimes you must be willing to help him with his work a little so that his data is correct .

I am not getting oxygen and heart rate data?
It is something curious but sometimes a problem has an extremely curious and simple solution, perhaps the problem is that you have not removed the protective plastic from the measurement sensors that your wrist gadget has, they are the p

Can I replace a medical device for pressure with a smartwatch?
Many people may confuse this issue and think that technological watches can replace a medical device designed for people with blood pressure, but the manufacturers are clear on this matter, no manufacturer intends to supplant a digital watch with any medical device, of course It is a great help, but if you have a delicate problem with your health, it is better to always do a regular medical check-up every week or every month, depending on the indications of your doctor, because a gadget on your wrist only serves to have some data approximate of your pressure to stay alert, these data in general are never exact but as we said before it can help us to generate a certain confidence, every time we go outside, the sensors that use our digital clock are very sophisticated because they have that ability to measure the level of pressure in the blood, but health is too important for us to trust a device Or that it is not designed specifically for that, I have no idea what medical devices exist to evaluate pressure, but if our doctor advises a specific medical device it is better to heed his advice, if I were a crazy salesman, I would tell you that gadgets On our wrist they are the best, but without a doubt people’s health is much more important than money and those things, the important thing is that we can enjoy a moment of tranquility if we have a smartwatch considering the possible high costs of acquiring a device Specific doctor, if we all have something clear, it is that the expenses in these devices can be very high, depending on your health condition, therefore a digital clock is only an economical option to keep your pressure level a little controlled.

Can I exercise without carrying my phone?
You can exercise without taking your phone, the data will always be stored without any problem, by your beloved watch when it is running, in its practical internal memory, but if you have microsd you can also store data there, then you will wonder if I can copy that data into My cell phone and the answer is totally positive, all your exercise data on that day will be stored by your phone without any problem when you synchronize your phone with your watch again, it is good to know that you can do your daily exercise routines without wearing anything in the pocket because the phone can drop us at any time, except if you carry a special bag to carry it on your waist but maybe this should not be something very comfortable in my opinion.

can i read whatsapp with my advanced clock?
The first models did not include so many features, but thanks to us, demanding users, manufacturers today design technological watches that allow us to read WhatsApp messages without any problem, perhaps the experience is not the same with such a small screen, but you can always use the keyboard by voice, to write any message you need to write quickly, you can also write on the screen but this option is certainly not the most comfortable, the important thing is that at any time you can be in contact with your dear contacts on whatsapp, all in the dear palm of your hand, do not forget to always keep the WhatsApp version updated so as not to have any problem receiving your messages at any time of the day, the advantage is that the android version in our technological clock is very small compared to the version in our phone, therefore updates are much easier to do

How do I activate the alarm?
We simply have to access our settings menu in our gadget clock, and look for the alarm option, when we select the option we will see different schedules that we can configure for our convenience, we can select the hour the minutes according to the hour we want to establish, this is a process Actually very simple that we can do ourselves without any problem, it will take us only a moment to configure our alarm, some models may need us to use our phone to synchronize both devices, but in general you do not need to do much else, in addition to the alarm we have Other useful tools that will also serve us in our day, do not stop using them.

Are there accessories for my smartwatch?
Of course, there are several accessories that you can buy for your next smart watch, the most common are tempered glass or screen protectors, which can protect the special screen of our travel companion, we can also buy different bands, so that your wrist and your new watch look more attractive for everyone, there are various options to choose from, we can also buy other electronic devices that can also be synchronized without problem with our watch and we can use as a kind of accessory. Each manufacturer may have different options to combine with our smart watch and we can choose according to the model we have, it is evident that you must buy accessories that are designed for your model, in general, any model you choose will allow you to buy some extra accessories that can make you your life easier. The important thing is that the design, the model and the accessories are to your liking, in any situation, we can attract attention without too many worries, I do not like to talk about envy and similar things but the truth is that we will attract attention in a fun way with the other people.

How often should I update my smartwatch?
Generally the updates are a long period of time, we are talking about system updates, maybe a few months each update, it is not very frequent, but if we talk about updates to an application, things may be a little different, because perhaps applications are so useful like whatsapp we will have to update them in some 3 or 4 months depending on the developers of each application.

final review: This is one of those articles that I liked to write, there are many advantages of having such a smart watch on our wrists that it can give us an extra feeling of security because it is practically impossible for us to lose a message or a call if we use a smartwatch to This purpose, because it is a device that we always carry outside, instead the phone for some reason we can leave it without vibrator and not hear any calls, but what I liked the most was the innovations that these devices have had in recent years, now they have Functions that seem like a dream, like watching YouTube videos and receiving WhatsApp calls, I just have to thank you dear readers because you are my motivation to write articles like this, I hope it will be very helpful and you have had as much fun as I did, and yes decide to buy a smartwatch with one of the links on my page, I hope it will also be of help to you and all those passionate about technology ia.

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