10 Best hosting services to create your website

Best option for your proyect: It is time to create your own website, there are so many hosts, which one to choose? don’t worry, here we will choose the best host for you, and we will also give you other alternatives if you want to save money (it’s up to you). When I started to create a website, one of the things I had to investigate the most is to know which host service was the right one for me, luckily for you I designed this list that will let you know which host you need to create your first web project, relax and enjoy this work done for you.

Best features or best price: One of the best ways to know how our website will work well is to know the type of service that our web server, or hosting server has for us, there are many reasons to take time to analyze which service is best for our project, no We can necessarily say that it is necessary to know everything about your hosting server but without a doubt it is the best option for us to know what are the limits that we will have when we design our new website, and in this sense we must pay a lot of attention because if we make the mistake of trusting ourselves and choosing the wrong plan can suffer some serious headaches afterwards, especially if we don’t have enough money to cover a large demand of customers, you ever wondered why sometimes when you are browsing a website, you can start to have less speed, or in other words we may experience problems of slowness to navigate, some aspects are more important than others but in this article we will analyze the most important ones that you should know to choose the best hosting server, for some reasons we must understand that not all hosting services can offer us exactly the same performance, each company has its own rules to establish the speed of your servers, I do not know if you knew this situation, but the speed and performance of your website depends largely on the servers, maintenance and technology that our next hosting provider has, One of the advantages that entrepreneurs have had today is that people, due to so many strange things and contagious diseases that have existed in recent times, have decided to rely more on internet technology to buy and do many things that they did not do before, obviously the ones who benefit the most are us entrepreneurs who have an online business, so it is time to take advantage of the new number of clients that we can obtain by creating our own online business, we will try to explain in as many words as possible the things and details you need know before hiring a hosting server. we will not start to confuse you and we will see before because you should hire a hosting server, and I hope to help you with this information.

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It has servers in the United States and the United Kingdom, has a very good support, and a excellent reputation, I honestly consider that hostinger is a very good-performance host, their prices are incredibly low, it is an excellent service in every way including renewal prices, if you want a hosting with excellent services and low prices hostinger is undoubtedly the best hosting that can exist according to my experience. If you read this recommendation after hiring another hosting that you don’t like, you shouldn’t worry too much, because hostinger has a great tool that allows you to move your entire website from your current provider (no matter what it’s ) to Hostinger’s servers.

I must confess that I used other hosting server called siteground for the first time, when I designed my first website, my experience was excellent due to the performance of siteground’s servers, as I remember I never had stability problems, but my big problem arose when I wanted to renew for another year really, all hosting increase the cost of web hosting after your first contract, but with siteground the increase was too high for my pocket, in this case I can assure you that if you are a person with limited money, Hostinger is a dream for all entrepreneurs with little money,

Hostinger features:

Build websites features: Blog, forum, CMS, Picture websites and much more.

Monthly plans:

  • Hosting web shared $ 1.99 per month.
  • WordPress hosting : $ 2.15 – $ 14.95 per month.
  • Hosting VPS : $ 3.95 – $ 29.95 per month.
  • Cloud Hosting: $ 7.45 – $ 37 per month.
  • Hosting VPS Windows: $ 26 – $ 250 per month.
  • Hosting Minecraft: $ 8.95 – $ 29.95 per month.

Advantages Bussiness Plan: Host with medium velocity, Limited web space, Various domains, Limited traffic, Limited email, Cache médium velocity. CDN free.

Payments Methods: credit & dedits cards(Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover) PayPal, BitDegree, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
Refunds & Cancel Subscription: 30 days money back guarantee.

Good news for you: if you use the link you see below you will get a good discount when hiring your hosting service and save more money with hostinger.

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Hostinger Recommendations:

Quiet, surely you are confused, which plan should I choose? Now we will tell you which plan you should hire according to your personal or business goals.

Before choose any hosting plan, I am going to talk to you a little about the difference between the different plans that we can obtain before making a decision, when I made this decision I made a serious mistake choosing the wrong hosting and it was something very stressful, but if you read my guide I am almost sure that you will not suffer the same thing that I suffered when I made a bad decision choosing my first hosting. go for it:

1)Shared hosting: it is the most common type of hosting used by entrepreneurs or people who start their adventure in the online business, if you are new to creating a website, it is recommended for you. Specifically, I can say that it is recommended if you need to create any of blogs and news websites, web development, WordPress pages and eCommerce sites. Or maybe you have already created a website before but you have a very small amount of traffic, maybe between 1000 or 10,000 monthly visits approximately, then also this cheap plan is still suitable for you, especially if you think that your website will not grow in popularity quickly.

Now you must be wondering what shared hosting is, shared hosting is simple, it means that you will share resources with other users or clients who also have or are designing a web page for the first time just like you, in other words you will share speed and storage capacity, because you and the other users will be using the same server (a server is an electronic box that allows you to store all the information contained in various web pages).

2)WordPress hosting : I would recommend this hosting for those who know how to use wordpress and want their website to be optimized to use wordpress with more speed, security and stability than a simple shared hosting, in other words perhaps we can say that a shared hosting, you should worry a little about keep your wordpress site stable and protected, instead a wordpress hosting, already includes these characteristics, therefore we will focus our efforts more on our wordpress. This type of hosting plan is specially designed for users familiar with the tool used perhaps by the vast majority of website builders in the world, we are talking about wordpress, it has everything you need for your website to work perfectly with this web builder, If you decide to use this type of hosting, by default, as I understand it, in any hosting server you will have the option of wordpress hosting, because in any case I think that every web page creator should learn to use at least one web builder such as wordpress for its ease of use, I remember that it takes some time time to learn how to use wordpress.

3)Hosting VPS : This type of hosting is recommended for you, if you already have a web page, created previously with a medium level of traffic or if you simply want to change your shared hosting plan for one with a higher traffic capacity, because your hosting plan is no longer enough. economical for the amount of traffic that your website has at the moment, we can say that it is the second stage of your website, because you have managed to gain a modest popularity and you want to go to level 2.

4)Cloud Hosting: This plan is recommended for websites with a high degree of web traffic, such as social networks, news, web browsers, etc. We can say that it is the third stage of your website, when you have reached a very high popularity and now the traffic is too high for vps hosting plans, and you want to upgrade to receive a huge amount of traffic every day, we will not go into much detail about how This type of cloud hosting works because I’m afraid of confusing you, but I can tell you that this hosting plan has a technology that allows your website to receive high amounts of traffic, preventing your website from freezing or congesting at any time due to traffic overload.

5)Hosting VPS Windows: This type of hosting is recommended for all those who need more control of your resources to save your [web page, and allows you to enjoy dedicated resources only for a few websites, generally this type of hosting creates a virtual partition of a server physical, but the big difference between a common shared server and a vps is that a windows vps must share resources with fewer websites, and we will obtain excellent performance without spending too much money.

6)Hosting Minecraft: This type of hosting is recommended for those gamers who are passionate about video games, specifically the popular minecraft video game, it does not work to host websites because it is really used to host video game games so that several players can join the same game room. allowing you to play with little lag, depending on the hosting service contracted.

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Without doubt I highly recommend Hostinger as solution for all type of projects, when you enter the web we can see interesting discounts for new users, an interesting one that we analyze for you and let’s see now what this company can tell us.

a)safe hosting: It was founded in 2004 and at this moment it has approximately 30 million registered users on its platform, in addition to reviewing the criticisms of many users about its service, and according to my research the company is a very serious and transparent company with no hidden charges, for this and several reasons I can recommend it without problem.


  • *hosting with excellent performance and the price is unbeatable by the competition, I sincerely doubt that there is any company that can compete with hostinger in quality and price.
  • *fast server
  • *uptime 98%
  • *good support in english, spanish, french and approximately 19 languajes more.
  • *free domains
  • *special to wordpress websites

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c)disadvantages: the backup of your website is generated automatically only 1 time a week(free version), but you can do a daily backup of your site manually without problems every 24 hours.

d)easy to use: its easy for novice users.

e)review prices: I honestly think that it is possibly the best option if you are looking for high quality and low price together.

f)our rating: 9.7/10.


in position 2 there is Siteground, it’s one of best on the market (based on my experience) if you don’t want to have headaches in the future with a host, you must hire a high quality service , although it’s an expensive service for normal users,( there are other cheaper options below if you want to save money). but for me is a very good hosting server if you have a lot of money or the money not is important, but also i like webempresa, and raiola networks but my favorite hosting is hostinger.

Siteground features:

Type of websites features: basic blog, various websites all in one, big photo gallery, E-commerce store and more.
Monthly plans:

  • Startup=between $4 and $8 monthly (if you are beginner, or you just want to have a single website this plan is ideal for you).
  • Growbig= =between $8 and $12 monthly (this plan is ideal for you, if you already have experience and you want to make several websites).
  • Gogeek=$between $15 and $20 monthly (This plan is ideal for you if you have experience, you will make several websites and you want to be in the first place in Google. (to have visits on your website very quickly).
  • Gogeek Plan Advantages: host with very high velocity, various websites, according to my experience, the fastest host with SSD disks(latest technology), Free domain, cache fastest technology
    ,Free SSL certifcate, Daily backups, hosting Unlimited, The highest level of resources
    Priority Advanced Support, All advances features for bussiness, cpanel included.

Payments methods: PayPal, credit & debit cards( VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JBC)
Refunds & Cancel Subscription: Siteground has 30 day money back guarantee, if you don’t like their service.

visit siteground official site (press here)


siteground is for me maybe the easiest site to analyze because it is one of the most popular hosting services on the market, and it is not strange because the sustainability and quality of this service is one of my favorites, if you like high-end services quality with affordable prices this site is a treasure for you, our analysis cannot be otherwise, but let’s see more details about siteground below.

a)safe hosting: was founded in 2004 in bulgaria, and has a repertoire of approximately 2,000,000 domains around the world, and has around 600 employees, and as always the opinions of users that I found researching on the web I can practically assure that siteground is together with webempresa the 2 best hosting that exist in the market, simply the quality of the service, the speed of loading, and their prices are simply a true wonder, I recommend it 100%, perhaps this is one of the few sites that I feel confident enough to recommend it in a total 100% if you choose this hosting you will almost certainly appreciate it.

-especially recommended if you use wordpress to create your website.
-extremely high loading speed for our site, even with shared servers (we will share resources from one server with other clients).
-Good prices
-updated and modern technology in its servers
-professional technical support and includes free phone to call.
-security certificates against viruses
-30 days money back guarantee.

-The prices are not the lowest in the market, and their renewal prices are very high, especially if saving money is very important to you, but their services are worth every penny invested.
-Basic plan only allow 1 website, My advice is that you hire better plans, you will pay more, but if your website is successful, you could avoid headaches in the future.

e)easy to use: It has a fairly easy and useful way to register, and it is also difficult to get lost among its options, among other things it also has a very comfortable control panel to work with. It has a fairly easy and useful way to register, and it is also difficult to get lost among its options, among other things it also has a very comfortable control panel to work without any difficulty, it is not actually cpanel but in the opinion of some experts it is perhaps better than and easier to use than cpanel. cpanel is only the options and functions that we have to maintain our website.

f)review prices: the most expensive services cost less than $200. and the cheapest less than $150. both prices have a one-year contract. Obviously the prices we analyze on this site are not the cheapest on the market, but siteground has a super cheap plan for simple sites or for you to do a test site to see if your business has a future, and you will spend very little money, although when you renew your plan you will surely have to pay much more than your initial investment but it is normal, most hosting services have this policy, they charge extremely cheaply when you sign up for your first plan and then renew and you must pay what the service is really worth, but If you want the highest quality there are also plans for the largest websites and more ambitious projects, I can assure you that this site is worth its services compared to the prices it offers us.

g)our rating: (8.5/10).

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Now we have this host of Spanish origin, another of our favorites which has a wonderful reputation, and the speed of its host is also very high, although I think that siteground is still faster.

Webempresa features:
*Type of websites: blog, forum, CMS, e-commerce and more.
*Monthly plans:
Hatchling plan= between $7 and $12 monthly.
Baby Plan= between $12 and $20 monthly.
Bussines plan= between $20 and $30 monthly.
*Advantages Bussiness Plan: Host with very high velocity, Limited web space, Various domains, SSD disk technology, Limited traffic, Cache High velocity, Daily backup,Cpanel included.
*Payments methods: PayPal, credit & debit cards( VISA, MasterCard).
*Refunds & Cancel Subscription: 30 days money back guarantee.

hire a hosting plan with webempresa here


There we have this host also of Spanish origin, it has very good speed but it is not the best we can say. It’s together with SiteGround, and Webempresa our 3preferred options to hire a hosting service.

Raiola features:
*Websites to create : blog, forum, CMS. E-commerce.
*Monthly plans:
Startup plan=between $6 and $10 monthly.
Basic Plan=between $8 and $12 monthly.
Medium plan= between $10 and $15 monthly.
Pro plan=between $12 and $20 monthly.
*Advantages Bussiness Plan: Host with médium velocity, SSD disk technology, Various domains, Limited traffic, Limited email, Cache médium velocity, Cpanel.
*Payments Methods: PayPal, credit & debit cards( VISA, MasterCard), bank wire.
*Refunds & Cancel Subscription: 30 days money back guarantee

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Founded in 2007 but honestly it seems to me an excellent host, it has a very high load speed, and an amazing stability, its prices are lower than siteground, but it does not include domain in any of its plans, you always end up paying more expensive than siteground.

Banahosting features:
*Build websites: blog, forum, CMS.
*Monthly plans:
Startee plan= between $4 and $8 monthly.
Deluxe Plan= between $6 and $12 monthly.
Corporate plan=between $9 and $20 monthly.
*Advantages Bussiness Plan:Host with high velocity, Limited web space, Limited traffic, Limited email, Cache high velocity, CDN free, Bases mysql, Dedicate Ip, Daily backup, Cpanel included.
*Payments Methods: PayPal, credit & debit cards( VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover), alertpay.
*Refunds & Cancel Subscription: 30 days money back guarantee.


The crocodile company is a company that has very interesting plans for you, one of its strengths is its low prices, the reviews about this host are generally very good, if you are a beginner it is an excellent option to start creating a website simple, they also have plans for companies that are good for everyone, if you do not have much money, or you are not very ambitious you can settle for this reputable server.

Hostgator features:
*Type of websites: blog, forum, CMS.
*Monthly plans:
Hatchling plan=between $3 and $7 monthly.
Baby Plan=between $4 and $10 monthly.
Bussines plan= between $6 and $12 monthly.
*Advantages Bussiness Plan: Various domains, Seo tools, Dedicate Ip,Cpanel included.
*Payments Methods: PayPal, credit & debit cards( VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JBC, Diners club international), bank wire, check.
*Refunds & Cancel Subscription: 45 days money back guarantee.


In this position we have bluehost, a host that has a great reputation founded in 1996, I do not consider this to be a first class host, his velocity isn’t very high, but if you want to save some money this host is an excellent option.

Bluehost features:
*Create websites : blog, forum, CMS.
*Monthly plans:
Hatchling plan=between $2.75 and $7 monthly.
Baby Plan= between $4 and $10 monthly.
Bussines plan=between $6 and $12 monthly.
*Advantages Bussiness Plan: Host with médium velocity, Limited web space ,Various domains, Limited traffic, Limited email, Cache médium velocity, CDN free, Daily backup, Cpanel included.
*Payments Methods: PayPal, credit & debit cards( VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JBC, Diners club inteenational), bank wire, check.
*Refunds & Cancel Subscription: 30 days money back guarantee.

visit bluehost official site (click here)


In seven position we have a host that has a very good reputation, founded in Canada, although it has only 10 years of operation, its reputation is not that great, yet.

Hostpapa features:
*Websites: blog, forum, CMS.
*Monthly plans:
Hatchling plan= between $2.75 and $7 monthly.
Baby Plan=between $4 and $10 monthly.
Bussines plan= between $6 and $12 monthly.
*Advantages Bussiness Plan: Host with medium velocity, Limited web space, Various domains, Limited traffic, Limited email, Cpanel included.
*Payments Methods: PayPal, credit & debit cards( VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JBC, Diners club inteenational), bank wire, check.
*Refunds & Cancel Subscription: 30 days money back guarantee.


This host is another veteran, founded in 2001, without a doubt its reputation is excellent, and its loading speeds are also of the latest generation and its prices are competitive.

A2 features:
*Type website: blog, forum, CMS.
*Monthly plans:
Startup plan= between $9 and $13 monthly.
Drive Plan=between $12 and $16 monthly.
Turbo plan=between $20 and $30 monthly.
*ADVANTAGES Turbo PLAN:Host with high velocity, Limited web space, SSD Disks, Unlimited servers, Cache fast, Daily backup,Cpanel included.
*Payments Methods: PayPal, credit & debit cards( VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover), bank wire, check or money order, payU.
*Refunds & Cancel Subscription: 30 days money back guarantee.


Another host with excellent loading speeds, perhaps, can be compared to siteground and webempresa, it has a excellent reputation but has only been operating for 11 years, so its reputation is less than siteground and webempresa, and their prices are more expensive.

Digital Factory features:
*build features: blog, forum, CMS, e-commerce.
*Monthly plans:
Basic plan=between $15 and $20 monthly.
Baby Plan=between $20 and $30 monthly.
Bussines plan=between $30 and $40 monthly.
*Advantages Bussiness Plan: Host with high velocity, Various domains, Limited email, Cache high velocity, Daily backup, Cpanel included.
*Payments Methods: PayPal, credit & debit cards( VISA, MasterCard, American Express).
Refunds & Cancel Subscription: 30 days money back guarantee.

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Final review:
what are the 3 best hosting servers for us?
in our opinión are siteground, webempresa and Raiola network highly recommended. I advise you to use all three options if you have several websites.


what is the best hosting service for us?
We will not say that it’s the best, but Hostinger is our favorite hosting service.

why did we make this decision? you can read the full analysis of each site to better understand our decision.


2)WEBEMPRESA: Now we analyze a Spanish company that surprises us that an Iberian site has such a high quality of service, we look for a lot of information about hosting servers and I can tell you that siteground and webempresa have the best reputation we can ask for, we analyzed many aspects of this hosting and we were surprised the speed of loading your server, because it has the latest technology practically equal to siteground.

a)safe hosting: It was founded in 1997 in Spain, and has servers in Spain and France and has very interesting data, it has clients throughout the Americas and the United States, and what you will most like to hear about this site, the opinions of users who have an account with webempresa , All the opinions that I review speak wonders of this company, and it is understandable, webempresa is pure quality at its best.

*High performance servers
*Excellent and fast customer service and support
*daily backups
*Anti-hacking technology
*Support 24 hours a day without problems.
*WordPress specialists
*SSD Drives technology

*Webempresa Have Little space in High Performance plans
*Magic Caché available only in the professional plans
*Webempresa not have support phone, only chat and tickets.

d)easy to use: webempresa uses cpanel so that we can manage our website, more comfortably, there is not much to say about cpanel, it is not the easiest way to work but you must learn to use it, it is a tip for you because practically all hosts use this tool.

e)review prices: It has prices that are a little more expensive than siteground for the time you review this data, always remember that prices may vary depending on the date when you read this web article, but maybe you can spend between $ 200 and $ 300 in your first year.

f)our rating: 9.5/10. very highly recommended.


A site where we analyze different benefits that this named site offers us that are very good, for many it is perhaps one of the 3 best hosting today, I would not dare to give it a 10 but without a doubt its great reputation was earned by its high quality service and very low prices.

a)safe hosting: It was founded in 2007 in the United States, it has some interesting data but honestly, what caught my attention the most when analyzing its reputation is that it also has a very good opinion of the users who wrote their opinions on sites like trustpilot.

*SSD hard drives technology.
*Unlimited storage and transfer depending someone details.
*Includes certificate (HTTPS).
*Optimized for WordPress builder.
*Script auto-installer (such as shopping carts, site forums, counters).
*Free weekly backups for our site.
*LiteSpeed ​​included to improve the loading speed in our site.
*Technical support in Spanish and English.

*Banahosting not include the free domain first year.
*You can´t choose the location server In the cheapest plan(only leave in the USA).
*Communication only through support tickets.

d)review prices: It has prices where we will spend between $ 10 and $ 30 dollars per month depending on the plan we hire, the prices may be very cheap, and the quality adds more and more, for me it is perhaps the third best hosting in this top 10.

e)Banahosting easy to use: is relatively easy use for any person.

f)our personal rating: 9.0/10.


This server is very attractive and fun because it has a mascot of a crocodile as the company’s logo called snappy, and it has very curious data that we found very interesting to evaluate, it also has excellent popularity among hosting users, but we must clarify that this hosting It is a medium-high quality service, it is special for people who do not want to spend a lot of money on hosting for large projects such as siteground or webempresa. If you only have an idea and want to do a test and see the results of your online business, this hosting is a good alternative, although the speed of your website will not be the best but you will save considerable money.

a)safe hosting: It was founded in 2002 by Brent Oxley in Florida United States, it is a fairly popular company among the most used hosting in the world, and the opinions of users who have contracted the plan in general terms are very good, the hosting is safe and has a stability between 98.9% approximately.


*up to 36 months offering discounts for each option.
*24/7 technical support by phone, Chat and email without problem.
*Server monitoring.
*Subdomains, and unlimited email accounts
*99.9% uptime online websites.
*money-back guarantee
*Hostgator have free applications in a couple of clicks, such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magneto, etc.
*Migration your website, domain transfer.
*approximately 4,500 free website templates
*Weekly automatics backups for your site.
*helpful articles and tutorials for learn about maintenance of your site.


*service highly automated. Wanting to contact real people is difficult.
*Hostgator haven´t cheapest hosting plans on the market
*Domain renewal is often too automatic. and this can lead to some inconvenience
*Sometimes the support can take more than 24 hours to resolve any doubts, something understandable taking into account that every day they have many more clients.
*the hosting has problems to allow SSL or https certificates from letsencrypt.
*packages sometimes include some benefits that may not be as useful, or simply don’t include too many benefits.
*This hosting is not recommended for sites with high demand and many visits, I repeat if you have the illusion of a large project hostgator is not the best option, it is only recommended for small projects.
*HostGator’s renewal prices are a bit expensive especially if we compare prices with other hosting services.

c)review prices: Hostgator prices can be incredibly cheap at first, but my advice is to remember that all companies are looking for a profit, so don’t expect to pay rock-bottom fees after a 1-year contract.

d)our rating: 8.2/10. is a good option for small websites.

5)BLUEHOST: the bluehost site has a modern design and it has some things that may be similar to hostgator, we will analyze its reputation, some opinions that I found browsing the web and we will see if this option is the right one for you.

a)safe hosting: A company founded by Matt Heaton in 1996 in the United States, the company has evolved as a company and changed some policies over the years, with the data that I was able to analyze we can say that they have associated companies such as hotmonster, ipage, fastdomain and also They have secure payment methods such as PayPal, the changes or policies to provide their service seem correct to me, therefore I can say that it is a reliable company.

*The prices have a very good value for money analyzing the services and technology that your website has for our benefit.
With its means of payment it is possible to contract its service from practically any country in the world, especially with the paypal payment system.
*This is an interesting advantage because with this method you can cancel the service at any time when you no longer need the service or want to hire another plan or perhaps another hosting company.
*It supports the 365 days without problems, with routes such chat and telephony, e-mail, English and spanish, please take note of this.
*Offers very competitive hosting plans and servers with good perfomance.
*Company have a large experience in the market of hosting servers, 20 years in the market is a good date for talk about them.
*Blue host have a very modern and relatively use control Panel for their users.
*equally that hostgator has a very good set of tutorials to their clients and guides to teach more about the options ad functions in their platform.
*The interface is very easy to use in my opinion and availability in all of your services for the convenience of your customers.

*Average speed in shared hosting.
*Bluehost Charges extra cost for migrating Web site to your servers.
*The cost of dedicated IP is very high
*Bluehost haven´t customer email tickets
*We do not have the right to claim our money after 30 days of testing, but considering their prices I think the attempt is worth it.
*For people who only speak Spanish, they must contract their plan on the bluehost mexico site, where they will receive all the help they need in Spanish.
*Bluehost not have discounts.
*The basic plan allows only 1 Web site.

f)our rating: 8.4/10.

6)HOSTPAPA: This hosting is another service designed for small projects, but making a comparison with hostgator according to the opinions I found on the internet and the data collected, we can say that hostpapa has a much higher reputation than hostgator and its quality is perhaps higher.
This hosting service has interesting details on its website, I was struck by the ease of understanding its hosting plans, it is difficult to get lost and hiring the plan that interests us will take us little time.

a)safe hosting site: this server was founded in 2006 in ontario canada, and has an interesting number of employees, with this data in hand, we began to investigate the opinions of hostpapa users, and the opinions I found are excellent about this site, for I can recommend this site so much without much trouble. and server stability is commonly very high between 90% and 99% stability on your servers.

b)easy to use: The use of the platform is special for novice users, if you are looking for an easy-to-use host, I think that this will be your best option, its ease of use is very good, and it is specially designed for anyone.

*Fast servers for their users.
*certificate of security with Free SSL and CloudFlare
*hostpapa support team 24/7 without problems for your convenience.
*Free domain offer for new users.
*disk space and data transfer Unlimited for your site.
*Free migration service for all users.
*hostpapa 30 days money back guarantee.

*Expensive renewal prices. but you should consider that the very cheap prices in the first year are only promotions for new users. If you don’t like the new prices, you can cancel the service without any problem and Automated backups only available with the Business pro plan.

e)review prices: All companies have their way of catching their customers by offering incredibly low prices at first, but unfortunately you will find this detail with any hosting company, my advice is to save money to be prepared and pay the new costs to keep your website active If your website is successful and generates a lot of profits, I assure you that you will feel little pain when you start the second year of service.

f)our rating: 8.8/10


We investigated a little and we were able to find several opinions and analyzes of this site, in general they all tell us that it is a site with a high quality service, we will see the results obtained now.

a)safe hosting site:Founded in 1999 in Michigan, the United States has servers in the United States, Singapore and the Netherlands, so that its users have better connectivity, the opinions that I could read from users were excellent so I can easily recommend this site, obviously perhaps it is not my site favorite hosting, but you can try it if you want a site with excellent capacity with low prices maybe this is your best option.

b)easy to use: it has great ease of use.

*their servers have a Very high speed
*multiple servers around the world
*Uptime Guarantee about 99%
*easy scalability for our projects
*top secure for avoid hackers and viruses.
*ecommerce support for create our online shop

*migration fees if you already have a site created in another hosting server.
*limited bonuses for new users generally.

e)review prices: Considering the excellent quality of their services, their prices for the first year are quite cheap, obviously the second year can increase costs.

f)our rating: 9.1/10. highly recommended.


This hosting server is perhaps the website that gave me the most a good surprise due to the amount of positive opinions from users, which I could find browsing the internet, in this article it was perhaps my favorite site to analyze due to its great popularity and very high reputation of their service. but let’s see below the data that I was able to collect about this excellent hosting server.

a)safe hosting site: was founded in 1996 in california, united states, Dreamhost is a dream as its name suggests, it has become very popular among consumers for its generous money back guarantee because we have 97 days, prices per month, its very excellent performance, we can also highlight its speed and anti virus security and hack, make me totally recommend this site DreamHost a web server that we can use without thinking too much about it.

*excellent server speed
*domain names
*uptime website aprox. 99%
*very popular money back guarantee with 97 days.
*very good customer support in spanish and english with live chat, email and social media pages.
*free migration to wordpress sites.

*no phone support
*no have cpanel if you need it.

d)easy to use: if you are familiar with cpanel you will have a problem because it does not have cpanel, but instead it has a tool perhaps easier to use than cpanel.

e)review prices: The prices the first year are very low, to begin with, it seems like an excellent option, the second year maybe the prices seem reasonable to you after your website is successful with this great hosting.

f)our rating: 9.2/10. highly recommended.


Another excellent option for large projects and growing websites, it was not difficult for me to analyze its reputation and user opinions and in general it has excellent reviews by its users. If I had to compare it, I would say that it is almost at t he same level of siteground and webempresa, for me it is perhaps my third favorite option after siteground and webempresa and its customer service is very good.

a)safe hosting: Raiola was founded in 2014 by 3 young entrepreneurs in Spain, I read the history of these founders and they are undoubtedly experts in their business, also reading the comments of users on some sites, the opinions are very good, without a doubt another great hosting that you would like to try.

*good client support
*litespeed+cache a technology in its servers that guarantees us loading times and extremely high speed on our website.
*unlimited databases, unlimited subdomains, auto-installers and more.
*99% Uptime to websites.
*Raiola networks have Datacenter in Europe and America
*the hosting have Self-recoverable backups for have websites secure
*In their servers they have Ultra-fast SSD drives to assure us the maximum speed and virtual and dedicated servers when your website grows a lot.

-The basic plan has only 1 website, perhaps it is the least used plan by users in any hosting.
-only spanish customer support

b)easy to use: your platform seems very good and easy to use.

e)review prices: The highest quality always has higher prices but without a doubt the benefits are worth all our investment with this high performance hosting. prices for the first year range from $ 3 to $ 9. according to the plan we choose.

f)our rating: 9.5/10.

10)8/10. very good site.

advantages of hiring a hosting server:
1) reduced maintenance: the time we need to maintain a website, every day is less, all host servers now have and must necessarily have all the tools so that we do not worry about things that do not interest us, let’s be honest, when we design a site web, we do not want to waste time making backup copies, deleting unnecessary files and any extra task, therefore now this problem is increasingly reduced, well at least they try to make it less of a headache for us, customers who own a web space.

2) very affordable prices: thanks that now thousands and thousands of people daily decide to create a website, the demand has skyrocketed exponentially, every day according to some studies perhaps thousands or millions of websites are created to offer different services or different purposes, this makes the Prices to acquire a web space, each day is more reduced, on the immense amount of new web pages that are created every day, you should not worry, the number of web pages that are successful is perhaps only 10 or 20 percent.

3) dedicated storage space: One of the questions of the new owners of a website is what we should do when our online page has an overload of visits, but these details are already covered by the web providers, although we must clarify that when they give us more space to receive more visits in our hosting space, we will have to pay an extra cost, although this extra cost is very small compared to the potential profit for the thousands of extra visits.

4) worldwide servers: Every day the hosting providers have more tools and servers in different countries so that the loading speeds of their clients are increasingly much higher, and the best thing is that we ourselves can choose where we want to store our site, depending on the country, we It will be better to have a server close to the target audience.

5)you have 24 hour availability:It is honestly impressive how web servers work non-stop for our benefit, the internet is something that became a need for permanent communication for all users and visitors to a website, and today all host servers try to maintain this detail without any problem. Well let’s be honest there are some host servers that are careless in this regard, but they services that we will never recommend on my website.

🎯Question & Answer section

If you don’t want to do much research to know how to create a website from scratch, you can read all the questions that may arise when creating a website. I must clarify that it is not necessary that you know all these answers to create your website, but it is recommended that you know most of them.

# what is hosting service?
It is an online service that many companies provide to store all the information contained in all web pages worldwide, it is like a business market where each seller pays a rent to the owner of the market or building, in this case the hosting server is The owner of the equipment that stores all the data of each website that their servers store, and the owners of each website are customers like you who pay a monthly rent to obtain that service, the hosting service can be hired at any time and In any country, the only requirement you need to hire a hosting service is to have a website created, each hosting company has its advantages, at some point you will try to find cheap hosting or free hosting, do not waste your time with this because it is not worth the shame according to my experience.

# # how to know which is the best host for me?
To know which is the best host service for you, we must first know what type of person you are:

a) ambitious person: if you are a person who wants to be your own
boss and not depend on a boring job in an office like most people and have free time to travel around the world, then you need a medium / high quality hosting plan, that is, if your hosting provider has 3 plans , then choose the second medium quality plan, these plans are almost always enough for an ambitious project in the medium term, in this way you will avoid having problems with space to store your website data in the near future.

b) perfectionist person: if you are a person who likes to always be in first place and crush the competition (literally), then surely you want your website to be one of the best on the entire internet, taking this into account we must invest a lot of time and effort to create a high quality website, and without a doubt the most expensive hosting plans are the best alternative for a person like you, obviously to get here you need to have a great experience and  to create several web pages.

c) person without ambitions: if you are a newbie, you know very little about the internet or you just want to have a very simple website that generates money quickly and easily, this plan is for you, this plan is also for people who just want to do a personal experiment, and they do not want to think about investing in the future in that same website, because not all projects in life will be successful, so the economic plans are excellent if you only want to have a website for a year, we can also locate in This section is for people who are afraid to invest, if you are a person who cannot sleep without saving money, you can also use the cheapest plans, but be careful, the most economical plans serve to save money in the short term, if you want save money in the long run high-quality plans allow you to save more money in the long run.

# How can I create a website?
Maybe you already know how to create a website, but if by chance you still do not know how to do it, you should only know that you need a website creator, the most famous computer programs to create a page are called wordpress, joomla among others, these programs are You can use it for free, you should not pay anything for them, in my opinion to learn how to use these programs you need little time, although that always depends on your patience and speed to learn, besides that you need some extra things like ssl certificates, widgets etc.

# when I register should I put my real data?
If you want avoid troubles in the future, I advise you that all the personal information that a hosting server asks, if you do not want to, you are not obliged to do so, but as I just said if you do not use your real data such as your name, surname and email between others, hosting companies will have problems in the future to know if you are the original owner of a paid hosting account, for your own security purposes they always want you to trust them, because if you don’t, they won’t trust you When you need to verify that you are the legitimate owner of an account, there are thieves in the network called hackers who will try to steal your personal data including your website, the best way to protect yourself is to have your hosting account with your personal data real in their entirety.

# what is the ssl certificate?
When visiting a website, one of the worst things that can happen to you is that it is a fake site, that is precisely the usefulness of an ssl certificate, it allows cybernauts to enter secure websites through a special encryption called ssl, imagine that you want to enter the official website of a bank, surely you do not want anyone to know your bank account information, this certificate prevents someone from trying to steal your information by authenticating a web page as secure, a web browser and your web server can communicate securely through this tool.
that is why it is so important that your web page has an ssl certificate, to protect you and also your website visitors.

# what types of business can I do with a website?
You can really start many online businesses, your imagination should not have limits, to start you can create an online store and sell your own products, just think about how many people buy online today, you can also create sites for fashion, sell electronics, sell music , photography, sell clothes, sell food and you can also earn money for advertising, everything you can think of.

# does my host’s provider location matter?
It is not something too important but without a doubt the closer the hosting server is, the better for your website, in reality we are talking about very high speeds within a server, personally I think that the most important thing is the speed of the server itself. Server of the company that you plan to hire, it is useless if it is close if your server is not very high speed, when you are creating your website, you will have a difficult decision, deciding between the speed of a web page or the multimedia quality of it , so you should not worry too much about the place where a hosting server is located, the important thing is that its servers have the latest technology, this ensures that your website will have a fairly high bandwidth and loading times.

# how important is the speed of my website?
These is one of the questions that gave me the most headache when I was creating my own web page, I must tell you that the speed with which it loads is very important, because your clients or visitors will not like to wait a long time for your page to finish to load your content, that is why it is very important not to exceed the multimedia content, use only what is necessary to please your visitors, another useful thing is not to use very heavy images, it will depend on you if you want to do that extra work, to many people They are lazy about this, but it is your decision which multimedia elements you want on your website, This will be your task to find a balance between the quality of content on your site and the speed of loading it.

# What space do I need to store a web?
When you create a new website, you do not need an expensive hosting plan, because your website has not yet started to generate information and save it thanks to your customers or visitors, a website needs storage space for multimedia files, emails, and new updates such as widgets, the problem arises when your website starts to grow then you will need more and more space, if you are a brave person or have a lot of money you can invest in more expensive plans from the beginning but if you do not have much money then you can expect a time to improve your hosting plan, I do not see convenient to hire a very expensive hosting plan and run out of funds quickly, I think you understand the idea, true friend.

# What is a domain name?
It is a way to identify any web page on the internet, all web pages have an IP address that identifies them from the rest, it is like fingerprints or the pattern of our eyes, but in reality domain names translate the address for us ip of a web page, that is, you do not need to memorize numbers to remember a site you visited before, let’s take an example, it is easier for you to remember something like this 172.10.9.x, and this is perhaps the same as writing myweb page. com, the domain name is a way of writing in letters an address encoded in numbers, that simple.

# How many domains do I need on my website?
You can have several domains, practically all the ones you need, in fact the hosting providers tell us and advise us to register the same website under several domains, because another person can unfairly take the same name from our website, changing only the domain used by our page, to defend ourselves against this situation we should register all possible domains for our website, the amount of domain in reality is not important but it is to protect the brand of our page as unique.

# What is it and how much web traffic do I need?
For a website to generate money without a doubt, a lot of traffic is needed, but it will depend on the type of business you need to start, if you want to start an online store, maybe 10,000 visits a day may be enough, something that is not difficult to achieve in some cases, The advertising business is perhaps the most difficult of all because you need hundreds of thousands of visits, but if you are a persistent person you can achieve it in a certain time, I think that nothing is impossible on the internet, the worst thing you can do is not try it, Do not pay too much attention to this matter and take a little risk, because if you have the will and enough patience the reward can be a dream come true.

# Why do I need space for my emails?
Email messages are a very common utility when you have thousands of daily visitors, without a doubt one of the best way to manage the storage available for your emails, host servers give limited space to store the emails that your visitors want to write, Actually it is not a large space that you need to manage this tool, but as you know, there will come a time when you will need more space for this purpose, in summary it is not something that you should worry much about, there are other more important factors to take In consideration, I am not saying that it is not important, but it is just another matter to attend.

# is important the cache speed on a website?
no lo dudes, este es un aspecto bastante importante, que determina la potencia para trabajar del servidor de tu proveedor de hosting, sin embargo ppr alguna razon son cosas que las personas no toman en cuenta, pero es entendible que alguien que no sabe sobre computacion, no entienda la importancia de la cache que tiene el servidor hosting, la velocidad de cache se mide en MB

# what are the backups for website?
Backups are an extremely important part of any page, you can forget many things within your web page, forget to pay your hosting subscription, make an article for your website, some adjustments in other outdated articles, or simply make adjustments to your web page within the settings of your hosting account, you can forget everything, but if you forget to backup your web page, this would be a recipe for disaster, but you’re lucky, now the hosting servers solve this problem for you, because They make a backup of all the websites hosted on their server, some better than others but the important thing is that it is already an extra free service for you, but my advice is that you also do it every time you finish an article or every day.
some people never do, but this can be a serious problem later, you should never trust everything to your host provider, remember that if your website disappears they will always have their business running.

# How can I create a quality website?
To create a quality website you just have to have a great business idea, every successful man is because he has a winning mind without looking back, I remember that when I decided to do an online business with my website, I had no idea how to do it my website, I knew the steps I had to follow, but each step I took, 1 doubt arose, the more I advanced in the design of it, the more doubts arose and sometimes they multiplied, the only thing I can tell you if you are going through This is that even without having any idea what you are doing you can make your own web page, do not give up, now I will be honest, the main requirement to finish your web project is to have a lot of patience, patience and a lot more patience, and You will see results, you must wait at least 1 or 2 years.

# What languages ​​does the customer service have?
Everyone has English as their main language, I can’t tell you if any hosting server has customer service in your language, but I’m almost sure that the different most important languages ​​are handled such as English, French, German, Spanish, Mandarin etc. but in any case you can use the automatic translator of the google chrome browser, nowadays the translations performed by this browser is excellent, it is not perfect but it is totally understandable, the people who work in customer service are almost always dedicated people and A little worried about solving any questions you have, in my case, everything I know, I learned almost everything by researching and reading a lot on the internet, but this should not cause you laziness, remember the best thing always takes longer to arrive, do not forget that The reward for making a website that makes money is that you can work without a boss to order you, and work from home.

# what security measures should I have with a website?
I tell you honestly, for me the worst thing that can happen to a website is a cybernetic attack by a hacker, when your website has fallen due to a technical problem on the server of the host company, or when you made a mistake with an update with A widget can happen bad things, but if your website falls into the hands of a hacker, this can result in a real disaster, because the solution can be in the hands of another person, although many hosting servers can release hacked websites, I don’t know how effective will be the way companies do it today, but without a doubt the best antivirus is yourself, do not open too strange emails, do not download any file from any web page, and do not do anything that could infect your computer with a virus , it is better that you use another computer only to navigate and another only to work on your website, and your passwords should be well saved as well.

# What is cpanel?
It is a very beautiful utility tool, cpanel is used by practically all hosting providers to organize all the functions and tools that a user has to be able to make all the necessary adjustments within their website, every day there is always something that we can and we must edit within our website to keep it as updated as possible, within cpanel we can find excellent utilities to edit the text that your articles contain, such as wordpress, joomla etc. We also find useful tools to establish security measures and avoid any problem of information loss, we can also better manage the available storage of our host, something very important because this determines when you need to change your plan for a more advanced one, we also have utilities to do daily backup, creation of databases and more things that will undoubtedly be of great help.

# what is a blog?
  It is a very important part of any web project, it is usually used to create the main theme of everything, that is, in this section are all the most important publications that can be renewed daily or perhaps weekly, you can differentiate it from a common web page in the following way, a page contains information that we do not want to be edited or deleted, instead the information of a blog is data that can be changed constantly, at this moment you do not understand it, but when you start writing the content of your website, you will see that it is something very simple.

# what is a hyperlink?
One of the most interesting things when we are browsing the vast sea of ​​the web, is that something is offered to us in an image or text, an advertisement or offer that really interests us, I mean that little link where we put the mouse cursor To access this offer, this link that leads to another website is called hyperlink, it is a small link that is designed to redirect a user to another site for a specific purpose, it is similar to a cake that is divided into several parts because there are several parts but in the end it is always sweet from the same cake.

# what is html?
It is a structure or form of language that allows people to communicate with electronic media such as the computer, obviously its main use is to create web articles, in a simple way for programmers, luckily people today do not need to know no html to make our web things, it is one of those things that you do not need to learn, simply the tool called web designer does everything for you, I am talking about programs such as wordpress and joomla.
si en este momento estuvieramos en el siglo XX sin duda tardariamos muchos meses en diseñar una pagina propia, pero gracias a Dios con los avances de la tecnologia podemos hacer todo lo que queramos sin utilizar ninguna linea de codigo, si sabes programar puedes hacer una pagina a tu gusto, pero es solamente un punto de inflexion que no necesita tener diseños especificos en ninguna manera, las actualizaciones tampoco deben preocuparte porque es algo totalmente mecanizado.

# my website will be permanently online with a server?
A curious question that arises when you hire a hosting service is how long your website will be online during the day, but you don’t need to have your computer turned on for your website to be online, your hosting server is in charge of keeping your site available. hours a day, 7 days a week, another different issue is the quality of the hosting server to keep your site online all the time, but generally everyone takes that care to achieve that important goal for each one, another important issue is that you be very careful with lending your computer to anyone, some have had problems for lending their page to pass files or similar things.

# What are the privacy and cookie policies?
20- what are widgets in wordpress?
They are extra functions that allow to use wordpress in a better and more complete way for everyone, in the same way that windows has extra programs, android has extra apps to enrich its ability to do tasks, so wordpress also has its tools or secondary programs that allow do many other things within the same wordpress program, you can not imagine the ease of use that you can have thanks to the widgets, especially with these internet issues, many people can create a web page thanks to these utilities, we can say that the widgets They are useful for novice users or for those people who do not like to wait too long to create a web page in record time, something that would be perhaps impossible for a common user if these things did not exist, also the facilities of each widget is something so simple that any child can do it, it is a matter of less than 5 minutes, and you can use widgets practically for all the things you need, for maintenance, speed, security, text, programming codes etc.

# what are shared servers?
They are the servers commonly used by hosting operators, to keep the pages of everyone who needs it running, in reality what we receive with each plan is a small portion of the total capacity of the server owned by the hosting company, Imagine that a server has the capacity to store about 10,000 terminals or personal computers, well each one has a specific capacity to be able to work together with the server, it is the same company that must determine the way in which the server will work and will give a limit Of services, these things are always specified before contracting a plan, one of the disadvantages of this is that the more work, more bandwidth, and more security problems a page has, the more it can harm all users of the same computer , when the site is infected with viruses in the worst case, this can generate a chain effect in the other terminals, but it is assumed that this It is the responsibility of the hosting company, so we will leave that problem in the hands of the hosting company.

# what are dedicated servers?
They are servers that are specifically designed for a single terminal, but this is only for large companies that can afford to buy a server for themselves, obviously the speeds are amazing, because the company has all the power and capacity of that server to herself, usually only large companies can have a large number of servers that work non-stop 24 hours a day, perhaps the biggest disadvantages of this type of server is the cost of the equipment and the cost of maintenance, a simple example This is the Google servers that are dedicated in their own flesh to receive the thousands of daily queries that it receives in the server network daily, it is to comment that the workload for these teams is overwhelming, therefore they must be very well maintained. high in conditions of continuous refrigerated temperature, generally the hosting companies do not offer this service, so it is a special task. Ecial for each company to buy this equipment in its own way. 

# what are ssd disks?
First of all we must define what the disks are, as you should know to see all the information we have on the internet, we must have a place to store this information, as if we were talking about the information we have in a notebook where we have important notes of our home, only that in this case we are talking about digital information, then all the information we have on our website is stored on ssd disks, any text, image and video that a website has are stored on these physical friends, The term ssd is well understood, it refers to the technology used to make these discs, at this moment we write the ssd technology, it is the best in the market, the reason is very simple, it is because ssd disks have the highest transfer rate of data in a given time, in simple terms we can say that they make the data run more fluidly, the best hosting companies have is This feature, so it is not difficult to find.

# I need to create my online store, how do I do it?
To make an online store you only need a great business idea, you can offer anything, then you use the predefined design that the online pages have, or you use a wonderful plugin called woocomerce, if you decide to create it with the second option you can do it more Simple and fast, with the plugins you always save a lot of time to create your store, for everything else you only have to worry about the product that you must sell, each hosting plan has its option to use this standard plugin, if you need to create more advanced things you only have to pay a small commission to update immediately, although if you like things even faster and easier, you only need to hire a service from already manufactured online stores, such as shopify, this is one of the most famous options and they have very good prices. We must understand that if you have decided to start a business it is because you already have a lot of clients, although you can start from scratch, it will take a long time but every business starts from scratch at some point, you have no excuse to create your store, anyone can do it, and the big brands have their own online store to make purchases.

# can I move my page to another web server?

Of course, at first this may seem complicated, but the hosting servers are there to help you and in general they do the work for you with special tools such as super migrator, which is responsible for checking the ftp access files, the ftp data is a The way in which the data of a website can be transferred to the server of another company, it is assumed that this work through this method allows you to send the data more easily and quickly, when your website is in local mode you can do it easily with cpanel, another very important thing

# I can have several websites in the same hosting?
Luckily yes, you can have many domains in your disposition, in fact the more you have the better for you, because the more domains you have the more opportunities you have to make a hole in the immense web of the internet, we say this because something that other people of bad The intention they try to do is steal the credit of other people, through very low and shameful tactics, one of them is to try to steal the credits of a website, for this they try to use the same name or web address that another page has, simply obtaining A different domain, with this unfair practice, they can take away your website visitors, by cloning your page a bit, that is, the only difference between the two sites is that the domain is different, the hosting servers recommend that you obtain all possible domains that your web space can generate, to avoid this type of future problems.
Another important issue is the fact that you never know when you will need more than one web space to create your content, obviously we do not want visitors to confuse the information, so we must create several websites for each topic we want to deal with, some things can be similar in a particular topic, but you will always have the need to divide those little things within another web page, well actually it is not good that you confuse your own information and therefore it is better to make different categories that make things more easy for you, in this way also when you need to edit some information you can do it more easily and in less time.

# can I host any web type on any hosting server?
You can make any page you want with the theme you want, perhaps the only exception are adult content pages, but apart from that, there are many options and alternatives that you can choose to create your beloved project, one of the things they recommend the most experts in web marketing and content creators on the web, is that you choose a topic that you like, in my personal opinion, I think this can be a double-edged sword, because if you do not analyze the topic you want to address very well, You can make the mistake of not investigating if that particular topic is viable and is generating profits at the time, it is very nice to write and write and that all the content comes out as if by magic, but it is something very disappointing when you realize that everything is an effort made and all those hours where you wrote a lot of content have gone down the sink, we are talking about the profit in money that you hope to obtain for your web content, it is useless if that content is not demanded by web users, so you should first analyze if it is worth the editing work on that topic, the fact that a particular topic does not have competition can be a waste of time and effort or it can be a mine of gold, another important issue is that now some hosting servers do not allow you to create a web page with adult content, according to them it is not a moral question, it is a security question, that is, something that affects any web page, is that the Server where it is hosted has technical problems, a frequent cause may be a virus, and the pages most attacked by viruses are adult sites, in my opinion it is a very successful measure that benefits all owners of a hosting plan with themselves.

# what is a CDN?
One of the things that all internet users do is that when we are looking at an online magazine, seeing the latest trends in fashion, checking our facebook account, our email, instagram or perhaps making an online purchase, it is that the page is slow , and make us wait a long time to do that particular task, that is why there is a technique called CDN, this is a very ingenious technique that consists of distributing the data processing load of each user according to their geographical location, this allows A user who is in the United States can access a server in that same location so that their purchases, for example, are very fast and there are no delays when visiting a shopping website, if the user resides in Europe then their computer it connects with a server that is located in Europe, in this way it does not matter in which country you reside, there will always be an access point or nearby server that facilitates the speed in the communication between you and the company that is offering you an online service, the speed of each server in each location will depend on the technology used in your country, but in general, this is secondary, a problem would be that your connection speed was Very low, but that would be a personal problem between you and your local internet provider, in my opinion if you have at least 3mb of internet, your tasks anywhere will be very fast.

# what is DNS?
It is a form of computer language that allows IP addresses to be translated in an understandable way for web users, a person may have a good memory to remember a certain amount of numbers but this represents a serious difficulty for most of the common people, If you want to memorize something like this without a doubt you would have to write it on a paper before memorizing this series of numbers, however there is a much easier way, which is to memorize domain names or DNS, for anyone it is easy to remember something like google.com, facebook.com, youtube.com, among other sites, it is precisely the function of a dns server, allowing to translate the communication form of a computer, so that a web user does not have to memorize annoying numbers . As we can see it is something simple to understand, well I say it in a relative way, because someone who does not know anything about the internet will obviously take a little longer to understand.

conclusion: the best results that we can find today to have our own web space, although I must admit that when we start our first adventure with a website it is very intimidating to know the enormous amount of technical terms that we must begin to understand to know the operation of the Host servers, even for some people, can be a bit frustrating, but with a lot of patience we can begin to understand all the technical terms necessary to not always be newbies. also always at some point there will be problems and headaches that may arise if we choose the wrong hosting plan, unfortunately some users do not make enough effort to help their provider to give proper maintenance to their own site.
In this article you have The answers to all the questions that we may need to know, something that you should always bear in mind that the prices of a service for some reason change constantly, but this I think is just a marketing tactic that all companies have, it is normal in a way, for that reason I do not usually give prices on my website, because I don’t need you to criticize me for putting outdated prices, but I always leave you the link so that you can see for yourself the prices of each provider, in this way my site remains transparent and honest, because I don’t want you to suffer the deceptions that I suffered when I started my adventure on the internet.
remember that if you have more questions that do not appear in this post, you can write to my email.

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