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Email marketing is one of the best advertising strategies that any company can employ in this globalized and modern world because the potential of hiring one of these companies is quite essential to update the brand of any company and of course acquire an extensive and new list of potential clients, search engine marketing strategies are more diverse than many may think, it is not only about appear in a search engine without any meaning or any clear objective because the different methods that we can use to reach each specific client, in the past have Those expensive traditional methods where companies distributed flyers everywhere to promote any product they wanted to launch on the market remained, because these methods are undoubtedly old and extremely unfeasible especially for companies with a low budget that need a rapid expansion, there are many reasons to hire an search engine marketing company or because some of them also offer us extra services so that all the objectives that we need to meet are proposed by our possible contracted company, something that benefits all companies with this type of services is that the costs are extremely low compared to the benefits obtained with This service, at first we may think that this process is very easy, but there are techniques and tricks that only an experienced company in this sector can perform. also in the list that we will present below we can see different details that will allow us to know the best options to hire one of these companies,

In my opinion it is good to know several aspects about how these companies work, what they offer us and what objectives we can achieve in a A certain time, I always analyze and research enough to give my opinion on this type of company, without a doubt it is not correct to give opinions or review something that you do not know, luckily I am passionate about all information technologies and all this type of topics are easy for me to analyze, Appear in the first positions of a site such as google, yahoo or bing, is undoubtedly the dream of any company or individual entrepreneur, so if we want to accelerate results we can hire a company that gives us results much faster compared to doing it ourselves,

There are many tricks that we can find for free over there on the internet but it is not the same to know a method or technique to obtain results, but another different matter is to know what is the best way to execute those techniques, We must also take into account that current techniques will work today but we never know for sure if those same techniques will work just before finishing our project, so it is important to know a little about the future about the things that will work in a certain time, this guy companies can and should surely be more prepared for this type of inconvenience, in any case if you need to know what questions you should ask these types of companies in the questions and answers section at the end of this article you can see what questions you can ask to a company of this type to get to know them better. hey friend I must clarify, this article is not perfect, but it was made with the best intention of helping you and saving minutes and hours of searching.

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We already saw why we should have a service of this quality, now let’s see my recommended list of search engine marketing sites, below:


Overview sem services: is perhaps the most interesting platform to hire economic and professional services when we look for services related to sem (search engine marketing), if you are looking for the best freelancers for your new online project, or you want to optimize your website in the search results of the most famous online search engines, without a doubt, fiverr is a excellent option, I think that fiverr is recommended especially for companies that need many offers on the table, especially when you want the best service with the best possible price, you simply have to filter the verified freelancers with the best reputation, but if the company is small you can find very good freelancers with very competitive prices without a doubt that fiverr and its sem service have a lot of potential to help us improve and optimize our website.

Let’s see some characteristics of the freelancers within Fiverr:

1)freelancer experience: without a doubt we need professionals with many years of experience offering the service we need, in fiverr there are freelancers with a very high reputation who will do excellent jobs and we can read the experiences of other users or clients who have already hired the freelancer we are looking for, We can hire remote experts even on weekends, depending on the professional we hire, in fact they themselves have their own company, because the most in-demand freelancers generally have their own work team to meet the demands of all their regular clients and potentials.

2)freelancer availability: another concern of the when companies hire remote workers, it is the employee’s time availability, taking into account the number of jobs in the queue that the freelancer may have, but this is not a problem because many of them offer express services even in 24 hours, perhaps we do not need such jobs. fast but, surely they will help us dedicate special time for our company.

Types of campaigns: we can find different types of campaigns within the fiverr website, but if you are looking for results within a specific search engine or social network campaigns you will have no problem finding the ones you are looking for google, bing, yahoo search, facebook ads, twitter ads, youtube ads Linkedin ads etc. But speaking specifically about online search engines we have Google, Bing and Yahoo are three search engines are possibly the only ones where it is worth starting an advertising campaign, but without a doubt the best of all search engines is google with an exorbitant user share, we will see a large number of freelancers willing to help us specifically with the advertising campaigns of google ads, with many interesting extra benefits, we even have at our disposal extra services that bold freelancers will provide us.

But on the other hand, if you need help with your advertising campaigns on social networks, there is also a huge number of freelancers who can grow our business considerably, it is evident that managing advertising in so many advertising media is not easy for any company, especially If we want to have a lot of followers on various social networks, then we can assign this task to freelance professionals to handle everything with much more comfort without spending on life insurance or overtime for new employees.

Services Features:

target audiences: among the services that freelancers offer us on fiverr we have the target audience and the amount of traffic we want, perhaps not all of them offer the same services but we can look for the professional that interests us the most to acquire this type of service. Perhaps one of the things that worries us the most is wasting our money with advertising that attracts the attention of customers who are not interested in our services, luckily we can find out about the specific services that can be provided to us, especially the top sellers on fiverr, we just have to talk to them through fiverr’s own chat to communicate our advertising objectives to the possible collaborator.

traffic increase: Without a doubt, the increase in traffic is one of the best news that we can receive when we are investing time, money and effort. It is the increase in traffic to our website, this is one of the most demanded services on Fiverr that will give us a lot of performance on certain dates. especially the special dates when customers compulsively buy certain products, if you are a supplier of household items you surely know that consumers look for the best end-of-year offers, and then we can take advantage of increasing our sales by optimizing the performance of our website and creating special advertising campaigns for these dates, we can investigate and consult the means and types of tools that our future collaborator uses to find out if we like his way of working and make a specific proposal on the amount of extra traffic that we need to acquire, although obviously they must be goals realistic.

audit: One of the strongest criticisms that can be made when we decide to create an email marketing campaign is that our way of working is not the best or simply not the correct one, there are many ways to do things, but obviously not all of them are the best. option, unfortunately there is no “best strategy of all” because each case will always be different at any specific point, that’s why you can find help on fiverr in this regard, there are enough professionals who can review our way of working to check if there are changes that They can contribute fresher ideas that allow us to have better results.

Special Services: It may happen that at some point our email account is suspended, if you have a company account we may never have any problem, but if for some reason we need help with a Google or similar account suspended for various reasons, we can also receive help without problems.


is a company with a wide range of services, without you need more services in addition to seo services, this company can be an excellent option, is best option for large projects in my opinion.

Silverback features:
*minimum project to start is $5000
*average hourly rate is $150 and $200 approx.
*they offer services for optimize seo, paid social marketing, paid ads, email marketing, web content, video promote and more.

  • they have are headquartered in Alexandria, VA 22314.


If you are looking for a company with a low budget or little money, this is the best option, it has very good services and has experience in most marketing services.
*minimum project to start is $1000
*average hourly rate is $25 and $50.
*they offer services for seo, social marketing, Pay per click management, web development, online reputation, link building optimization, aplication development, lead generation and more.

  • they have are headquartered in Twickenham, United Kingdom.


a company focused a lot on achieving a better optimization of the results of your paid campaigns in seo and social networks.

hawksem features:
*minimum project to start is $1000.
*average hourly rate is $100 and $175 approx.
*they offer services for optimize your paid search, paid social, remarketing, SEO, SEM, content marketing, and everything and more.

  • they have are headquartered in 10940 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90024, USA.


another company with very good reviews and quality services, and they have a very well designed website to get to know their work a little bit.

Tilt metrics features:
*minimum project to start is $1000.
*average hourly rate is $155 and $220. approximately.
*they offer services for seo, Advertising & Marketing, Business Services and more.

  • they have are headquartered in Providence, RI 02903, United States.


a company with a very good reputation and has interesting objectives for you, if you enter their site here below is the link then you can do a test with your website, so that they make you a proposition to improve the seo of your website.

webfx features.
*minimum project to start is $1000
*average hourly rate is $145 and $215 approx.
*they offer services for seo, grow online leads, calls, and revenue, and more.
*they have are headquartered in 1705 N Front St, Harrisburg, PA 17102, USA.


a highly rated company that promises to grow our business by approximately 250%.

Ignite visibility:
*minimum project to start is $1000
*average hourly rate is $150 and $210 Approx.
*they offer services for SEO, PPC, CRO and social media.

  • they have are headquartered in San diego California.


Another interesting option is that you have good services, and perhaps you have fewer areas to focus on, this can be useful if you do not need companies with so many services.

straight north features:
*minimum project to start is $1000
*average hourly rate is $145 and $200 approx.
*they offer services for seo, PPC and email campaigns and more.

  • they have are headquartered in Alexandria, Chicago IL.


another company that allows us to have seo services with comfortable prices, it is useful for small businesses.

coalition technologies:
*minimum project to start is $1000
*average hourly rate is $50 and $130 approx.
*they offer services for seo, digital marketing, web design, development, and PPC advertising.

  • they have are headquartered in Culver city, CA.


a company that can be very useful if we need SEO services in search engines and especially in social networks.

social SEO:
*minimum project to start is $1000
*average hourly rate is $148 and $200 approx.
*they offer services for seo, Local and National SEO, Paid Search , Social Media, Video and Email.

  • they have are headquartered in Greenwood Village, CO.

11)PBJ Marketing:

Another excellent option if you like SEO companies that focus only on the services that interest you.

Pbj marketing features:
*minimum project to start is $1000
*average hourly rate is $99 and $160 approx.
*they offer services for seo and PPC.

  • they have are headquartered in West Jordan, UT.

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🎯Question & Answer section

Why should you hire a seo service?
The main reason for hiring a SEO positioning service is your inexperience doing this type of work, but I think the main reason for hiring this service is lack of patience, that’s right, if you don’t have patience or you don’t have time to wait and see results in the long term, I think you should hire a seo service. I must clarify something, when I say that we can avoid results in the long term, it is because in reality the time you need to learn seo techniques is ample, depending on your free time or your available time to learn these strategies, in the first place the amount of SEO techniques that you should learn are not few, in reality there are many, some are more important than others, after investing time learning SEO techniques, you have to invest time testing and researching which ones are the best, then you must investigate which SEO techniques are suitable for your website, then you must invest time to test if those techniques that you used were correct, only time can tell you if you used the correct techniques, and last but also important, you must investigate and know what are the rules to give it a correct maintenance of your website and periodically update those seo techniques, because the sad thing is that although the seo techniques that you have used If they have been successful, there will come a time when these techniques will have no value and you will have to implement new seo techniques on your site, starting the process from the beginning again, if you are willing to carry this responsibility continuously, you can try to learn by yourself, But if you do not want headaches with your website and leave this job to a professional seo expert company, you want results in a short time and you want to use that time in other larger projects, perhaps the best option for you is to hire an seo service .

what is the best seo service i can hire?
The service that I like the most is Semrush, because it has very good tools to carry out this delicate work, and of course it has the necessary experience to create optimal results in the shortest possible time, and the prices are perhaps the best options you can find in the market, the best of all is that this company not only reduces its services with seo techniques, they also offer very good services such as:
a)PPC advertising which in marketing terms means pay per click, if you do not know what this method consists of, it can tell you in summary which is an advertising method where the advertiser pays for each click that a user makes on a certain advertisement, if you are interested in different types of advertising this type is a very interesting one, although this type of advertising may be a bit expensive for individual entrepreneurs It is more useful for companies in my opinion. I personally never liked this type of marketing, but it is evident that it is a type of marketing service that you can use in the right way to generate the desired results, I imagine it must be something very good for you if you are an entrepreneur with a lot of desire to have a very successful website.

b)content: on the other hand we have content marketing, which is a very useful service for less experienced site owners or with less time to create user-friendly content that allows creating excellent flow of visitors, if you want to leave all this in the hands of experts and save a lot of time you can hire these services at any time, I think that writing content is not difficult, actually the difficult part is creating content capable of generating value to our visitors, semrush may perhaps be our right hand in this sense, although I always say that you can choose any site you choose in my personal top.

c)social network: an interesting service that also offers e semrush, this consists of social networks, Every website needs to have as much publicity as possible to generate quality traffic, I must confess that I tried to generate traffic on my own in social networks and my project was a resounding failure, although I did not have a website at that time, but still honestly i prefer to have an expert help me in this social media marketing and deal only with my website. If this is your idea, you can hire this service if you wish.

d)competition research: When your website is in the game, one of the best techniques for your site to stay on the same level as the competition is to know what techniques the competition is using to grow in popularity and scale positions, we can copy all the techniques that we want, but the advantage is that Semrush can advise us to know which techniques are more convenient to copy, obviously we cannot copy everything, especially dishonest techniques, because we can be penalized, we can leave all these details to a marketing service that I recommend at the beginning of this article, it should not necessarily be semrush, it can be anyone.

can i hire a cheap seo service?
You can hire any cheap seo service, it might work for you, but the cheapest services are obviously not the best, when you create a website one of the worst things that can happen is that all your hard work is ruined by someone else’s fault, In a way if this happens you should not blame your marketing service too much, because it was you who hired it, but believe me if you want to stay in business it is to invest in something of high quality, if you do not have enough money to invest in service of quality I just have to wish you luck.

Do I need any knowledge to hire an SEO service?
It is not necessary, you can be a novice absolutely and you can hire seo services at any time, these types of companies always try to generate trust in users and not easily confuse them, but if you have some knowledge you can better understand how these companies work. companies, and you can better understand how to give your own ideas to generate better projects for your website, not necessarily the ideas of your provider will always be the best and you can give your own opinion, although it is better that you do not exaggerate and always respect the opinions of the experts.

Will the results be permanent?
If you ask this question, it is because you want to know if you can stop spending money with a marketing service, but it is not possible, if you want to avoid headaches it is better to think in the long term, you can stop paying for a few months, but remember that The results of seo marketing are never permanent, there are always new updates and new seo techniques that we must implement, if you think well, your competition will want to continue growing, if you do not grow they will want to grow with all their strength, if you do not have the money to continue With the service you can endure a few months without it, hopefully you don’t need to do any maintenance work on your website, this way you can wait as long as necessary.

Is the competition on the internet very strong?
You cannot imagine how strong the competition is on the internet, your website has to compete with hundreds or thousands of websites that are offering the same products or services that your website is offering or pretending to offer, they will not stop until the end With the competition this also includes your website, it may sound harsh but it is the reality, you must constantly fight and defend yourself fiercely from healthy competition and even unfair competition, we can say that it is the real world digitally. This does not mean that you should give up or you should be discouraged, think about the number of new users and new buyers who use the internet for the first time every day, a clear example is baby products, these products only used when you were a baby, but How many babies are born every day in the world, without a doubt there are millions of babies daily, each new baby will represent in the future a possible client for us, because it is impossible to think that someone who was born in our time in the 21st century would not use the internet. impossible, in short the competition is very tough, but every day there are new opportunities.
How long should I wait to see results?

Should I hire an SEO service permanently?
This depends on you, if you want to dedicate your free time to create new projects you can have any seo company working for you without any problem, if you want your website to always be in the first places, have a lot of popularity and have a lot of presence in social networks. It is better to have a permanent seo service, the only exception is that you do not have a budget for it, obviously all companies seek to cut expenses, I will not say if it is a good idea to cut expenses with seo services, I suppose that each company has its own method for Know what expenses you should eliminate from your monthly expense. If you are a natural person, it may not be so easy to maintain a monthly service of this type, but you can implement it for a short time to make your site grow the necessary time.

I have seen services that offer instant results, is this true?
Surely you saw ads that promise you things that seem magical, it is a defect that all human beings have is that we like all things to work the next day, but I am sorry to tell you that these offers are only cheap propaganda to take away your time and money , the magic formula does not exist, there is no way to make your website in the first places without having a great effort to achieve that goal, well the only exception to this rule is to buy a website that is generating money, but hardly Someone would be so unwise to sell the golden goose, the only websites that are easy to buy are those that are in crisis, they are undoubtedly risky investments. You should never invest in these types of cheap services, they are simply garbage that you can find on the net, every day, I must admit that at some point I made the mistake of believing in similar ads, but you learn from your mistakes, the advantage when you investigate first You can learn from the mistakes of others and not from yourself.

What questions should I ask to get to know an SEO company?
Something that will help you to hire the best service is to know deeply the internal functioning of the company and its method or main techniques to generate results, I think the best you can do is to know which techniques are used at that time by the company and you can determine If their techniques are advanced and up-to-date and know if they are suitable for your website, obviously they will say that everything is fine, but if you ask the questions that I propose you can do a kind of test about that online marketing company, let’s see some questions that they can serve you:

a)What is the work they do?
If a company does not want to tell you the way they work and they present a lot of mysterious data with their way of working, you can be suspicious, another problem is that they promise you results too quickly, or they promise specific results and specific positions in a search engine, positioning SEO is not an easy job for the company to want to deceive you by saying that you will get specific results in a specific time, this is not the case, perhaps the company can be a very serious company, but remember that some companies want to confuse clients to obtain jobs constantly, it is something that all companies do at some point.

b)Do you follow the quality standards used by the most popular search engines?
We need the techniques to be up-to-date and follow the rules of positioning in the main search engines, we do not need a seo company to make our website be penalized by search engines especially by google, bing, yahoo. Every day the search engines establish new policies to create acceptable content that contains enough value to be taken into account by them, you must demand that their techniques be as advanced as possible, you will not demand perfection either, do not exaggerate too much in your demands, Because remember that SEO positioning always has different results, depending on the niche of your website and the time where the SEO campaign is executed by your future SEO service provider.

c)guarantee results in a short time?
You cannot trust a company that guarantees results too fast, their techniques can be very advanced, they can even be unique, but no company should promise you specific results, maybe a company can offer you specific results, it does not necessarily mean that you should be suspicious but I prefer that Companies do not promise things that they cannot fulfill, because this will generate tremendous mistrust in your mind for this type of companies and their services, it is best to always take the results calmly, you must always be patient, the best results are those that arrive In the long run, you should never forget that, quick results never last long.

d)Will he be informing you of the results of his work periodically?
It is important that we guarantee reports of the work carried out periodically, it can be weekly or monthly, or perhaps it can be biweekly, it will depend on each seo company what times they have established to report the results of their work, we cannot say that there is a standard for this , but I will give you some advice, we do not want to breathe on the neck of any person, because it can generate mistrust and negative energy between both parties, think about it, nobody does a good job if you press them too much, you do not like being called to the home for work matters true, well something similar is with the seo results that we should expect from our seo provider, honestly I will never understand people who expect the services they provide have a level of perfection too high, if we want results of a very high level, it is best to hire the perfect someone, obviously there is no perfection is my humble opinion, you must demand in a reasonable way re results. because a stressed worker will not generate good results for our website.

e)Does their website have a good index in search engines?
A good way to determine if the company is a good option is to investigate its SEO positioning in the main search engines, we simply have to search for its website, in any popular search engine, then we must see if its website is in strategic positions or it is in the first places of google, bing, yahoo, etc. if this happens and it is in the first pages of some search engine then we can trust that they are a respectable company and that we can trust their work, we should not expect that they will work miracles we must also be willing to help in the project to optimize the results as soon as possible, it is clear that the work belongs to them, that’s why we pay our monthly subscription, but if we want to speed up the results we can be open to help the team define some detail for our site personal.

f)How much experience does the company have doing these jobs?
There is no better company than a company that has excellent experience doing what it does best, the more experience the company has, the easier it will be for us to trust its methods to achieve the desired objectives, nor does it mean that a company with little experience is bad, it simply means that there are not many details to know their way of working, but it can also mean an opportunity to get some economic promotion, in my opinion only when you have enough experience hiring companies in a specific sector can you be tactful to know when you can risk a little with a company with little experience, because you know what are the strongest points that a company must have to be considered a trustworthy company, the real problem would be not having a free trial version of its services, this is a technique that all companies today must implement a mandatory, pru Free eba of their services, maybe some companies do not offer this free package but in my opinion it is a great competitive disadvantage for them.

g)does the company have a presence on social media?
There is no better company than a company that has excellent experience doing what it does best, the more experience the company has, the easier it will be for us to trust its methods to achieve the desired objectives, nor does it mean that a company with little experience is bad, it simply means that there are not many details to know their way of working, but it can also mean an opportunity to get some economic promotion, in my opinion only when you have enough experience hiring companies in a specific sector can you be tactful to know when you can risk a little with a company with little experience, because you know what are the strongest points that a company must have to be considered a trustworthy company, the real problem would be not having a free trial version of its services, this is a technique that all companies today must implement a mandatory, pru Free eba of their services, maybe some companies do not offer this free package but in my opinion it is a great competitive disadvantage for them.

what are the basic rules of web seo?
The first is the loading speed of your website, the marketing and seo company must be able to create and use techniques that allow us to improve the positioning of our website, perhaps the most important for many experts is the loading speed of your web page, there are many elements that a web can contain, this depends on what your company needs to advertise its services, the more content the heavier your web can become, although personally I have seen web pages that have great content and with many images and any amount of multimedia content, and yet they are sites that are in the first places of the traditional search engines, it is something curious but in reality they are only a large number of techniques used by marketing companies to better position your brand, one of them is authority links that allow other websites to create great content and to create recommendations for your website. Something that you should also ask your marketing provider is that they have a responsive design adapted for all types of mobile devices, if your website is not updated and can be displayed correctly on a phone or tablet, you are missing a great opportunity to have thousands and thousands of visits every day, today technology allows us to do almost anything from a smartphone, so we must be in the game with this change.

What if the marketing company deletes a post by mistake?
When the marketers delete some content by mistake, you should not worry too much, because Google and the other search engines can recover the lost positioning, they are techniques that are not too complicated to solve, in my opinion for you it can be a great concern but if your e-mail marketing and seo service provider are very professional you will not have any problem with similar situations, we must remember that these procedures are done by human beings they are not robots we must get used to an error every so often because no service will not offer perfection, we must define at what point an error is acceptable and with what frequency.

Are posts with multiple repeated keywords good?
If the person in charge of creating a post repeats a keyword many times, it is not necessarily bad, as long as that keyword is repeated only in every 500 or 600 words, well it is my personal recommendation, some websites repeat a keyword or maybe 2 each 400 words, the important thing is that you must analyze the use of the keyword in each context or paragraph, it must be something natural without any hidden strategy, because search engines have a very advanced search system to analyze any web content , penalizing a website if it considers that you do not have relevant content for your visits. Maybe you wonder why I need to know all this, I want to hire a marketing and seo service that does all this for me, if you have enough money to pay permanently then you do not need to know any of this.

what is cloudflare and how does it benefit my website?
cloudflare is an advanced technology that your seo services company should use, because this great technology allows the loading times of a web page to be reduced exaggeratedly, because this technique allows there to be different servers located throughout the globe, when a visitor enters your website, in reality you do not need to connect to the server where your website is hosted, because other servers have an artificial copy of your website, each server using CDN technology acts as a mirror so that the visitor can access the server more close with a much higher speed, as you can imagine this means that the seo of your website will receive an excellent push, in its positioning because the search engines love the speed of navigation and will put your site in the place it deserves.

what types of seo are there?
It can be confusing a bit but there are some differences between normal seo and specialized seo depending on the activity that is being carried out, a controversy has arisen with off page seo, because now the techniques used with this version of seo many consider that they are no longer It is called seo instead it is called web performance ptimization and also interesting terms have been created such as SMO which means social media optimization, and Geo Seo, among others, the important thing is that the appropriate seo technique is used for your marketing project because if Your marketing provider uses an inappropriate technique, the results may be very poor, or it will take a long time to see real results, for this reason I have said that the marketing techniques that worked in the past will not necessarily work in the future, on the one hand This situation can be a bit stressful but on the other hand it can be fun because this online business game is practically renewed And every 3 or 5 years, it is better to adapt to this game or you will end up out of combat very quickly.

How to know if the work of the company that I contract is legal?
The problem is not that a company does illegal things, we all have a different point of view about things that are fair or things that are unfair, in this case I think that all companies do things that are morally controversial, the important thing is that be an honest person and compete without cheating, because google and any search engine does not like you to cheat, one way to know if the seo commissioners are doing dubious practices is to check the authority links, because if they are low quality links maybe They have bought authority links, a totally forbidden practice for any website, some do it but everyone knows the consequences of cheating.

How do marketing companies use blogging to improve my website?
Blogs are used in any marketing strategy to edit content that keeps your website updated, that is, search engines love that a site publishes content regularly, because this indicates that the owners of that site are aware of its content and They update their page very often, this of course generates great trust among users and our site will be awarded with extra points in the alexa ranking that will allow us to be in the first places constantly. Blogs are an excellent marketing strategy because they bring new visits to our site, creating an explosive combination with our campaign that we are running.

If the marketing company works with a different web builder, do I lose positioning?
When you change web builder, you should not have any problem to have your web page working in the same position or ranking in search engines, so in this case you should not worry about this detail, as long as your web page maintains high quality standards and stay in the first positions you will be on the right track. Maybe the real problem may be the change of web builder, but I suppose that you will have no problem in changing the builder if you have this question, but this question is understandable because they are details that may have very little importance for us but maybe they do have a lot of importance. for search engines They are not very interested in the program used or the constructor that we use to create a web page, it is true that the functions may be a little different and some options are positioned differently, but these things have nothing to do with the seo it has our website, now a real problem would be that we spend a long time without writing a new article, this would be a problem if we should start learning to use that new constructor, this would take time to write new articles, but I hope this is not your problem and master the new web builder without problem. They are not very interested in the program used or the constructor that we use to create a web page, it is true that the functions may be a little different and some options are positioned differently, but these things have nothing to do with the seo it has our website, now a real problem would be that we spend a long time without writing a new article, this would be a problem if we should start learning to use that new constructor, this would take time to write new articles, but I hope this is not your problem and you master the new web builder without problem, generally learning to use a new builder will only take us a few weeks, therefore I love these situations because it allows us to diversify our knowledge without too much waiting time.

Should my marketing provider create content with my opinion?
If you need a marketing company to create content so that your campaigns are better according to your ideas, surely your provider is obliged to accept ideas, because in the end it is you who decides how the work should be done. But it is better that you do not always try to impose your ideas, it is good to give creative space to the experts, but I suppose that this process of ideas is something that also depends on each user of this type of services, the user’s ideas can certainly be helpful They are suitable for any project because it is useless for a job to be excellent in the mind of a programmer or marketing expert if, on the other hand, it does not work for us, well sometimes we can be wrong because we simply do not know what we need or what we want, therefore It is necessary to know what we really need for our hired experts to do the work that we really expect, on the other hand we must be attentive to the updates that may arise when we are giving our ideas, it may be that our ideas are very out of date and perhaps we are not aware From this detail, this is a process that often occurs when we are giving ideas with a project.

Does email marketing have a promising future as a marketing strategy?
definitely know the future of online marketing, it is an extremely interesting topic for everyone because we do not know if the techniques we use today will work in the future, because the results may be better or perhaps they may be less or more worse, only the future You can say that it will happen, in my opinion email marketing will not disappear in the short time because the results are too optimal and generate too much money to disappear in the short term, obviously in this case we have a large amount of economic interests, I think the true The problem in this situation is that users or clients get too used to email marketing techniques and then get bored with them, because companies can abuse these techniques, something that unfortunately a company cannot control because the way in which decides to compete another company is their own decision, therefore it depends on the companies not to use the techniques that worked onan today. Another issue that we cannot control is the anti-spam protection that email services have, as long as the techniques used to avoid anti-spam are intelligent then we can avoid this silent enemy without drawing too much attention, let’s imagine that email services will get tired Of email marketing techniques, if there is too much abuse with spam, there may be a kind of revolution or new laws that make it impossible to do email marketing in the future, but as we said before, as long as we do not abuse the things and techniques that work, nothing will change. And the techniques that work today will work tomorrow too.

Final words: after discussing a little about the techniques and companies that provide us with services so that our site appears in search engines we can say that the techniques to achieve this objective have multiplied over the years for various reasons, clearly one of them is the competition, we just have to imagine the overwhelming number of websites that exist on the internet today, everyone wants a slice of the cake and I think there is enough for everyone, because it is true that the competition can be enormous but if we do things Well the reward can also be enormous, because young and new Internet users also multiply every day, let’s just think about the number of people who are born daily around the world without clearly possible Internet users in about 15 years, approximately, and possibly they are users who need our services in the future, therefore I think that it is not necessary to comp unfair efficiency in this sense, although obviously you must be strong and be prepared for it, because many people and even companies want to unfairly appropriate the rewards and hard work of other people, but there will always be the possibility to move on, and the Techniques to appear in search engines that we would need a complete article to talk about each one of them because some are based on statistical data, others on informational techniques or summaries, even on techniques based on the use of simple logic. The important thing is to use the services of a company that has the necessary experience and knows in detail the techniques that we can implement, something important that anyone can forget, is that not all seo techniques work the same for everyone, each case, even depends on the place or country where the company is located, therefore it is good to provide all the data that the company needs that can become our right hand towards success in the future.

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