Best website builder to create your own online Bussiness

Start creating your future website now : If you are starting with one of the most beautiful adventures we can have, such as creating your own web page, you must be analyzing which web page builder is best for you, there are so many options and surely you do not want to learn to use the wrong builder, therefore in This tutorial will make you happy and take away that bad feeling for not knowing which is the best option for you, the amount of functions that web builders have have their own interests and relatively some may be easier to learn to use than others, Although also sometimes a web builder can promise us that it is the easiest to use and the time to adapt to its options is the most fun and shortest but here we will analyze who are right when they promise to be the best option for us.

To carry out this analysis we will be based on the paid versions that each web builder has, it is not necessary to buy any subscription but if you want to get all the possible benefit to build your own website, then you can try the paid version of any that we will show you In this special list, I have personally tried web builders for some time and I can say that it is not easy to adapt at the beginning but it is similar when we use windows when we start for the first time, we know absolutely nothing but in a relatively short time we can learn to use any constructor, a question that we can ask ourselves when we use a program for the first time, is to think if it is designed for the most novice users and as incredible as it seems it is designed specifically for you, also each constructor has its own manual or tutorial to learn how to use it, in fact if you follow and learn in the right way you can create your own web page in just 1 hour.

Don’t give up and create your future online: We must clarify that the content of the web takes some time apart, but if you ask me how long it will take to create your first web page, because being honest it will take you only a few minutes even less than 1 hour because the builders are also designed so that our work is finished in the shortest possible time, when we say that we do not need to program it is totally true, at first I did not believe this information, but I verified for myself that practically anyone with desires If you overcome yourself, you can create your own website, this wonderful gift is incredible, we entrepreneurs have today with this technology of web builders, Before making your day with this guide, I want you to see the advantages of obtaining complete of these builders, as I said before it is not an obligation you can use them for free but if you want to obtain all the functions to create your website more comfortably you can try the paid version any of them, Before continuing I can say you, this article is not perfect, but it was made with the best intention of helping you and saving minutes and hours of searching.

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One of the first web builders that I used and I remember that its interface was too nice and very sophisticated, it takes a while to get used to using its platform but it is fun and very functional.

Wixx features:
▪︎services: web builder, hosting service.
▪︎webpage type: business, events, blog, portfolio, online store, photography and much more.
▪︎prices: start at $5 monthly approximately.
▪︎free trial: yes.
▪︎payment methods: Credit cards: Visa, American Express, Discover, JCB, MasterCard, Diners and UnionPay, as well as SEPA debit payments,
▪︎refund: yes, wixx accept it.

Don’t have time to create your own Website???

If you need help creating your personal or company website, or you just can’t waste time creating your own website, there is good news for you, because you can hire freelancers to create your website for $10 if you want a personal website and $40 or even less for a business website. (Internet workers who do almost any job for you, all remotely or online).

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2) Webnode:

This site is highly recommended for multilingual sites, because it has different tools that will allow us to create sites in different languages ​​without major problems.

Webnode features:
▪︎services: web builder, hosting service.
▪︎webpage type: business, blog, online store, photography and much more.
▪︎prices: start at $7 monthly approximately.
▪︎free trial: yes,
▪︎payment methods: Paypal, Credit cards: Visa, mastercard, wire transfer.
▪︎refund: yes, webnode accept it.

3) Jimdo:

It is an editor that has a very fast interface and does not freeze like other web editors, this web builder can be a good option for those who love speed.

Jimdo features:
▪︎services: web builder, hosting service.
▪︎webpage type: business, blog, online store, and more.
▪︎prices: start at $9 monthly approximately.
▪︎free trial: yes,
▪︎payment methods: Credit cards: visa, mastercard, paypal.
▪︎refund: yes, jimdo accept it.

link : pide url

4) Square space:

It has an editor that seems ideal for creating blogs, its editor is very interesting and the blogs will be finished in a very good way due to its special designs and template.

Square space features:
▪︎services: web builder & hosting service.
▪︎webpage type:bussines, blog, online store, and much more.
▪︎prices: start at $12 monthly approximately.
▪︎free trial: no.
▪︎payment methods: generally are Credit cards: Visa, American Express, Discover, JCB, MasterCard, Diners and paypal.
▪︎refund: yes, squarespace accept it.

link : pide url

5) Weebly:

Maybe this site is good for building websites in a simple way for people with problems to see or search the option they need for a specific task because its functions are well organized.

Weebly features:
▪︎services: web builder, hosting service.
▪︎webpage type: business, events, blog, portfolio, online store, photography and much more.
▪︎prices: start at $6 monthly approximately.
▪︎free trial: yes,
▪︎payment methods: Credit cards: Visa, mastercard, stripe, paypal.
▪︎refund: yes, weebly accept it.

Don’t have time to create your own website???

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6) Ionos:

This builder is specially designed to organize images and videos in one place, because the options are almost all on the left side of your screen. an interesting option if you like the order. their hosting service is not the best in my opinion but its price is very low, ideal for small projects.

Ionos features:
▪︎services: web builder, paid hosting service.
▪︎webpage type: business, events, blog, portfolio, online store, photography landing page and much more.
▪︎prices: start at $1 monthly approximately.
▪︎free trial: no.
▪︎payment methods: Credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, sepa and paypal.
▪︎refund: yes, ionos accept it.

7) Site123:

a web builder that allows us to make interesting movements with the mouse and has many hidden options apparently this can be a bit confusing, therefore it is recommended only for experienced users.

Site123 features:
▪︎services: web builder, premium hosting service.
▪︎webpage type: business, blog, portfolio, online store, and much more.
▪︎prices: start at $11 monthly approximately.
▪︎free trial: yes,
▪︎payment methods: Credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, paypal.
▪︎refund: yes, site123 accept it.

8) One. com:

This site is surely special for users who really like templates of all shapes and sizes, because it has an exquisite selection of themes to choose from.

One. Com features:
▪︎services: web builder, paid hosting .
▪︎webpage type: business, events, blog, online store, photography and more.
▪︎prices: start at $3 monthly approximately.
▪︎free trial: no.
▪︎payment methods: SEPA, Paypal, Credit cards: VISA, MasterCard, Visa Electron.
▪︎refund: yes, one. com accept it.

Don’t have time to create your own website???

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9)GO daddy:

this site is good for left-handed users in my opinion because the menus and options are arranged on the right side of our screens and their functions are curiously interesting.

Godaddy features:
▪︎services: web builder, hosting service.
▪︎webpage type: business, events, blog, portfolio, online store, restaurants and much more.
▪︎prices: start at $7 monthly approximately.
▪︎free trial: no.
▪︎payment methods: PayPal, go daddy gift cards, and credits cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover.
▪︎refund: yes, godaddy accept it.

10) Mozello:

I liked this website builder, it has a very clean interface and we can work comfortably with a larger screen margin, it seems to me an excellent option for novice users.

Mozello features:

▪︎services: website builder, hosting service.
▪︎webpage type: business, blog, portfolio, online store, photography and much more.
▪︎prices hosting: start at $7 monthly approximately.
▪︎free trial : yes.
▪︎payment methods: Credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, paypal.
▪︎refund: yes, mozello accept it.

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let’s see if it’s really worth the benefits of paying for a full version of these builders:

a) all functions unlocked: If you use the free version of any web builder, you can create your website for free, but many important functions will be blocked and you will not be able to use all the magic of the web builder, and it can be a bit uncomfortable feeling, luckily the paid version is Totally economical even for low-income people, although if you only want to learn you can use the free version and later you can buy the paid version without problem.

2) wix advertising blocked: When you publish your finished web page online, you will have an annoying advertisement from the wix company, but it is understandable because they need to make a profit for helping you, but if you get the paid version you should not worry because it will disappear without problems.

3) you will have all rights to use your website: When you completely finish your site we must clarify that you have the rights to your website, the wix company has them, so if your page generates profits you cannot choose to earn money, but if you pay for the advanced version of wix the company will give you all the rights to you, and you will have all the rights to your website and any money you earn with it will be solely for you.

4) you will have 24-hour technical support: You will have special priority because I think that companies always pay attention only to users who want to grow and have opted for the paid version can have better technical assistance.

Final results: after testing all these builders we can say that the conclusions are very good, almost all have very good options that can be used for any web user, regardless of the knowledge you have, we can say that some have a number of options larger than others but in general terms the basic functions are fulfilled in their entirety, and in any case the free versions of each of them can be complemented with the paid version without any problem, I will repeat once more that it is not an obligation to buy The paid version, you can use the free version, the paid version is really only necessary when we finish building our website, which can be very fast or somewhat slow depending on our ability to understand and perform the necessary activities to learn the tools that every builder has.

Answer & questions section

what is the best web builder of my top 10?

Wix: It is a web builder that is recommended for novice users, You just have to have patience to learn how to use your web designer. comfortable with many options to edit, because this site has a special tool to edit changes in good way, although it also has different extra tools, my experience using this site was good, sometimes it would freeze my pc, but I must admit that my pc does not have a cool environment, in general it is good for users with patience to learn its huge number of options.

Do I have to pay to use a web designer?
I have good news for you, because now you can design your own website without paying a single penny, so dear friend you can create any website without having to pay any expensive subscription plan or fixed payments, all the tools are also absolutely free, and You can also even start a free web page but that is another matter that needs more attention, the important thing is that you can start creating your page from scratch, before the only way to design a web page was to know how to program and create horrible and complicated programming codes that only a professional could do, thank God now this is a thing of the past, even someone who did not study anything in web design can create their web page, now it is necessary that you have basic knowledge to use a computer program If you know how to use the basic windows or linux programs, you will have no problem using any web page builder. Currently there are many builders that you can use, but you can use any of the ones I recommend in this section, they all have very useful tools to finish your website as soon as possible.

What is the best website builder?
In my opinion one of the best is wixx, its maybe the best options for people who want to design a web page for the first time, all the tools are relatively easy to use, this depends on your ability to learn new things, there are many people who They give up easily or simply make a poorly designed website, but you should not give up, you must be strong and above all have a lot of patience, if you want you can work for a while and then rest, please do not try to make your website for him next day, this does not work like that, a web page, it is a project that needs a lot of time of dedication, months and maybe years of preparation so that everything works perfectly, you can create a web maybe in 6 months, but that depends on your previous knowledge . For now, have fun and learn to design your website, then you can seriously walk towards your final destination.

How long will it take to create a website?
The truth is that you will not finish a website in a short time, it may take a few months between 6 and 8 months, or maybe 1 or 2 years depending on your free time, but it will surely encourage you to know if your website is successful you can quit your job and be your own boss. The only way to finish a web page very quickly is for someone very professional to do it for you, but it is something that can be very expensive and it is possible that the page is not created as you wish, follow my advice and learn to create it by yourself, depending on other people is the worst thing you can do is my humble opinion, when I designed my first website I practically finished it in less than a year, but I decided to improve it and make changes to compete strongly with the best, I encourage the best this to arrive.

How long does it take for a website to appear in a search engine?
Many experts calculate that a well-designed web page takes 12 months to appear in the first results of google, well they are only estimates, I cannot say if it is true because it depends on many factors, the design of your web page, the type of search engine, The season, the product or the content of your website, is something quite difficult to predict, but if you are lucky it may take less than a year to start a business with your website, it is important that you be patient and never lose heart.

How long will it take to generate income with a website?
probably between 1 and 3 years, but this detail should not be taken into account when you build a web page, believe me if you think about the time to obtain profits you will easily be disappointed, you have to be willing to learn first, you will have many failures before be successful with a website, and I assure you that you will make many mistakes if you start from scratch, then you must forget about money when you build a website, do your work, learn from your mistakes, look for new opportunities and have fun is the best advice I can give you, the money will come only later. If you are so concerned about the time you have to wait to generate profits with a website, I advise you to watch the movie about the founder of macdonald hamburgers, this guy waited all his life for his idea to be successful, they were years and years of failure He was successful when he was close to 60 years old, almost at the end of his life, but he succeeded, the key to it was patience, not all of us have that ability to wait so long, there are people who simply want everything for the next day, but life is a process that allows us to learn every day, maybe in about 2 or 3 years you will be the next person who works from home and never again has to get up early to work in a boring office, just the time and the patience will be your best allies.

Do I need technical knowledge in web programming?
absolutely not. You do not need to know absolutely anything about programming to create a web page, you can even come from the jungle and without knowing anything you can create your own page, well I am exaggerating a bit but, you only need basic computer knowledge to start from scratch, there are even some who are lucky to create a web page in just 1 hour, although this is only the web page without the web articles, obviously after creating your own website, you will be free to create content or web articles for your clients, if you are a programmer surely You will wonder what advantages I will have over a normal person, the truth is that very few, because almost everything necessary to start a website is already built in advance, basically you just need to relax and have fun designing your own page in the way that best suits you. like it and it adapts to your needs, in the past it was something unthinkable that anyone could design a web page, but we have today we can create anything we have in mind we can even do it with a mobile device, in truth if you are young you are very lucky not to suffer what other people suffered before to have a web page.

What tools does a web page builder have?
Website builders have an extensive and fun number of tools to design your site, we can list the most important ones that will help you perform certain tasks:

a) text editing: Perhaps the most important tool of any page, you can have the best web design, but if the content is not the best your project is destined to fail, luckily the text tools fulfill their purpose and allow you to create all kinds of text, I’ll be honest, at first it can be a bit frustrating when you find so many options, but when you learn to use all the tools it seems that the number of tools is small and everything becomes very easy, depending on the type of person you can usually learn to use everything in less than 2. the text tools include formatting, font, word counter, color palette, spacer, hyperlinks, and all the things that a text editor usually has, it is not office word but it has everything you need.

b) image editing: A web article without an image is something without much flavor, an image is worth a thousand words and the tools that we can find are just and necessary, we have to add images, images with text, transparent images, moving images, featured image and a lot of variants that can be used to have fun editing your images, one thing you should keep in mind is that when you design a web page you have to use copyright-free images.

c) widgets: are utilities that are used to give a special touch to your site, you can add special functions, such as a calendar, menu section, footer menu, columns among other things, you must be careful when handling these widgets, it is common that a Misused widget can generate some lack of control in the design of your page and move something that you did not want to move.

d) programming: Surely if you are a programmer this section will make you happy, they are spaces where you can freely modify various aspects and the design of the page, there is even a widget to program more easily, you can basically manipulate the entire design of your online page, you can even change the codes of programming used by the programmer to create the template that you are using at that moment, I think it is obvious that these tools are only for people who know about programming, if you are just curious, it is better that you do not touch anything, because if You change something that you should not create a catastrophe, and you can lose all the information created previously, although even being a programmer you can make these mistakes, all human beings make mistakes, it is normal.

What are plugins?
They are extensions on the tools that you have available in your web builder, that is, they are optional tools that allow you to edit things much faster, you only have to use the manual installer that each builder has, if you are new I understand that all this sounds like something from the other world, but calm the same I thought, and now I have my website. Something that you should take into account is that widgets can make your website a bit slow, but if you want to finish your project quickly you can use them, in fact I always think there comes a time when we all use them especially for cyber security issues.

On what topic should I create my page?
You can create any type of web page, on any subject, you can even make your own online store in a surprisingly simple way, I am still happy for the gift that novice web designers have, for the immense ease we have to create new pages, articles, and new functions in each site, the only thing that stops you from starting your project on the web is yourself.

What should be the purpose of my website?
the main purpose in the first place must be to conquer your clients, in reality the success of a project is based on the need of the clients, a professor once told me, the best way to offer or sell a product is to create or make known to a person who has a need even if he or she does not know it yet, then that should be your main reason, to know what customers need, knowing this you must find the necessary tools to give it.

How to differentiate my website from the rest?
paying attention to details, be a perfectionist, take the level of acceptance of your website, with the highest standards you can create, excellence does not come by itself, you must look for it, play with it and perfect it.

How should I create my website?
I must admit that being a perfectionist requires an immense exorbitant amount of patience, many people do not have enough patience and end up creating truly terrible web pages, so relax, relax and concentrate on working the results come later.

Can I copy the design / functionality of a web page?
you can actually copy the design of any web page you want, but be careful, the content should not be exactly similar or it can create copyright problems, basically I am talking about the text, you can take main ideas but you should not clone everything you see Furthermore, it is best to have and create your own idea, some people think that they can clone an entire website in its entirety, but this is a serious mistake, because search engines or search engines like Google have strict measures to avoid duplicate content, If Google detects this, the website is sanctioned and it will never appear in the first search results, then it is better that you respect the work of others, because you do not have to do things that you would not like someone else to do with you.

How important is grammar to create content?
Actually, very little, you must write correctly so that your content is understandable and striking, but the truth does not matter if you are not good at writing, because I have seen web pages, with bad spelling, appear in the first places of a search engine, something curious but this still has a negative point, if you write with very bad spelling your visitors will feel insecure about the information you are providing and that you are not a serious person, customers do not forgive they are extremely critical, well not all of them are like that, but the Most will not hesitate to leave your site if they see too many design errors or innocent errors in the text of the article.

How important is SEO on a website?
It is very important it is useless if you have quality content, when no one is there to read that content, although the truth is that many technicians think that it is more important to create quality content and not think too much about seo, this makes sense, at the In the end, we want visitors to enjoy our content and not a search engine.

How safe is it to have a website?
totally, you do not need to give too much information about yourself in a page or article where perhaps thousands or millions of people can know you, on the other hand some people are not shy, and decide to give the world information about their private life, I think it is not bad As long as you have precautions, on the other hand if you asked yourself this question about a detail called viruses and hackers, this is another delicate matter that you must handle with great care, luckily the hosting servers have enough tools to keep their servers free of viruses, They are the ones who are in charge of this matter, although they also advise that you take all the necessary measures to avoid being a victim of a hacker, it is really very worrying that someone with a bad heart wants to keep your hard work, but security with the ssl ciphers and security plugins are enough to give you peace of mind.

Should I create a profile on social networks to promote my website?
It is not mandatory, but almost all the major brands have a social profile on Facebook, many say that this is mandatory, but I think it is only a way to promote your website, it is not an amazing campaign to attract visitors especially if not we use paid advertising, something that I can advise you is that you do not use your hands as if you were an octopus with 8 arms, you must first concentrate on making something work, before doing several projects at the same time, a profile on social networks requires a lot of time to give results, and you will need more hours of work, if you have an idea to make your profile in any social network generate visits to your website, immediately do it, but do not try to do it all the same day, you must also be patient in this detail .

Should I work alone on my website?
If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, the best you can do is do everything you can without the help of anyone, except if you are a professional expert in web pages who wants to work for you without charging you a penny, well I guess someone can be that lucky , but otherwise you need to learn about yourself and about web design, computer security, fair competition, and many other things, it is not good that you pay money to an individual to design your website, at some point you will need have knowledge to maintain your page and believe me, there are many things that can happen within a website, if you do not have the slightest technical knowledge, you will have problems even with the slightest details, it is never good to depend on the knowledge of another person.

I have seen some ads asking me to pay money to update my website, what happens?
nothing happens, you are not obliged to pay anything when you are using a web builder, you can continue using it for free, what happens is that they are offering you the services that you will need in the future when your web page is completely finished, I will not enter Detail so as not to confuse you but they are all those tools that allow you to have it working and be visible to the rest of online visitors, but as I said before if you are only building your page at this time you do not need to pay anything, everything is totally free, when it arrives At a certain point you can buy the services that they offer you if you wish, in my opinion it is a good idea, because you will be working with a platform that you already know and it will be easier to create new web pages in the future.

What types of projects can I create with a web builder?
You can create a diverse amount of beautiful projects when you are using a web builder, you can create one of the most used such as:
a)blogs: It is the most used by individuals, entrepreneurs, and small and large companies. Blogs can also have important subdivisions, each blogger can have their own goals and chosen topics, one of the advantages of this type of website is that they are commonly used, they do not have too many options and users do not need to have too much knowledge about the internet, In addition, blogs are usually lightweight sites and therefore are very fast compared to more complete sites, if you are an entrepreneur and want to create a small and medium website, the first thing you have to try is to create a blog as simple as possible, it is always good to think big but the first step should always be the most important, now if you are a company you obviously want the best from the beginning, but it is still always good to take things easy, we never know how fast our website can grow.

b)Online Store: One of the most desired projects by any entrepreneur, having an online store is a dream that you can start from scratch, although creating a store requires a lot of attention so you must know very well what you want to do, the product you will offer, to whom you will offer it, And how you will offer it, the truth is I do not know how advisable it is to create an online store for a single individual, I think that an online store should always be created by 2 or more people, the only difference would be that an online store is your second or third project because You already have experiences in many things that can help you create a successful store. Nowadays it is fashionable to create online stores with dropshipping system, but this system is not for everyone, because knowing how much money you can invest and how much money you can afford to lose, especially for shipping and courier companies, it is always best to investigate long before everything.

c)Photography: They are one of the interesting projects that allow professional photographers to promote their work, if you are one of them you will be happy that you have different themes or web templates, to create your own online photo album, you can also enter the business of selling photographs, they are templates that exhibit all the best of your photographic projects, I tried a similar business but ended in a resounding failure, but my problem was that I am not a photographer, and I did not give the importance that project deserved, surely if you love photography and you are a great entrepreneur you can have your own success, something I was able to find out is that the photographers who have been successful with a photography site is because they had an immense amount of photos of high creative quality and real exclusive models to enhance the beauty of each photograph .

d)music:They are sites designed to offer the best of music in one place, you can promote your work if you are a sound engineer, or creator of any type of musical material, I have realized that some of the best online businesses are the jobs that They have copyrights, because that way only you can obtain benefits on your work, if someone wants to use your work they can pay the right of use, or pay royalties to use a part of your work, it is incredible what companies spend for small pieces of audio.

f)videogames: If you are a programmer or small business you can create your own site to promote your own video games, there are sites that you have probably never heard of, because they are sites that are only promoted online, they do not spend on TV advertising, they only invest in web advertising, And you will find it incredible the great success that sites can have even with very simple games, and others more or less with greater difficulty, I remember that when I met a site called miniclip it was like entering a candy store where any child feels happy, for So much you can program, have fun, build your team of programmers and earn good money with it, there are video game sites called MMOs that have an impressive number of users like League of Legends I think they have about 12 million active users who pay only for improvements and updates within the game.

g)social network: One of the projects that have been very successful in recent decades are social media platforms, today we all need social media to communicate, distract ourselves, work, meet couples among other things, I don’t know how easy it is to create a network social because you need to have millions of users connected regularly, otherwise it can be a total failure, but some small companies have managed to create some small social platforms with relative success, some have even decided to pay their users money just for using their network social, something that in my opinion is something that is not a good idea, because we need people to like the social network for the service we offer, and the product to be pleasant enough, if we offer money we are only creating a small group of small workers and that’s not the idea I guess. but if you are determined to be the next facebook then you can try it, before we believed that no one could worry sites like facebook or whatsapp, but tik tok proved otherwise.

do the plugins have a cost?
Not all plugins are paid, many plugins are totally free, and you can use them without any problem because they are good for improving the design and performance of your site, although if you like things fast and easy, paid plugins can offer you functions that They will avoid hours and hours of work and you can focus on other things on your website, the vast majority of these plugins are very good and of excellent quality, the costs are generally low costs that you can pay monthly and avoid headaches in the future, a One of the things that I recommend is to pay for any plugin or service that takes care of the security of your website, and the copyright of your content, in my opinion it is more fun to deal only with the creation of content and pay for someone to In charge of ensuring your website from any hacker attack or technical problems that can make your website fall, believe me there are many things that can make your website fall.

what are web themes?
They are the prefabricated templates or pieces of code so that people without any programming knowledge can create their own website, they are in other words the skeleton of a web project, basically the user is only responsible for creating the body of that skeleton, there are thousands and thousands of web themes, free and paid, many people wonder if it is better to buy a web template, it is not really necessary, but if you are a person who does not like to have headaches and you want to do everything extremely fast you can buy Some theme that interests you, most of the themes as I understand have a test mode where you can test the theme before buying it, some famous sites to buy themes are themeforest, web builders like wordpress, wixx, joomla etc. They have their own web templates and you are free to choose the one you like the most.

what happens if i change a web theme?
One of the main concerns of users or owners is updates, well, in truth, it happens to all of us, if we have learned something with experience, it is that when we talk about electronic things and electronic information, it is that anything can happen when you make a change or update, but the best thing you can do is create a backup copy of your website, before updating a theme or changing it, sometimes some theme is not compatible with some programming code, plugin or widget that contains your current theme, it is something difficult to explain, the programmers promise us that the updates are tested before they are offered, but as I said before it is better to be very suspicious and take all the necessary precautions.

can i install all the plugins that i want?
When you are creating your first website, many people want to save time and use many plugins, I cannot tell you not to use the amount you want, because if you want to advance to the next level and promote your website tomorrow you can use all the plugins you want Although the more plugins you use you will depend a lot on them, it is better that you take time to learn how to do things without depending on so many plugins, also in a certain way your website will also depend on the plugins, but if you have decided to do things as easy and fast as possible you can use it. Something you should keep in mind is that one day your website will need more space and the more plugin you have, you have to improve the capacity of your website without being stingy

what is the difference between categories and tags?
There is a lot of difference between the two, one of them has a fairly simple function compared to the other, the categories as its name indicates are used to categorize the data or information that our website has, or a particular article, that is, if you have a website that talks about languages, the categories can help divide the information depending on the language that the user wants to learn, this allows the user to see a more friendly and easy to understand interface, one of the worst things we can do is create empty content or too extensive and that the user feels frustrated by having too much information that he does not know how to divide, for that same reason we must help the user to understand and distribute that information, if we achieve that even the user or visitor can create a bookmark or favorite of our web article, something any site owner wants. On the other hand, tags are only small pieces of information about your website, which allow search engines to find and index your site, the more precise and exact the tags are, the better it will be for us because popular search engines can find better. and more easily our website, this means that there will be many new visitors every day, although this depends on the position of our site in these search engines.

what are the uses of a widget?
Widgets are information modules that allow you to add extra functions within a small space on your website, they are extremely useful if you know how to use them at the time, but you must be careful not to overload with them because you can create too many options and confuse users more novice users, something that can be bad for us, but this is another detail that will depend on what you need on your website, I suppose it all depends on your creative ability and your ability to make novice users like your design.

can I upload my own images and videos?
You can do what you want, you can upload all the images and videos that you need on your site but you must take into account important details such as the size of your images and videos should not be too large and respect copyright, so best of all is that you have up to 3 ways to send files for greater ease, but the best option is the one you find in the tools that are to the left of your constructor.

What are pingbacks or trackbacks?
It is a very useful tool because it allows you to know if another website has created a link to your website and for what purpose, if the purpose is good then it is something that can make us very happy, but it can also be used to investigate if someone is giving a bad name to your site, it is an information that has no waste, and it can be of great use to you when you have finished your web page, when you have authority on your page it will be very useful it is informed more than normal.

Should I enable the comments on my website and also moderate them?
It is one of the questions that generated doubts when I began to design my site, there are sites that have an exaggerated amount of comments, I imagined that it was a great job to edit and moderate so many comments, but there are also that do not have a single comment, in My opinion you should allow comments only if you like to read the absurd opinions and annoying and repetitive questions of people who do not know how to surf the internet, that is, if you decide to do this you must be aware that you should sometimes read hundreds of comments and that you should moderate them and worst of all you should take a long time to answer the questions of the users, unfortunately for some strange reason some people do not read absolutely anything of our article and only dedicate themselves to asking questions that we have already answered in the article and in the comments In summary, if you decide to enable comments it is because you are a person with a lot of patience to bear everything.

What types of users can a website have?
Administrator: this user has all the privileges and can manage the entire website (you), can also install new plugins and can also edit their own posts as other users. This user can also install, modify themes, also other useful things like create, edit and delete pages; edit multimedia files; moderate user comments; manage all users and other things.

Editor: this useful user does not have administration or management capabilities, he is in charge of the content. He can moderate all comments but also manage tags, etc. It is the ideal type of user to become your right hand and relax a little.

Author: its name indicates its function, this is to publish entries, delete them or edit them.

Contributor: This user is extremely poor, he can only edit his own posts.

Subscriber: limited to reading posts and public pages. You have a very limited level of interaction on our beloved website. He controls who can view certain content. Without going any further, we will say that it may be of interest for a communication campaign where it makes some commercial sense: you will have the data of a reader and these are anonymous visitors that you may not contact in the future. Also, if you generate new entries, they will be visible to registered users as the subscriber user. In addition, the user can be informed of the content published on your website (if it interests you).

what is the difference between pages and posts?
the static ones are post and the pages are editable.

Is there a limit of entries or pages that I can create?

How many users can a website have?
simultaneously it will depend on many factors, but randomly it can be thousands or millions daily.

What are page breaks?
It is a jump from an article to a new page that perhaps continues the same content.

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