Best Freelance Websites to Hire remote workers.

Great revolution: All companies are institutions that depend exclusively on employees, we cannot think of a company without having people in charge of carrying out the necessary tasks to offer the products to the market, remote workers have become a revolution in our present time, because we can assigning all kinds of tasks remotely, obviously this is a benefit for companies and workers alike, so we can say that this type of hiring is an achievement of technology, today we can see many companies that became a kind of online hiring company, because thanks to a work platform commonly called freelance platforms, the term freelance refers precisely to the ability to hire all kinds of professionals through these platforms who can help companies in practically any task no matter how difficult what it looks like, we can even hire companies digital companies that also offer their services through these sites, therefore we should not worry too much about the ability to create or finish projects with these freelancers, although if you are a person in charge of hiring, or head of human resources as companies call it, you can try venturing into this type of site, many companies have obtained enormous benefits with this technological system.

Best professional for you: If you wonder what guarantees we have of finding trained, serious and highly capable personnel to solve problems or carry out projects, this is not really a problem, Because freelance platforms have work rules for their best workers that can even be quite heavy for the most serious professionals, this guarantees that we can classify the best freelancers and discard those without experience, obviously a freelancer with a lot of experience will not charge their services with cheap prices, but there are also some freelancer s new that can serve us depending on the knowledge and the type of experience they have, something that I understood from the heads of human resources, is that the years of experience in a position is not more important, rather the type of experience is more important specific in a specific position or tasks for best results.

Something we can say is that you should not worry about finding candidates, because the number of people waiting for an opportunity on these platforms is overwhelming, you will even have the privilege of classifying candidates who have university studies, something that we It gives an idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthe enormous potential that this business has and the benefits that any company can obtayou. all the information in this article was a hard investigation I hope it is useful to you.

Let’s see next why we should hire freelance employees for our company:

1) Reduction of staff costs: It is perhaps the best advantage that any company can have when hiring remote staff, the costs can be considerably lower than a worker in an office with 8 a day, even sometimes we can get trial jobs from some freelancers, depending on the way we interview digitally to a candidate we can reduce many costs, such as transportation, life insurance, and any other benefit that the laws of a country can oblige a company as a benefit for its employees, I will not say that it seems to me something ethical, but all workers Freelancers are willing to give up these benefits for the purpose of working as entrepreneurs without a boss in a physical office.

2) Professionals of all kinds: I imagine that for every company it is something very delicious and fun to be able to fill jobs with all kinds of professionals, there is practically no job that remote workers cannot cover, obviously we are talking about any project task that does not need the presence of the employee, we can find engineers, graduates, technicians, editors, psychologists, and all kinds of employees who can perform any digital task.

3) Work pressure: One of the main concerns of those in charge of hiring freelancers is the quality of the work and the seriousness or commitment of the remote workers, because it is not the same to have an employee watched by cameras in a company, than an employee that we only know from a freelance platform, but these concerns are no longer necessary, because freelance recruitment sites each have their own way of forcing freelancers to be responsible with their projects.

4) Many candidates: Something that companies love is having many candidates to choose from, as I said before, the number of possible collaborators or partners is immense and the vast majority of them are willing to work permanently with us, if we need them at any time.

5) Reduction of absence from work: One of the common problems that a company has is that there are many reasons that force an employee not to attend a day of work, but remote workers can even be a second option to solve these problems, we can say that it is a plan B.

6) Projects with multiple employees: If we need to hire several employees for a project we can do it without any problem, we only have to establish how many candidates a project needs and apply for the project on the freelance platform we prefer.

7) Secure payment platforms: Payments are made safely with very serious means of payment such as PayPal, although there are also other means of payment, it will depend on us which one we will use according to our convenience.

8) Free platform: we do not need to pay anything to start hiring staff, the earnings of the freelance platform are actually obtained from the payment made to freelancers, that is, they do not receive all the money from our project, because they charge a small commission with each completed project between employers and employees.

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It is the best freelance site for beginners and experts users, and maybe the most dynamic, famous and diverse company among freelance sites and with the lowest prices without a doubt, even novice freelancers offer their services for the ridiculous amount of $5.
But do not think badly, here freelancer of the highest level that does big projects, but obviously the most experienced ones charge high prices.
Whatever project you need, you will find a freelancer to help you with your project. I’m serious, maybe this site is the most complete and demanded of all.

fiverr is another of those sites that we like to analyze, because it is a very attractive site with a cheerful interface and that we are not bored at any time to analyze all its characteristics, because it contains curious options and functions, but do not think badly, here you can find professionals of the highest quality, I have seen it with my own eyes.

fiverr features:
‚óŹFreelancer services: logos, web design, mobile apps, cartoons and illustrations, web seo, web article writing, video and music editing and creation, programming, financial consultations, virtual assistants, even fun services for non-serious jobs.
‚óŹcost of freelancer: $5 the cheapest and $1500 the most expensive service approximately.
‚óŹfreelancer experience: the experience levels are 4, new seller, level 1, level 2 and top rated seller.
‚óŹtype of contracts: all projects are by contract, and not working hours.
‚óŹcommunication: only through his platform, with fiverr messaging. (You cannot exchange contact details with your remote employee).
‚óŹrecommendation: it is recommended for all type projects, big and small.
Delivery time: approximately between 1 or 7 days for small projects, and 60 and 90 days for large projects such as mobile apps.
‚óŹPayment methods: PayPal, cr√©dit & Debit card(Visa, Mastercard, Discover, jch) google pay, apple pay, ideal for netherlands, giropay for germany, sofort for Austria, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland, boleto for brazil, Oxxo for mexico.
‚óŹMoney Refunds: fiverr allow it.

fiverr Full review:

a)Fiverr is trusted site: This digital company was founded in 2010 and belongs to Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger, and has an income of 20 million dollars, I must admit that this is my favorite platform to hire freelancers, because it is a company with a very high reputation on the internet, it is perhaps the most popular we can find, in addition to its payment methods and its way of organizing and allowing negotiations between employers and employees seems quite transparent to us, I tried to work as a freelancer on this site, but only the best workers survive and have many work orders, this guarantees us that it is a safe platform and with high quality remote workers.

b)it¬īs easy of use: It is perhaps the easiest platform to use in my opinion, it is another reason to highly recommend this platform, when we enter your page, we do not find an unnecessary large number of options that can confuse us, it is the opposite, it is very easy to find quickly a professional that interests us for a project, with its search engine, if you are a novice employer and do not want to get bored learning how to use a platform, I recommend this site, according to my experience it is perhaps the easiest site to understand and use quickly and honestly it is a site with an interface that doesn’t bore me like other sites.

c)their prices: If you are a serious employer I think you will like this site, but if you are an employer for personal projects you will also love this site, because you can hire professionals for $ 5, but we must clarify that each freelancer you hire has different prices, if you hire a freelancer that charges very little, it is because he is an inexperienced freelancer, but if you hire a freelancer who charges a lot of money It is because he is a freelancer with a lot of experience, hiring a quality worker online is practically the same in real life, that is, the more money you spend, the more quality you get. Some experienced freelancers may charge anywhere from $100 to $1000 or maybe more depending on the project and the number of hours or days the freelancer needs to complete that project.

d)score: for its ease of use, very low prices fiverr has 9.6/10

visit fiverr site now(click here)


It is one of the sites with the good regulations to discipline its freelancers and comply with their projects, for them workana is like their real boss, for employers like you it is a relief that workana puts pressure on freelancers.

workana features:
‚óŹFreelancer services: logos, web design, web seo, article writing, programming, virtual assistants, marketing sales and more.
‚óŹcost of freelancer: between $10 and $100 daily aproximately.
‚óŹexperience level: In workana, the experience levels of a freelancer are iron (novice), bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and hero (highest rank).
‚óŹtype of contracts: We can pay by contract or pay by the hour, it is our choice.
communication: You can only communicate with your employee by chat or video call through the workana site.
‚óŹtype for projects: it is recommended for big and medium projects.
‚óŹDelivery time: the delivery time is an agreement between you and the freelancer you hire.
‚óŹPayment methods: PayPal, cr√©dit & Debit card(Visa, Mastercard, American Express), and bank transfer.
‚óŹRefunds: 30 days money back guarantee.
hire workers on fiverr right now (press link here).


Another site that is very hard on freelancers that we can hire, they have a pretty tough selection process and only truly trained freelancers can register for jobs or projects, but still you as an employer can impose your rules and improve your experience with they.

freelancer. com features:
‚óŹFreelancer services: engineering jobs, web design, mobile apps, web seo, web article writing, programming, virtual assistants, and more.
‚óŹcost of freelancer: $10 and $100 approximately.
‚óŹtype of contracts: we will define it.
communication: we will define it.
‚óŹtype for projects: it is recommended for big projects.
Delivery time: agreement between both parties.
‚óŹPayment methods: Skrill, Google Pay, Escrow, Transfers,Checks, Credit or debit card, TransferWise.
‚óŹRefunds: allowed.


a page to hire freelancer that has very good reviews on truspilot, perhaps the most famous review site on the net. he has very good specializations in each project.

Peopleperhour features:
‚óŹFreelancer services: logos, web design, article writing, digital marketing, marketing sales, social media proyects and more.
‚óŹcost of freelancer: between $15 and $300, but we can also negotiate costs.
‚óŹtype of contracts: hourly or by contract
communication: through your platform.
‚óŹtype for projects: it is recommended for projects.
Delivery time: between 1 or 7 days approximately for small projects.
‚óŹPayment methods: cr√©dit & Debit card(Visa, Mastercard), paypal.
‚óŹRefunds: allowed.


Envato is one of my favorite sites, but we must clarify that this site is especially only for employers who need online workers for multimedia projects such as graphics, photos, music tracks, logos etc. The advantage is that it is relatively easier to find the freelancer we need in my opinion.

Envato features:
‚óŹFreelancer services: graphics templates, stock videos, stock photos, music tracks, web templates and more.
‚óŹcost of freelancer: between $20 and $50 for small project, and big projects betwen $500 y $2000.
‚óŹtype for projects: it is recommended for medium and big projects.
‚óŹDelivery time: approx. between 5 and 60 days. depending on the project.
‚óŹPayment methods: PayPal, skrill, cr√©dit & Debit card(Visa, Mastercard).
‚óŹRefunds: yes.

register and hire on fiverr now(press here)


Another great site to hire graphic design specialists this site has a very trustworthy interface, a site to consider serious projects that can end up with very good results.

crowdspring features:
‚óŹFreelancer services: logo design, website design proyects, product design and naming your business.
‚óŹcost of freelancer: between $ 200 and $ 1500 approximately.
communication: through your site.
‚óŹtype for projects: it is recommended for big projects.
‚óŹPayment methods: PayPal, payoneer, bank transfer.
‚óŹRefunds: 30 days protection.


If you are looking for the most unique freelancers, this website only hires 3% of the freelancers who apply to work on its platform, therefore this site is only for employers with an extremely high quality requirement to hiring a freelancer.

Toptal features:
‚óŹFreelancer services: engineering projects, architecture, programming, animations, financial experts, project managers and more.
‚óŹcost of freelancer: 60 per hour or $ 6,400 per week.
‚óŹtype of contracts: per hour.
communication: through your platform.
‚óŹtype for projects: it is recommended for extremely important projects.
Delivery time: approx. between 30 or 120 days depending on the project.
‚óŹPayment methods: Paypal, ACH, bank wires, credit cards and
‚óŹRefunds: allowed for toptal.


a very complete site where we can find a large number of serious services for serious projects regardless of the importance of it. and has a significant number of online workers to choose from.

Guru features:
‚óŹFreelancer services: administrative, sales & marketing, engineering, architecture, education & training, design and more.
‚óŹcost of freelancer: approx. $100 per hour for experienced freelancers, and less experienced freelancers can charge between $8 and $10 per hour.
‚óŹtype of contracts: by hour.
communication: through guru.
‚óŹrecommendation: it is recommended for small and big projects.
‚óŹPayment methods: U.S. Bank Account (eCheck), PayPal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer.
‚óŹRefunds: yes, there is refund.

register fiverr now here


According to my research, this site allows us to pay a monthly subscription to acquire all its services including its freelancers.
If you are looking for a site specializing in logos for new brands, this site I think you may love has designers with the most curious ideas you can imagine, I think it is a good place to publicize our company with the most curious and striking design.

Designhill features:
‚óŹFreelancer services: logo design, t-shirt design, website logo, business card, social media logo and more.
‚óŹcost of service:
PREMIUM. $999.
‚óŹtype of contracts: monthly subscription for all services and freelance works.
‚óŹtype for projects: it is recommended for big projects.
‚óŹPayment methods: PayPal, cr√©dit & Debit card(Visa, Mastercard).
‚óŹRefunds: 100% refund.

10) 99DESIGN:

This site allows you to create contests where you choose the best work, Exactly, you will pay only once for several designs.
is Another interesting site that has very good services with different design services for all tastes,
perhaps it is not the most popular but without a doubt, the less popular a site has, I think that this allows freelancers to have more free time for our projects.

99Design features:
‚óŹFreelancer services: logos, business cards, t-shirts, websites design and more.
‚óŹcost of freelancer: approx. $200 the cheapest design and approximately $1000 the most expensive service.
‚óŹtype of contracts: hourly or by contract
communication: through your site
‚óŹtype for projects: it is recommended for big projects.
‚óŹPayment methods: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal,
‚óŹRefunds: yes.

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final review
what is the best site freelance for us?
is fiverr, visit site(touch here)

Full review Freelance sites

workana: It is a site that was not so easy to analyze because it has a large number of options, especially designed for extremely serious employers and remote workers, according to our analysis we concluded very interesting things, I was also a user of this platform and I can say that the demand for work is A lot, therefore it is an excellent option to hire professionals with high seriousness, here you will not find cheap prices to hire freelancers, but you will find workers with a lot of experience.

a)trusted site: workana was born a relatively short time ago, specifically in 2012, it is a platform that works perfectly, according to my experience using workana I can say that its platform is safe and reliable, it may not be the veteran but it has almost 10 years in this sector, if you are Follower of my website, you know that I love sites with more than 10 years old, this generates a lot of confidence, therefore we recommend this site to hire all types of freelancer and any type of business or personal project.

b)easy of use: workana is not the easiest site to use, we must recognize it, but it is common that a site with many options and functions is not easy to understand at first, I consider that this site can learn to use it in less than 2 or 3 weeks, Depending on our time, obviously the basic functions are easier to understand, one piece of advice we can give you is to interview a candidate and ask him if he knows the uses of workana in its entirety, as incredible as it may seem, some freelancers do not know all its functions and it can generate some misunderstanding in some project.

c)prices: On this site, the prices of the services of a freelancer will depend exclusively on the contract you are willing to close with a freelancer, but we can say that the vast majority of experienced freelancer want a salary similar to a professional who works for any physical company, too there are inexperienced freelancers who have very low job claims. It is up to you how much you will pay a freelancer, there are also small projects with very small budgets of $ 50 or $ 100, but obviously applying for these small projects is only when you do not need a permanent remote worker.

d)score: according to our experience using workana it has 8.8 / 10.

freelancer. com: It is a site that has a lot of experience in this sector, perhaps it is one of the sites with the highest demand for freelancers, and the quality of the services is also quite high, we will not say that it is the easiest site to use, but when we enter we easily see how finding some examples of projects within the platform, and registering is relatively quick.

a)is trusted site: It was founded in 2009 by matt barrie, and has had an evolution as incredibly good companies for its comparison with other companies, an interesting fact is that it obtained some international awards from companies such as Deloitte and Ernst burst, also visiting its website and analyzing some details during Some time we can say that it is a trustworthy site to create our first project, also the seriousness of this site is boringly high, that is to say here we will see a lot of seriousness between remote employers and employees, without being perfect but it is totally recommended.

b)their easy of use: Their platform is another site that doesn’t take too long to learn how to apply for our first project and take advantage of all its extra features to exploit all its extra services. even entering their site allow us to easily choose whether we are employers or employees, greatly facilitating the process.

c)prices: is another site where each employer sets their rules, but the vast majority of experienced workers charge per hour of work, some salaries for data entryists are between $ 80 and $ 100, maybe you can find projects and freelancer with lower salaries, but this site It is designed for companies that are only interested in the experience of a freelancer, regardless of their salary, if you are looking for high quality workers this is your site.

d)score: considering his enormous reputation and seriousness he has a 9.1/10.

4)peopleperhour: this site called peopleperhour is a site that has good graphics and a relatively easy platform to analyze and with some very modern design touches that gave us a good feeling. we will see some details not so special but interesting to behold.

a)trusted site: It was founded in 2007 in the United Kingdom, and has many very good opinions about its platform, there are some users out there who are surely bad workers speaking badly of them, but from my analysis I can say that I do not think it is a fake site, because it has very good security details on your site and your payments also look safe.

b)easy of use: We will not say that it is the easiest site to use, but it is not difficult in my opinion, it has a pleasant interface with many images that make it easier for us to understand its options and functions, in addition to applying our first project is very easy, when we enter its website, The printing is lively and very pleasant where we will surely enjoy having a good time to learn the use of your platform.

c)their prices: It is a site similar to fiverr, and has very varied prices, here you have 2 interesting options, fiverr practically only allows freelancer to set their prices with their work and it depends on us if we agree with its price, it is something that generally cannot be negotiate, but in peopleperhour we can do both, create projects and define the budget for that project or we can see the service offers that some freelancers give us, it seems a bit entertaining because you can double the bet.

d)our personal score: after fiverr this site is our favorite has an 8.7/10

5)Envato: This site is another nice site to analyze, it has a very attractive site with a very good modern air and easy to analyze, it is one of those hidden gems that we find on the internet and that we like to present to you on my list. We must say that this site is designed only to hire freelancer for design projects, such as audio projects, web design and graphics of all kinds, wordpress proyects, logo creation, marketing work, mobile app creation and even programming work.

a)trusted site: was founded in 2006, so we are talking about a site that has been working in this sector for more than 14 years, I am impressed that this site is not as famous as fiverr, because its platform seems excellent to me, but analyzing its platform and its means of payment insurance such as paypal, skrill among others and also its high reputation and good user opinions we can say that it is a site that deserves a place in my list of the 10 best freelance platforms.

b)their easy of use: This site is one of those strange sites that are not extremely easy to learn to use, but its friendly interface seems suitable even for novice users, because simply its colors and design when you browse their site gives you a very pleasant feeling of relaxation and it makes you want to learn how to use the platform, without a doubt, this site is a gem. If you are an employer or company that needs any multimedia design project or web design and programming, I think you will love this site.

c)prices: Analyzing their prices we were able to observe quite cheap prices some small projects have prices between $20 and $50, and other more sophisticated projects can cost up to $ 2000, this is a site for serious and large companies but it also has professionals willing to carry out projects with cheap prices For small businesses or personal projects and reading various opinions note that the opinions on this site are excellent.

d)our score: I really liked this site has 9.0/10.

6)Crowdspring: It is a site similar to envato with a modern design and allows us to contract design services such as logos, websites, graphic designs, naming and more. It is a very interesting marketplace because it allows us to define our preferences from the beginning so that we can only find the freelancer that we like, another gem that I found browsing the internet and doing a lot of research on its reliability and ease of use.

a)trusted site: It was founded in 2007, I am surprised that this modern site is a fairly well set site considering the services that freelancers offer us on this platform. Your payments can be made through paypal and payoneer something that also catches my attention because these 2 payment processors are only available for sites with a great reputation, therefore we recommend this site without problem.

b)easy of use: I think that this site this site is designed especially for employers with very little time to search, because when we start to search it asks us exactly our personal preferences to filter only the exact results that interest us, saving a lot of time searching on their platform, in general I find that your site is recommended for novice users.

c)the prices: The prices that I could observe seem to me to be very accessible and reasonable prices for large and small companies. We can find prices between $ 200 for the simplest projects and the most ambitious projects can cost perhaps up to $1000.

d)my score: our impression was very good have 8.6/10.

7)toptal: This company is only if you are an employer with very high and exaggerated quality requirements for hire a freelancer, this site only hires 3% for every 100,000 freelancer who want to work on its platform, that is, on this site you will find the best among the best of freelancers, Perhaps this site is designed only for large and medium-sized companies with too high quality demands, if that is your goal, this site is a treasure for you.
Another site that was a bit strange to analyze, but we were able to analyze its content that we found very elegant and makes us think of a world where only the most serious survive, the freelance experts look excellently presented and we also saw some very strong associated brands that also call the attention.

a)legit site: Considering the partners it has and analyzing the security of its platform and the opinions of some users, I can highly recommend this site, in fact the demand of the platform to its new freelancers is very high, therefore the quality of work for our project is guaranteed.

b)easy of use: I found the site easy to use, maybe it is not a site that you will learn all its functions in the same day, but my impression of its ease of use was very good.

c)prices: the freelancers on this site have very high pay, employers pay freelancers according to the contract, but the salary that we must pay has a range from $60 per hour or $ 6,400 per week.

d)our score: Considering that this site is only for large or medium-sized companies, but the quality of its freelancers is extremely high, its score is 9.0/10.

8)Guru: It is a site where we should only hire freelancer with a lot of experience because this platform has freelancer without experience that perhaps are of low quality. It is one of those sites that looks like a roller coaster, it has highs and lows, I am not saying that it is a bad site, but without a doubt it is a site in our opinion and the opinion of many users of its platform should improve many things, without However we gave this site a chance because of its great popularity, obviously if you hire the best you will find freelancers with good jobs, but this site is recommended only for stingy employers who want to save a lot of money by hiring low or medium quality freelancers.

a)legit site : It was founded in 1997 in Pittsburgh USA, and has almost 200 employees in its company, but lately analyzing the opinions of most of the users we can say that you have many negative and positive reviews, therefore I recommend that you use this site only if you are looking for freelancers With very low prices, this is the only reason to recommend this site, it will depend on you if you are willing to pay very little money and save for jobs of dubious quality.

b)easy of use: It did not seem like an easy site to use, I will not say that it is difficult but it is not the best experience perhaps for a newbie, if you are an experienced user you will have no problems using their platform in my opinion.

c)prices: Some of the best freelancers can charge up to $100 per hour, and less experienced freelancers can charge between $8 and $10 per hour.

d)honest score: 7.8/10.

9)Designhill: another special site to hire freelancer design project specialists. A fairly elegant site that is very comfortable to analyze its operation, we analyze its functions, options, menus and quality of navigation for a certain time to have a correct idea before giving our opinion.

a)review trusted site: a site founded in 2009 that has secure means of payment such as paypal and something that caught my attention was the excellent opinion of users about the platform, enough details to trust the very good reputation of this site.

b)easy of use: Its ease of use seems very practical and it is quick to learn how to use it, relatively also its options and functions are easy to understand and perhaps we can start creating our first logo in record time.

c)their prices: their prices are good. the costs are not that cheap actually they are a bit pricey because the cheapest jobs according to my research cost $ 200 the cheapest job and the most expensive jobs can cost between $ 400 and $ 700.

d)score: 8.8/10.

10) 99designs: A site that tries to please us from the first moment I am not sure if it achieves precisely this, but we analyzed interesting details that gave us a very idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthe type of site we will visit.

a)trusted site: It was founded in 2008 in Melbourne Australia, it has an interesting number of employees and according to some opinions of experts we can say that it is a safe site, in addition the payment methods are also totally safe among them they have paypal and payoneer, methods that allow us to recover the money for any inconvenience.

b)review easy of use: The use of their platform is relatively easy, it seems to me that they fulfill the objective of not confusing the most novice users, the menus and navigation options seem appropriate for the type of platform we need to use.

c)prices: Their prices are not economical for a personal project but they are reasonable and economical for a company. We can find logo design projects for $200 the cheapest and approximately $1000 the most expensive.

d)our score: 8.8/10.


# what is a freelance worker?
The term freelance is used to describe all those workers who have decided to step forward as self-employed workers, and carry out their work remotely through the internet from the comfort of their homes or any place of comfort that the person chooses, this type work is desired by thousands of workers who do not like to be locked in an office fulfilling an 8-hour schedule, the advantages are more than evident.

# what are the advantages of hiring freelancers?
The advantages of hire freelancers are undoubtedly many, one of the first things we think about when we decide to make a decision is to know what are the advantages of making that decision at this time I list the greatest advantages of this wonderful world called freelance.

a)conciliation between work and personal life:One of the biggest problems that a person has in daily life is that work does not allow us to have a normal life, there are jobs that are too demanding, others do not give us enough time to be with our family or make us travel a lot, But those problems are eliminated with remote work, you and your future workers will have a better work environment.

b)less stress: surely that no person likes to feel stressed, it is a feeling that is not good for our health, life should always be away from it, but stress from work is almost inevitable at some point in our life, Hire Freelancers allows you to avoid the stress of having a boss behind your back , telling you to hire and look for staff, this means that you can have a lot of free time for yourself and your family.

c)reduction of personal expenses: if you are a person who thinks about the future or you simply like to save money, this is excellent for you, because you will avoid spending more money on transportation to work, clothing and any other expenses that are a consequence of work, and you’ll have fewer problems with workers who are late or absent from work.

d)greater productivity: when you work with freelancers you have the advantage of having more time to work if you want to increase productivity, as long as you get enough rest you can have the flexibility to do things your way and increase income.

# requirements to be a  successful freelance employer?
There are some requirements for you to be successful as freelance employer, among them we can list the following:

a)Create your own work rules: when you start to hiring freelancers you should always establish your own rules that each worker must respect, although there are some workers who want to impose their own rules, it will depend on the amount of work you have if you accept the conditions of a project, when you start as a freelance employer the truth is that it is better that you give in a little, ,In my opinion the best workers are those who have several projects carried out as a freelancer and like to discuss the work rules, if you hire someone who accepts all your rules it may be someone who wants to work out of necessity and maybe not so good worker, because a good worker does his job because he likes to do his job and not only out of necessity, This does not mean that someone who seeks to work out of necessity is a bad worker, but that is your decision, when you have a reputation as employer in the freelancers website then you can be more strict with your own rules

b)collect in advance: sadly in this world there are people in bad faith or who are too stingy to pay the real value of your work, so you better be careful and do not accept jobs without an advance payment, it is like a guarantee deposit before Doing a job, this means that everyone will try to take advantage of you, but also in my opinion you must give a little when you are new to gain experience with some jobs you just have to be careful and let no one make fun of you. It is also not necessary to be too inflexible with clients, because there are good clients who pay just enough.
We must clarify that this is not the fault of the freelance work platforms, it is something that is out of their hands. unless these are reported by you.

c)Avoid too long talks with a client: your time is also worth gold, you should not allow the client to ask things that he does not need to know, or that you should not answer, the client should already be well informed about the way someone works which does the same as you, you don’t need to give too many explanations.

d)Impeccable profile: you must be realistic, if you get a job and do not do it well, you will hardly receive jobs continuously, it is more than obvious that you must be my professional when you do a job for someone serious client, they do not want to waste time with bad Workers must always show them that you are a professional and your work is of quality.

e)do not do work without being an expert: Sometimes you may be tempted to do different jobs, where you have no experience or it is not the job oriented to your profession, it is better not to accept that type of job because you can make a mistake in the process and look bad.

# who can hire freelancers?
Any company and natural person can hire any freelancer at any time, you do not need to have any special license to hire your potential candidates, this is a great advantage for any head of human resources, because you do not need to waste time with signatures, paperwork and others common things, everything is mechanical and very fast, even if you are a freelancer you can hire another freelancer for your own projects, there is really no excuse to create a team of workers remotely, although you must be clear about your objectives because all users in A virtual employment platform needs everyone to be serious, the best freelancers like seriousness on the part of the employer and they also like you to be a little flexible with them, remember that they do not want to look bad, and you should not pretend that they will do a perfect job, I wish perfection existed but the best jobs are always defined by small details.

# can I set a deadline for a project?
All platforms to employ freelancers understand that you need to have your project finished in a certain time, this is not a problem because you can always set a completion limit for any project you want to publish, it is a standard option that you can use. The only disadvantage is that if the time is very short, the number of applicants will be reduced, although this may be a good technique to filter only more committed workers, you can set daily, weekly or monthly deadlines, some employers give a little more time but this depends on the project, because there are some that are extremely long and others whose level of complexity is quite high, it will depend on you the time you consider convenient.

# How many freelancers can I hire for a project?
This is another very good advantage of hiring remote workers, you can establish the number of places available for a project, it is evident that there are projects that need more than one worker, in reality it seems that no freelance platform has a hiring limit, obviously You must be very clear about how many workers your project will need remotely, the ideal would be that all candidates have the same capabilities and virtues considering that there will be no one who directly supervises each employee, then you should try to know a lot about your future collaborators, but if you make the objectives very clear, you should not have any problem, although there are always important details that should interest you, for example if a collaborator gets sick, or maybe another has problems with their internet connection, or in the worst case they leave the project completely, these are things that you should consider to solve these details efficiently .

# What kind of projects can I do with freelancers?
This is one of the common questions, but you will be happy to know that in freelance platforms you can practically do a project of anything that is a digital project, if you need simple things you have a large number of freelancers waiting to be hired, among these jobs We can find candidates to do very repetitive jobs, such as managing, updating data, organizing templates and any other simple work that any virtual assistant can do, but you can also find a freelancer even to do architectural plans, field studies, analysis and systems design, accounting jobs, practically any professional you need can be found in these freelance sites, the best of all is that almost all are graduates of prestigious universities, without a doubt it must be something impressive to get employees who are willing to do projects at low cost, although you should not give u No budget too low, because this puts off the best freelancers. There are even people who use a freelancer as a virtual assistant without being an employee or head of human resources, the opportunity is open to all employers large and small.

# do I have to pay to publish a project on a freelance site?
One of the advantages is that you do not have to pay anything to publish a project, that is, you will only pay for the project that you need to implement, all the contracting platforms obtain their profit thanks to a small surcharge obtained from the payment of each project, they are actually the workers who must credit a small commission of their payment to the website that we are using, in fact this is another reason for you not to be stingy and offer a very low pay to professional workers, because they pay the platform for working, now well If you plan to take very seriously hiring freelancers on a continuous basis, you can pay for subscription plans that will allow you to access premier options to publish more projects in a week, because if you have a free account you have a limit of projects that you can publish per week, but this is not mandatory you can continue to publish with your free account.

# What questions should I ask to interview a freelancer?
When interviewing a freelancer, doubts may arise about the questions you should ask, knowing that your employees will work remotely, but the truth is that the questions are not that different compared to a normal interview, in my opinion the most important thing is to concentrate In the reasons and objectives that your candidates have to join your project, it is evident that any human resources manager does not want to make mistakes when hiring staff, especially if you do not have experience in this position and you are a natural person looking for freelancers, for them I will give some guidelines that may help you to do a quality interview and obtain the best candidates:

1)connection speed: it may seem like a minor detail, but if the candidate has a bad connection signal, terrible things can happen such as lack of communication, lack of quality of their work (especially if the problem is frequent) and a problem that can Being common is when the employer needs to receive large files without a doubt the candidate will have problems sending it, you can ignore this detail if you want, it is your decision.

2)Need for work or passion: this is one of the very important issues that every employer must consider, because there are a huge number of freelancers who want to be part of a project without having experience in what they do, they may not be bad workers but it is not The same is a worker with experience in the project we need to do, as a freelancer who works mostly out of necessity, who knows how many freelancers even lie to get a position. It is one of the disadvantages because it is easier for candidates to lie, unless you demand a virtual face-to-face interview.

3) How many projects do you have at the same time?
A very important issue is to know how much pending work a candidate has, we cannot trust that we can have their full attention if you have several projects, unless they have other collaborators behind them, but the best thing is that the fewer projects they have the better for us, this can be contradictory because if he is a highly demanded worker it is because he is a high-end worker, but it is useless if our priority is time.

4) What other similar projects have you worked on?
It is undoubtedly one of the most important questions, because in this way we know which candidates have a better experience profile to work with us, some freelancer try to relate projects that do not have much relation with what we are looking for, it is important to set rules and conditions Clearly, even if a candidate has excellent qualifications on the website, it is not a green light to hire, some HR managers prefer to focus on the type of experience instead of concentrating on the years of experience, although those are things of each who, you will define what kind of experience is most important to you and how many projects are necessary to take it into account.

5) if I hire you, what would you do on your first day?
If we value our time very much, without a doubt we must know how the candidates use their time, we do not want them to be conformist workers who leave work for later, we understand that our employees have a social life of their own, but this is not a excuse for them not to be efficient in their work and get used to finishing projects until the last day, when a candidate finishes a project earlier, it indicates responsibility and commitment, not everything is just about money, we always want to see that the employee shows passion and have a desire to grow.

6) What will the communication be like?
Many freelancers do not like having to present a report on the progress of the project, something that is not good, because we need them to always feel a bit of pressure, obviously not all people are the same, but if you are a committed worker you do not have to bothering to commit to giving daily or weekly reports. This detail is not mandatory but I am sure that you would not like to know absolutely nothing about your remote worker when the project delivery date is soon to conclude. You should never trust an employee, you always have to keep a distance between friendship and work.

7) how will you measure progress?
It is important to know what will be the way in which we will measure the progress of the project, you can set daily or weekly goals depending on the magnitude of the project, we can also define progress goals for hours of work, it will depend on both parties to define the rules of the contract to generate correct progress at each stage of the project.

8) What happens when you are late with a delivery?
Something that we are interested in knowing is how a remote worker reacts when he has had a delay in his work, we know that there are many reasons that allow an employee to be delayed in his work, one of them is unforeseen events or personal accidents, unfortunately it is something that we cannot control because we know that there may be force majeure problems such as illnesses, the issue is to know how he reacts to these situations, if he takes responsibility despite these problems or on the contrary takes this as an excuse to stop the project, In my country there are workers who have the nerve to use a sick leave to their advantage, they even lie to have forced vacations.

9) How will you charge the project?
A detail that may not be so important is knowing what means of payment our new employee will use, in reality they are things that do not matter much to us but it is better to avoid misunderstandings when we must pay, freelance jobs generally have the same traditional means of payment, Among them paypal, although bank accounts are also widely used in my opinion, but the important thing is that we leave it well explained what the means of payment will be.

# how much should i pay for a project?
I have started to do some research and get some interesting data about the salary that freelancer receives according to their trade, experience. You can also see how much they charge per hour / day / finished project. These data will surely help you to make your own budget and know how much you will spend on virtual labor, let’s start:

a) virtual assistant: Virtual assistants usually charge interesting rates between $5 and $30 per hour of work, something that we should note is that the most experienced virtual assistants will charge us significant sums of money, but their efficiency, speed, cleanliness and ability to create some ideas can be fantastic for us. novice assistants can only do simple tasks like copy paste, data entry, and any kind of repetitive task, you might find some better than others but that’s a matter of luck.

b) web writer: If you need to create a website, or you just need someone to write web articles for an already built site, then without a doubt this is one of the best decisions you can make when you decide to move forward and focus on other projects, web writers are the nascent workers. Inexpensive that we can find generally charge between $5 to $100 for articles 300 and 500 words, articles written by novice web writers with a value of $5 and even less, in my opinion they are good but generally they are articles that may contain grammar errors, errors of reference, or incorrect information on a certain topic, another problem is the lack of optimization that the page may have and surely it is not designed for seo techniques, although I have always said that all freelancers began by offering their writing work at a price Low for job orders, writers who charge $100 for 400 or 500 words are excellent writers. With practically perfect grammar, exact data and excellent SEO optimizations, these freelancers are the most required by companies. Almost always we must wait very days to receive a finished article between 1 and 5 days.

graphic designer: graphic designers are one of the strong points in the freelance world, they charge between $10 and $300 to do all kinds of design, background, logo, pics art, banners, photo retouching, videogame sprite, and many other things, novice designers do simple jobs doing minor tweaks and minor edits on images, logos and the like, the most expensive jobs are those that require doing things without a prior idea, or are extremely difficult for someone new to do, they can be photoshop images or coreldraw. generally they deliver their work in less than 10 or 30 days.

digital marketing: these freelancers are very sociable although it seems repetitive but without a doubt the prices they charge are few compared to the possible benefit, they charge between $10 and $200 dollars for doing specific marketing campaigns, for different products, and brands the lowest prices They are for small-scope projects and usually they only do marketing in 1 social network, the most expensive marketing is for long campaigns and in several social networks, it is up to you to determine what the objectives of your campaign are, in any case you can communicate With your future collaborator, these jobs are mostly delivered in monthly periods, so it is better to have a little patience.

text translation: one of the biggest headaches we can have is when we have to make a report or a specific job with a document written in another language, this is no longer a problem for you, text translators charge very cheaply between $10 and $50 for almost any type of text with less than 1000 words, if you need long texts of 2000 and 3000 words you can pay between $80 and $200 dollars, the good thing is that they translate much better than any online translator, obviously there are things that machines they are not capable of doing better than the human being. These translations do not take long to be delivered, between 1 and 3 days.

video and animation: these is one of the best paid areas of freelancers for the difficulty and time it has, we can pay between $10 and $50 for the simplest task and videos of a few seconds duration. On the other hand, you can pay between $500 and $1000 if we want to hire a 5-star freelancer with videos and animations of 1 or 2 hours, among the main details that we can request is the sound, subtitles, animations, and almost any extra detail that we need to create a promotional video. The projects take between 5 and 10 days to complete depending on the hired freelancer.

Music composers: they are self-employed workers who are more in demand every day, especially due to copyright problems that we may have when creating an audio-visual project, they can but can charge large sums of money, for small 30-second audio tracks we can pay between $10 and $50 but novice composers will regularly only offer us less than 10 instruments available to create the piece of music. otherwise if we hire a highly reputable composer we can pay between $150 and $300 dollars for 5 minute audio tracks, but these advanced composers can create audio with practically any instrument that you need.

programmers: this is a profession that in recent times has been devalued a bit, today creating a web page is something very simple, although if you want a web page that is successful, better hire a professional, the most inexperienced programmers charge between $10 and $100 For simple tasks such as creating software and very simple web pages, created with wordpress wix or joomla, the most expert programmers can charge you up to $500 or $1500 dollars to create a complete website, or create an application for android or iOs, obviously it depends on the size of the project, for managing seo techniques they can also charge between $ 500 and $1000 per month.

programmers: this is a profession that in recent times has been devalued a bit, today creating a web page is something very simple, although if you want a web page that is successful, better hire a professional, the most inexperienced programmers charge between $10 and $100 for simple tasks such as creating software and very simple web pages, created with wordpress wix or joomla, the most expert programmers can charge you up to $200 or $700 dollars to create a complete website, for create an application for android or iOs they can charge between $100 until $1,500 but obviously it depends on the size of the proyect. The biggest advantage that you will have when hiring an expensive programmer is that you can ask thousands of questions and make many revisions to your website, because they know what they do, a cheap programmer will only create your website and will not provide you with quality support.

seo services: this is another highly paid profession for a freelancer, for managing seo services expert freelancers can charge between $700 and $2000 per month, obviously these services can only be paid for by large companies, although there are inexperienced freelancers who can offer you excellent services with some techniques seo but they will not give you a free support and nothing assures us that it will be a quality technical support.

# Can I hire a freelancer in the short and long term?
You can hire remote workers as long as you need, if you want an employee for just 1 day you get it, but if you need it permanently you will find it even easier, I think the dream of all these freelancers is that you give them a permanent work, although a few just want an extra income.

# Does a freelancer need to know my company?
If remote work requires permanent collaborators in my opinion, it is good that they know about the company, it is never the same to deal with a person from a distance than another physically, but if you consider it necessary it is okay to ask these questions.

# how to know if a freelancer is lazy?
One of the concerns of employers is that a remote worker is conformist and likes to waste time in his free time and even when he has pending orders, but you can ask very uncomfortable questions to get to know the candidate, things that are related to his free time , what websites you frequent, what types of videos you like, among other things.

# a freelancer must have professional goals?
I think so, because a freelancer with no desire to have a better salary is a conformist worker, he must be an excellent worker obviously, but unfortunately it is likely that at some point he will leave us but life continues and we will find another.

# the country where a freelancer resides has some importance?
If you are looking for workers from a specific country you will find it without problem, although you must specify it before publishing the project, the advantage of this is that you can have a freelancer who lives in your own country and who can visit your company at some point.

# Should I offer any extra incentive or bonus?
If the hired freelancer is an excellent worker and you want him to stay permanently, it is good to give him reasons for it, remember that finding another job online for a freelancer is much easier than a common employee in a physical office, because a freelancer should not travel or Wasting time doing unsuccessful interviews, this whole process for him is much simpler, this is not a reason for our remote employee to demand unjustified increases in that or we agree.

# Do I need to have a reputation as an employer on a freelance site?
The best thing is to specify each project as clearly as possible, if you cancel a project due to an information error, you can give a bad impression and they will think that you are not a serious employer, we do not like that candidates waste our time, we should not waste their time, if you are a natural person and you are not a human resources manager it is normal for you to make mistakes when publishing a project, but don’t worry, you should learn the freelance platform you are using well. Another important issue is that you must publish projects continuously, although the truth with the immense amount of freelancer competing with each other, the least missing is candidates, but the most expert and better quality workers can take a step back if we do not specify well the benefits they will get.

# I must pay by the hour or by the finished project?
Sometimes you can set your own rules and pay according to your convenience, but there are jobs that are only paid by the hour, even novice freelancers do not give in to low or fixed payment proposals, especially when we are talking about high-ranking professions, these They can be programming, designers or multimedia composers, although if you like to save money you will always find bargains with low-cost workers, but the results can be catastrophic, in the worst case.
The best we can do is hire professionals who charge an expensive price but that is obviously a reasonable price for us, almost always ineffective workers are the ones who offer the lowest costs per project, although we are talking about experience and not capacity to finish a project, because an inexperienced freelancer can finish a project at the same level as another experienced freelancer but it can take much longer to finish the job than an expert, it is up to you to decide how important delivery time is to you.

# How to avoid misunderstandings with a freelancer before a project?
The best way would be in my opinion to be a little patient and open, it is somewhat contradictory because bosses do not like their employees to ask too much, we like to say things and that they do the work and that we should not do anything else, but A remote worker is a person who may have culture problems, that is, the language used by us can unfortunately be misunderstood by the freelancer, it is one of the disadvantages of working remotely, so language problems should be clarified as best as possible, Maybe for a Chinese a dog is something that is eaten, but for us it is just a pet, so we must be a bit open to not so common questions.

# Should I ask the candidate about his knowledge about the use of the website where he is hired?
tu y el (la puntuacion del freelance en el sitio web de contratacion)
hay freelancers que no saben como usar las herramientas u opciones basicas de un sitio web, por increible que parezca, esto puede incluir el sitio freelance donde contrataste a uno de ellos, y pueden cometer el error de no entregar un proyecto el mismo dia que lo terminaron por no saber como finalizar el proyecto en las opciones de su perfil como freelancer, esto no es algo grave pero dependera de que tan valioso sea el tiempo de entrega para ti

# Can I be a freelancer and hire another freelancer?
Without any problem, if you were working as a freelancer and now you need another freelancer to work for you, you do not need to change your account to ¨employer account¨ you can continue working as a freelancer and at the same time hire other freelancer without paying anything else, except the project cost.

# How much money can I save by hiring freelancers?
The biggest savings are about the benefits by law that a common employee has in a common company, you do not have to pay overtime, Christmas bonus, life insurance and many other things, only with that saving it is surely worth hiring a remote worker.
Another issue that always scares a company are the benefits that an employee has when he has several decades working for us, if he is fired we must pay a not cheap seniority bonus, and also in another case we can commit to pay a retirement, all these are expenses quite expensive that increase in value every day, those are concerns that we will not have with a remote worker, however the great problem of a remote worker is that he also does not have legal responsibilities against a company, and can abandon a project at any time without say absolutely nothing, therefore you always have to have a plan b in this case, although in my opinion the level of efficiency in remote workers with a higher reputation has nothing to envy to a common office worker.

# What payment methods exist to pay for a project?
This is an important matter that you must leave well explained when you start a project, there are freelancer who do not like to give their bank details but if you want to use a bank account you are free to do so, in general it is the freelancer who must accept our conditions, Unless it is an agreement between both, another means of payment in addition to the bank account is PayPal, it is the most used means to send and receive money through the internet, the person receives the money has to pay a commission for using PayPal In this case the freelancer, we also have the means such as credit and debit cards, I must clarify that you do not pay directly to the freelancer, it is the platform or website, who holds your money until the project is finished, then they charge your commission and the remote worker claims your payment from the hiring website.Should I make a guarantee deposit before starting a project?

# Should I hire a freelancer who has failed to complete a previous project?
A candidate to participate in our project must be someone responsible, it would be best if we ask what are the reasons why he did not comply with his previous contract, although as head of human resources it is not convenient for you to believe everything a candidate says, when he wants A job by necessity is willing to lie for you to hire it, in my opinion we will have to make a balance between the number of projects completed successfully and the unfinished projects of the remote worker, a serious problem that that remote worker has very few previous projects , then our ability to measure its efficiency is drastically reduced. This does not mean that we should rule it out completely, but it does mean that we should turn on a warning light before making a decision.

# Do freelance sites have an acceptable performance measurement system for the candidates of each project?
Freelancers are evaluated monthly or every quarter, because if they have not won and successfully completed a specific number of projects, they are downgraded, thus forcing them to remain very active working on projects within the platform in a professional manner.
As you can imagine, this is something that remote workers do not like because they want to work without pressure behind their back, but remote employment platforms know very well that they need to offer a quality standard for future employers, this is good for us because it ensures that we have responsible workforce and are obliged to finish projects in an acceptable manner. Although there are always rules that have holes in their script, because it is possible for a remote worker to get sick or have a valid reason for being absent from the platform, these are situations that occur at some point, because remote workers are also human beings and perhaps It may be unfair to them, but obviously that’s not your fault and it’s not really your problem either.

# Can I ask a freelancer for personal contact details?
you better not try to do this, because freelance sites obviously want to make some profit from helping employers and freelancers communicate, and they don’t allow you to ask for contact information for the same reason, the only reason you want to get personal data from A freelancer is that both want to save the money that the website charges, the problem is that later the same website can sanction the account and cancel it and not allow you access to its platform later, something that I think is not worth it, Because the time will always come when you need another employee, something similar happened to me, then you are warned. When we talk about contact information, we refer to any personal information of a user, telephone number, email, WhatsApp, and which social network or link that may be a personal information of your employee.

Hindsight: the psychological war that has been created with remote jobs is impressive, now they have evolved in such an excellent way that some companies may choose to hire the vast majority of remote employees, especially companies that offer digital services, it seems a It is not strange to think that freelancers are workers who do not want bosses and be entrepreneurs, but freelance platforms force them to be very responsible, even some sites can be extremely demanding, but this is good to keep the most demanding companies interested.

Something we can advise is to make it clear how we will communicate with future remote employees and define if we will need to put a little pressure and demand daily goals or weekly goals, and if it is necessary to offer rewards for finishing projects before the established time, some Freelancers are excellent workers but for some reason they have problems using the freelance platform, and sometimes they may have problems presenting a work, therefore it is good to ask if they have full knowledge to use the site that is used to apply for our projects, let’s not forget that even the simplest things can cause problems for our company.

And one last tip may be to ask the right questions because remember that the questions to interview a candidate for an 8-hour job in an office are not physically the same for a remote job candidate, if you read this article completely you could see what questions We advise asking a freelancer, you can modify, increase or reduce them according to your convenience or tastes or according to the needs of our company, in the end, let’s not forget that not all the answers that we can consider negative are really negative, sometimes remote candidates can be a lax because they do not want to have pressure of any kind, something that is understood but obviously does not suit us, it is good to establish our own work rules, although it is good to be a bit open with the rules or requests of a freelancer because we remember that they are beings humans who have a limit to accept our standards to carry out a project.

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