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VPN services have evolved in recent times, to become a special tool for any data transmission company around the globe, there are many drawbacks that in the past made companies have problems with the theft of information when viruses and hackers began to reach the internet, although at present the attacks and theft of information have not reduced the extreme security measures that security companies have implemented to protect user data, it is evident that sometimes Even simple data can be more valuable than money, due to the enormous importance they have for the company, society and perhaps the whole world, imagine that information from the pentagon leaked and fell into the wrong hands, it would surely be a real problem for the company but security and encryption systems such as protection protocols and VPN services are one of the he best creations of computer systems, in this article we will see which are the best in the market that you can find, including details such as the price, the protection protocols used, the advances and improvements, and of course the recommendations that we can give, we must remember that the recommendations are only personal opinions based in my personal knowledge about this type of services, in the market we find high quality services that can satisfy the most demanding businessmen and entrepreneurs, I always think that the best company is the one that manufactures the best using the opinion and needs of customers, obviously in this ranking we have not included some options that perhaps are good options, but unfortunately they do not have the same popularity as other vpn services, most of the plans that have the These vpn services have prices that seem totally accessible to all small and large wallets. When I started to analyze all these options, I’m going to show you the truth, I liked the amount of options that these security and encryption companies offer us, the levels of accuracy and efficiency to protect the data have evolved and I can see that they have tried a lot In improving it, we are not going to present a perfect data protection service but they are the most popular that you can find on the internet, all the data we offer in this top is updated, therefore you will not have major problems choosing the option that you like the most , one of the mistakes that a novice buyer always makes is to get carried away by the first advertising of a company that he observes on the internet, let’s be honest, no company will speak negatively about them, they will always show you the positive points of the company, but vpn services , they have different details and aspects that we must take into account to choose the right supplier.

Table of contents:


Without a doubt one of the the most popular and we highly recommend it, and it has support for a wide variety of devices, including video game consoles.

expressvpn features:

Accepted operating systems:
iOS versions:14, 13, and 12 (iPhone, iPad, iPod).
Windows versions: 10, 8, 7, XP, or Vista.
other OS: Mac, Linux, and Chromebook computers, Android, Kindle Fire.

Devices supported:
personal computer, tablet, smartphone, Nook HD, and Surface RT mobile devices, Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick and Android TV systems.
consoles supported: PlayStation5, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One (S), Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch.
routers supported: Asus RT-AC56(U/R/S), Asus RT-AC68U, Asus RT-AC87U, Linksys EA6200, Linksys WRT1200AC.

VPN protocols integrated:
IKEv2, OpenVPN (TCP and UDP), L2TP/IPSec, and Lightway.

express vpn advantages:
30 days free trial.
many options to access exclusive services.
Secure encrypted data for your bussines.
torrent downloads.
90 countries and 160 server locations
payments methods are credits cards ( visa, mastercard, American Express, Discover, OneCard, Hipercard, JCB, Delta, Diners Club International).

see price here.
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Other of the most popular VPN service companies on the market and with great prestige, And it also supports a variety of devices. the prices are cheaper than expressvpn but they are contracts longer than 2 years.

cyberghost features
accepted operating systems: Android, Linux, Windows, iOS, mac.

devices supported:
*smartphone, tablet, personal computers, smart tv android , apple tv, smart tv with DNS.
*routers supported: dd-wrt, tomatousb, tomato usb merlín build,
*consoles supported: playstation 3 and 4, xbox one and xbox 360, nintendo switch, wii, wii u.

VPN protocol used: openvpn, Ikev2 y WireGuard.

cyberghost advantages:

high encryption technology.
you have connections Private P2P for enjoy it.
you have Personal IP addresses available, if you need it.
you can use browser Chrome and Firefox extensions.
approximately 100 server locations for your convenience.
payments methods allowed are Paypal, credit/debit card, google play, amazon play, bitpay.

see price here
afiliate link: tener web primero.


a very dynamic vpn service that has a good reputation, another of our preferred vpn services.

Ip vanish features:
accepted operating systems: windows, iOs (iPhone y iPad) , android, mac, linux, Fire TV y Chromebook.

devices supported: personal computer, smartphone, tablet, router.

VPN protocols used: WireGuard, IKEv2, OpenVPN, L2TP, ipsec.

IP vanish advantages:
private services can be unlocked in your bussiness.
you have a private P2P traffic
Very fast servers for work.
they have approximately 75 VPN server locations.
payments methods allowed are Credit Card or PayPal.

see price here
afiliate link: en cola, proceso de verificación muy lento.


a very good option for those who need to pay with a variety of cryptocurrencies.

PIA features:
accepted operating systems: iOs, windows, android, mac, linux.

devices supported: personal computer, smartphone, tablet and router(DD-WRT, LEDE, asus-wrt, asus-wrt merlín, pfsense).

VPN protocols used: WireGuard and OpenVPN

PIA advantages:
Access private services o restricted areas in your company.
you have anonymous torrenting for downloads
Very fast speeds servers.
various browser add-ons
good chat support for your questions
their payments methods are credit cards, Paypal and Amazon Pay, and cryptocurrencies. 

see price here
afiliate link: tener web primero.


a very good option that has various and very good protocols to protect us, without major problems.

Vyprvpn features:
accepted operating systems: ·Windows, Mac OS, Android OS, iOS, Linux, Chrome OS, Amazon OS.
devices supported: personal computer, smartphone, tablet, router, smart tv.
VPN protocols used: PPTP, L2T / IPsec, IKEv2, WireGuard, OpenVPN, Chameleon.

VYPRVPN advantages:
Works with special libraries
have a Good speed.
useful add-ons for browsers.
yes, they have chat support 24/7
payments methods allowed are Credit Card(discover, visa, mastercard, american express) and unionpay.

see price here
afiliate link: en cola, me pide website.


one of the largest with a good reputation without a doubt an excellent option if you need a lot of speed.

nordvpn features:
accepted operating systems: iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, macOS.
devices supported: personal computer, smartphone, tablet.
VPN protocols integrated: IKEv2/IPsec and OpenVPN, nordlynx.

nordvpn advantages:
very good encryption technology.
approximately 5,000+ fast servers.
advanced features for each client.
payments methods are credit card, cryptocurrency, PayPal, AmazonPay, Sofort, prepaid card, itunes, googlepay.

see price here.
afiliate link: tener web primero.


a service with strong protection and very good functions to have our data well protected.

strongvpn features:
accepted operating systems:Windows, Mac OS X, iPhone, iPad, iTouch, Android, Linux, Ubuntu, Amazon, Bada, HP web OS, Chromium OS, Google Chrome OS,

devices supported: DD-WRT Routers, Tomato USB, Sabai Router OS, Mikrotik RouterOS, Boxee Box.

VPN protocols integrated: WireGuard, IKEv2, OpenVPN, SSTP, IPSec, L2TP.

strongvpn advantages:
Have a special functions for prohibited access in your bussiness.
have a special Chrome browser extension for your pleasure.
good chat support for all clients.
payments methods are Credit and Debit Cards:(Visa, MasterCard, AmericanExpress, and Discover), paypal, alipay, apple pay.

see price here
afiliate link: tener web primero.


another excellent vpn with many options to have a stable and secure connection.

privatevpn features:
accepted operating systems: windows, iOs , android, mac.

devices supported: personal computer, smartphone, tablet.
VPN protocols integrated: UDP/TCP, L2TP, IPsec, PPTP, IKEv2.

privatevpn advantages:
Try it for 30 days for test their service free.
have a special benefits with Unlimited and anonymous P2P/torrenting for you.
private vpn No user logs and privatevpn no have IP address leaks.
Connect 60 countries with best fast connection.
payments methods allowed are  PayPal, Credit card, Bitcoin.

see price here
afiliate link: tener web primero.

9)🌐 AtlasVpn:

Interesting option and has very economical prices, if you are looking for a cheap option this is perhaps one of the best options for you.

Atlas vpn features:
accepted operating systems: windows, iOs , android, mac.
devices supported: personal computer, smartphone, tablet.
VPN protocols used: PPTP, L2TP/IPsec, openvpn, IKEV2.

atlas advantages:
hard protection for their clients.
protect various devices with problem.
payments methods are Credit Cards(Visa, mastercard, amex, JBC, discover), Google Pay, PayPal. 

see price here
afiliate link: tener web primero.

10)🐋 surfshark:

a very popular option and we will see many good things about this service and it is perhaps recommended for novice users due to its ease of use.

surfshark features:
accepted operating systems: windows, iOs , android, mac, linux. amazon fire tv, chrome firefox.
devices supported: personal computer, smartphone, router, smart tv.
VPN Protocols used: IKEV2, OpenVpn, Shadowsshock, wireguard.

surfshark advantages:
Very good protection
Try free for 30 days for test service without pay.
have a interesting Unlimited & anonymous P2P/torrenting
without problems no IP address leaks
we have a securely approx. 45+ countries.
payment methods allowed debit cards, PayPal, Google Pay, cryptocurrency, and more.

see price here
afiliate link: tener web primero.

what is the best VPN service for us?

Express VPN= my favorite(personal opinión)
IP vanish= very good
surfshark=very good

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Question answer section

the best VPN service in our opinion is expressvpn , I will tell you that my favorite is express vpn, for various reasons, firstly because it is a vpn with a great reputation and well known in this beautiful world of vpn services, also its advantages seem too good to me including Its reimbursement guarantee that allows you to test your service for 45 days and you can ask for your money to be returned in the next 45 days after having contracted the service, I think that the other services do not have this feature, another of the points in favor is its wide network of servers around the globe, and its encryption system seems perfect for you to be a ghost on the web and be able to access content that is only available in a certain country and the cost also seems very good, there are many positive comments about this service, all the others seem like good options for any person, or company, the important thing is that the service fulfills its mission, there are many factors tores that can make our user experience good or bad, but if you need to know what you should take into account to have the best experience, it is to look at the advantages and disadvantages of each one, some disadvantages may not be important.

is it difficult to use a VPN server?
It is very easy, anyone can use a VPN server, proof of this is that many natural or common people with you and me, use VPN services for daily tasks, such as browsing the internet on sites with certain restrictions, or to play online with a video game console, therefore anyone can use a vpn, you have no excuse in my opinion. also in this article you will find answers to the most important questions you need to know to start using this useful service.
there are many interesting terms that can serve you if you are an extremely demanding user, you can observe and read them all if you want, but if you are a user who likes to choose what you need and move on to the following, I consider that my list of vpn providers is detailed enough so that you can easily choose the one service you need, depending on the use that your company needs to give these services, the information you have on my list can undoubtedly be of great help. Also in the questions and answers section you will find some interesting questions that some users have asked, and of course they have their respective answers, in this way you can hire a vpn server without a doubt, some questions seem very interesting to me, you can take a look if You want, surely you will find some information that interests you, I must clarify that my information is very well analyzed and my investigations are very well done, so you can rest easy to make any purchase decision, because it is evident that we do not need to be testing services one after another, with this guide you can make a better decision without having to investigate so much, you can investigate more if you want but my data is very well researched and I promise to give quality information while my website be a service for my dear visitors. Before continuing I must say, this article is not perfect, but it was made with the best intention of helping you and saving minutes and hours of searching.

a) recent security protocols:It is incredibly important that our future vpn service has an excellent permanent update with its security protocols, there are many IPs blocked every day because some vpn services do not have the latest security protocols implemented in their system, also our service should not have downtime that allows us to unprotect our ip, it should not be perfect but it must maintain a high standard of availability on its servers and maintain an excellent function of all its security tools.

b) expandability: One of the main problems that any growing business has is that we do not take into account small details such as the problems that can generate the expansion of our business, seeing our business grow is perhaps the best thing that can happen to us, but when we hire a vpn service We have to take into account that this service is capable of very effectively supporting greater demands on the part of our business or company, generally the most respectable private browsing companies can give us this service without any problem, on the other hand it is important that we can detect different variants of the way we work with this service, because each vpn system has its own flaws, something that we must take into account when we want to establish quality standards in our way of navigating the web anonymously.

c) vpn service speed: After the issue of security, which is perhaps the most important when we want to have ip protection services on the network, perhaps the most important is the speed of the servers that the vpn company that we want to hire has, these servers have to be extremely fast to satisfy our demanding demands, it is not something new that every day new web pages and different updates are created in the network of any kind, therefore it is necessary or rather it is mandatory that our pvn provider has an enormous browsing speed so that details such as These do not prevent us from browsing with the maximum speed, the VPN services use a data encryption system that makes our internet speed is spending resources to load this extra data, this means that when we use an identity protection service we are browsing slower than our actual speed, data and redirection continued or they create a significant load on the servers, so please make sure that your provider has servers with the highest technology and speed of work.

d) data logging: There are many reasons why we must have our confidential data very secure, that is why we need a vpn that comply with the data registration functions, this is an excellent option when we do things like auditing in our company, maybe you are only a small Entrepreneur who has been starting this long career of online business, but surely it will be great that we have this feature, each strength or advantage is not bad, the more advantages our beloved identity theft provider offers us, we can make our own more confidently work and we should not worry about any intruder or spy or annoying hacker who tries to steal sensitive information while we are in the dangerous world of the internet, well it is dangerous only if we do not have an excellent security shield for our data such as a VPN with these very useful features .

e) encryption protocol: It is important to know the type of encryption protocol that an anti-tracing company has because we can know the level of detail and protection capacity offered by our provider, some encryption protocols may be better than others but we must also analyze the situation or the data that we handle and send and receive when we do our business online, some sites are more dangerous than others, and protection is needed against all kinds of strange things that our contracted encryption system can give us, some natural persons use these services to cheat and obtain benefits or online services that are not available in their countries, when these types of incorrect things are done the encryption must be much higher, because for example if we are working on a site that only admits US citizens, surely we do not want to be caught cheating the system , because if this happens we will be permanently banned from that website, I personally do not agree with the improper use of vpn, it will depend on you what use you plan to give this type of services, you should not cheat, but it is your decision.

f) dedicated service plans: If you are a natural person, this aspect will surely not be important to you, but for a company that has high security standards this is a very important aspect that you need in your vpn service plan, special services or dedicated services are services that allow you companies absolutely control access to company data, because they can define who accesses the most sensitive data that are not allowed for any employee or natural person, it also allows managing invoices and payments that need to have a lot of confidence, they are Some of the advantages obtained by having this very interesting feature, as I said before, it is designed for companies to make use of them and maintain a correct and restricted use of the most important data, because we will control everything even from our home because the services vpn also has this very useful feature.

g) shutdown function: This characteristic is also very important for the correct operation of a company, because it avoids device connection problems when the servers of our VPN service fail, if the provider has very efficient servers this will not be a common problem, but when it happens it is necessary that This provider guarantees a service called auto-off function, this function is so interesting for the most demanding companies, it manages to prevent that when the server drops or the connection fails, our devices that depend on that connection do not execute any command to reestablish the connection when it is not available by the vpn server. In this mode, confusion between the devices is avoided and they will not work unnecessarily when there is no server to connect at that moment.

h) technical support: This point is also one of the most important, especially for those people who do not know how to solve their own network maintenance problems, seriously there are natural persons or companies that may need technical support even with the simplest problems, actually There are times that we can look for faults where we should not look and a simple problem can become a real headache, this problem is worse when only one person is the user of the vpn service and does not have technical knowledge of networks or the Internet, for This and other very obvious reasons cannot be better news when technical support is able to solve these problems, in my opinion the only drawback is when the problem consists of recovering data that is too private such as username and password because companies want you to always prove with everything you can, that you are the owner of such valuable data, but everything else is something that is It handles very well, not all companies have good technical support, you can do a little test by asking technical support questions first, you can try to pretend that you are already a customer and ask difficult questions to see if their technical support is the best.

what are the advantages of using a vpn service?

a) encrypted connection and teleworking: In the first place, it allows us to connect with an encrypted connection that gives us extra security to be able to navigate without problem, the encryption now is of high capacity and allows us to raise our imagination with the coolest objectives that we want to achieve, for example, it allows us how company create teleworking in an automated and secure way, all companies need to restrict traffic to their own servers in an excellent way, well without a doubt we can never allow viruses to enter our servers because it would be a catastrophe, luckily the VPN services encrypt the information safely and very efficiently.

b) avoiding geoblocking: It is normal that some sites or governments restrict citizens of other countries to enter a certain site, I have always said that this is not a good practice, but everyone has the right to make their own decisions, some people use VPN to get jobs that do not They are allowed in other countries, in a few words, the VPN services have this excellent benefit, a clear example is the online paid surveys, they are sites where they carry out small surveys for a very small benefit, in short, everyone is free to use it as they want, I suppose.

c) avoiding firewalls: This may seem worrisome if we speak in terms of security, because we do not want anyone to avoid a firewall for obvious security reasons, but there are always some censorship and restrictions that can be somewhat unfair for the common user, also companies need them to access remotely to the company’s server for certain specific tasks, another advantage in this regard is the censorship of governments with certain sites that do not represent any danger to society, for example in china they prohibit the use of facebook, whatsapp and other sites can be limited where the user can navigate a reduced limit of hours, there may be all kinds of censorship for companies and common users, losing the opportunity to create great business opportunities, with these social platforms, in a way it is not fair that other companies they can do marketing on facebook, youtube, among others and that we cannot compete using these same platforms to create marketing campaigns.

d) protection in public networks: If at any time we use a public network, for some reason we can enter with confidence, because perhaps we do not have the protection offered by our internet provider, but we can protect ourselves with the encryption offered by our beloved VPN service, it is impossible to navigate calmly when we are in a restaurant or public network, therefore it is a great relief to have this extra protection for our most intimate data.

e) p2p downloads:Some companies or people may need at some point to transmit some not so important data, directly through a p2p service, regardless of the reason, we can share any file or important data that someone else needs, but the problem of these Connections is that they are very dangerous, and we can be victims of some virus, but if we have both parties or both users we have excellent security on our computer, we can share files, the problem arises when we have any restrictions to use this type of program. vpn allow us to use them without blocking.

f) speed limitation:Some sites may restrict browsing speed or file download speed, a typical case is download servers, where files of all kinds are stored, and depending on where we are or the membership we have, they can reduce our bandwidth, if time is key to download certain files we can use a vpn to solve some of these problems, I always say use it with discretion, because excessive freedom can play against.

Is my most critical information safe with a vpn server?
Of course even the most sensitive and critical information is stored and protected with a vpn server, the level of protection will also depend on the high quality of our vpn server, the better its encryption method, the better and more protected our data will be, for luckily now the encryption done by these services is too good to be hacked or stolen by computer thieves. We all understand that we have data that is worth gold to us so having extra protection with vpn services are the best things we can do, I honestly doubt that one day the security offered by services such as vpn services will be obsolete, so right now it is not You should worry about your data, in the end the only one who will see your data is the same company that offers VPN protection and encryption, but we are talking about very serious companies that know the value that your data has.

Can I choose the location of my server?
One of the advantages that vpn have is that you can choose the server that you can use to connect and use the services of the vpn company, but anyway now the vpn program created by the companies is very intelligent, when you connect the program Look for yourself the best location and the server that is closest to your country, if you thought you should waste time modifying these details the good news is that you should not worry about it, also the best vpn services have excellent connection speeds that allow users not to have speed problems when browsing the web, one of the problems or details that we must not forget is that the data encryption services are a secondary connection for your provider, therefore there is a small delay in the connection, therefore it is important that our provider has a very low ping or delay time so that you can navigate quickly without problems.

Can I share point-to-point data?
Yes you can, in the past it was not easy to do this task for security reasons but now it is possible to perform almost all the necessary tasks for each client, point-to-point networks are mostly occupied by remote users who need to access different data from their computer At home, we can say that it is the type of vpn most used by entrepreneurs, because it offers all the necessary tools and all the comforts for users to use the maximum potential with these services.

what are the types of vpn services?
a) remote access: It is the type of vpn par excellence, it may not be the most excellent of all, but it is undoubtedly the easiest to use, that is why it is the most popular type of vpn among all of us common users, this has many advantages because it is also More taken into account by the companies that offer this service, it is normal that updates are always available in this section, and the best of all is that being the most popular vpn system obviously costs are drastically reduced, although I think that Users appreciate the simplicity of use that this type of vpn has a little more, nor can we say that all users can learn easily, but it is the obligation of any professional in a company to learn the basic concepts to use a vpn, it is nothing of the another world really.

b) point to point: It is an intelligent vpn system that allows to connect the headquarters of a large company with secondary offices in other countries, using secure encryption that allows the transfer of the most important information between both nodes, generally also has restricted access, but each company It has a different way of handling this type of vpn, in the most convenient way depending on the case.

d) tuneling technique:It is an interesting sub-vpn that uses a strange technique creating pdu, encapsulating a network protocol over another network protocol, managing to create a tunnel within a computer network, usually the encapsulated pdu does not need to know that it contains the data it contains. are being transmitted to be sent, this is an advantage because it avoids delays in the delivery of packages.

c) vpn over lan: It is the least used by common users, in fact it is surely only used by the largest companies, because its capacity is much higher than the previous types of vpn using a kind of gigantic remote service, but they do not actually use the internet as a means of communication. connection for its nodes, it is a connection via lan, which allows you to create a kind of gigantic local network, this also allows you to have a great advantage, because it allows you to create access networks with too strong security with Wi-Fi connections.

What is hotspot shield technology?
There may be some confusion with these terms, the vpn service and a hotspot shield I must admit that at first I was also confused with these terms but in reality these 2 terms mean exactly the same, they are two ways of referring to our beloved service of vpn protection, in the past perhaps this term was used a lot hotspot shield, I remember those times, but today the term vpn service is the most used by everyone, I suppose it is perhaps the term less difficult to understand, this is good because all the Common and not so common users, we need terms that we can understand, especially when we want to hire a similar service, we do not want to be bombarded with questions or technical terms that we do not understand, so next time you will not have any confusion with these 2 terms.

How many devices can I connect to my VPN service?
It is one of the first questions that arise when we acquire a vpn service, surely we have many devices that we want to use with our vpn subscription, but the good news is that you do not have any limits to use devices with your assigned vpn address, you can connect exactly In the same way, although this depends on each device and the operating system you are using, but all common operating systems such as windows, mac, linux, android, iOs in my opinion are the same and easy to use, basically you just have to install the vpn program or application, your vpn company will do the rest.

what operating systems work with a vpn server?
all VPN service companies work with most operating systems including Windows, iOs, android, linux, chrome OS, even solarys.

what are the disadvantages of using a vpn service?
a) reduce speed: This is a concern that you really should not have if you have a very high connection speed, this problem can only be a problem to consider if you have a poor quality connection, in these modern times the vast majority of Internet providers have excellent services of internet in most advanced countries, and even in less developed countries, in my opinion you only need to have 1mb of speed to navigate without problems with a vpn service, if your provider offers you less than 1mb you can still purchase this service, but they can have some minor lag.

b) poor quality vpn: You may be interested in cheap vpn services but maybe this is a good idea, the cheapest vpn services will surely offer you a service that may have a flaw that can also put your computer security compromised in addition to having bad service and updates, my opinion is that When we talk about our physical or mental security, we should not think about spending less, our security must always be our main reason for acquiring any service related to it. You can take this as life insurance, maybe I’m exaggerating, but if you really want to avoid headaches in the future, maybe you want to hire a service that offers you the highest quality.

d) supported devices: honestly for me it is not a disadvantage but there are some specific devices that are not so easy to use with a vpn, but they are devices that people do not really need these can be, a video game console with internet connection, ereaders, and others devices that ordinary people don’t use at all.

Do VPNs offer a dedicated ip?
You will be happy if I answer that yes, indeed the vpn services allow you to have a dedicated IP for your own convenience, but we must clarify that not all the vpn services offer this service, one of the advantages of my favorite vpn cyberghost is that it has this feature, you can access its link from here, with this feature you can access several restricted accesses without giving up your encryption protection at any time, is what cyberghost promises us, in general all the VPNs that I recommend are great, but if you are particularly interested in this advantage you can try this excellent service.

the premium trial account has the same services as the paid account?
In general, free services do not include all the benefits of a premium paid plan.

What types of VPN protocols exist?
Some very curious users wonder what are the types of protocols that best suit us, well the types of protocols that we must use depend on the functions we need, each one has its characteristics and strengths, we will try to explain it better to you:

a) open vpn tcp:All its characteristics are good in this protocol, but its weak point is the speed and the transmission of content, perhaps not the worst, but neither are they the best, if you are too interested in these details, this type of protocol is not for you.

b) open vpn udp: Its greatest strength is the speed of navigation, all its other characteristics are good, except its stability, perhaps it is not the best, that happens when we have everything to the maximum of its capacity.

c) wireguard: It is one of the few protocols that does not have weak points, its operation is simply amazing, and its browsing speed is fast, I will not say that it is perfect, because it is not.

d) ikev2 / ipsec: It is practically also as good as the wireguard protocol, in general it does not have weak points, and its navigation is also fast, in the end everything will depend on the use we want to give it.

e) ipsec: It is a good protocol but its weak point is the browsing speed, it is not bad, but it does not satisfy the most demanding needs.

f) SSTP: It is an excellent protocol and has a very good browsing speed, but its weak point is the transmission of content, it has points to improve in this detail.

g) softether: Another of the best VPN protocols, analyzes made by some experts tell us that it has no weak points and is available on multiple platforms.

L2tp/Ipsec: It is perhaps the worst protocol we can use, its navigation is slow, its encryption is not good, leaving us a little unprotected against security threats, and it has some errors in the transmission of p2p data.

h) PPTP: If you want an inexpensive service and you are not very interested in your security, you can use this protocol, but if you are concerned about web security, it is not an option, its encryption system is too poor and poor, but as we said before, its main advantage is good speed at low cost.

What is best vpn protocol service?
You can choose between wirguard, softether, or ikev2 / Ipsec, these protocols are among the best you can use, but it will always depend on you what use you want to give each one.

what is a tunel VPN?
The vpn tunnel as its name indicates, is a tunnel or channel where data travels between a computer or electronic device through the web or the internet, the tunnel is not the protector of our data, it is only the means of transmission to be able to send the information that we need to share in our companies through the vpn service, the data will be protected in this tunnel through the data encryption used by the vpn server, the tunnel may have perhaps different configurations depending on the distance and the communication needs of each client in a area and specific time, sometimes we can confuse the terms tunelling and tunnel, but they are almost the same, because the first one simply tells us about the technique used to encrypt the content that travels through the data transmission tunnel. Tunneling technique over time has been perfected to provide excellent data protection, something that was actually an obligation for this type of services, because unfortunately today viruses and hackers are always trying new techniques to steal information from Dishonestly, we must admit that as long as there are viruses, there will be people with bad intentions, and while there are benefits for creating a virus, there will be hackers, but luckily the vpn ciphers are unbreakable and protect us enough to be unconcerned.

Do vpn services offer port forwarding?
This is one of the characteristics that you will miss when you hire a vpn service, practically no company in this sector offers this service, the reasons may be several but perhaps one of the most important is because the vast majority of users are using the same servers and possibly this can cause stability problems in the server network, in this case it is understandable and it is better to avoid congestion and stability problems to benefit only a few clients.

What types of VPN encryption are there?
the encryption will depend on the type of protocol we use, let’s see in more detail:
a)L2tp / ipsec: this protocol will almost always use AES128 or AES256 encryption

b)SSTP and softether: these protocols commonly use ciphers such as (ECHDE) for keys, GCM AES 128, RSA 2048 (ECDHE-RSA-AES128-GCM-SHA256) encryption.

c)ikev2 / ipsec: use protocols like SHA256, HMAC, RSA.

d)open vpn: uses protocols such as AES128 CBC, SHA1, HMAC, and RSA.

What are DNS leaks?
Basically, a DNS leak consists of a DNS request that is sent to a DNS server through a VPN without adequate protection, we know that nothing is perfect and this type of thing can happen at any time, this detail is undoubtedly one of the main The concerns of the IT experts in charge of the security of a company’s data are only details that can define the best services in this type of industry, sometimes security flaws can be unavoidable, but with DNS leaks this problem can be a real problem, because the protection is very limited and in the worst case it can be null, forcing the experts to take serious measures.

How to reinstall a VPN connection?
When you have a problem with your installation of your VPN provider, or a problem with your operating system that can be a frequent problem, you only have to locate the program with the package installer / uninstaller of the operating system you are using, if you are using windows , you have to go to the control panel and look for the network connections option, I imagine that this option should be the same in alternate operating systems such as mac and linux, the uninstallation can solve errors of speed or speed, and perhaps some bad configurations that have changed or maybe you changed by mistake, something that can also be a frequent problem, especially when you use these encryption services for the first time, but time will surely turn you into an excellent user trained to use these services, believe me the functions and options of a vpn are nothing compared to learning to use other programs or applications on your operating system.

how to configure a vpn on my cell phone?
It is simple you only have to use the settings application on your cell phone, then you only have to look for the advanced options of the internet or networks, and access the vpn network, then press the vpn you want to use and finally you have to enter your username and password Then you only have to wait a moment for the connection to be established automatically in your mobile, you should not forget that in a mobile the connection speed may be different if you are not in your personal network, mobile data is a type of connection quite limited in some cases, if you are on a public Wi-Fi network maybe the speed can improve a lot but it depends on the number of users connected to that public network at that time, but without a doubt it is a great relief to have a vpn service because in some At the moment we want to protect ourselves in public Wi-Fi networks, please also take into account the status of your mobile, unfortunately some users do not know how to properly use their mobile device and can generate lag, due to our mobile may have congested ram memory, if necessary you can close all the applications that you are using at that moment.


it was undoubtedly interesting to know how technology today protects our data, especially when we talk about data as important as valuable data from a company or government, or simpler things like the money we use to buy or pay bills or in this case To protect the invaluable data of the company, some decide to use these services to have a little fun and obtain some benefits that are not possible in their country, I do not endorse improper uses of a VPN but it is the user’s personal decision. the important thing is that we decide well the encryption provider or vpn service that we want to use, we do not want pain of head later, in my opinion all the options will provide an excellent level of protection, but it is always good to be a little detail-oriented.

There are an interesting number of types of protocols and encryption types that it seems interesting to know how such a simple program can have so much information behind it, I also think it is interesting to analyze a little which types of protocol and encryption are most beneficial for a company, and perhaps others are more adaptable for common users, sometimes the level of protection is also very important with the specific objective or the specific data that we need to protect, because some vpn services protect more than others and their functions may even be a little more advanced than other services, luckily if you are interested in this detail, this information was already discovered by you in the previous section of questions and answers.
the only bad thing is that you know is that when we want to hire a new service many times we do not know what we really want or need, the questions and answers section can help you a lot in this detail, without further words thanks for visiting my article, and how I always say the next visit may be more fun.

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