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The Holidays are fun: The holidays arrived, one of the sweetest things of the human being after so much work, so many worries, surely you want to know the opinion of other users about a hotel, a restaurant, or any review related to your trip that is soon to arrive. here we present you the best places to organize your trip, and get reviews and opinions from other travelers to travel more peacefully.

Experience Not required: Perhaps for many who have no experience traveling, hearing about travel agencies can be a bit confusing or intimidating, especially when it is our first flight, but the truth is that travel agencies are safer and easier to deal with every day. I write this article, the world still resents the crisis of the pandemic that began in 2020, and that totally hindered travel and caused more difficulties to fill out forms and requirements to travel, but the day everything returns to normal, travel will undoubtedly be much more easy, some strange terms created by travel companies are actually simpler processes than they are, in this article we will see the most famous and useful agencies that we can use online, some people still use face-to-face travel agencies, ignoring the great advantages that can be had by hiring one of these agencies online, among many advantages is not going to a local physi co, moving to a place and wasting time making boring lines to get your ticket, something that I always liked about acquiring and buying services or tickets online, is that you do not need to see anyone physically, some people are a little intimidated by being asked things that they do not know and look ridiculous, honestly I also find this situation uncomfortable sometimes, but as we said before, ordering your tickets online allows us a feeling of incredible freedom.

No fear friend: We do not know any term no one will give us a strange look and no one will judge us well, it is not that bad either because employees do not eat people, but there are always occasions where we prefer to make our reservations online, and if you need to know a specific term or you are confused by a term used by these online travel agencies, do not forget that in the part In the end, my articles always answer the most common questions of my dear web visitors, you just have to give a little or look at the recommended agencies on my site, and if you like any of them, you can buy any of their travel packages, each of their packages have a small summary on my site so you don’t waste a lot of time visiting each site separately , although you are free to use your own criteria to evaluate each company, All the information in this article was thanks to a responsible research I hope it is useful for you

Let’s see the reasons for hiring an online travel agency:

1)Mobile application: All the companies that are associated and we present in this list are available with a mobile application that you can install on your phone, you do not need to install it but if you need more freedom and you are a frequent user of your phone, you will surely like to have the application of the associated travel company on your mobile.

2)All sites are free to use and have good reputation: All online travel agencies at first started an arduous path to have a good reputation, because people were very distrustful of online services, something understandable until today, but the reputation of all these companies has grown too much and the reasons to trust Your next trips to one of these agencies are many, especially because of the experiences of thousands of travelers who ensure it.

3) You will know the opinion of other travelers: about the places that you will visit, your hotel and more: This is perhaps one of the best advantages we have when we use this type of virtual agencies, because we can see the reviews of other users using the application, this is impossible when we hire an agency with physical stores, because we have no way of knowing the opinion of the people who have used that travel agency, but this does not happen with online travel agencies, you have hundreds of reviews from other travelers about their experience using each online agency, we must remember that user experiences will not always be realistic, Because it depends on the season, the length of stay, the preparation of the trip, and some common mistakes that some traveler can make, in the end it is up to us to know which reviews seem useful and which are not.

4) You will get advice and offers on flights: trips and more: Something that all buyers love is promotions, a common and current agency is generally more difficult to realize the promotions that they have in their travel plans for different reasons, because they do not need everyone to know when prices will drop and there will be offers, sometimes some companies can even cheat with false offers, luckily with online agencies it is much more difficult for this to happen because companies are limited to user reviews, therefore we can easily access and know all promotions there are for every type of traveler.

5)Tourist places available: the tourist trips around the world are perhaps the plans most desired by travelers, because they contain the necessary guides to travel, move and stay comfortably, each plan adapts to the tastes of each traveler, I’ll be honest, I always thought that traveling was for people with a lot of money, but now There are countries where taking vacations can be incredibly cheap and if we add an economic travel plan, surely almost anyone can have their dream vacation.

6)Vacation packages: all the packages take away a good headache including everything necessary to live the best experience of our lives, obviously no one wants to have a bad memory of their first trip because it would be something impossible to forget, so maybe hiring a travel agency is the best decision especially if it is an online agency. include hotel, train ticket, flight ticket and more.

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It’s one of the best page in our ranking, it’s best travel reservation finder for us, we have this site, One of the most famous sites, for its TV commercials, have fun packages and tourist guides, although its website does not seem to me to be used by newbies. I must admit that this site inspires me with great confidence, the design of the page was easy to analyze and it was easy to determine the safety and reliability of the site, especially due to the immense amount of comments from real clients that we can read before making a decision. This site also has interesting options like car rental with reasonable prices, and has some interesting offers on tourist attractions. It seems to me that this site can entertain us for a while looking for every detail that we need when we are in the destination we choose, something that we also analyzed and I really liked is that also on their site we will see tourist guides that will give us advice to know what places to visit when we in that tourist destination.

Booking features:

Booking functions: reservations, prices and reviews about hotels, restaurants, flights, tourist places, cruises and more.
Available destinations: many countries.
Payment methods: PayPal, crédit&debit cards(VISA, Mastercard).

BOOKING Full review:

a)security to buy: This is perhaps the most veteran company in this list founded in 1996 by booking holdings, it has destinations in 229 countries around the world, with these interesting data and reading the opinions of several users we can see the service offered by booking .com is a service of very good quality, perhaps it is an advantage that we have when we book our trip on this site, because the waiters and all the staff in charge must double their efforts to have a very good criticism of the booking users and that improves the service for us, good that’s the feeling I have with this great company.

b)easy of use: It is a site that is attractive and its functions are correctly organized, without overdoing it and placing an unnecessary amount of options, without a doubt a recommended site for users with little experience, and the way in which they recommend tourist places seems very happy and fun.

c)prices: Considering the hotels and types of reservations that I observe, I must admit that I really liked the variety of prices, including the prices of more expensive hotels, they are very accessible prices in my opinion, even for travelers who like to save money, but obviously you must choose the ones cheaper prices if you are a lover of traveling on a low budget, this site has excellent options for everyone.

d) our score: 9.0)/10.

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the prices are excellent and your site is very comfortable to use, the vacation packages are very comfortable, and you can reserve your flight on the same page, all in one. This service does have all the complete services to book flights and hotels at the best price, on its website we found a striking search structure that made us interesting to review all its functions.

Trip advisor Features:
*Trio advisor functions: reservations, prices and reviews about hotels, restaurants, flights, tourist places, cruises, vacation packages, house rentals, car rentals, tour tips.
*Available destinations: anywhere in the world.
*Payment methods: PayPal, crédit&debit cards(visa, mastercard).


a) security to buy: it has some interesting facts that make us think that it is a highly respectable and safe company, it was founded in 2000 in massachusetts, USA. by Stephen Kaufer, and has a profit income of 1.56 billion, and the opinions of users are varied but mostly according to our analysis we can say that they are good.

b) easy of use: the use of the platform is relatively easy to use, the first thing that we can use intelligently is the destination search engine, we simply write the place we want to visit, then the classic popular destination appears, approximately we can make a reservation in about 45 or 50 minutes depending on our ability.

c)prices: trip advisor does not charge anything, the companies associated with them are in charge of this process, but they have a subscription of $ 99 for one year, if you subscribe trivago will give you special discounts on hotels and maybe also on your flight reservations depending on some of associated companies.

d) our score: 9.0/10


this site has many destinations available, although I am glad with the design of your page. this site only have hotel reservation services, but their service in this service area is very good. With this site we had to analyze some interesting data such as trips date that is handled on the site, the order to mix the hotel reservation, their offers, and we also analyze a little their available functions to make a trip, this site alone will not serve to compare the prices of hundreds of hotels available in the destination that we need. let’s see the result of the analysis below :

*Trivago functions: reservations, and reviews about hotels, restaurants, flights, tourist places, and more
*Available destinations: anywhere in the world.
*Payment methods: Paypal, crédit&debit cards(visa, mastercard).

Full review TRIVAGO:

a)security to buy: this site was born in 2005, in amsterdam netherlands, founded by Rolf Schrömgens, Stephan stubner, Peter vinnemeier, Malte Siewert
and operates approximately in 190 countries around the world, has a total of approximately 1329 employees in your company, also has a profit of approximately 1,000, 000,000 dollars, analyzing this data, various user opinions and their payment methods we can with all confidently recommend this site.

b)easy of use: It seems to me that organizing the dates can take us a while to learn how to select our preferred option but selecting the hotel that interests us is relatively simple, the whole process may take us less than 1 hour.
c)prices: the prices are good, any destination have a different prices and I think maybe that the value or cost by trip is good for any person.

d) our score: overall I liked the site 9.0/10.


Analyzing the website I can see that it is a bit similar to sites like trivago, although it seems that you need a well-updated browser to navigate correctly on your site, the best ones are undoubtedly chrome or firefox, although I suppose that if you are a lover of services You already have it installed from google, it is possible that the browser was installed from the beginning when you bought your pc, don’t worry, you can use the expedia site comfortably. I always liked that a site is backed by a great company this is a true guarantee that our money is in the hands of professionals that it is practically impossible for them to have economic problems as a company, this always in my opinion is something relaxing, we will not say that it will always be The best option, that will be your final decision, but without a doubt it is a site that we can recommend.

Expedia group functions: it have reservations, and hundred of reviews about hotels, restaurants, flights reservations, tourist places, and more
*Available destinations: anywhere in the world.
*Payment methods: credit & debit cards and bank transfer(Sofort and BillPay).

Expedia group Full review

a)security to buy: This corporation is perhaps the largest in this sector, with a large amount of investment and partners that we can see that they are also very good partners, only with data as strong as these we can say that their reputation is immense, reading the opinions of many users Apparently, many had information problems, when they wanted to find their hotel or some information problems with the flight, therefore it is recommended that you be a very well-informed and detailed person so as not to forget or ignore key information about dates, places or any important detail you need to know.

b)easy of use: Looking at some prices we can say that there are prices for almost all pockets, I saw some a little high prices, but if you think well, in high seasons the prices of hotels and airlines will always increase, also observe a news where expedia reduces its commissions sometimes to have better prices on certain occasions, perhaps this site is very safe but you must have a little patience to find very good prices.

c)prices: Looking at some prices we can say that there are prices for almost all pockets, I saw some a little high prices, but if you think well, in high seasons the prices of hotels and airlines will always increase, also observe a news where expedia reduces its commissions sometimes to have better prices on certain occasions, perhaps this site is very safe but you must have a little patience to find very good prices.

d) our score: 8.6/10

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5)🚇 Logitravel:

A very complete site and I really like its page, and it has goodmaintained. I was analyzing its pages and it has richly detailed and pleasant information to visit, I was struck by the messages provided by the site about recommendations for safe travel, something that many websites do not do, they simply do not bother to do, something that inspires confidence and every point adds.

*Logictravel functions: reservations, and reviews about hotels, restaurants, flights, tourist places, cruises, vacation packages, tour tips.
*Available destinations: anywhere in the world.
*Payment methods: PayPal, crédit&debit cards(visa, mastercard).

Logic travel Full review:

a)security to visit: I must admit that I was impressed by the amount of positive comments I found on the web about this site from other users, specifically on the truspilot review site, a highly qualified site to trust their opinions, this company was born as a product of creation from another toolfactory company in the year 2000, after numerous meetings, this very useful website was created little by little in 2004. browsing your website, with your positive comments about the platform I can recommend this site with great confidence.

b)easy of use: It is a site that catches my attention because of its ease to see and use the options, which the page contains, there are not few options and perhaps some newbie may be a little confused by the number of options, but I think not, their options They seem too well ordered to be confused or lost, but still being an inexperienced I am sure you can try the site, surely you will not take long to understand how it works because as I said before its options are strangely well organized and easy to understand according to my experience visiting the site. site.

c)prices: I was reviewing some prices that I loved and their plans had absolutely everything included, simply wonderful, this is very useful so that you do not waste time looking for a plane ticket, hotel reservation, perhaps this is the most beautiful and wonderful place that I visited compared to The other sites, I am not doing less than any other site to compare prices, but this site I fell in love with, and taking into account the large amount of positive comments from users who used this site, I will fall in love even more, if you use this site you may have my same experience.

d) our score: I don’t want to exaggerate but I give this site 9.6/10. obviously I will not give a full 10 because there is no perfect company.

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Another site that I love to analyze for you, has few options to analyze, but on the other hand it has a beautiful inspiration and a still very beautiful presentation on its site with very large images that highlight the beauty of the sites that we can visit. Maybe it is the fourth or fifth website that I loved visiting with kayak, logitravel among others.

*Costco travel functions: various reservations, and reviews various hotels, all kinds of restaurants, flights, tourist places, cruises, good vacation packages, tour tips.
*Available destinations: anywhere in the world.
*Payment methods: Visa® and MasterCard.

a)security to buy: A site created in 2008 and offering various services for all ages, and pockets, has some not very good opinions, but every site has negative opinions, remember that companies like costcotravel are not selling you anything, they are only a partner that helps us to find cheap travel packages.

b)easy of use: The ease of use seems very good to me, all the options that we could see on this site are not many, it is a site that is committed to showing us the best tourist packages directly so that we do not waste a lot of time looking for an interesting place, it is also easy to access different services such as cruise, plane and car rental.

c)prices: The prices are varied and there are some cheap prices and others perhaps not so cheap, I won’t say that it is the best option but it does have very good prices.

d) our score: 8.6/10.


It is a site with a very nice interface to analyze, when I started to research this site, I was surprised to see some opinions about the site, it is not a perfect website but I always recommend investigating a little because we will never be free of danger with force problems Greater, a clear example is the pandemic, which forced the cancellation of thousands of flights, therefore my advice is to always take all necessary measures to avoid losing our money.

Momondo functions: various reservations, and reviews various hotels, all kinds of restaurants, flights, tourist places, cruises, good vacation packages, tour tips.
*Available destinations: anywhere in the world.
*Payment methods: American Express, Visa y MasterCard.

Momondo Full review

a)security to buy: This site was founded in 2006 in Denmark, has approximately 200 employees from all over the world, has expanded many of its services today and offers us a very good range of services such as travel guides, car rental, flight and hotel reservations , a very complete page comparing with the other options that we have seen. When I was researching the best sites to compare prices and make reservations, I came across some websites, which are very promising but closed their services or went bankrupt as a company, let’s not forget that the pandemic closed many businesses, but this site looks like a site extremely safe, at least that tells us its wide reputation, some opinions of the users who have used its site are a bit divided, but in general if we look for the correct options we will not have problems. Please remember that the sites that we recommend in this list will not sell you anything, they are only companies that recommend other companies in this case, travel companies, car rentals, etc.

b)easy of use: I will not say that it is the most user-friendly site, I can say that it is relatively easy to use, but I loved the design of its page, it is a site that relaxes when you enter and you have some recommendations of places to spend your holidays, you can take your time and choose the destination that you like the most. It has a delicious purple background that gives us a more relaxing feeling to choose the best option quietly.

c)prices: Something that I also liked, is that when you are looking for the best price, the site only gives you the best result, that is, a single result to choose something that saves us a lot of time.

d) our score: 7.8/10.


a site that perhaps does not have the best interface to understand how it works, and does not have travel offers entering its site, I found it a bit boring, but it is a site that has interesting options to review.

Cheapflights functions: all reservations, and reviews of hotels, all type of restaurants, flights, tourist places, cruises, good vacation packages, tour tips.
*Destinations: anywhere in the whole world.
*Payment methods: credits cards.

Cheap flights Full review

a)security to buy: I was reviewing some opinions and without a doubt you have very good opinions, obviously you have some negative ones, but in general most of them speak very well of your company, perhaps the only intriguing fact is that you have not found a specific date of its foundation, but I think that by looking Its website and analyzing many comments we can say that it is a site to analyze, I do not give my total confidence but it seems to me that you can give this site a chance, especially because of the positive comments from the users of your site. Honestly, I got bored analyzing your site, but we know that you do not come here for the site with better images or more cheerful, you come for the best prices and without a doubt we think that prices are a very important factor to have this site among our recommendations for the day Today, when I discovered that this site is part or belongs to the same owners of the kayak site, I have no doubts to recommend this site, because kayak is one of our best recommended sites.

b)easy of use: I did not find it difficult to use, although I got a bit bored because it does not have joy on its site and it does not have travel recommendations among other things, but it is relatively easy to learn and make a reservation.

c)prices: At first I did not think that this site had cheap prices but I actually found very good prices, specifically for flights to the United States, you can take a look for yourself.

d) our score: 8.7/10


Kayak is another famous site, which also has its own TV commercials, its packages seem good to me, although I did not like its website very much, but I think it is easy to use. Is Another company that will allow us to know the best deals on flights and hotels, available, we found it interesting to review this page, and we have many interesting options to present you in this small analysis of this site.

Kayak functions: reservations, prices and reviews about hotels, restaurants, flights, cruises,car rentals.
*Available destinations: anywhere in the world.
*Payment methods: crédit&debit cards(visa, mastercard).

Full review kayak:

a)security to buy: This company was founded in 2004 by Paul M. in Stamford USA. And analyzing a little the company and its associated companies, their payment methods and the opinions of the majority of users who are mostly excellent opinions, we can say that kayak is a safe place to book our tickets and hotel reservations.

b)easy of use: Your website is a bit curious, it has the appearance of a mobile application, obviously this design was made so that users feel a feeling of relaxation and comfort when they enter your site, it seems to me a good idea by the kayak company, to My site is very easy to use, and perhaps the site where newer users can understand more easily.

c)prices: los precios que encontre y busque son realmente economicos, si buscas una opion economica quizas este es uno de los mejores sitios para ti, recuerda que un ticket de vuelo o un hotel no es sinonimo de calidad, depende de ti buscar la mejor opcion y cuanto dinero quieres ahorrar o gastar.

d) our personal score: 9.2/10


It is a site with a very tropical and pleasant scheme to analyze a little their offers, the companies that they present us, the browsing experience and other details seem very cool and fresh, let’s see the results of the analysis below.

Travel velocity functions: good reservations, and good reviews hotels, all kinds of restaurants, flights, tourist places, cruises, very good vacation packages, various tour tips.
*Available destinations: its anywhere in the world.
*Payment methods: various cards Visa y MasterCard.

Travel velocity Full review

a)security to buy: According to the opinions we analyze about this search engine, the reviews are very good, and if I tell you that it is part of the expedia group, a gigantic corporation with too high a reputation, I think my hand does not shake to recommend this site, but always remember to take the necessary precautions and ask for all the necessary information so that your flight does not have problems, but as I said before this site has my confidence.

b)easy of use: It seemed easy to me, and it also has that characteristic that I like, where they present us with interesting packages to better understand their site and the services they present to us.

c)prices: Something that I liked is that they offer discounts from the first moment we enter the site, something that always excites us, the prices that I observe may not have been the best but if you like high quality hotels surely this site will be very useful for you.

d) our score: 9.0/10.

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Question & Answer section:

# which is better to travel by plane or cruise?
This is a good question, every time new travelers must make a fun decision, each means of transport has its advantages, for me traveling by boat is for calm people who are afraid of strong emotions, with this I do not mean that traveling in Boat is not fun, nothing is further from reality, if you watch videos about a cruise then you will see that inside a cruise there is everything but boredom, it is so fun that it is practically like being in a floating city, you have everything, swimming pool, slides, restaurant, bar, cinema, theater, nightclub, video game room and recreational centers for the smallest of the home, it is an authentic earthly paradise for everyone, now airplanes are a means of transport designed so that you only go to know a city on land that has perhaps all of the above, the advantage of enjoying a floating city on land is that you do not run the risk of staying at sea.

# What is the price of a plane or cruise ticket?
It all depends on the season in which you buy your ticket, when you want to book a plane ticket to travel on holidays the prices will not be cheap, a plane flight can cost less than $ 1000 dollars just to go without returning, and up to 1500 dollars roundtrip return, but in high season you can pay between $ 2000 and $ 3000 dollars round trip. If you think well about vacations, everyone wants to travel, therefore these are seasons where airlines raise ticket prices because they know that if you do not decide to travel there will be many who will be willing to pay for tickets even if they do not have a low price, travel experts advise that you should never buy tickets with a few days in advance, because they will be very expensive, these tips are for people who want to save money, although if you are a person with a lot of money in your pocket I doubt that these tips will matter much to you. The important thing is that you travel in the season that you prefer and that suits you best for other people, speed is more important than the cost of an item, but in reality nowadays flights are accessible to all middle-class people, there is no excuses to travel.

# If I travel often, how can I save money with my tickets?
the best way is to join a frequent flyer plan, although some cards also have so-called traveler miles or points. In the case of the frequent flyer plan, they are special plans that certain airlines offer to their customers who travel very often, in general it does not matter if you travel to different destinations what an airline is interested in is that you travel and if you spend a lot of money on each travel better for them, this plan can be offered by a single airline or several jointly. Before you get too happy, we must say that these services are designed for travelers with a high rate of trips during the year, it is not much use if you travel occasionally during the year, something similar happens with credit cards that give you miles For traveling, for the points or miles of these cards to make sense you must spend a lot, it is curious but perhaps the people who can recei ve the most benefits for traveling very often are the ones who least think about how much they can save, rather they think about other benefits such as first class seats among others.

# what moment should I buy my ticket?
If possible, you should buy your ticket 2 or 3 months in advance, to avoid extra costs and high ticket prices, this applies to both the plane and any cruise ship or other means of transport. Another factor that we must take into account is that our destination may be a country where we do not know the seasons of the year, the worst that can happen to us is to visit the place of our dreams and we arrive in too crowded seasons or with a climate that we do not like. Not at all, they are things that we can overlook on our first trip, I do not want to imagine the frustration of a tourist when visiting the country or city of their dreams and when you arrive you cannot go to all the places you want because the lines of People to enter a certain place were very long (Disneyland is a clear example of very long lines of people in its park) or the weather was unbearable for you.

# I made a mistake, can I change my information on my travel ticket?
You can make mistakes when you make your first trip, but please do not make mistakes when you write your personal data for your plane ticket, especially your name and surname, but if you made this mistake you can still correct it, although the names and surnames will surely be a tremendous headache for you, the airlines or cruise companies do not allow you to make too many changes with your personal data on your ticket for security reasons, it is better that you go to the offices of your airline as soon as possible, to fix it because we all know that trips are difficult routines to handle and they need to make many confirmations before changing data, it makes sense because they must also clarify this with the destination airport among other things.

# what is check-in?
It is a way of confirming to an airline that a passenger will be on their flight, after having bought their ticket previously, in this way the plane must wait until that passenger is on the plane with their boarding pass. Don’t worry, when you are at the airport, the airline employees help you to do this process, they are very friendly, remember that they do not want delays and they are ready to help  you.
there are special situations in the world where flights can be affected, political situations, pandemics, bad weather, etc. Maybe I’m exaggerating a bit but there are several factors that can make airlines need you to be earlier than normal at the airport, I always say don’t always trust online check-in, it made me waste my time once a lot hours, I slept very little and I always had to go to the airport early to check-in because the airline decided to suspend online check-in at the last minute without notifying anyone.

# what is the boarding pass?
You should not confuse your plane ticket, check-in and a boarding pass, some inexperienced passengers can confuse these things. but don’t worry, we will try to explain each one separately:

Airplane ticket: a ticket is not the same as a boarding pass, the ticket is only your plane ticket to reserve a seat inside the plane.

Check-in: It is the process that allows you to confirm your presence on the flight and the airline to reserve your seat.

It is the document that you receive after completing the check-in process, if you check-in on the airline’s website, you must print that document. But if you check-in at the airport, the employees will give you this document when you finish the check-in. In short, the boarding pass gives you permission to board the plane.

# do I need to have personal email and use the internet to check-in?
It is better that you know a little how to use the internet, sometimes some airlines allow you to check-in on their website, although if you are lucky enough to check-in on the airline’s website then do it there, and you won’t wait in line at the airport. But in my opinion it is better to do it at the airport, because the website can generate any type of error (personal experience) In addition, the airline employees are very good at helping you with the check-in process. Now it is mandatory that you have an email, because it is part of the personal data on your ticket.

# What things should I bring in my suitcase?
Before anything else, I advise you to secure your suitcase with a padlock, or perhaps you may be in for an unpleasant surprise, when you arrive at your tourist destination.

First we will start talking about the essential things that you should carry in your beloved suitcase:

a)Appropriate clothing: this detail should not be taken so lightly, because there are many things that can make our trip a bit uncomfortable if we do not wear the appropriate clothes, we must know if the country where we will travel is warm, cold, if you go to the beach, when you are there, etc. If you can use any type of clothing, for example in Buddhist temples and Islamic monasteries do not allow daring clothing. Another important tip is that you wear pieces of clothing with colors that combine with each other, in this way you will not waste a lot of time changing clothes every day.

b)Electronic equipment: try to carry only the essentials, such as cell phones, mobile charger, and if you like aerial shots you can take a drone with you, although there are tourist sites where it is forbidden to use them, another important tip is that electronic equipment should go in the middle of the clothes so that they cushion any blow.

c)First aid kit: perhaps many passengers ignore this advice, but it is better to be forewarned, you can take ethyl alcohol, cotton, and any painkillers and pills for headaches and small symptoms. If you have any illness, you must declare it on your baggage bill to avoid problems, it is sad and curious when people have to throw something away for not declaring it.

d)snacks and entertainment: when you are on a plane, remember that you must turn it off or put it in airplane mode, to avoid interference with the control tower, therefore you must carry something on your cell phone to entertain yourself such as music, videos, video games, among others. On the other hand, it is true that on the plane you may receive a snack, but if your flight is a stopover flight, surely you will have to wait a few hours for your next flight and it is better if you bring a snack and a book if you like to read. At airports the food is usually a little expensive, but if you prefer to buy at the airport, good for you.

e)money and credit cards: you should never be confident thinking that credit cards will solve all your problems, for convenience it is better to carry only cards but you never know when you will need cash. It’s best to carry a little cash for any unforeseen event.

f)hygiene items: all hotels have these hygiene items, it is up to you if you consider it necessary to bring them.

Another important tip is not to carry all the money and credits cards in the same place, it is better to carry a separate backpack to avoid bad memories after your trip.

# What things should I declare when I travel?
This is quite a controversial issue because some countries allow things that other countries do not allow, let’s see what things you must declare:

Food: you can bring any kind of food as long as it does not contain anything that customs agents should suspect (open can, strange packaging, etc.)

Medications: this is an issue that you must give a little attention, you must have everything duly declared and bring the prescription so that they do not suspect that you are carrying illegal substances, or are carrying too much medication. and you must always carry them in their original packaging.

weapons and sharp objects: you can carry sharp objects or called dangerous objects, such as razors, knives, axes, scalpel, razor, firearms, etc. But they can only be carried in checked luggage, another different matter is that your country of destination allows the entry of firearms, so you must investigate if the country where you want has no problem entering this type of personal defense objects. I think it is obvious that we are talking about firearms for commercial use.

# How much weight should my suitcase have?
For domestic flights, airlines usually ask for an estimated 23 kilos of weight for luggage and 32 kilos when it comes to international flights, please bear in mind that each airline has its own rules, perhaps some allow a little more, in addition, the airlines will charge you for the size of your suitcase.
In the case of hand luggage, generally between 10 and 12 kilos are allowed, please you should also take into account that low-cost airlines do not include the cost of the hold suitcase in your ticket. be very careful with this small detail.

# do I have to be several hours before a flight?
If you are a cautious person then you will not hesitate to be at least 3 hours before a flight, we never know what delays you may have on the way to the airport, also we never know with certainty how long the check-in will take us, it is better to do things calmly and with plenty of time to spare. I imagine that missing a flight must be something frustrating, annoying, I heard from some women who even cry when this happens, don’t ever let this happen to you on your first trip.

# what is travel insurance?
It is an insurance that allows you to return to your country in the event of an accident or illness when you are in another country. If you did not take out travel insurance, the cost of returning to your country will come out of your pocket. It is not mandatory that you have travel insurance, in reality almost nobody does, because it means an extra cost in your plane ticket, although there are a few countries that require this travel insurance to enter their country, but they are countries with problems political or government, such as Cuba, Ecuador, Russia, Belarus, Algeria and Iran.

# Does my ticket already include travel insurance?
no, and as I said before it is not necessary to travel.
Almost no one takes into account this important detail, but understandable that people do not want to spend more money than necessary, in any case it can be contradictory to spend on travel insurance, and that you need extra money when you are on vacation as a tourist. I think that your good personal conduct and good expense management are even better than insurance, but if you have money to spare it is advisable to pay for travel insurance.

# what happens if my flight is canceled?
When a flight is canceled due to the fault of an airline, or for reasons of force majeure, you have every right to claim compensation for the money you paid for your ticket, unfortunately in this case it is you who must fix this matter, there is no one Specific guide to follow in this case, you must communicate directly with the airline or your travel agent so that you know the procedure to follow and you can obtain another plane ticket or receive the money paid for the canceled flight, luckily it is a law that protects to the consumer when their flight is canceled in almost all countries.

# what is a transit visa?
A transit visa is a document that allows you to stay in a country for a certain time. A clear example is when you make a flight with stopovers to the United States but your destination country is another totally different, perhaps Europe. To do all the paperwork you need in a country, you need a transit visa, but as we said before, if your stopover flight has another destination, you don’t need anything if you have a valid tourist visa, in any case you can consult with your travel agent this little detail. When we make a trip, generally the trips with a stopover are cheaper, therefore we will always be a certain time waiting for our next flight at the airport to our final destination, only when you need to do something important in the country where you will have a stopover and you will be a few days, you must get a transit visa, then you take your plane to your final destination.

# What things can I do during the flight?
You can read a book, listen to music, watch videos, play video games or anything extra on your mobile, except making calls, it is something that is prohibited by any airline, according to experts this is not a security measure, it is actually a measure of prevention to avoid bad communication between the control tower and the pilots, because the mobiles continually create signals that disturb the control tower signal, thinking well I think we can also say that it is a security issue, because it is not convenient for us to pilots have communication errors with the control tower.

# It is my first trip, which destination should I choose?
On your first trip, I think the best idea is to be in a relaxed tourist place, and that does not have a large number of tourists, I know this sounds boring for many travelers, but think about it, it is your first trip, the more you You expose in a busy place or city, there are more chances that you can have any accident or inconvenience, in other words you probably don’t want to have a bad memory of your first trip, my advice is to choose a calm tourist site and then on your second trip go to a tourist place with more movement and noisier, in other words, my advice is that you gain experience as a traveler on your first trip, and then you travel anywhere you want, I think you understand the idea, the only reason to go wherever you want On your first trip it is because you never think to travel again, although I doubt that is possible, generally when you do something new as exciting as traveling outside your country for the first time, you will be ecstatic you will have s wishes to travel again.

# Which countries do not allow foreign tourists?
There are very few countries that cannot be visited, due to force majeure reasons or because they are simply very inaccessible and means of transport are almost non-existent. Among them we have Saudi Arabia that offers a tourist visa for very few countries, considering that it is a country with a high quality of life, it is assumed that they want to avoid illegal interference in their country, other countries are practically impossible to visit due to their political situation or extreme insecurity These are countries like Libya, Somalia, Afghanistan, countries that have suffered a lot with the civil war, in addition to other countries that are very difficult to obtain your visa, these are Bhutan, China, Libya, Pakistan, Angola, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Russia.

# What things should I know about my destination country?
The tourist sites: it is obvious, you need to know in advance which are the most important tourist places in a country, unfortunately you almost always have to decide on a specific city, unless you have enough money to visit several cities at the same time, but the important thing is Decide which city is more attractive for you, although there are countries where it is not difficult to choose, for example in France, without hesitation the best city to visit is Paris.

b) best season to visit: it is something very important that you should always take into account when visiting a city or country, not every month of the year is good to visit a place, nobody wants to experience too cold, too hot, or not being able to access a tourist site or not being able to do something in that tourist site like climbing the freedom tower in new york, because of the long lines to go up or use the elevator.

c)lodging hotel: there are different hotels in each tourist site you want to visit, there are for all ages and all tastes. Nowadays there are shared hotels that are extremely cheap, if you don’t mind sharing your room you can have fun and make new friends while you rest in your room. of course there are also hotels for refined people in each city.

d)Local currency: it is important to have some cash in the local currency, to avoid problems with transportation or when we go shopping at a mall, practically all countries allow us to use visa and mastercards but it is always better to be forewarned.

e)Language: learn what things you should not say to a local citizen when you visit a country, they can understand that we are foreigners and have language problems but they will always be offended if we say rudeness.

Make your own tourist guide: the best way to enjoy your stay in a country is to have well established the time you will be there, what day you will visit a museum, what day you will go shopping, what day you will go to the beach, and how many hours it will take you Do each of the activities, if you do not do it you may not visit some place due to lack of time.

be cautious: one of the things that perhaps many inexperienced tourists forget is to be cautious, we must remember that we are human beings and we may have a problem or accident when we are in a foreign country, a preventive measure is to find out where the embassy of your country and if possible you can take out travel insurance, although this is a personal decision, if you decide not to pay for travel insurance, then please do not do crazy things when you are visiting another country, this is also a personal decision.

# What things to do as a tourist in another country?
There are different things you should find out about your destination country:
a) explore everything: many experienced tourists advise leaving the usual routes when you know a new city, getting lost and discovering things that are not in search engines or google, although getting lost and walking through little-known places I do not think it is a good idea if you are traveling for the first time, haha.

b) know the culture: it is one of the most interesting activities to do when you know a country, there are a lot of stories that can captivate you about the history of a country, understanding a little the history of a country will help you understand how evolved the same. It is never the same to see historical monuments in images than to see it with your own eyes, in general, historical tourist centers are not expensive to enter.

c)visit the coasts and beaches: visiting the coastal places and beaches will help you to have beautiful memories of the country you are visiting, because you are experiencing a little what local citizens feel when they enjoy life in their country, a good advice would be not to use clothes too flashy, I think being foreigners is enough to attract attention.

d)meet people: it is something that will make your trips unforgettable, meet local people or other tourists, they will make you a better human being, because you will understand the value and beauty of meeting other people who like to travel or live special moments in special places, you will even make friends that you may remember and you can even exchange their social networks with them, it is sad to know that you will never see them again, but along the way you will meet other people who will also be part of our memories.

e)photographs and videos: it is certainly one of the ways in which our memories of our travels will last forever.

f)Visit shopping centers: Another of the best ways to experience the good life that people lead in a country is to visit high-end shopping centers, such as shopping malls.

# in which months is it better to travel?
This is related to the sites you want to visit, for example if you visit a place where special, unique plants grow, or strange things happen with nature, you should find out at what time of year these natural phenomenon happens, a clear example is the so-called sanctuaries of fireflies, beautiful natural phenomenon that you maybe may only be able to appreciate in certain months of the year, especially considering that fireflies are currently in danger of extinction according to many experts.

# in which means of transport is it better to travel and get to know a country
Perhaps the best is a motorhome, not all countries have guided tourist visits by bus, but it seems to me that it is one of the best options, especially when we do not want to get lost in the city, if you are an experienced traveler you may not like it very much This option, because the great disadvantage of going with a guide on a bus is that you can only hear about the places you see, but you cannot tell the driver to stop to enter one that you have found curious, this you can Do only when you go on your own, in this case perhaps the best thing is to rent a car, or bicycle, it is your decision.

# How can I easily use various means of transport in my destination country?
If you like to try all kinds of means of transport, you would like to go to countries where they have a ticket or card that allows you to use different means of transport with the same card, they are cards that have the international calypso standard, some countries that have this type Special card for transportation are France, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Belgium, Israel, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, and perhaps other small European countries.

# How do I choose my hotel?
Deciding which hotel you will stay in is perhaps the second most important decision when you travel abroad, if you choose wrong you will surely have bad memories, some experts calculate that almost 50% of your expenses come from lodging expenses, let’s see what advice you should consider when choosing your hotel:

a)Location of the hotel: it is perhaps the second most important aspect of a hotel, the distance between the hotel and the city we want to visit, it is useless if we want to save money by staying in a cheap hotel, because if it is too far it will be very uncomfortable to travel more 1 hour to visit the city and even worse, the money saved in the hotel can be spent on transportation. If the city is 2 or 3 hours away, you should think carefully if it is worth it.

b)transport: it is important to know which is the best way to move in a country, there are countries where public transport is better, in others private transport is better, it is good to know what options your future hotel has to avoid delays or paying too much in transport.
c)Cleanliness and noise: it is important to know the environment that our hotel has, if we want peace and tranquility in our hotel we must know what its rules are to prevent outside noises from preventing us from sleeping, there are tourists who have had bad experiences with noise, imagine that you share a room and your neighbor has snoring when sleeping, it can happen. Another important factor is cleanliness, you must decide how important cleanliness is to you, there are hotels far from the city that may not be clean, also if we choose a shared room we must show respect and be clean so that our roommate does not drink a bad example, and vice versa.

# What tourist places have short cruise trips?
There are countries where there is a lot of tourism by boat, who does not like to travel by boat, it is something very relaxing, but if you are like me, and you settle for ferry trips to explore the beautiful lagoons or coasts of a country, then The only thing you have to do is visit a place that has a lot of coastline and exit to the sea, and if possible your hotel is near the pier. some from Europe have excellent ferry trips.

1)Balearia. (España, Marruecos, Argelia).
2)Blues Star Ferries(Grecia).
3)Eckerö Line. (Finlandia – Estonia).
5)Ferrys Fjord Line. (Dinamarca – Noruega – Suecia).
6)Grimaldi Lines. (Grecia – España – Italia – Malta).
7)Irish Ferries. (Irlanda-Francia-Gran Bretaña).

if you ever have the opportunity travel in royal caribbean it is a true jewel of the sea.

# What happens if I lose my visa or passport in another country?
It is one of the worst things that can happen to you, but the truth is, losing personal documents is something more common than we can think, in my country I have seen many cases of it. Tourists are not free from this possible problem, the first thing you should do is keep calm and immediately visit the embassy of your country within the same country you are visiting, generally you will have to travel to another city, but if you are lucky you can find an embassy in the city you are in.

# Can I travel if I recently had a contagious disease?
You can do it, but it is best to avoid traveling when you are still sick, or when you have had an illness, we never know if that illness can reappear when you least expect it, in my opinion it is better to wait a bit, but if you feel that you can do it then this well, take some medicines just in case, remember that you must declare at your check-in if you had a recent illness and bring a prescription if necessary

conclusion: It is very relaxing to know that traveling is no longer a privilege only for people with a lot of money, even if we are people with low economic resources we can save money for a while and then begin to carry out that exciting process called, preparation to travel. Before continuing, we must explain that the companies that we will present below are not travel agencies, they are search tools to know all the travel agencies that they recommend, we can say that they are like a section of yellow pages where you will find the agency of trips that you are looking for or it is best for you, if you did not understand this concept in my opinion it does not matter, because I think you do not need to know it, the important thing is that you choose the option that you like in the list that I show here, click on the link of that option that interests you and that’s it.

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