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Enjoy reading your passion: If you are a passionate reader who likes to express your feelings and read useful information, you can buy a book at any time in any prestigious online store that you can find on the internet, in this humble article we will see the best options to buy your next book, to begin We must say that one of the most exciting things that happens when you finish reading a book is being able to have another treasure in your hands to read, and then talk about that new knowledge to everyone through online purchases of digital books, there is books that have become an instant success and have obtained millions of sales worldwide, perhaps the next book you buy will be the next great success in sales, for this objective we obviously need a means to buy our next treasure or digital book, For this there are different platforms that allow us to buy our book digitally as well, it is undoubtedly the best way to In addition, buying our book online on most platforms is totally free, that is, you can register at any site that I recommend in the list below and buy paying only for your book, another advantage is that people feel very comfortable buying online Every time people decide to purchase a digital book, regardless of the theme of your book that you want to buy, it can be categorized and published by the large online sales companies, imagine the possibility that your book is available in amazon, one of the largest online platforms where the chances of a book being sold are high depending on some interesting factors such as the subject of the book, price, size or duration of the book among others, another advantage is that buying books online Digital books give a lot of confidence in buyers especially for health reasons, the great disadvantage of physical books is their weight, and also can have a bad sanitary process and may have some type of virus, although in the past these details were not important but due to contagious diseases that exist in the world today most buyers now prefer to buy a digital book because the chances of an infection obviously are reduced to zero.

Enjoy the collections :The best of all is that buying from sites like amazon is totally and absolutely free, it will only take about a few minutes to finish your purchase and wait for those delicious digital treasures that you can get when buying in any online store that I will present below, Another interesting matter is to be able to take your digital book wherever you want, because you only have to have your mobile to read your book at any time you want, you can even buy several books and read them on your mobile without any problem, always respecting the safe measures to protect your eyesight and have the best experience with your digital treasures. Before continuing, this article is not perfect, but it was made with the best intention of helping you and saving minutes and hours of searching.

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There is not much to say about amazon, it is for us, the best platform to buy books, if you are a patient person you can learn to buy on their platform, in my opinion it is not so difficult to buy on amazon, when you learn it it’s very easy to buy and have fun buying.

The amount of books that we can find in this site is gigantic and surely you will want to buy a book from its beautiful catalog and they are divided into easy sections to choose the topic or author that you like the most according to your interests, and the prices are excellent for any type of reader and budget, surely if you enter you will have a lot of fun in amazon.

features amazon:

â–ªproducts on sale: books, ebooks, dvd, audio books, magazine, stationery, gift, tablet android, kindle to read books, smartphone, reading glasses, furniture for books, laptops, Lamps to read at night, bags or protectors for your books, page separators and anything you need to store and read books.
â–ªbook genres: university books, college books, teens, art, crafts, self-help, biography, memory, self-help, biography, science fiction, math, sports, leisure, romance, travel, fitness, cooking, travel, and much, much more.
▪books languages : you can buy books translated into languages ​​such as, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Korean, Russian and Spanish, amharic, lithuanian and more.
â–ªpublication frequency: very highly.
â–ªbooks prices: you spend between $2 and $300 approximately with every purchase.
â–ªpayments methods: credits cards(Visa, Visa Electron 4B, Euro6000, MasterCard, American Express, Maestro International), bank account, amazon gift cards.
â–ªrefunds: yes, amazon allow it.

my personal experience: without a doubt I recommend amazon, for you, the security and comfort to buy in amazon will not be found anywhere else, for this reason it is considered by millions of people as the best place to buy on the internet, the customer service It is wonderful, and all the payment processes are extremely safe, if you are very distrustful then Amazon will take away that distrust to buy online without any doubt. If you buy the first time you will not be able to stop buying on this site. Other very good advantages are the promotions that we can find from time to time, in this way we can buy more things and with better prices, you simply have to be attentive and know what the best offers of the day are.
Also another one of the advantages you will find in Amazon is that you can buy any accessory you need to save and read your books, such as electronic devices to buy digital books and save them on your favorite mobile device or you can buy the Amazon Kindle among other things that will help you enjoy your passion for reading more comfortably.

buy a book on amazon (click here)


A good site if you want to find and buy your book and if you are a newbie you will not be confused, although I must admit that it is not the easiest site to use, but is is easier to use that other sites, the site is good to buy, because it sells other things, but if you like to buy related things you will like it.

booktopia features:
â–ªproducts on sale: books, ebooks, dvd, audio books, magazine, stationery, gift.
â–ªebook genres: teens, art, crafts, self-help, biography, memory, self-help, biography, science fiction, math, sports, leisure, romance, travel, fitness, cooking and more.
▪languages: you can buy books translated into languages ​​such as, english, spanish, french, german, italian.
â–ªpublication frequency: frequently.
â–ªbooks prices: between $10 and $60 approximately.
â–ªpayments methods: credit&debits cards, clictopay, paypal, afterpay, bank transfer.
â–ªrefunds: allowed by booktopia.

3)📑HIVE. CO. UK:

A British site that has a very good page to buy books of all kinds and other articles, however, although it has several purchase options, I think it is not easy to get lost, because its site is well organized and has good prices.
hive. co. uk features:
â–ªproducts on sale: eBooks, Books, DVDs, Blu-ray, CD, vinyl, music and stationery.
â–ªbook genres: art, crafts, biography, science fiction, math, leisure, romance, fitness, lifestyle and more.
â–ªbooks languages: you can buy books in english.
â–ªpublication frequency: is frequently.
â–ªbooks prices: between $10 and $60 approximately
â–ªpayments methods: credit/debit cards issued by UK banks only and PayPal.
â–ªrefunds: yes, hive .co accept it.

buy a book (click here)

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This site has a very clean interface and perhaps it is the best option for readers with little experience buying online, it is perhaps in my opinion is a good site to complete a purchase, but obviously we can calmly see their offers.

ebooks. com features:
â–ªproducts on sale: ebooks, gifts.
â–ªbook genre: bussines, science, fiction, medicine, and more.
â–ªlanguages: books in english.
â–ªpublication frequency: relatively frequently.
â–ªbooks prices: between $10 and $58 approximately.
â–ªpayments methods: Visa, MasterCard ,American Express, Diners Club.
â–ªrefunds: allowed for ebooks. com.

buy a book (click here)


a site where we can get interesting discounts and has very varied books, we can even filter books based on the price, to find books according to our budget.

smashword features:
products on sale: eBooks, Books, DVDs, Blu-ray, CD, vinyl, music and stationery.
â–ªbook genre: teens, art, crafts, self-help, biography, memory, self-help, science fiction, math, sports, leisure, romance, travel, fitness, cooking and more.
▪languages: you can buy books translated into languages ​​such as, english, chinese, australian, russian, spanish, Sesotho, Turkish, Dutch, Xhosa.
â–ªpublication frequency: yes, frequently.
â–ªprices: between $10 and $30 approximately.
â–ªpayments methods: credits cards, they also use paypal on their site.
â–ªrefunds: no.


If you like modern sites with modern and striking designs, maybe this site is very good for you, it has images and illustrations that make us want to buy books, I liked visiting this site and its prices are also low.

barnes and noble:
products on sale: books, ebooks & magazines, movies, toys & games, shop music for read.
â–ªbooks genres: fiction, manga, romance, comic, history, mistery, and more.
â–ªbooks languages: you can buy books translated in english.
â–ªpublication frequency: ok, frequently.
â–ªprices: between $10 and $40 approximately.
â–ªpayments methods: Paypal, credits cards(MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Visa, JCB, Dinners club) corporate purchasing cards, and Barnes & Noble Gift Cards and eGift Cards.
â–ªrefunds: yes, them accept.

buy a book (click here)

6) KOBO:

another site that is not so small and has many purchase options if you need accessories such as an ereader or tablet to read your digital books you can find them here.

kobo features:
products on sale: ebooks, audio books, e-readers and tablet computers, and more cool items.
â–ªebook genres: suspense, science fiction, romance, finance, kids, no fiction and more.
â–ªlanguages traduced: books in english language.
â–ªpublication frequency: of couse, frequently
â–ªbooks prices: between $1 and $30 approximately.
â–ªpayments methods: Paypal, credit&debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Visa Checkout, Ideal, Diner’s Club)
â–ªrefunds: kobo accept it.


I very much doubt that you do not know this site, it is the google platform to buy books where we can select from a large number of books with very low prices, and it is perhaps the most comfortable way to buy, if you are used to the services of the google company .

google play features:
â–ªproducts on sale: eBooks.
â–ªebook genres: biography, science fiction and more.
â–ªlanguages: multilingual.
â–ªpublication frequency: very frequently.
â–ªprices: between $3 and $15 approximately.
â–ªpayments methods: google play.
â–ªrefunds: they accept it.


this site called harlequin is a site with a lot of romance, if you like readings on relaxing and loving topics I think you will love this site because its central theme is in my opinion precisely this.

harlequin features:
products on sale: eBooks, books.
â–ªebook genres: romance, fiction, games & adventure.
â–ªbooks language available: only in english.
â–ªpublication frequency: more or less frequently.
â–ªprices: between $5 and $35 approximately.
â–ªpayments methods: credit card (visa, mastercard), check.
â–ªrefunds: according to read, yes.


Now we analyze this site called blackwells, the truth was that I was a bit confused when I started looking for a book, but it is a site with books and interesting prices to have a little fun, its interface is good and it is relatively easy to buy on this site.

blackwells features:
products on sale: Books, gifts & stationery.
â–ªebook genres: home & garden, biography, science fiction, sports, travel, fitness, and more.
â–ªbooks languages: you can buy books translated in english.
â–ªpublication frequency: yes it’s frequently.
â–ªprices: between $10 and $45 approximately.
â–ªpayments methods: Mastercard / Eurocard.
Visa, Debit cards (Delta), Blackwell Personal Account Card, Switch / Maestro.
â–ªrefunds: yes, they accept it.

buy a book (click here)

Let’s make a comparison and why you should buy a book online:

advantages of buying a physical book online:
a) you respect the essence of old books, and our grandparents and ancestors.
b) you feel the freedom to read in your hands.
c) Physical books are not affected by the reflections of the sun like a digital book.
dIt) is easy to lose a digital book but a book is too big to lose except if you have a bookstore at home.

advantages of buying a digital book online:
1) you find what you are looking for compared to physical books: It is much easier to find an online book than a physical book because everything is done from the comfort of your home.
2) shipping costs: You should not spend a single penny on shipping costs like a physical book, you just buy your digital book and that’s it.
3) infectious diseases: surely you have realized that the world has numerous infectious diseases that have affected the world, with virtual books obviously you cannot get infected as can happen with a physical book.
4) e-books never deteriorate: Physical books deteriorate over time, but digital books will always be with you.
5) you can carry thousands of digital books on your mobile: Physical books can take up a lot of space in your room or home, but e-books will never give you this headache.

Which online library do you recommend?
If you are a newbie and just want to buy books, I recommend booktopia. but the most famous and used bookstore is amazon books, if you like to try the most recognized brands you can use it, but the truth is that using other bookstores also has its advantages, when a business is not so popular it is normal for customer service to have more time to assist you when you need to ask questions, I am not saying that amazon does not have a very dedicated customer service, but it is an important detail for any new customer, the speed to clarify the doubts you have in your first purchase, I will summarize to Here are the things that allow you to make a good choice when you want to choose a good library:

a)variety of books: I think my favorites in this regard is amazon. When you start your adventures looking for something in a store, surely when you find an immense variety of that product you like to feel like a child in a candy store, seeing all those candies that you can buy at very good prices, well this is one of the most important factors to choose. an online store is to be able to choose between a large and select variety of books and new editions and updates that allow us to know the best books and the latest trends in book fashion, in this case we can say that practically all bookstores are a little similar by variety of books, I always recommend a small online store if you are a buyer who does not like to waste a lot of time doing searches, because if you use amazon being a novice using the internet you may get confused very easily, sites like amazon are for people who you have a basic knowledge of the internet and that you can use your site without having to learn too much, if it is It is very difficult for you to find something on the internet or you want to start buying books online as quickly as possible, you should first try to use online stores of books other than amazon, surely you will feel less frustrated when you try to search for something, amazon is a site that has an immense amount of options something that can only be useful if you are patient enough to understand all the useful options that you have.

b)prices: Without a doubt it is perhaps the most important factor if you care more about your pocket than your personal tastes, you may want to choose Amazon, ebay, google play and Apple books the prices that the Americans giants have are perhaps the best, actually I think there is not much difference between these 4 giants amazon, ebay, google play and apple books, the other bookstores that I recommend still have very good prices even maybe some books can have almost the same price in all online bookstores such as smashwords site. although all online bookstores that I present in this top have very good prices, maybe the difference is not too important for you, but if you like to buy and save at the same time, as I said before, maybe amazon, ebay or apple books is the best option for you, but be sure to see the other online bookstores that I recommend in this article , the advantage that there are fewer books in a store can be the key to finding a lost jewel in larger bookstores in other words it is easier to find a haystack than to find a needle in a haystack, and then there is always something that may interest you In other bookstores, one of the most motivating and happy things for buyers of literature is that digital products do not carry any additional shipping costs and do not have additional costs of taxes for import duties, well I do not want to confuse you, the important thing is that buying books is not the same as buying other physical items because you have much higher expenses that undoubtedly make a big difference, in that sense you can rest easy because only You will be buying the real cost of the book, you will only have to worry about choosing your book well, but I must clarify that it is not the same amazon books and amazon kindle, between the two there are very notable differences, amazon books are physical books that you can buy in your store Obviously this if you have shipping and import costs that you must pay, the advantage is that Amazon already covers all those costs, that is, your Amazon invoice already includes all shipping costs including import, nothing to worry about in that sense, but yes You want to save even more money, there are some ways to get free shipping of your book to your door if necessary. not all shipments are free that will depend on each book and each seller.

c)ease of reading: Something important that any reader likes is the ease of reading and seeing the collection of books that you can buy, in general all stores have an elegant and well-designed shape on their websites, I don’t really think you see much difference in this sense, in my opinion all are well designed and there are few things or few details to tell, it is true that some may have a better design in some details but they are unimportant details I think, anyway all websites have something to they lack and others have too many things, it is only a matter of taste, the covers are a detail very well worked by all online bookstores, it is good for everyone because it will be more fun to buy books at any time.

d)reviews: If you are reading this detail, surely you are a person who does not buy anything without seeing the reviews of other buyers, in this case it seems to me that Amazon is ahead compared to its competitors, Amazon has more sales and this means that more buyers leave their opinion About the book, the only problem is that there is no way to know if all the comments are totally honest, but in general the comments on amazon books are very useful to determine the quality of a book, I understand that they have been concerned about not allowing opinions dishonest, that’s good, in my opinion it is only a matter of common sense and you can know what opinions will help you decide if the book you are looking at is the right one for you, the other online bookstores also have reviews but they are few compared to amazon So if opinions are too important, you know where to start, practically all books are full of reviews and interesting details. that are useful before buying, in the other web pages that I recommend maybe they have few reviews but that does not mean it is bad, sometimes a review has more information than 10 reviews, I say it from experience, many people think about things that we do not It is interesting to know and perhaps there are always interesting opinions in other online libraries, it is your decision.

e) book synopsis: In this sense, I also think that there is no difference between each online bookstore, they all have interesting personal reviews and synopses that accurately detail the content of the book, well I don’t think a review and synopsis writer needs too much magic to describe a book. In my opinion it is something that anyone with inspiration can do, the important thing is that the description of the content of the book is a detail or characteristic that you will find in any online book sale site, I will not go into detail to say what synopsis they are better in each site, because you will agree with me that it is not something so important, then we can say that this detail any online bookstore can serve you without any problem to know the content of a book before making a decision, without a doubt that nobody wants to read something that has no relation to our favorite topics, you can buy with peace of mind without worrying about this detail.

f)available formats: The 4 giants are your best option if you are looking to buy books in different formats, amazon, ebay, apple books and google play are again at the top, if we take into account the variety of formats to download a book, but sites like ebooks. com and smashword have interesting things in this detail, you can choose between epub and pdf format, you only need a program called pdf reader or ebook reader to enjoy your book, but there are other online libraries that do not have this advantage and only offer physical books, something that It seems to me a great disadvantage for them, the sites recommended by me in this article practically all have this advantage selling digital books that you can buy at any time, the pdf format and the epub format are the best formats in my opinion to read a good book with your eyes.

g)preferred authors: Another factor that falls in love with any reader or fan of any books or movies is the detail of the author, it is never the same that a second book is written by a different author, ideas can change too much, in this sense, I think that the Authors will hardly find it on a single website, although the authors of the most famous books may have exclusive contracts with any website, I think that again the 4 giants amazon, ebay, apple store, google play are the most preferred by the greatest authors of books, this does not mean that you can not find your favorite writer in other sites but perhaps it is easier to find them in the 4 giants of the online book trade.

h)offers: If you are looking for offers I believe all book sale sites can serve you, even ebooks .com sites and smashwords has juicy offers that you may like, I think that any site on my top list can serve you so that you can enjoy saving money, in this way I think all the Sites are good to get special offers that you can get with special coupons, if you are going to buy for the first time, there are always delicious discounts and special offers especially for new buyers. maybe in sites like amazon or ebay it seems to me that it is a little more fun to use the discount coupons and promotions that you find in these 2 sites, I think they do a good job in this regard.

i)updates: Another important factor is the updates of the books that you can find, something that drives any nerd or fan of a certain series crazy, is to see new episodes or books of that same saga, this characteristic I think is stronger in the 4 giants of the e-commerce again I speak of amazon, ebay, google play and apple books, the more books have a website, the more it needs to be updated and I think that the best option is to use any of these 4, although the other sites recommended by me also have some updates interesting that can be useful if you like the other sites, updates occur weekly this depends on the popularity of a book and of course depends on the agility of the writer to renew their new editions, luckily the websites have special alerts to notify you when a product It is new or it is becoming popular, not always the things that are popular are liked by everyone but most and sometimes they are excellent options to read, most are not always right but most of the time.

What do I need to start buying and reading books online?
a)internet connection: The basic question, of course you need a good internet connection for your browsing experience to be very entertaining, usually you only need a speed of 1mb for your browsing experience to be the most optimal, if you still have a slow connection of 512kb or less, you can access without problems although you need a little patience to load the pages, remember that your device must also have a good memory capacity so that you can buy happily without problems, I do not know if there are countries where the internet connection is so slow but in general they are not obstacles that prohibit you from buying, you can still do it.

b)credit card: Yes, some young people are afraid to go to a bank to ask for a credit card, if that is your problem you can do 2 things, first you can borrow the credit card of your parents, or friends. secondly, you can request a debit card at any bank. These cards are easier to get, they fulfill the same function as a credit card, you will surely wonder what type of card you need, don’t worry, any bank can give you this card, but you must say that you need a card that allows you to make purchases online , that’s all.

c)reader device and program: Finally, but also important, you must have a device to read your newly acquired books, before everyone used the computer for everything, reading, working, playing etc. But now you can use several devices to read, your mobile, electronic agenda and any other electronic device that allows you to read books, you will also need a program to read a book, the most famous is Adobe Reader, I think most of the devices already have installed this program or similar programs, I do not think you will have a major problem using your devices and reading your beloved book.

what is ebook?
An ebook is a digital or virtual book, which was edited so that you can read it on any electronic device that allows you to read digital books such as a computer, a smartphone or a telephone, among others. In other words, if you buy a book in ebook, epub, pdf format then you only need your computer or your phone to be able to open it and read it without problems.

What formats can an electronic book have?
They can have digital formats such as pdf, ebook, epub, mobi among others, but the most popular are the first 3, as I said before you may not need to install anything on your computer or phone, because they already include programs that can read these formats without No problem, in my opinion you should not pay attention to this detail, it is easy I assure you.

what is the difference between ebook and epub and PDF?
Actually there is no difference, you can buy books in any of the 3 formats, both are useful for reading on mobile devices, the only difference is when you buy books in pdf format, this format is designed so that you can read books only on your computer, This is because the content of the book does not easily adapt to the screen of a phone, tablet or any other mobile device, this does not mean that you cannot read books in pdf format on your mobile, but the reading experience can be very uncomfortable because you must be adjusting the text to read it on your touch screen, but there are special apps that can allow you to read pdf without this inconvenience, you just have to install an app that can be used to read self-adjusting pdf.

the books in the websites are physical or virtual?
Both types of books can be bought without problem if you like to read with physical books you will not have any inconvenience to buy books that you can read in a classic way, but of course you can also buy digital or virtual books, these are my favorites, because you can take digital to everywhere, that is, you can have a large collection of books on your small mobile device, but if you like to carry books in your bag and read quietly, it is your decision, the important thing is that you enjoy it and learn more about life with your loved ones books.

what is a ereader?
It is a device that is specifically designed to read books in digital format, the appearance of this device is similar to a tablet, the big difference is that an ereader device only allows this function but in return offers a reading experience much easier to read With practically any format and also does not have reflections from the sun, this allows us to read without damaging or wearing down our eyes, this is a common problem with mobile phones, the brightness is too strong for our eyes and that is why we end up tired of reading, with an ereader will no longer have any of these problems.

which device is the most suitable for reading digital books?
There are many on the market, the famous ones are the Amazon kindles, among these you can find low, medium and high-end devices. All owned by amazon, each model has its own advantage, and they have different characteristics, the difference is not only the price, I must also tell you that there is another special device for reading called ink reader, this device is something strange although it is not a device new, in fact it was launched on the market before ereaders, they are devices that allow reading books written with digital ink, that is, the author of the book uses a special pen to write on the touch screen of a device, and allows the write In the same way that I would write about a physical or common book, then to read this type of book you also need a special device called an ink reader, well although now I think ereaders can also read ink book books, the truth is that this topic is not important that you know but maybe avoid doubts in the future.

What should I keep in mind if I want to buy an e-reader?
If you want to buy an ereader device you only need to know what your needs are as a reader, if you are a reader who goes crazy with reading and you want the best you can buy a high-end ereader, such as the kindle paperwhite they usually cost the same as A tablet, they are not very expensive, there are different types and prices and you will definitely like them and you will read very often with these devices, the best thing is that you can find them easily on sites like amazon or ebay you can buy here If you are a user who likes to pamper your pocket then you can buy a mid-range or low-range kindle, they are also very good and have good performance, enough for what you need, there are other models on the market but I really recommend only The amazon kindles, in my opinion are the best you can find in these busy days and of course you can buy these devices from my website, my website is designed to serve as a buying guide for novice buyers and common buyers who are looking for better deals and you can also know the products that we recommend here in your online shopping guide.

can i transfer adobe files to amazon kindle device?
If you can, you only have to connect your device to the computer locate the storage unit that belongs to your device and when it is ready you can send all the books you need to your ereader device, today these devices have a Wi-Fi connection that allows them download files directly in this way you can buy and read more books more comfortably without using your computer and you do not have to waste time transferring files from the computer to your beloved kindle. You can pass any text file you want as long as they are the files that a kindle can read, remember that these are pdf, ebook, epub, Mobi etc. Another important factor is that the storage capacity of your kindle is large enough to store thousands of books, it is estimated that your kindle can store between 2000 and 4000 books without any problem, if you have a high-end kindle you can store even more, imagine having all that pile of sweets in one place in the palm of your hand, without a doubt the fun is guaranteed and the good thing is that you don’t need to install anything to read them because our dear friend has everything you need installed so that you can start having fun reading from the first moment.

What can I do with a purchased electronic book?
When you buy a digital book to be able to read, you always have the option of doing with it what you want as long as you do not infringe the copyright that that book has, all books have laws that allow nobody to use them illegally, it is Say you can save it, copy it, you can even print it as long as you don’t do it several times, you can only print it once, each book, because they have a protection that detects when someone wants to print it 2 times, by the way if you decide to print it you must make sure that your printer It works very well, because otherwise the protection system will detect a printing failure such as the attempt to make a second impression, it may seem somewhat strict, but this is how that protection system works, these are some of the restrictions you have when you buy a book, these laws are also applicable for a physical book, but obviously nobody forces people to respect these laws, in my country copy it Books without the author’s permission is unfortunately a common practice, although it is understandable that people want to save money, in the end these are your decisions, but anyway if you are an honest buyer you will surely do the right thing and respect the copyright of each book .

How many books should I buy?
It is a curious question but when we buy for the first time, we ask ourselves how much we should buy, surely you are afraid of losing a special offer or a special discount coupon, but my recommendation is that you should have at least 2 books, the main reason for this advice not the economic issue, actually it is because if you read a book and it is not very interesting you can choose to read 2 books at the same time, many readers like this practice, I will not go into details to say if it is a good practice, but In my opinion, it is not good to force our interest when we are reading something that generates little interest, this can create an emotional exhaustion that can create negative cash towards similar books or of the same genre, a book of a certain genre may seem boring to us , but that does not mean that there are no funny books with the same genre, sometimes the same thing happened to me, with books, series or video games, you try too hard You have to finish a book or series and then end up stressed and you may not even finish reading the book, or you just don’t want to know anything about that same book author.

How can I know if I would like a book?
I think the easiest way we can know if a book is good for us is by knowing the author, depending on the subject, the synopsis of the book should give us clues about the history of the world where the characters develop and there must also be a good story behind each character, especially the main character, the plot must not have holes, it must be very solid, it is curious but in my opinion the most interesting books are those where the author does not make much noise about the story that his book has, because he wants the reader to discover for himself if the book is to his liking, on the other hand, the less interesting books are those where the writer makes too much noise and exaggerates the synposis too much and uses images that are too impressive to mislead the reader a bit, something similar It happens with movies and video games, the covers can be manipulated to attract too much attention, the only exception would be books that are becoming extremely e popular, usually a book that sells a lot is because it is very good. something I’ve observed is that when a story has interesting characters this is included on the cover. the best way to do this is by reading one of his books, to know the author, I firmly believe that the best way to know if a book is good is to know the author.

In what language can I find books?
Currently you can find books in practically any language, obviously the most used language is English because it is the most used language in the entire planet, but without a doubt you can find the books you like in your language, on the top of websites, above In this article you can see all the languages ​​that you can read, in general the most used languages ​​are Spanish, English, French, German among others, in reality it is not something that important if you speak these languages, most famous books are translated to many languages, the same happens with movies and television series, if you speak English or simply know how to read English, you can certainly be a very good thing because the first editions of the best books are generally made in this language, if you cannot read English You almost always have to wait for that book to be translated into your native language, the translations today are fortunately excellent and we will not have any problems in this regard, re I remember that before the translations of books and series were bad, but over time it was improving, if you are young you are lucky because you have everything at your fingertips, and with the best quality, before as I said earlier this detail was a problem.

How can I know which is my favorite genre?
The best way to know what your favorite genre is is to define the type of person you are, If you are a slightly indecisive person, do not worry, we will find out what type of person you are, we will see some details that can help us to know which gender is right for you:

a)Outgoing person: if you are an outgoing person you will surely like adventure and action books because they are open world where there are no limits to develop within the story.

b)Introverted: If you are introverted or shy, you will surely like stories with a lot of drama, and a certain degree of curiosity and a bit of madness is telling stories where the characters are innocent people trying to do strange things.

c)emotionally strong: If you are a person with a strong enough mentality and you are not afraid of anything, then you need books that have strong enough stories, these genres can be, action and suspense. Well it will depend on you how brave you think you are to read horror stories but honestly I do not advise anyone to read or watch something that is disturbing.

d)rebellious: If you are a person who enjoys breaking the rules, surely you will like books that have slightly sensitive topics, this genre can be action and adventure.

e)conservative: If you are a conservative person and you do not like strong emotions, you will surely like books with genres such as drama, fiction, comedy.

f)sentimental: If you are that type of person who likes to remember old times and any sad memory makes you feel bad, then you need books that generate positive energy through negative energy, if you are really sentimental you will understand what I am talking about, you can read books about, drama, fiction, comedy, adventure.

g)cunning:If you consider yourself a very clever person and who has a high degree of perception to find quick solutions then you can read stories about mystery, fiction.

h)highly polite:Well I think it’s obvious, if you like to respect others and be polite, you can read about any educational book, for me they are very boring books but surely for you they are the best that exists.

who decides the final price of a book?
The price of each book actually depends on the author and the publisher in charge of distributing the book, usually a writer takes between 1 and 2 years to finish a book, these are factors that determine what price a book will have, I imagine this question it is just curious to know why some books are so expensive compared to others that they are not sold or are simply not popular, unfortunately also resellers when a book sells a lot it is normal that they raise the price much more

what format is better to read a book?
all the formats are good, but the pdf format is better when you use a pc or a laptop, because they are fixed formats, in other words you cannot adapt the content on a mobile.

can I search for books by author?
In the search settings of any sites you only have to look for the option to search for books based on your favorite author, it is not something difficult, the first time it may take a moment to find it but the second time it will surely be much easier to search for your favorite authors.

What book do you recommend for each season of the year?
I know it is a strange question, but surely you have ever wondered if this question deserves an answer, in short I can tell you that action and adventure books are good for spring, books about drama, romance, education are good for half of the year, and fiction and mystery books are good for the end of the year.

What book do you recommend for my state of mind?
If you really have emotional problems, maybe the best thing would be a self-help book, but you can also read books about how to be successful in life and any story that generates positive energy in your mind, success stories that you can learn a lot with them, is something normal that we are depressed or sad at some point in our life, I always say that it is good to be distracted with these types of books, these types of books, although I think that the best of all is undoubtedly the bible, well I hope you believe in God, it’s your decision.

I wait for a sequel to a book how long does it take to create a book?
Surely if the book was very successful the second installment of a book will not take long to arrive, generally it will take less than 2 years, although it may take only 1 year depending on the type of book and the author’s ability to generate a story in a short time. time, according to research the best writers when they write novels that have been successful around the world can take up to five years to write, without a doubt it takes a lot of patience to write, well obviously for the reader the wait is not easy either.

What book can a child like?
The only way to know is by knowing his personality, if you are a parent who needs your child to learn a lot and be a very intelligent person, you should know where his interest lies, for example if he likes to color or draw a lot, he may like some genius painter Like Da Vinci, he was a great genius who made many interesting and strange inventions for his time, in fact they believed that he was crazy for creating such interesting things, as I understand it.

what is Drm?
are the technologies used by publishers to restrict the use of copyrighted books, this is not something important that you need to know, but there is always someone who has doubts like this, as I said before the authors of books and publishers need to protect their content something totally understandable, therefore DRM is a technology that helps them protect themselves from the famous piracy.

after seeing and reading different platforms to buy books online, we can say that the evolution has been positive for everyone, because before it was very annoying to go to a physical store and start wasting time looking for books in a boring bookstore, because surely that at some point you will not find what you were looking for but when you buy books online it is surely almost impossible not to find what you are looking for because there are an infinity of books that you can buy from the comfort of your home without moving anywhere, physical books will always be useful in educational institutions but I think that digital books are the future of young readers who want to spend more time choosing a book, than physically moving to stores where they may not find a book of interest, therefore buying online can be a safe option for you, another advantage is that you do not need to pay shipping costs because physical books need to be shipped and if you are lucky it will reach your hands safe and sound, buying digital books obviously avoid this type of headache. And of course physical books can be damaged at any time but digital books are indestructible, obviously the only problem would be that we ruin our mobile, but our book will remain intact if we have it stored in any other mobile backup device. also when you look for a book in a physical bookstore it is much more complicated to find books because the categories are not many, basically some bookstores are only differentiated perhaps by author or by isbn, while with an online search engine you can find a book with many search aspects such as the author, the theme, popularity, price, size and many other search aspects that you will undoubtedly like, and it will serve you to have fun looking for that treasure that will surely be better for you than a treasure on a lost island, because the amount of books that are on the internet will undoubtedly be a great collection that will keep you busy for a long time every day, it can even be a bit sick because you buy a lot of books that you cannot read, but if you are a disciplined reader this will surely be a positive factor for you, because I also read some books when I was young and had a lot of free time, I must admit that I have learned many things Thanks to digital books, therefore education and fun is guaranteed for you, because there are many suitable moments to read a book, when you travel and go camping, I imagine it must be a great relief to have a book to entertain you with These online book stores that I have analyzed we can say that in general terms it is very fun and to find books with very cheap prices, there are many writers out there who need to publicize their work, and therefore they sell their books with very low prices, so We can say that money is not a problem to acquire our next jewel of digital literature.

we can conclude that today , It is time to find out about what happened in the world some centuries, dozens of ago, discover new places that we did not know, entertain ourselves with fantastic stories of all genres or simply have a moment of peace and tranquility reflecting on life reading a good book, there are many reasons to buy a new book, especially if it is a digital book that we can carry on our mobile device of our preference anywhere and at any time, one of the things that scientists most associate with being a person Smart is to read a lot, a little of everything, not all people have the same passion for reading because some like me only read books that have entertaining stories, but it is interesting to meet people who are practically not bored with any book, well at least that is what they say, regardless of the reason, today we cannot miss the opportunity to read and learn to become an n very smart people, I don’t know what things you should read to be very clever but as I understand they have to be useful things for college and university, not how much damage it can do us to read too much because social life is also important but the important thing is to give it Wings to your passion and make the most of it, if we think well, reading was in ancient times one of the few ways to entertain our ancestors, it is not surprising that they appreciated the few books written at that time, perhaps the only advantage they had At that time, the stories were not yet told and there was a lot of imagination to release and of course a number of exciting books and legends were born and I think that all lovers of reading in our day should also read and learn from them.

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